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Data Entry Jobs For Beginners – Work At Home And Earn $950 Monthly

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If you’re new to the world of work-at-home jobs, or if you’re just looking high paying  side hustles to supplement your income, 

it’s important to choose wisely when it comes to finding these new opportunities.

Take this data entry job very seriously, for example. While it might seem like nothing much, to begin with, 

 If you take the time to build up your client base, it could turn into a huge money-making opportunity that can earn you $950 or even more monthly by working for just a few hours per day!

Here’s how to get started with data entry jobs and start earning $950 monthly.

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What Is a Data Entry Job?

Data Entry Jobs For Beginners

Data entry work is the compilation and preparation of documents for printing or filing, including keypunching data into cards and inputting computer programs into a machine according to given specifications.

Data entry jobs can be one of the best options for those looking to start a career from home or work-from-home moms. 

Not only are data entry jobs suitable for people who have just started working from home,

 but they are also great opportunities for individuals who have other 9 to 5 jobs and want to earn more money on the side. 

Data entry work is suitable for different skill levels and it takes just a short amount of time per day to complete. 

Companies are often in need of reliable people who can take care of data entry tasks like keying data into their computer database or taking handwritten notes about meetings, events or interviews and typing them up in a word document. 

This type of job typically doesn’t require any previous experience and there are plenty of positions that you can apply for online. 

Data entry jobs are oftentimes given to beginners because of the relative ease and basic skills needed

Most time the employees might train you in a short amount of time and you become their virtual assistant manager and start earning online. 

You don’t need any formal education or training to qualify for a data entry job. Plus, the ability to type fast is a definite asset!

Data entry jobs may not be what most people would think of as a fulfilling jobs, on the other hand, they can be, if you approach the work from the right mindset. 

The best way to start is by learning what data entry entails and how to do it. 

Once you have that knowledge and experience under your belt, you can set up your data entry home business as your next great career.

Data entry jobs require a minimum amount of skill and are less demanding in terms of both equipment needed and training required than jobs such as computer programming or dental hygienist. 

What is the Required Task to do when given a Data Entry Job?

Required Task to do when given a Data Entry Job

Here are the things you may be required task to do.

  1.  Preparing and Sorting Documents For Data Entry 
  2.  Entering Data Into Database Software and Checking To Ensure The Accuracy Of The Data That Has Been Inputted. 
  3. Resolving Discrepancies In Information and Obtaining Further Information For Incomplete Documents. 
  4.  Creating Data Backup as Part of a Contingency Plan.
  5.  Responding To Information Requests From Authorised Members. 

Skills To Learn That Will Help You out in the Data Entry Job.

Using your computer and Internet connection, you can work from home as an entry-level data processor from the comfort of your own home.

However, there are some skills that you need to have/learn in order to be successful at this job. 

You should learn how to use Microsoft Office programs such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

do any task on micro soft office word, excel, power point, project,

 These are the fundamental skills you need for a data entry job. 

 It will also help if you take a typing course so that you are able to enter data faster and more accurately.

Other Skills that will help you excel in no time are as follows:

  •   Project Management Skills 
  •   Communication Skills 
  •   Interpersonal Skill
  •   Problem Solving Skill 
  •   Punctuality 
  •   Critical Thinking Skill
  •   Teamwork and Collaboration Skills
  •   Adaptability Skills.

All of these are very important skills you need if you are ready to take on data entry jobs and perform the tasks excellently. 

Websites That Employ And Pay Data Entry Task

These are sites you can apply to and easily get approved. Here you can make up to $900 monthly.


Head over to, on the homepage, scroll down to the footer tab and click on a career. 

On the new page, scroll down a bit and you’ll see two different tabs labelled Students and Recent Graduates and Experienced Professionals.

Click on the one that best describes your current position and you’ll see the opportunities available from various continents and countries. 


Clickworker is an A. I data training centre and they also offer opportunities to work with them. 

Simply log on to, and scroll down to the footer.

 You see two tabs on the right-hand side labelled Register as a Clickworker and Register as a Customer. 

Click on Register as a Clickworker, once you’re registered, you’ll have the opportunity to work with them. 


Upwork is a well-known marketplace for freelancers but many people do not know that you can actually do data entry jobs there.

Log on to and create a well-optimised gig for data entry jobs and you’re on your way to opening a lifetime contract with many companies from the comfort of your home. 


Appen is another amazing place to get data entry jobs but the major cons or disadvantages of this website,

Is that a lot of countries are having a hard time completing their phone number verification? 


Cigna is a data entry job site. To Get Started, log on to and scroll down to the footer, you’ll see a tab labelled job. 

This section will show you jobs based on your browsing history 


This is a health website that attends to patients at the speed of light. is also an excellent place to get a data entry job with amazing monthly payments of over $1,500.

The process is similar. Scroll down to the footer of the website, you’ll see a menu tab with three lines, click on it and locate careers. 

Click on it and select the job that suits your requirements.


This is also an excellent place to get data entry jobs. On Fiverr, data entry gigs are very easy to get due to the very low competition there.

Almost all gigs on data entry on Fiverr are getting orders. 

You can also leverage this opportunity by creating a well-optimised gig.


In conclusion, if you want to work from home and start your own business or career path, data entry jobs are one of the best opportunities to earn a good amount. 

But remember that not every opportunity is right for everyone

 You should consider the deadlines, how much time you need to get the job done, whether it’s something you enjoy doing or not and so on.

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