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Amazon Affiliate Marketing – Don’t Start Before You Read This!

Hey there! Some links on this page are affiliate links which means that, if you choose to make a purchase, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. I greatly appreciate your support!

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Interested in joining Amazon affiliate marketing but you don’t know how to go about it?

 You are not alone – here we will guide you through what you should know before starting Amazon affiliate marketing as a newbie.

Moreover, even if you are using a contextual advertising network (such as Google AdSense) to monetize your website, 

it is not bad if you recommend a product for your readers and embed your referral link, 

of which you will earn a commission when your readers successfully purchase through your affiliate link.

Also, unlike third-party ad networks which load as an iFrame on your website, it will surely reduce your website loading speed by using an affiliate program. 

for instance, in the Amazon affiliate program, you may just include your affiliate link in a text link. 

And this will in turn increase your website speed while you earn your commission on each successful sale.

Surprisingly, Amazon gives a quite decent commission which ranges from 1% to 10% of the sale price for the products that your readers purchased through your link.

Some popular blog niches that excel in Amazon affiliate marketing are gadget niche, e-book niche, technology niche, etc.

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What is The Amazon Affiliate Program?

What is The Amazon Affiliate Program?

Amazon Affiliate Program just like every other affiliate program is a platform where an online merchant pays a registered affiliate marketer some commission for recommending people to purchase their products.

Hereunder, Amazon Associates Program pays their affiliate marketers when they refer people to purchase a product from the Amazon e-commerce website within 24 hours.

So if you love recommending products to people, you will earn a lot of money with the Amazon Affiliate Program. 

Even if you are a blogger who uses a contextual ad network, you can still earn additional income with Amazon Affiliate Program.

Meanwhile, if you intend to use the Amazon Affiliate Program on your website, you must first optimize your website to suit the products you will be recommending to your readers.

Even if you don’t own a website, you can successfully register with the Amazon affiliate program and make cool cash. 

Here you can utilize social media, email marketing, forums, etc. 

to recommend Amazon-listed products to your friends and earn a commission upon every successful sale.

Amazon affiliate Pros

Below are the pros of Amazon affiliate marketing.

#1. It is where many online shoppers prefer making purchases

Amazon is one of the most popular e-commerce websites in the world today and sells almost every gadget that you can ever imagine.

Because of this reason a lot of individuals choose to purchase from Amazon since it has a variety of products.

Amazon has been in existence for over 20 years and they have built trust, name, and brand equity over the years.

According to statistics, about 75% of US shoppers shop on Amazon most times they want to make purchases.

Moreover, Amazon sells most products cheaper than other e-commerce websites and their delivery is quite amazing and trustworthy. 

Also, you can return a purchased product if what you ordered was not what they delivered to you.

As you can see they have lots of merits over other e-commerce websites out there. 

One of the surprising things is that Amazon pays their affiliate marketers up to 10% commission in some product categories. 

That is the tithe of what you sold by just recommendation.

#2. You will have access to every Buyer’s cart

Another amazing advantage is that with just your single affiliate link, 

you will earn a commission for all the products that users purchased when they buy from Amazon through your affiliate link.

This means that if you recommend a wristwatch for a visitor and the visitor later used your affiliate link to purchase the wristwatch and even went further to continue shopping after adding the wristwatch to his cart, 

you will equally earn a commission for every other product that he purchased through your single affiliate link.

This is quite amazing because Amazon adds an automatic 24 hours cookie in the buyer’s browser which will be used to track the commission of the affiliate marketer.

Amazon affiliate Cons

Hereunder, you should know that everything that has an advantage also has its disadvantages as well.

#1. Low Affiliate Commission

Regardless of your effort to promote their products, they will end up paying you a commission rate that is less than 10%. 

Some products’ commission rate is even as low as 2%.

If you compare this low commission rate with other affiliate networks, you will find out that Amazon pays the lowest rate.

