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Chemicloud Reviews – I Spent $78.96 On Chemicloud & Here Are THE RESULTS

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There are a ton of web hosting companies spring up every week adding to the hundreds of well-known companies already in the market.

Can any of them actually bring something new and better? In a quest to check out chemicloud, I actually bought a hosting plan from them and have carefully monitored every part of their services.

In this chemicloud review, I will try to be as sincere as possible to give you everything you need to know about chemicloud before you dive into it so that you do not be caught unawares.

So at the end of this review, you should know if chemicloud will be a great match for your web requirements.

Without wasting any more time, let us dive right into it.

Table Of Contents

What Is Chemicloud? 

What Is Chemicloud?

Chemicloud is a web hosting service company that offers a wide range of webs hosting services such as WordPress hosting, Drupal hosting, reseller hosting, wooCommerce hosting and a host of others.

They boost up to 99.99% uptime with a 45-day money-back guarantee which makes them stand out from the host of other companies that offer just 30 days money-back guarantee.

Their hosting plans start from a minimum of $2.99 per month.

My Personal Experience Using Chemicloud. 

My Personal Experience Using Che

To be really honest, I had a very nice experience using chemicloud and am not saying this to make them happy.

Here is a breakdown of my reason.

To get started, I was offered a 45-day full money guarantee, meaning, I could test them out for over a month without any risk.

Furthermore, they offer to purchase your domain name for you and keep renewing it as long as you host it with them. 

I will tell you, in over 15 years of being online and hosting websites, no more has made such offers.

The best I have seen is that they offer to register your domain for the first year only.

But with chemicloud, you could keep paying for the hosting while they pay for the domain.

So to get started, I bought their shared hosting starter plan at $3.95 per month (as I wasn’t buying up to 3 years) and they kept to their promise by giving me a free domain name.

They have a Backend cpanel and one-click WordPress install as well.

SSD of 20GB and an unlimited number of subdomains

With an SSD of 20GB and an unlimited number of subdomains, I was really glad.

However, I have a few issues installing Free SSL certificates and Cloudflare. 

I then contacted their support and they were quite timely. I doubt if I had to wait for up to a minute before I got someone to attend to me despite the fact that I didn’t try at night hours.

The technical team helped me with Cloudflare and SSL certificates on my new domain without any hassle.

All I did was to give them the details and they did a really clean job.

They would cost me money if I was to hire someone from Fiverr. I can say that their customer support is quite fast and dependable. 

What most web hosting companies will do is give you a guide on how to install Cloudflare for SSL certificate from their blog section.

but with chemicloud, just drop your instructions and they will do everything for you.

So I give them 9/10  and Case closed.

After activation of the free add-ons such as LiteSpeed cache as well as the free Cloudflare CDN, the website speed was incredible.

As you can see the results from Gtmetrix


Testing our WordPress and I found no issues as it was compatible with all the plugins I tested.

If you experience any plugin issues, all you may need to do is to update the php version in the cpanel.

All you just need to do is log in to the cpanel

Click on Select PHP version and pick the most recent version and that is all.

And most importantly, talking about their support, calling them the best I have encountered is not going to be an overhype.

They were actually very timely (I think less than a minute on live chat and about five minutes via email).

Their support is always ready to help and always on top of the situation.

What I Disliked About Chemicloud

Really they have nice services but they are not tailored for low traffic websites.

If you have a website receiving less than 10,000 page views a month, hosting on chemicloud (even their lowest plan) may be a waste of resources.

Chemicloud plan and pricing

If they could add a plan with fewer CPU resources and a cheaper price, it would absolutely be the best option.

Also, I don’t really like the hosting renewal price, getting into the hosting is relatively cheap with the infrastructure they offer but annual, Biennial triennial is too expensive. 

For instance, just $46.68 got me their 12 Months a year plan while my second-year renewal billing is $237.60. 

renewal billing is $237.60

I really wish they should review this package plan 

Notwithstanding, I will recommend you simply buy their 36 Months of 3 years plan at just $107.64.

 So that you will be able to save a lot of money and more so, within the space of 3 years your website would be established. 

Apart from the pricing, There is really nothing else.

Alternatives to Chemicloud Hosting

In this case, when you are starting a small scale project where you need little resources, you should think of chemicloud alternative like NameCheap hosting.

