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Get Paid $2.22 Every 60 Seconds (NEW CPA Marketing METHODS)

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Are you looking for a really cool way to earn a decent side income without spending a lot of time or having to invest any money?

If that is you, you are definitely in the right place, and if you stick to the end, 

I will show you exactly how you can earn $2.22 every minute which will equate to $3196.8 every single day absolutely on autopilot.

Have you heard of CPA Marketing or do some people call it CPA affiliate marketing?

If yes, fine but if you haven’t, you will really want to pay close attention.

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What is CPA Marketing 

What is CPA Marketing

CPA Marketing is a business model where you get paid a commission for getting qualified prospects to perform a particular action or task.

This task can be as easy as signing up for a free trial, newsletters, or even booking a session.

They are really very easy tasks that need only a measure of commitment compared to affiliate marketing where you get paid for sales.

CPA Marketing is a very lucrative business model if done right, you can definitely make thousands of dollars. 

CPA Marketing Made Simple 100% Working Tips 

Get Paid $2.22 Every 60 Seconds

In this article, I shall be working you through my 100% guaranteed strategy of making at least $2.22 every 60 seconds which is one minute.

Of course, you may be tempted to think it is too small but here is the logic. If you can earn $2.22 every single minute for 24 hours.

That would mean you earn $133.2 every hour and over $3196.8 every single day.

Now that really makes sense putting into the fact that you do not need to work more than 15 minutes a day to keep this system running.

Also, if you are super active, you can easily scale your income to 2 or even 5 times that amount.

It’s typically the same principle. So without wasting any more of your time, let’s dive into what it is all about.

CPA Marketing for Beginners – How To Start 

CPA Marketing for Beginners - How To Start 

Basically, all we are doing is getting people using a niched free traffic source to our CPA offers and watching the conversion while we earn.

So we first of all need to sign up for a CPA offer.

Signing Up For A CPA offer.

To get a CPA marketing offer to promote, one of the easiest ways to go about it is getting an account on a CPA marketplace like cpagrip.

CPAGrip is a marketplace where campaigns looking for CPA marketers place their offer and allow the system to help them manage and optimize their campaign.

Signing Up For A CPA offer. CPAgrip website and create a publisher's account.

So all you have to do is head over to CPAgrip website and create a publisher’s account.

Once that is gone, go through the catalogs of available offers and pick the one you are satisfied with.

You may want to consider the following

  • The niche of the offer
  • The pay per action
  • The task required
  • The average earning per click.

The Niche of the Offer: 

The Niche Of The Offer:

While some niches are highly competitive, some are just broke. Competitive niches like health, insurance, fitness e.t.c should not scare you.

Forget about the competition. I always tell readers of my blog that competition is not a sign that you cannot make money from a particular niche, 

instead, it is a sign that there is money to be made from that niche.

The last thing you will want is to pick a niche where your work and effort are going to be undervalued.

CPA Network Terminology

Below are some of the come Terminology in CPA marketing you need to know;

The Pay Per Action.

This is how much you are going to be paid per each action your referral takes.

The Task Required

This is very important and you should consider it relative to the pay per action.

For instance, it will be far easier getting people to opt-in for a free trial that requires just their names and email address than a free trial that requires their credit card details.

So you will want to make sure you are getting paid a moral equivalent of how difficult it is for people to take those actions.

The Average Earning Per Click

This is to know what offers that are converting the best. This should tell you every amount people promoting such offers are earning per click on Their affiliate link.

This value is derived by dividing the total number of clicks by the total revenue generated.

For instance, if the PPA is $2 and out of every 100 clicks, only 4 people get to take action, which leaves you with an estimate of $0.04 per click.

You will want to go for offers with a high cost per click as it is a good sign that the offer is converting well.

Once you find an offer you choose to promote, simply copy your affiliate link and head straight to is a link shortening and tracking service that allows you to shrink your link and track their performance.

You can create a free account and then create your short link.

Driving Web Free Traffic

Driving Web Free Traffic

Depending on the offer you choose to promote, you can start getting free traffic by finding where people who might be interested in such offers are.

This could be an online forum or even a question-and-answer site.

Now, wait.

You do not want to go about spamming the group and websites with your link. If you do so, you will get kicked out.

The safest way to play is by attaching the link to your bio. With the link on your bio, anyone who gets to see your bio can be promoted to click on it.

Then you will want to create some value and get your name out there. Do this by actively engaging in the forum.


This is exactly how you can get to earn a really good income using Cpagrip as a CPA affiliate marketer.

You do not even need to have startup capital as you are utilizing free traffic sources to generate revenue.

All you need is a desktop with an active internet connection.

You will also want to watch out for the target audience of the CPA offer you opt-in for as some only accept traffic from a particular geographical location.

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