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EasyWp Review – I Spent $494.17 On Namecheap EasyWp Hosting (sEE MY RESULT)

Easywp review
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I spent over $494.17 on Namecheap WordPress hosting called EasyWp, I bought two different hosting plans of EasyWP Starter and EasyWP Turbo, so I want to share my personal experience with the hosting company. 

In this EasyWp review, I will be blunt with this review to work you through all my personal experiences using the hosting plans for about 3years,  I didn’t want you to get stuck after purchasing the hosting plan, and looking forward to getting a refund. 

My ultimate goal is to help you fully know the hosting plans and make informed decisions on whether or not Namecheap EasyWp is a hosting you would like to use for yourself or not…

So that’s without wasting much of your time, let’s get right into the review to know exactly what Namecheap EasyWp is all about…

Table Of Contents

What is Namecheap EasyWp hosting

Around 2017 Namecheap lunches EasyWp hosting into the market, a fully managed WordPress hosting solution 

The Easywp is relatively cheap compared to the Namecheap shared hosting and WordPress managed hosting. It is very robust, fully containerized with Kubernetes on top of a high-performance VMware platform. 

Namecheap EasyWp is one of the best hosting companies that give a cheaper compared to Bluehost or A2hosting and faster WordPress managed hosting set up so quickly.

My Personal Experience Using EasyWp Hosting.

eaaywp review

Namecheap is a great hosting company with a lot of good ratings I have been using them for a very quiet  period of time about 4 years to be precise,

 I have up to 5 websites that are hosted by Namecheap. 

Since I know Namecheap is a great company among the various hosting companies, in 2018, when they rolled out the EasyWp, they did a lot of marketing and promotion that caught attention to sign up for the hosting plan. 

Since it’s cheaper than their shared hosting I am currently using at that time. 

I thought that it would be better than Namecheap shared hosting since it’s a dedicated server. Their advertisement really enticed me because I have Used the Google Cloud Platforms (Google Cloud platform WordPress Bitnami) and it’s the experience I have ever had about the fastest hosting company. 

So I decided to buy the EasyWP Starter plan because all the EasyWP review on YouTube and Google Search are recommending the hosting. 

easywp review and yearly easywp pricing

So after buying EasyWp starter plans at $22.88/year and installing WP, I’m already regretting it.

 Because right now I am going to spend additional money on an SSL certificate for $5.99/yr and also I need $8.58 to transfer my domain from Bluehost to Namecheap. 

Because you can only use EasyWp hosting if you register your domain name with Namecheap. 

So in total, I spent over $37.45 in setting up my website with Easywp hosting. 

Apart from the hosting setup, I spent $69 on an All In One Wp migration plugin extension, to restore my website from shared hosting to EasyWp hosting. 

OH my gosh! To my surprise, EasyWp doesn’t have CPanel access, so I contacted the support to enquiries and also complained about the various issues I always encounter on the website.

Like 503 errors, Cloudflare incompatible, and the rest. 

Namecheap support gave me their Verdict on the Easywp hosting that CPanel is only available to the users who bought shared hosting packages. 

A free SSL certificate is only available for EasyWP Turbo packages, third parties domains cannot work for Easywp

For example (if you host your domain name at Bluehost it can’t work with Easywp Hosting) and finally Cloudflare and Easywp are not compatible, it will always conflict with each other because Easywp has its own caching. 

EasyWP is not considered a hosting package, only an “App”.

easywp review -Easywp hosting backend dashboad no cpanel
Easywp hosting backend dashboard no Cpanel access- File access through Ftp

And Namecheap support rep recommended that I should upgrade to EasyWP Turbo for $34.44/yr to enjoy the full benefits of the Easywp hosting 

My Regret Using Namecheap EasyWp Hosting – EasyWp Review

I yielded to support representatives’ advice and bought another EasyWP Turbo for the other 2 niche websites since I will have balanced benefits of the hosting package as promised. 

Lo! And behold, that is the greatest mistake I have ever made because, right from starting the website I start having issues like very slow loading websites, incompatible with Cloudflare and inability to install caching plugins like Wp Rocket to speed up my slow websites. 

It’s very pathetic of me to ask for refunds to buy the shared hosting, I just hope it will get better. 

The load time is really slow. If you think Siteground shared-hosting was slow, this is 2x slower. 

All my efforts to speed up the website were in vain because the hosting does not have Cpanel. 

I can’t install and activate WP Rocket, the best page speed performance plugin in the market at all times and other Image optimization plugins.

 It’s really annoying No Cloudflare? You need to go through some hoops. No free private email address.

It’s affected the growth of the website, to the point of quitting blogging. 

But the fact I try much harder to keep publishing content of value, to make some affiliate commissions that keep me going. 