Alternatives to Chemicloud Hosting

Namecheap also has great speed compared to any other web hosting company out there at its affordable hosting plan .

I hosted few micro niche websites with the company, they had not many critical issues. Because the it’s traffic is still minimal stage.

You are just getting started without any ideas, or testing things out then you might want to consider Namecheap.

While you might want to migrate or start with Chemicloud to avoid Namecheap’s DDoS attacks when your start gaining traction.

I’m very sure you won’t want to experience this horrible issue with Namecheap shared hosting. 


I have been using namecheap for several years now and also I have given them over 500 customers, I did this because I confirmed that their service is very good (one of  the best)

But honestly, I can’t recommend that hosting company to even my worst enemy.

I don’t know what is wrong with them if it is that their shared hosting contacted a virus or that they are trying to force their customers to move to VPS hosting ?.

When your site is with no traffic, they will be very happy whenever you renew, but once you start seeing small traffic, boom, they will start restricting your site, telling you that you have DDoS attacks.

I had a very terrible experience with them recently ?

Immediately the traffic increased, the next thing is the site stopped loading, after contacting them, they said it’s DDOS attack, I begged them, they enabled the site again, disabled it again after 2 days and asked me to move to VPS.

Now after negotiation, and I told them to proceed with the migration, they now said there is an alternative, that I should purchase cloudflare plus, which I did.

After a few days, they shut down the site, this time they told me to upgrade to VPS or I pack out, I immediately moved my site to Dreamhost shared hosting and I have tested 500 real-time visitors and it’s working fine.

Namecheap also restricted another of my sites that is getting just around 1.8k daily traffic due to DDOS attacks. According to them, I moved that one too.

Since the day I posted the issue I have with namecheap here, I have Been receiving messages from people with the same issue and when I ask them the host they are using, they will say namecheap.

To me, based on my experience, I think namecheap has a very serious issue, but instead of rectifying it, they will always blame it on their customers, this definitely not the namecheap I used to know.

I have been asking myself questions: am I the only person ranking on the first page? Why are other people I know using another hosting not complaining or experiencing the same issue? 

Why must it be mostly namecheap users complaining of this? Or hackers are seeing sites hosted on namecheap as easy sites to hack?

And to be honest with you all, namecheap do tamper with our site files without notifying us, they even put a ) inside my database password, they edited the password making my site not to load anymore., THEY ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO DO THIS WITHOUT LETTING ME KNOW.

How can you enter someone’s hosting account he paid for and edit files? If the site crashes, they will run?

Since the day I moved to dreamhost, I have never had any DDOS issues. I don’t even use cloudflare again ?.


One day I will table all these issues and send them to them, they are failing honestly
Source: Chigozie Amaefule

Chemicloud Reviews – Pros And Cons 

The following are the summary of what I like and dislike about chemicloud hosting after using it

PROS: Things I Like About Chemicloud

Great Customer Support:

With always ready to help support that responds timely, they are certainly on top of their game.

 If you ask me, this is one of the things I watch out for before purchasing any service-based plan.

Free Domain Registration For Life: 

This is actually unbelievable but they do it. As long as you host the domain with them, they would register it and keep renewing it.

However, this applies to only one domain name per account.

Very incredible as this could save you over 10 bucks every year.

Multiple Data Centers Across the Globe: 

Namecheap till date has just 3 data centres, however, chemicloud boosts over 5 data centres.

This helps you to choose which is closest to where a majority of your website visitors are browsing from, in turn, increasing your website performance in those regions.

Free Cloudflare CDN Integration:

 You need no extra plugin to use Cloudflare CDN on your website as it is already integrated, all you have to do is opt-in for it for free.

45 Days Full Money Back Guarantee

Totally free full website migration from any other web hosting company.

CONS of using Chemicloud

They offer the best hosting plans for both small and large packages  

But, the renewal price is quite expensive and unaffordable unless you buy a 3 years package upfront. 

My Verdict 

Chemicloud is a really great option for medium-scale projects as they have the resources and team to make your web project a success and the pricing is quite fair.

However, if you are starting small, then you should not waste your resources, instead, 

I would advise you to go for a web hosting like NameCheap that gives your smaller plans at a lesser price as they would serve just right.

Also if you have contrary opinions or recommendations you can drop them in the comment section below. Thanks for reading through.

Thanks, for the readings to the end… you might want to start a website but on a budget then I recommend you for yourself Free Web Hosting

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