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Affiliatable Review – Create stunning Tables and Boxes that Sell

Hey there! Some links on this page are affiliate links which means that, if you choose to make a purchase, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. I greatly appreciate your support!

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Affiliatable Review is a cloud software (no plugin) that allows you to easily create beautiful, and high converting Comparison Tables,Product Boxes, Top Choice Boxes, Pros & Cons Tables, Rating & Review Scheme Box, Versus Box, and much more!. 

The All in one affiliate toolkits works on any CMS including sites built on HTML and PHP. 

Advantage Of Affiliatable

  • Beginner friendly its has zero coding.
  • There is free forever for those on budget.
  • Its work on any site builder.
  • No Amazon affiliate can use it.
  • Its al in one affiliate toolkits

Disavantage of Affiliatable

  • Customization is done on affilatable website
  • It require Amazon API Integration for its setup

Final Verdict

I will recommend affilatable because its one best out there in market right now! I observed significant increase in sales and conversion with the same traffic when I added affilatable along with Awwp Plugin.

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Amazon affiliate program is a top choice in the affiliate marketing industry as they have a very wide range of products in almost all major countries in the world.

However, the approach these days is changing as there is very stiff competition in the industry with hundreds of new affiliate marketers getting into the line every single day.

Table Of Contents

So how can you start out and earn more?

Affiliatable Review

The best way to increase your earnings without making any significant increase in your investment is to increase your conversion rate.

This simply means making the necessary adjustment to your marketing medium to increase the percentage of those who actually buy through your affiliate link.

One of the best ways of doing so is by using an Amazon affiliate plugin that helps synchronize your affiliate links with the Amazon store amongst other features.

One of the best Amazon affiliate software you can use and instantly increase your conversion rate by a significant percentage is affiliatable.

Wondering what it can do? Let’s take a good look.

What Is The Affiliatable

What Is The Affiliatable

Affiliatable is one of the top Amazon affiliate solutions that work as a cloud-based software as a service, 

that helps you create and insert beautiful and highly converting tables and boxes to your blog post or website.

It is also important to know that affiliatable is software but not a plugin as you do not necessarily need to install it on your website.

 but they have an affiliatable WordPress plugin to make the setup fast and very easy. 

All you have to do is build your table and box on the affiliatable cloud-based software and then insert the HTML codes anywhere on your website you want them to appear.

One of the major advantages of this software is that isn’t slowing down your website speed in any way.

How to Setup the Affiliatable on WordPress

So now you want to increase your conversion rate to as high as 300% using the affiliatable software, all you have to do is follow the steps below

Create your affiliatable account

Affiliatable allows you to sign up for free, so all you have to do is head straight to their website and sign up.

The free plan is ok but if you want to access all its features and templates you can think of upgrading using this code to get a 10% Coupon “GOREVIEWRITE” 

Add the code to your website

Add the code to your website

Once you finish with the signup process, you would be required to insert a snippet of code to the header of your website (that is between the <head> and </head> tag.

Option 1

If you are a non-techie, don’t get scared. If you use WordPress, all you have to do is install the insert header and footer plugin 

After inserting the plugin, you can simply paste the code on the plugin dashboard and that’s all.

Option 2

It’s recommended to use the Affiliatable WordPress Plugin. It’s easier and faster, and it also offers greater advantages, 

Affiliatable WordPress Plugin

your product will be synchronized automatically whenever you make changes to your product on affiliatable website. Your changes will be reflected on your website instantly 

Build Your Table Elements

affiliatable Build Your Table Elements

Once you have successfully connected your website to the affiliatable software by adding the code to your website,

You can now build the various elements on the affiliatable dashboard with ease.

One of the best features I like about affiliatable is that you can either insert the product details manually. 

Or just give the software the product link and it will automatically import and fill in the product details for you.

Affiliatable Review – Key Features and Elements

Now we know the basic way you can make use of affiliatable, let’s give in to the features 

Amazon API Integration

affiliatable Amazon API Integration

One of the great features of the affiliatable software that most affiliate marketers will like is the ability of the software to directly pull and insert information from Amazon directly.

All you need to have is an Amazon Products advertising API and when you are setting up your website on the affiliatable dashboard, you will be required to fix it in the API.

Once done, you can easily search for Amazon products on your affiliatable dashboard and with a click pull in all the necessary information, you need about the product into your elements.

In the case where you need to alter some of the information, the software also gives you the ability to do so.

Schema Enhanced & Star Rating 

Schema is a well-known factor when it comes to ranking your pages on search engines like Google for organic traffic.

Affiliatable has the ability to automatically add review schema or star rating to the post or on your website where the table or product box will be hosted.

All you need to do is simply:

  • Choose “Enable Schema” for the element
  • Add the URL of the page where the element is displayed

And that’s all, as simple as that!

Affiliatable Boxes / Tables Templates 

As of the time of writing this review, there are six various box layouts you can choose from and they are unique for their various functions. 

here are they and what they can be used for

Product Box

affiliatable Product Box

With the affiliatable software, you can easily create a comprehensive and conversion tested product box for your affiliate product.

Affiliatable has up to 8 pre-built product box layouts for you to choose from in case you are working with limited time and they are all tested to perform well.

It is quite similar to the comparison table but this gives you the ability to add multiple pictures of the product in a carousel manner.

