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How To Grow 0 To 100k Followers on TikTok Fast In 2022

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Today I am going to give you a step by step guide you should follow if you desire to grow a TikTok account from scratch to over 100k followers in the shortest possible time.

 And just so that you know, these are methods that are currently working in, 2022 and you are going to love them.

Personally, I am not a fan of black hat techniques. 

Such methods will only give you temporary success and if that is what you are looking for, this is definitely the wrong content for you.

TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media with millions of highly active followers.

Unlike YouTube, in TikTok, it is extremely easy to hit millions of followers within 6 months on a very low budget.

This is made possible because of the video lengths as each TikTok user typically watches over 80 videos daily due to their short and captivating nature.

So how can you get your videos viral on TikTok and grow your following massively in 2022?

That is exactly what we shall be looking at in the content and we shall be going a little further into how you can monetize your following on TikTok.

So don’t rush through this, it is definitely going to be worth your attention.

So without wasting any more time, let us dive right into it.

Table Of Contents

Step Number 1: Pick a Niche

I can not emphasise the importance of this enough and it is so crucial that if you get it wrong, then your TikTok account is doomed.

Do not just go about posting whatever kind of business comes to mind on your account, if you chase everything, you will never change something.

So it is best to pick a niche for your TikTok account.

It could basically be anything. Yeah anything from dogs to pranks, languages, films, making money, dance, trends and the list keeps going.

Find out what you are passionate about and settle down with it as a niche.

Any way to look at the niche stuff is, what topic pulls people to your account. When you think of comedy, what TikTok account do you wish to see, when you think of business ideas, what TikTok account do you wish to see?

Picking a niche will help you grow a targeted following easier and faster and this doesn’t just affect the numbers but also how profitable your TikTok account can be when you eventually choose to monetize it.

Now I know what you are thinking. What possibly could be your niche?

So I will be giving you a couple of tips you should put into mind when picking a niche, if you follow these, then you will definitely end up picking the right niche.

Tip Number 1: Find Your Passion

Find Your Passion

From years of experience in content creation, if you pick a niche you are not passionate about, you will get bored creating content.

Oh yes, don’t let anyone deceive you into saying that you would eat your passion.

Content marketing takes a little bit of time to see tangible results even when done right and what keeps you going for hours when there is no result is nothing but Passion.

Dive into a niche that you are not passionate about and I can guarantee you will abandon it before it fetches you your first dollar.

Tip Number 2: Know how you plan to monetize before you start

Know how you plan to monetize before you start

Yes, I know most big companies like Google didn’t even know how they would make money at first but let’s be realistic. You are not google.

Before you go into any form of content creation or marketing, if you are not just doing it as a hobby, you should definitely have a clue as to how you plan to monetize your following and this should influence the niche you go into.

For instance, if you plan on using affiliate marketing, you should go for niches with digital products where you can earn high affiliate commissions per sale.

If it is by endorsement, entertainment and comedy are a great fit.

The button line is, have a plan as to your money game.

Tip Number 3: Be Unique With Content Creation

Be Unique With Content

Many times, people do confuse the statement “be unique” with “stand-alone”.

By saying be unique, I do not need to create a niche out of the moon that has never been used.

In fact, that would be very risky.

You always should dive into a place that is guaranteed, at least when you are starting out.

Competition shouldn’t chase you, instead, it should serve as an indicator that there is a lot of money to be made there.

To make things easier for you, here are some of the best performing niches you can dive into and create a space for yourself

  • Making money
  • Online business
  • Fitness
  • Trends
  • Pranks
  • Comedy
  • Top 10
  • Listicle

So now you have successfully picked your niche, let’s dive right into the next steps

Step Number 2: Generating Content Ideas For TikTok Videos

Generating Content Ideas For TikTok Videos

This is the second most important step. You have to be able to constantly generate new video content ideas for you to keep creating videos.

So how exactly do you do this without running out of ideas? Am going to give you 2 guidelines you should watch out for.

Number 1, is a question of you want a content idea and number 2, you want a video idea that will go viral.

Many people usually forget about number 2 and so they dish out any idea related to their niche on their channel.

Do not do this.

You should be out there looking for what would get viewed the most or even go viral.

There are a series of ways you can do this and I will show you some of the most effective ones, follow them and you will never lack content.

Tip 1: Check Out Your Best Performing Videos

Your best performing videos are signals as to what else you should publish.

Remember, you are not creating videos for yourself but for your followers and the entire TikTok community.

