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Affiliate Marketing With NO Money – Make Money Online As A Broke Beginner In 2022!

Hey there! Some links on this page are affiliate links which means that, if you choose to make a purchase, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. I greatly appreciate your support!

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Hey guys, today I’m going to be showing you step by step how to make money online with no start-up funds.

Now, most methods of making money online require some form of investment or the other in terms of money but that’s not the case for the method we’re going to unveil today.

All you need to earn a decent income using this method is your laptop and data! 

You won’t even be needing an audience of your own or followers as some may put it, be it an Instagram Facebook, or Twitter account, blogs, or website with a lot of traffic, all these aren’t needed for this easy but effective method I’m going to be showing you today.

I’m going to be taking you through this easy strategy step by step, we’re not going to miss anything.

At the end of this guide, you will be able to set up your money-making scheme in less than an hour so make sure you read till the end. Let’s get started!

Table Of Contents

Step 1: Write an Article on a Preferred Niche. 

Step 1: Write an Article on a Preferred Niche. 

When choosing a niche, always go for those that have products related to them like beauty, weight loss, dental health, and so on.

These niches are very likely to have products that sell under their categories.

Take, for example, there are several weight loss products or facial creams products that people purchase regularly.

 When you’ve decided on the niche you want to dwell on, write an informative article on a topic within this niche.

You can use some free A. I content writers like, Snazzy ai, Copy Ai, etc to generate your content/articles.

Some of these bots won’t give you a comprehensive write up though, but you can then dwell on their key points to write yours.

Affiliate Marketing With NO Money

Your write-up should be an informative one. When you’re done, save it somewhere and copy it, saving it for backup purposes.

Step 2: Create Your Webpage

Now, these are the steps you should take if you want to create a webpage.

Go to

If you’re not logged in, you’ll have to create an account otherwise you’ll be directed to the home page.

This is a user-friendly tool for making a free webpage. 

There are some templates you can choose from, projects, portfolios, events, and so on.

Choose from  projects,
  • Click on the project template. You can edit this however you like.
  • Open another tab and go-to you can download free images from here.
 go-to you can download
  • Search for an image under your niche category and download one.
  • Go back to Google sites and replace the header image with the one you’ve downloaded.
  • Change the title below the image to add your article title, edit the size and align it to the center so it looks good.
Change the title below the image to add your article title
  • Delete all elements on the page except the head photo and the title.
  • On the right of the screen, you will find a text block, insert one under the title.
text block, insert one under the title.
  • Now go back to where you saved your article and copy let’s say half of it then go back to your site and paste it into the text block.
  • Now add another text block and paste the remaining half of your article.

Step 3: Apply your Affiliate Link

Now we have a pretty good web page. Head to on another tab. It’s an affiliate marketing website. 

login to clickbank

You will need to create a Clickbank account if you don’t have one already.

Once you are logged in, head straight to the marketplace. 

You’ll find a long list of products that you can actually promote and get a commission when people buy through your link.

You can also use Digistore24 instead of Clickbank.

 Now select your niche from the categories and you’ll find a lot of products you can promote under your preferred niche.

You see the product price you get from making a sale.

select high converting product on clickbank

You can see the gravity of the product when it tells you how well marketers are making money off the product.

When you decide which product to go with, click on the promotion and you can use their banners, videos, and so on but we’re going to use just the link. 

To generate a hop link and copy the unique affiliate link you’re given. Go back to your site and you will recommend the product you chose. 

generate affiliate link on clickbank

Under the first text block, you can insert a text saying for example” Looking to lose weight, check out this product”.

 This can be anything depending on what the product is about.

When you’re done, highlight the text, select the link icon on top of the page and paste your affiliate link in it and click apply.

add the affiliate link to your google site

So when someone clicks this link it takes them to the product page and if they buy you get your commission.

You should also repeat this maybe with another text below the second text block.

Now we’re good to go, click on publish at the top right corner of the screen, select a name for the page you’ll find the potential page link below it,

publish website

if it’s taken you must change it until you find an available one, copy the page link and click on publish.

Click on view and here you have it, your web page is live.

Step 4: Drive Traffic to Your Page

Drive Traffic to Your Page

A free and easy way you can do this is by recommending it to persons on online forums such as Qoura and Pinterest 

So go to and search for a question related to your article like “The easiest way to lose weight quickly” and you’ll find tons of people asking these questions every day on these platforms.

 Now don’t just paste your link in the comments section so it doesn’t seem like you spamming. 

You want to reply with a helpful comment which gives at least some answers to their questions, then you can say something like “read this article for more helpful tips” and paste the link to your webpage there. 

Now, this method won’t get you a flood of traffic but at least be sufficient for you to make a few sales.


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There you have it, that one easy method to make money online through affiliate marketing at no cost.

Remember, nothing will work till you put in some effort.

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