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What Happens When You Buy Instagram Followers?

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Read this before you pay for Instagram followers.

Over the years, the value of Instagram followers has been on an upward curve as social media keeps growing.

Businesses and Influencers as well now spend thousands of dollars just to promote their Instagram account with the aim of growing their following on the platform.

While there are a lot of advantages to growing your Instagram following, if not done right, it could put everything including your brand at risk.

Just recently, the trend of buying Instagram followers seems to be all over the place.

Should you buy followers for your Instagram account? Is it safe to do so?

What are the possible disadvantages of buying Instagram followers?

In this article, we shall be taking a look at those topics in detail.

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Does Buying Instagram Followers Work?

Does Buying Instagram Followers Work?

Definitely, it does work but the major concern should be what are the advantages and disadvantages of doing so.

Instagram has not or probably chosen not to block such activities so it is still possible to buy followers in 2022 and you will be getting a bumper load of new followers notifications.

But does it really help you get to your goal of building a successful Instagram account?

Absolutely not, as 99% of those figures, you acquire will end up being vanity metrics as your followers will most likely not interact with your subsequent content.

Buying followers could really affect your brand analytics, credibility, and workability in the future

Is it Legit to Buy Instagram Followers?

It is against the Instagram community guidelines to buy Instagram followers.

This is because most of these followers are either fake accounts or bots and with time Instagram has grown smarter in spotting them.

Do not be surprised if you get booted out of the platform for buying followers or engagement.

Can Buying  Get You Banned on Instagram?

Can Buying  Get You Banned on Instagram?

If you have noticed, the rate at which Instagram accounts are being banned and removed from the platform has increased significantly in recent times.

These moderating bots are triggered by a series of events that take place on your account and buying followers happens to be one of them.

Simply put, buying Instagram followers violates the Instagram community guidelines and you can lose your account in the process.

In fact, any attempt to fake or bypass the process can get your account flagged as Instagram is working hard to spot such accounts so as to maintain genuine interaction on its site.

If you ask me, it is definitely not worth the risk.

3 Main Reasons Why You Should not Buy Instagram Followers

3 Main Reasons Why You Should not Buy Instagram Followers

In summary of what we have said so far, here are the 2 main reasons you should not even consider buying Instagram followers.

Instagram Can Detect it & Block Your Account

Certainly, the bots at Instagram are getting more sophisticated every day and they are bringing up new strategies to detect people who go against their community guidelines and kick them off.

So buying followers put your account at risk

Potential Sponsors and Brands Can Detect

It is absolutely very easy to know if an account bought followers.

Once they check the following engagement ratio, even a full inspection can detect what you did.

So if you don’t want to destroy the credibility of your account in the future, you have to stay away from buying followers

Your Followers Can Detect and Unfollow

Statistics have shown that the more you get fake followers or buy followers, the more likely your real followers tend to lose trust, and eventually, they may stop following you.

Can You Report Someone for Fake Followers?

Someone can report your account for going against the Instagram community policy and certainly, buying followers is a direct contradiction of that policy.

Just so that you know, there are a lot of tools that ordinary people like you and I can use to scan an Instagram account for fake followers.

An example of such a tool is FakeCheck.

Instagram account fake followers checker

FakeCheck is a paid tool that allows you to check if an Instagram account has fake followers.

The tools work by checking for engagements

FakeCheck allows you to determine whether your Instagram Account has fake followers with a Social Engagement Check.

Buying Instagram Followers Alternative to Gain Active Organic Instagram Followers


Upleap is an Instagram growth tool that can be really handy when growing a business Instagram account.

They claim to assist you with growing your engagement and followers on Instagram.

Furthermore, they claim that they assign an account manager to everyone who signs up that dedicates his or her time to ensure your Instagram following and engagement grows as fast as possible.

You can Check Them Out.

How do you Get 10K Followers on Instagram with an Organic Method?

For growing your Instagram following, the best and safest way of doing so is by following the organic process.

The organic process involves interaction and adding value so as to grow your follower base.

However, you don’t just grow by spending all your day on Instagram.

There is a strategic protocol to follow in order to grow rapidly.

So let’s take a look at some of them.

Firstly, Make Your Account Public

Firstly, Make Your Account Public

This is actually the key to organic growth and you want to check it out before proceeding to step 2.

To make sure your account is public, simply head to your account’s privacy and security setting and ensure that the private account box is unchecked.

What this does is that it allows people to view your profile and content.

Also, it allows Instagram to show your content on people’s explore pages who are most likely to like the kind of content to post.

Pick a Niche

What kind of content do you plan on publishing?

If you try chasing everything under the moon you won’t be able to grow. That is why it is advised you pick a particular niche.

A niche is a topic or subject that a group of people are interested in.

So for instance, a niche can be Messi, makeup, make money online, champions league, pancakes, men’s fashion e.t.c

One core reason why you should pick a niche is that when someone interested in your niche comes to your profile and notices that all your content is related to his or her topic of interest, 

there is a very high possibility that they would follow your page compared to when you just post all forms of contents without a bearing.

Content Is King

Content Is King

In any medium that depends on the content, content is also king when compared to other factors.

If you publish great content on a regular basis, your follower base will certainly be growing on steroids.

On Instagram, you can publish a variety of posts to your fields, you can post images, GIFs, Instagram Reels, How to, User-generated content, and a whole lot more.

In fact, content ideas are endless.

With content, not only do you grow your follower base, but you also build trust among your audience.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Use Relevant Hashtags

As far as Instagram is concerned, hashtags are a goldmine and can be very powerful in finding new audiences.

Just like Twitter, on Instagram, users follow trending hashtags in order to keep themselves updated with the latest info related to it.

By using a hashtag intentionally and in the right way, you stand a higher chance of showing up in the news feeds of people who don’t even know you or have never seen your content before.

Recall, I said to use the hashtags in the right way, you don’t just slap some trending and random hashtags on your content. You will end up messing up the algorithm and it will definitely disfavor you.

Currently, the sweet spot for Instagram hashtags is 30. I guess you have been using 1 or even 5 hashtags.

However, you should be intentional and research more hashtags related to your content and add them up.

If done well, the results are mind-blowing.


So that is it guys, it is in no way profitable to you to purchase Instagram followers, instead, you can leverage content and strategic marketing to build your audience and in no time, you will be glad you did

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