So always check out the most popular videos in your channel and other channels in your niche and create other videos related to them.

For instance, if you have 29 videos on your profile and one of them went viral, the best thing to do is create a video similar to that.

Why did it go viral?

It could be the topic, the video setting, or even a word you used in the title.

Find out what it is and harness it to boost your reach and you will be surprised how fast your following will grow.

A quick tip is to get the chrome extension called sort for TikTok, it is a chrome extension that easily allows you to sort all the videos a person has uploaded on TikTok and arrange them in the order of their popularity.

Tip Number 2: Follow The Trend

I usually refer to this as viral magic. It is the fastest and easiest way to increase your chances of going viral on any social media platform and TikTok is definitely not left out.

When I say Viral in this contest, I am not referring to thousands of views, I am talking about millions of views.

You have to understand how powerful this is.

Whenever there is a trend, millions of people are usually involved and you can see this from Twitter.

trends on twitter

Any creative content aligned with that trend with the right hashtag has the probability of going viral.

It is like a whirlwind, whatever goes in its direction goes to the top.

So, always be on the watch for trends, especially in their early stages and create a ton of content on them.

The more content you have, the higher the probability of one of them going viral.

Trends could basically be anything ranging from a topic, music, style or even a person.

People do trend and you could swim through the trend to reach thousands and even millions of people.

Tip Number 3: Check Other Sources

I discovered this early and it was a goldmine for me. Many content creators on TikTok mainly check other TikTok channels for content ideas.

Why this is great, I discovered that top-performing contents on other platforms stand a good chance of also performing well on TikTok.

So I began to check blogs, YouTube channels and even Twitter profiles related to my niche and it really paid off big time.

trends on youtube

In no time, no one will be able to understand where you get your idea from and they will have no choice but to copy you.

Remember, the guys in front always gets to pick the best.

So with that in place, let us move on to the last and final step which is creating your videos

Step Number 3: Creating Your Videos The Right Way

This is so important. If you get the first two steps right and miss this, your growth is going to be stunted.

TikTok doesn’t really allow you to post long videos and you really have a short time to grab the attention of people and give them enough reason to keep coming back for more.

Oh yes, 10 seconds to grab and keep their attention and the remaining 20 seconds to give them a reason to watch some other of your videos.

How do you do this you may ask, it is quite easy.

You can simply copy a technique I use which is the Hook – Process – Result technique.

It is actually not something new as it has been used in marketing and advertising for as long as possible.

Think about it, everything we see on a daily basis is a hook.

From the headlines to YouTube thumbnails, images and others. They all fight to get our attention.

Hook are incredible ways of keeping people on your videos and you can do this in the first 10 seconds of your video.

Give them a compelling reason to keep on watching.

Check out those channels you watch the most and see what they said or did within the first 10 seconds that makes you stick to it.

Once you can get them hooked, it is now time to deliver value.

I usually tell people, TikTok is a mixture of value and pleasure. So you do not want to be tight heels over your content.

Be creative, find a way to inject life and fun into it.

Here are some good tips that can help you create great videos even if you are on a banana budget

Tip Number 1: Lightening is Important in Video Creation

Lightening is Important in Video Creation

Quality lighting on your videos is always KEY! Not only does it increase your video quality and perceived value, but it also allows TikTok to easily tell what your video is all about.

Always avoid the urge to film at night, especially when you are showing your face, you could get the script done at night but film in the day.

Tip Number 2: Make It Fun

Most people aren’t on TikTok to learn new things, instead, they want to be entertained.

So the main goal for you as a creator on TikTok is to offer value in an entertaining way.

Strike the balance. You could go 70% informative and 30% entertaining.

Monetizing Your TikTok Following

Grow 0 To 100k Followers on TikTok Fast

There are a ton of ways you can monetize your TikTok following into cool cash.

As a rule, I always work towards 2 to 5 cents per follower per month.

So a channel of 120k followers should fetch you a really good amount of money monthly if you are doing things right.

My preferred method of monetization is affiliate marketing and it simply involves recommending products related to your niche (if it is related to your niche,

it means your followers are potential buyers) on your profile most likely your bio and videos and you get a commission whenever someone buys using your link.

It is actually that easy.


So that is it guys, how you can easily grow your TikTok following from scratch to 100k in 2020 extremely fast.

I know this whole process may look like a lot to your right now but it may shock you to know that it requires less than 10 minutes daily to get shocking results within 6 months.

If only you can be committed.

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