It’s the worst hosting experience, although I am an affiliate marketer I put your audience first, imagine I have have to abandon one the my Easywp subscription that supposed to expiries on Expires Mar 6, 2022

I left my easywp subscription that supposed to expire on Mar 6, 2022, for shared hosting

If you’re reading this and you’re just about to purchase EasyWP, don’t do it. And if you have bought it already, no problem! here, is just my recommendation. 

Alternatives to EasyWp – My Best Advice On Easywp Hosting 

As said at the beginning of the Easywp review, Namecheap is one the best hosting companies despite their cheap plans to provide an excellent service. 

I have been using Namecheap companies for years and they provide excellent service, and customer support at a very affordable price, but their EasyWp in my opinion and experience isn’t worth Money and time. 

So I don’t have any other options than to start migrating all websites from Easywp to their shared hosting with Cpanel, because I want to have total control of my file database. 

Right now I have successfully migrated 2 of my niche websites to their shared hosting and it’s awesome because I have full control of my website and my traffic increased by 30%. 

If you are following Google updates, you might have heard about the recent Google Core Vitals updates, which focus on-page experience and website loading speed. 

You know I told you guys that I hosted the first two niches on Namecheap shared hosting, to be since with you with little effort, 

With the help of WP Rocket Plugin and Cloudflare, I have been able to optimize my website to load faster. 

You can see the Google Page Insights result for the two websites

Google Page Insights result on Namecheap Shared Hosting zenithtechs
Google Page Insights result on Namecheap Shared Hosting zenithtechs

also, run a google page speed check on the second niche website and here is the result below although the result is good as the first one because it is a woo commerce plugin, and several contents but I am working toward getting a 90% mobile speed score.

Google page insights result for ontrengear second niche website

While I am working toward migrating my third niche website currently on EasyWP to another hosting because I really want a fast-loading website. 

Below is the Google page speed test of the third website hosted on Easywp. 

Google page speeds test of the third Niche website hosted on Easywp
Google page speeds test of the third Niche website practicalhealthtips hosted on Easywp

So this time around, I will try out A2 Hosting because, I used it for one of my clients and the speed is 2x better than Bluehost, Siteground and others

My Recommended Hosting and Tools

If your goal is to grow your business faster, then choosing the right hosting companies should be your priority. 

 If you start your website with very slow loading hosting, they are going to hurt your business. 

So I will recommend that you start your website with either Namecheap Shared hosting or Bluehost Shared hosting. when starting a new website online it helps you save a lot of money at the start because your traffic is not much. 

But if your business has grown exponentially, you need to consider migrating to better and more reliable hosting with better performance in terms of fast loadings, uptime, and unlimited traffic capabilities. 

In such a case I will recommend migrating your website to Cloud ways or A2 Hosting Hosting, although they are more expensive than Namecheap but both of them are worth your money. 

Finally, I will recommend that you get a WP Rocket Plugin to optimize your website to load faster, and all in WP migration to migrate your WordPress website from one hosting to another hosting. 

All WP migration plugins have limitations, you can only import websites file less than 512MB, but if your website is more than 512MB you need to use the WP migration extension which costs $69. 

I have already bought this extension since migrating websites, so I will give it out for free to help you save money. you can download the All in WP migration extensions Here

Easy Reviews – Pros and Cons 

PROS: Things I Like About Namecheap Easywp 

  • It is very easy and  fast to deploy, with just a few clicks
  • Cheap for the first year. (2nd year $48.88)
  • Easy to use SSL if you bought a certificate. Upload 2 cert files, done.
  • Backup only usable in EasyWp Dashboard 
  • It has Wordfence Security, Varnish Cache & Bruiser Anti-Spam plugins pre-installed.

CONS: Things You Might Not Really Like About Namecheap EasyWp 

  • Its performance is bad. 
  • Their shared hosting is better than Easywp
  • It can’t use the automatic Let’sEncrypt SSL.
  • No SSH support, access to hosting databases is through support and Ftp.
  • Very Slow loading without an option to optimize your site.
  • Incompatible with other caching plugins 
  • Incomplete with Cloudflare 
  • No option to edit 
  • No automatic backup, it’s a manual backup and easier to restore
  • Persist Stuck in Maintenance Mode and break the website whenever failed plugin updates occur. 

EasyWP Review – Conclusion 

If you have already purchased it, no problem you can consider upgrading to their shared hosting or if you are okay with performance no problem. 

I am only making recommendations based on personal experience with Easywp for over 3 years. 

The Easywp is a really terrible experience for me. Compared to hosting, A2hosting is tolerable. If you have extra cash, best to go with Cloudways

I hope this hosting EasyWp review will guide you to the right decision? 

Also if you have contrary opinions or recommendations you can drop them in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading through. 

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