#2. Their Cookies are Very Short (they only last for 24 hours)

Some shoppers can decide to purchase a product that was recommended to them probably some days after seeing it.

In this case, the affiliate marketer that recommends the product will not earn any commission as the cookie that tracks the purchase has expired.

Meanwhile, some affiliate networks allow cookies to last up to 30 days or even more.

What is a 24-hour Cookie On Amazon?

A 24-hour cookie in the Amazon affiliate program simply means the time frame that an affiliate marketer will possibly earn a commission when a user follows his affiliate link to make purchases.

Moreover, you will only earn a commission if a customer places an order within 24 hours of being redirected to Amazon through an affiliate link.

 Once the 24 hours cookie expires, the user will purchase through your affiliate link but you will not earn any single commission.

How to Get Links to Promote any Product

We have come across so many guides that teach how to get product links you intend to promote on Amazon associates, but that is quite stressful as you will end up not seeing some of your favorite product links.

Here we will show you the latest method that you can use to get “ANY PRODUCT AFFILIATE LINK” and promote 

it. You can as well promote your account dashboard, Amazon homepage, etc. with ease.

We will take you on a walk on how to get links to promote any product on Amazon. Ensure you follow the steps we elucidated carefully.

Moreover, we will use appropriate screenshots for the virtual assistant. Follow the below steps simultaneously.

Step 1: Log in to Your Amazon Associate Account

To login to your Amazon Associate account, use the link 

Check the image below to see what your Amazon Associate account homepage looks like.

 Amazon Associate account homepage

Note: This is a trick that we discovered from our continuous research and brainstorming.

After a successful login to your Amazon Associate account or you can follow this method to sign up, follow step #2 to see what you should do next.

Step 2: Log in to 

When logging into an account, all you have to do is to open a new tab in the same browser you used in step #1 above.

Normally, you will not be required to sign any password. 

This is because you have logged in to your Amazon affiliate account already and Amazon is using the same database for both of them.

Check the below image to see what your account homepage will look like.

logged in to your Amazon affiliate account

As you can see from the image above, your Amazon Associate account details are displayed at the top of your account. 

That’s superb! We are ready to start generating any product affiliate link in different formats.

Step 3: Generate any Product Affiliate Link

To generate any product affiliate link, all you need is to use the search button at the top of the website to look for the product.

When you have gotten the product, you can now get its affiliate directly from your account.

Okay! Let me give an example of what I’m talking about.

For instance, if I wanted to promote “iPhone 13” products, what I would do is search for “iPhone 13” from the Amazon search box. See the below image.

Generate any Product Affiliate Link

From the image above, I can decide to promote the search “iPhone 13” with my affiliate link.

Also, from the image above, you will notice that the “iPhone 13” has different versions and specifications. 

So assuming I want the buyer to make his choice, I will just get my affiliate link for the entire search for “iPhone 13.

To do this, click on “Get Link” which is located at the top of the page. I used an arrow to indicate this.

When you click on “Text,” a drop-down will be displayed to you and all you need is to copy the already shortened affiliate link.

 You can as well get the full affiliate link if you don’t want to use the shortened link.

See the image below for proper illustration.

shortened affiliate link.

Now copy your already generated affiliate link and embed it in your website, social media, email, etc.

Follow the below step to learn how to generate diverse custom affiliate links even with images.

Step 4: Generate a Custom Affiliate Link

Generating custom affiliate links is quite easy. Just follow my procedure as I detailed it below.

Here I will still use the “iPhone 13” search result, as I have started using it from the previous steps above.

Now you should do it to click on the exact product you intend to promote.

I’ll click on Apple iPhone 13, 128GB, Blue – Unlocked (Renewed) which was my first result from my “iPhone 13” search.

When you click on the product, the exact product page will load and there you will see other information about that product.

So to get a customized affiliate link, all you need to do is to go back to the top of the page where you will see Text, Image, Image + Text, Custom.”

