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How To Become A Food Blogger On Pinterest And Get Paid

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Getting traffic on your website can be really exhausting after paying writers and graphic designers to create your content. 

Yet you’re not getting desired audience viewing your blog frequently; 

This can lead to depression which may cause many people to sell their websites and give up early, but that’s not the case with the Pinterest image search engine. 

Pinterest social media was solely built/established to promote blogs, image Pins and videos to reach the right target audience and drive massive traffic to your websites from Pinterest.

This social media platform called Pinterest has direct access to the end users – smartphone devices owners. 

This makes it easy to convey blog posts as pin notifications to different people across the globe, and they get to click on the pictures instantly as it reaches them.

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What is Food Blogging?

How To Become A Food Blogger On Pinterest

Food blogging entails having a website where you publish content related to different meals, recipes for restaurants ranging from Chinese cuisines, desserts, cakes and bakeries or your very own local dishes. 

As a food blogger you can explain in detail “how the meals are prepared” “different countries’ recipes”, listing the ingredients and equipment required for the preparation of these dishes, and how those dishes are served. 

If you don’t have blog yet follow to my guide to create your blog from scratch 

Quick and easy to Guide to Become a Food Blogger on Pinterest and Get Paid

First of all, before starting food blogging on Pinterest, you have to create a Pinterest business account

It’s very important because Pinterest doesn’t allow personal account to promote any businesses, 

So create a dedicated page or Pinterest boards around the audience who love food, cooking and recipes only.

Step #1 Pick Your Food Niche

You want to decide which kind of food niche you love so much,and you’re passionate about creating more content. 

Is it just desserts, local dishes, or Continental? Pick any of them. 

 It is essential to niche down because Pinterest will drive more traffic and customers to your blog if you consistently post only food related topics on your Pinterest page. 

Pinterest is a picture search engine that attracts only the desired audiences that search the keywords related to your blog post or pin. 

Most Pinterest visitors are really targeted, and not the random audience that wouldn’t stay to read your blog or like to buy some of your products recommended. 

The more targeted your niche is, the better your blog post performs on Pinterest because this social media platform priority is given to highly engaging pins, including images or video. 

Pinterest would boost your website visibility and visitors without any knowledge of SEO or technical skills. 

The key to success on Pinterest is your consistently.

#2 Pick a Good, Catchy Name for Your Blog & Pinterest Account.

Choose a name very close or relatable to your website when creating a Pinterest account. 

Something that would quickly get people’s attention if they see a notification from Pinterest. 

This helps generate traffic for your Pinterest profile faster, like immediately you publish a pin. 

Your food blog Pinterest account is for your blog post, not for random or personal posts. Post more of your website!

#3 Customize your Pinterest Profile

Customize your Pinterest Profile

The way to customize your Pinterest profile is to post consistently about your food related articles or post on your Pinterest account. 

You can publish 5 to 12 pins a day to your Pinterest account daily. 

Don’t be afraid it is pretty easy and simple to publish 12 pins on your Pinterest account daily consistently for a year and more time.

You can use  Tailwind to schedule all pins, at the appropriate time intervals, 

When it’s time Tailwind will automatically publish your pins to your Pinterest account. 

#4 Claim your Website for Pinterest. 

What does it mean to claim your on your Pinterest account or Domain name?

You want to tell Pinterest that you are the legal owner of your domain name of your blog. 

So you will copy and paste a code from Pinterest to your blog to give them access and manage your content from blog posts, which includes the Meta data, post descriptions, titles and recipes structure data etc. 

You have to Claim your website to allow rich pins, structure Metadata on all your Pinterest pins, and also boost your pin engagement. 

#5 Viral Design Pin on Canva

Viral Design Pin on Canva

You can design beautiful graphics for your Pinterest pin and boards on Canva for free. 

Canva helps you to create high quality images for your pins for them to get more attention.

 Build a community on Pinterest, create video pins on canva to help promote your Pinterest account and gain more traffic to your website. 

You can also use Canva to customize some text-based merchandise designs like your ebook etc.

How to Get Started on Pinterest

Pinterest has already made it easy to pin your blog post from your website to your Pinterest account. 

Start by creating a business account on Pinterest to get more of your lead, eyeball or  audience to pins

 Then you turn those audiences into loyal customers, commenters and product buyers on your blog post.

Pinterest send traffic immediately to your blog post without the need to wait for months or master SEO practices for Google or other search engines” 

#6 Plan a regular Pinning With Tailwind Schedule.

Tailwind Schedule has made it easy for you to publish pins automatically on a daily basis with a different time zone when your audience is alway  online to engage. 

Tallwind schedule is a Pinterest official’s scheduling tool that gets you actual results in less time.

#7 Learn Pinterest SEO and Optimize Your Pin.

When making pins on Pinterest, you have to learn how to use specific keywords pertaining to your blog.

For instance If your niche is local Nigerian foods, you have to add “clickable words or “Keywords“most people are searching for on Pinterest to your pins titles. 

So that it would increase your click through rate and bring you a more targeted audience searching for them. 

That way, you can optimize your pins on Pinterest.

Ways to make Legit Money from your Pinterest Business Account

Become an Influencer

Influencer Marketing

Advertise products of various brands related to food blogging like kitchen utensils, pots, food blenders. 

And other items that might be helpful to your audience, when you make sales for those brand, 

 You quickly earn money and  bring you more influencer deals in the future.

Become a Brand Ambassador:

Become a Brand Ambassador:

 Brands who already notice the amount of traffic on your food blog get on monthly basis.  can decide to make you their brand ambassador. 

This is possible since you’ve gained a lot of traffic to your website from  Pinterest.

 This makes it easier for them to sell off their products quickly because your blog in question is already well known in that niche. 

This would make it easier and quicker for people to relate more with the brand’s product and become loyal customers with the brand you as a food blogger is promoting.

Become an Affiliate Marketer

Become an Affiliate Marketer

 Create shareable pins that you promote to a product and receive an affiliate commission. 

Pinterest allows you to pin direct linking of some affiliate marketing products links but not links is allowed. 

It is not advisable to link directly to affiliate products. It might get your account suspended, so you have to create a landing page in between your affiliate products. 

You can promote affiliate products directly from your blog posts. 

 Note this please you should not build your Pinterest account arrow promoting affiliate products. 

Pinterest would stop pushing organic traffic to those pins with intentions to promote affiliate link. 

Tips to be successful with Pinterest affiliate marketing, your pins must be 80% educational or informative trying to help your audience while the 20% should be to promote affiliate link. 

Helpful tool, would you like to do affiliate marketing without a website on Pinterest?

 So I will recommend these 100% free forever landing builders and Carrd to one page websites for free. 

Apply for Ads Display Network

Apply for Ads Display Network

Ads Display networks are networks created for the sole aim of advertising.

 These would help publishers earn money from their blog posts. You can use some applications such as medieval Adsense, Ezoic, etc.

If you’re very consistent on Pinterest you can generate tons of traffic to your websites to get accepted to medieval. 


Getting the desired attention to your blog can be a bit stressful, and you might not achieve it if you solely depend on search engines.

  That is why Pinterest will help you in the early stages of blogging in the food niche. 

Maximize the power of  Pinterest, its social media search, Pinners are 5 times more likely to purchase from Try-On enabled pins, Pinterest’s monthly traffic is U.S. With 50% women workforce. 

Since you have control over Google SEO or Sandbox for about 7month,  Why don’t start getting your very targeted audience to your website or business at the early stage.

 Which could also fetch you some cash this session, so get started!

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