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Fiverr Alternatives – How to Make Money from Legiit (Similar to Fiverr)

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Have you ever wanted to make money on Fiverr but your gig got swallowed up in the flood of other gigs on the platform?

That is simply because Fiverr has a whole lot of seller’s right now and there is a lot of competition which doesn’t make it newbie friendly at all.

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Is Fiverr Too Competitive? 

Imagine starting out with a new Fiverr account and competing with an account with hundreds of good reviews.

It a quite unfair right?

However, if you had joined about 3 to 5 years ago, you would have grown with the competition and still be able to swim above the noise.

Now, what if I told you there was another opportunity. (Fiverr Alternative) 

 A chance to be among the first set of sellers on another platform which is fast becoming an alternative to Fiverr.

This simply means you could step in and dominate your chosen niches and services before the competition grows to a scary dimension.

The name of this new skill marketplace is Legiit.

What is Legiit Marketplace?

What is Legiit Marketplace?

Legiit is just like Fiverr is a full stacked freelancing marketplace where buyers of services meet freelancers and make safe and secure transactions.

Legiit was launched in the early, part of 2018 by one of the most famous search engine optimization experts, Chris M. Walker.

With a lot of years of freelancing on other platforms of which he ranks in the top set. 

He felt a need for new entrants into the freelancing industry to be given a chance without being oppressed by the portfolios or reputation of those who have spent a longer time in the business.

This was what led to the creation of legiit.

So Legiit can be referred to as a Fiverr alternative as they most likely operate in the same manner.

Why is Legiit Better than Fiverr?

Why is Legiit Better than Fiverr?

Currently, despite the fact that Fiverr still holds a far larger share in the freelance marketplace Industry due to reputation, 

There are still a lot of aspects where legiit could arguably be considered better than Fiverr.

Little Competition

This is one of the best reasons why you should dive in now.

Unlike Fiverr where you are going to have to swim and battle with the big boys for clients and reviews, legiit is far less competitive as it is still in it’s growing stage.

This makes it open for freelancers who are seeking to build a portfolio and make a lot of money selling their skills.

Easy to Navigate and Use

Compared to Fiverr, the legiit website is easier to use and navigate.

The design and functionality is actually something like Fiverr and other gig platforms like seoclerk that we know, therefore making it very easy to use.

Just in case you have not visited the website recently, I would like to say the first few versions needed some polishing but what they have put up now is far better.

So go check it out.

Hot Gigs you Can tap into on Legiit

Legiit Marketplace - Freelance Platform For Businesses - Hot Gigs SEO Services

Now, I am going to give you a head start by telling you what gigs sell the most on legiit so that you can harness them to make a lot of cash as soon as possible.

Remember earlier I said the founder of legiit, Chris Walker is a search engine optimization expert?

We were therefore not surprised when the best performing gigs, for now, we’re those related to search engine optimization.

Some of these hot Gigs are

  • Citations 
  • Press Releases
  • Social Signals: This is a good gig for helping you build a trust foundation.
  • Guest posts
  • PBN Links: Still another SEO strategy that is used to boost the ranking of websites. It involves sending links from PBNs to newer websites. 
  • GMB Verifications: This involves using postcards to verify Google My Business accounts of businesses.
  • Link Foundation: Also known as link building. This involves bringing links from already established websites to relatively newer websites to boost their reputation and search engine ranking.
  • Content writing: as the saying goes, content is king and with thousands of contents being published over millions of blogs and other mediums, it is therefore not much of a surprise that content writing will be a quick way to make a lot of money freelancing.

Can you make Serious Money on Legiit?

Off course. Despite the fact that the Legiit marketplace is quite new, they are already attracting heavy spenders across almost every niche and gig you can think of.

There are reports of people already making thousands of dollars monthly from hot and in-demand skills like SEO and Web development.

So yes, you can make serious money on Legiit.

Is Legiit Better than Fiverr for Beginners?

Fiverr Alternatives - How To Make Money From Legiit

Certainly, I would advise every freelancing beginner to get started with legiit due to the low competition which makes it easier to get orders on your gigs and make money.

Recall, Fiverr was once like legiit. 

So joining legiit now means that as the platform grows, you stand at an advantageous point of growing with it as well as you should have gathered a lot of reviews and clients.

So for beginners, I would advise you to get started with Legiit and if you are going into freelancing full time, you can actually try both.

Who knows, you may be lucky.

How To Create Gig on Legiit and Make Money 

How To Create Gig on Legiit and Make Money 

To create a gig on Legiit, you have to first of all sign up as a freelancer on the platform.

Just like Fiverr, the process is quite straightforward.

  • Login to your legiit freelancer account
  • Click on the create a gig button
  • Name your gig
  • Add a comprehensive description of your gig
  • Add a picture to make it more attractive and communicate value
  • Fix your price
  • Publish.

Actually very easy. 

It takes a maximum of 72 hours for your gigs to display on the catalogues and you can start getting orders as soon as possible


Finally, I see a future and a whole lot of expansion for legiit and that will mean something big for those who dive in at these earlier stages where the competition is still relatively low.

Get in now, grow your reputation and gather some reviews.

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