Comparison Table

affiliatable Comparison Table

This is a very much required tool for every smart affiliate marketer out there,

Because at one point or the other, you would need to compare the product you are recommending with other competitors to give your audience a strong reason to go with your recommendations.

The comparison table is so flexing that it has options that allow numerical or star rating, and you can also add a feature title to each product 

(i.e. Top Pick, Best Budget, Editor Choice, Best Value, Most Comfortable, etc.)

Pros and Cons Boxes

affiliatable Pros and Cons Boxes

The Pros/Cons Box is a great way to showcase the strong points and weaknesses of a particular product you are recommending.

With Affiliatable, you are given up to 7 pre-built Pros/Cons Box layouts to choose from.

The Versus Box

affiliatable The Versus Box

This is the latest element the affiliatable team has added to their dashboard and I must tell you, 

it is really important and has the ability to skyrocket your conversions like magic.

This is because the table has the ability to let you compare the various features of 2 Products.

Rating Box

affiliatable Rating Box

This kind of element is used to show your level of approval for a particular product.

It would go well if you add it to the button of a product box.

Top 3 Box

affiliatable Top 3 Box

This allows you to list the top 3 Products in any niche especially when you are not writing a product review

What Makes Affiliatable Different From Other Tools or Plugins? [Affiliatable vs Awwp Plugin] 

Affiliatable vs Awwp Plugin

We try to compare aawp features compared to affiliatable, I personally used both and the AAWP plugin and affiliatable on my website. 

From the point all in one affiliate tool solution, affiliatable still remains one of the top choices that come with all the necessary features needed to boost your conversion rate.

FeaturesAAWP PluginAffiliatable
Website SpeedMay slow down your website speedDoesn’t slow down your website speed in any way.
PluginHas a pluginHave plugin but not necessary 
Pricing€49 – €249 per YearFree – $89 per year
FeaturesIt has more featuresIt has fewer features
Affiliate ToolkitIt works only for Amazon affiliate marketing It’s perfect for any affiliate networks
Website CompatibilityIts only works on the WordPress website Its cloud-based software that works on any site builders
 Get Started NowSign-up, Free Forever

Affiliatable Pricing 

Affiliatable Pricing

To an extent, affiliatable is software that has the ability to pay for itself and in that it helps increase your conversion.

The pricing structure for affiliatable is grouped into three and they are 

Free: This package allows one website, limited layout choices, regular support, no schema support

Pro Single: This package cost $39 per year and supports one website, unlimited layout choices, priority support, schema optimized

Pro infinite: This package cost $89 per year and supports an unlimited number of website, unlimited layout choices, priority support, schema optimized

The main difference between the Product Single and Pro Infinite is the number of websites.

Get Lifetime Access to Affiliatable

Currently, there is limited access to Get Lifetime Access to Affiliatable for just a $199 one-time payment using the 10% off “GOREVIEWRITE” pomo code. 

Affiliatable Pros and Con’s 

Affiliatable Pros
  • It is completely user friendly and requires a zero coding experience to use.
  • It has a complete free version that comes with a lot of handle features as well.
  • Constant support that typically replies within 40 minutes.
  • It does slow down your site in any way.
  •  It's all in one Affiliate toolkit every marketer need 


Affiliatable Cons
  • You can only manage it from inside your WordPress dashboard.
  • It can only synchronized automatically with their plugin.


Affiliatable FAQs

Can non-Amazon affiliate websites use Affiliatable?

Yes, of course, you can use affiliatable for any website be it WordPress, blogger, even PHP or HTML coding website.

All you need to do is to insert affiliatable snippet code to the header of website and start creating your tables 

Does Affiliatable only work on websites built on WordPress CMS?

Not at all, you can use affiliatable on any website irrespective of what software it is built with, all you need to do is insert the HTML codes where required

Will Affiliatable slow down your website?

Absolutely not, all the products and content are stored on their clouds website, 

It does not require you to install any plugin and as such won’t affect the speed of your website in any way.

Is the Affiliatable pro version really worth it? 

Yes, it does, it’s all in one affiliate marketing toolkit with more sophisticated features aimed at boosting your conversion rate, it is worth it in every sense 

Does Affiliatable have a good customer response and refund policy?

Yes they gave a good customer service and support system and regarding refund

 I don’t think you need to refund because you have the option to their forever account to test the product.

Notwithstanding you are over a 48 hours return window. Meaning you can get a full refund if you request one within 48 hours of buying the software.

Can affiliatable work with multiple websites? 

Yes, if you have the pro infinite plan, it can work on an unlimited number of websites.

Should You Get Affiliatable for Any of Your Affiliate Websites?

Of course yes, it can help to magically increase your conversion rate and that means more money for you

Final Verdict – Does Affilitable Worth the Hype?

Honestly, affilitable is all it takes to skyrocket your conversion rate and earn more from any Affiliate marketing program.

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  1. Hey, how does lasso compare with affiliateable? I’m concerned whether the elements within the affiliateable boxes are SEO friendly? For example, if instead of writing a long blog article about the pros and cons of something, I inserted a well written affiliateable pros/cons list – do you think google would pick up and index the text in the affiateable box? I feel that it probably would not as it’s an external cloud based insert, not necessarily attributable to the website directly. Whereas a tool like lasso is a plugin which posts directly onto the pages of your site. What do you think?
    Also – does lasso replace the need for thirsty affiliates and pretty links completely? Looks like it’s missing the geolocation link benefits but otherwise ok

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