If you observe, you will notice that other options such as Image, Image + Text, and Custom are now active and you can click on them. 

Unlike in step #3 above that only the Text is clickable.

Check the image below for a proper explanation.

Generate a Custom Affiliate Link

From the image above, you can see how I labeled your available custom affiliate link display.

The #1 (that is “Text”) – When you click on it, a dropdown iframe will open and you will be able to copy your already shortened affiliate link and promote it.

The #2 (the “Image”) – likewise #1 above, upon clicking, you will see an image that contains your affiliate link.

 All you need to do is to copy the HTML code that contains both your affiliate link and the image and put it on your website.

The #3 (“Text + Image”) – the “Text + Image” as the name sounds will show you an image with some text description which you can use on your website to promote that product. 

The #4 (Custom) – I love this “Custom” so much.

 When you click on the “Custom,” it will show you an iFrame that contains your affiliate product image, description, price, a Buy Now button, etc. 

All you need to do is to copy the JavaScript code for that iFrame and paste it into the HTML section of your website.

As you can see from step #1 to step #4, you can generate an affiliate link for anything that is uploaded to the Amazon website, including searches that are not pointing to a specific product.

Strategy to Make Money on Amazon Associate

Over time we have seen that creating an Amazon affiliate account is quite easy but making money with it is another problem. 

Below is some strategy you can utilize to make money on Amazon associate programs.

Choose Amazon Product-Related Website Niche

Here we recommend that you choose a single niche for your website. 

For instance, you can choose “beauty products” and promote products that are related to your website.

If your website is related to the Amazon product you are promoting, your readers can even click on your affiliate link and purchase without knowing that it is an affiliate link.

Write Contents that Review Amazon Products

From our findings, we noticed that for you to make money with the Amazon Associate affiliate program,

 you need to write content that reviews products or compare two or more products.

By doing so, readers can see the reason why they should purchase the product that you recommended for them.

Content writting is not hard you can write it yourself or hire proffesional writer on Fiverr

Earn money via Amazon Bounty Program

Amazon Bounty Program is a kind of Amazon affiliate marketing where you refer a user to sign up for a subscription on the Amazon platform.

For instance – by subscribing to Kindle Unlimited, Amazon Prime, Audible Premium etc.

 here you will earn a fixed commission income once a referral that subscribes through your affiliate link.

In this case, the commission you earn upon successful subscription is called “Bounty.”

Moreover, just the same way you promote Amazon products, that’s the same way you will promote the Amazon Bounty Program as well.

You can write a review about that subscription and recommend your readers to subscribe to it.

Why Amazon Offers a Low Commission

Amazon Offers a Low Commission

From our observation, we can’t conclude that Amazon’s affiliate commission is very high since some product categories receive a commission as high as 10%.

Although when you compare Amazon with some affiliate networks out there, you will notice that Amazon’s affiliate commission is quite low.

But Amazon has hundreds of thousands of products if not millions that you can promote and earn a commission with ease.

Also, Amazon is a trusted E-commerce platform and they have millions of buyers who trust them.

How Much will Amazon Pay?

With Amazon affiliate marketing, you can earn a living from it. The simple rule is that the more you refer to people, the more you earn.

Imagine making over six thousand sales within a month!

 That is serious money when you combine the affiliate commissions that you have earned from those successfully sold products.


We explained in detail what you should know about Amazon affiliate marketing, its pros, and cons, the meaning of 24 hours cookie in Amazon affiliate marketing, 

the strategy you will use to promote your Amazon affiliate links, etc.

Also, we elucidated using descriptive screenshots on how to get links to promote any product on the Amazon platform as an affiliate marketer.

From our detailed explanation, you can be able to generate assorted affiliate links such as text links, product images with links embedded in them, text+ image product links, and custom affiliate links which is usually an awesome iFrame that even looks like contextual ads in your website.

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