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How to Fix Google Adsense Policy Violation – Get Google AdSense Approval

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Google AdSense Policy Violation is the main issue many bloggers are battling with. 

These AdSense policies are often quite ambiguous and tricky to understand, which makes issues arising easier to happen. 

In this article, we will try out our best to discuss how to fix Google AdSense policy violations.

If you’re in a hurry then I recommend you watch this case study about the quick Adsense approval trick. 

The video above walks through the steps by step guide to fixing any Google AdSense Policy Violation and quickly getting Google AdSense approval. 

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What is a Policy Violation in Google AdSense?

Google Adsense policies are quite confusing for new publishers, especially those who are not aware of Google’s terms and conditions.

 Google AdSense is an ad platform where publishers’ websites are used as a source for generating revenue. (Google doesn’t have a Website to run ads they depend on publishers

This post aims at giving you information about how to fix google Adsense policy violation examples.

 In doing so, you will know about some of the common violations that are being committed by new publishers and how you can ensure that your content/site is being accepted by Google. 

The Common Google Adsense policy violation example A common mistake made by most new publishers is using copyrighted images on their websites or blogs.

 They might not have noticed that it has been taken from another site or if they did notice,

 they ignored it thinking that it was just a random image which had no meaning to anyone else other than them.

Why does AdSense keep Rejecting Sites?

While many site owners find that their AdSense accounts are approved quickly, others find that there is a delay of several days or even weeks. 

There are a few common reasons why your account might be delayed.

 If you know what these reasons are, you’ll be able to anticipate how long it will take for your application to go through and plan accordingly.

 Here’s a list of some of them:

You May Be Using Someone Else’s Content on Your Site: This is one of the most common reasons why AdSense applications get rejected.

 For example, if you’re running an e-commerce store and use product images or descriptions from other sites in your product listings,

 then Google could deem that as using someone else’s content without permission (and thus violating copyright).

 The same applies if you’re using content from other sites on your pages or within articles on your site. 

It doesn’t matter if it’s copyrighted text or images — if they aren’t yours, then don’t use them!  

Not having enough original content on your website; can also cause problems with getting your AdSense account approved.

 Google wants to make sure that you have enough unique and relevant content on your site before giving you access to its ad network. 

As such, many Google Adsense applicants find that getting started with AdSense takes time because they need to work hard at adding more original content first before applying.

 Missing important pages on your site: is another reason why AdSense applications are sometimes rejected. 

This usually happens when people try to apply for AdSense too soon after launching their sites. 

Many new websites only have a few pages up when they apply;

 However, if you want to run ads on your site, then you need all of the main pages up and ready beforehand.

 If you don’t have things like privacy policies, terms of service, and DISCLAIMER pages set up yet, then it’s best not to apply until those pages are ready.

How to Fix Google AdSense Policy Violation And Get Successful Approval on AdSense

How To Fix Google AdSense Policy Violation And Get Successful Approval On AdSense

Google AdSense application rejection is a reality and you will have to face it sooner or later in your blogging journey.

 The only thing that matters is what happens next. 

Remember: AdSense doesn’t owe you anything so don’t get mad when you do get rejected; get inspired and use what happened to your advantage by taking action on it! 

That way, even if your application gets rejected for one reason, you can easily find out how to fix Google AdSense Policy Violation And Get Successful Approval on AdSense without having to worry about being shut down in a month. 

To fix Google AdSense Policy Violation And Get Successful Approval on AdSense, Here are 10 steps and guidelines.

 #1 Write Original High-quality Content. 

Write Original High-quality Content.

Google is encouraging original high-quality content.

 The more unique your content, you will get a better chance to rank and can show your site to Google. 

Original Content gives a good idea to search engines about how active and genuine the community around your website is which eventually helps to get a better ranking in SERP. 

You must write at least 25 to 35 articles on your site for Google AdSense approval. 

 No Duplicate content: Make sure that your Article or Post contains no duplicate content from another source (other blogs, ebooks etc). 

This should be unique because if any duplicate content is found then your application may be rejected. 

 No Doorway Pages: Do not create doorway pages or use automated software to generate page/articles for Google Adsense as it may cause penalties from the Google side. 

After getting AdSense approval you decided to scale up your content production,

 It’s advisable to only use trusted A. I Copywriting Software, plagiarism-free and that are human-like (write like Human). 

Personally, I used Jasper, to write most of my content without any Google AdSense Policy violations 

Do not create content with a keyword density of 10% as it will also harm you rather than help you in the long run. 

So make sure that there are no doorway pages created by using any software or script otherwise you will get banned from the AdSense program by Google.

 #2 Use Custom

One of the easiest ways to get your Google AdSense approval is by using a custom domain name. 

There are several companies that offer cheap domain name extensions like com, org, net etc.

 With domain name registrar like Namecheap will get you huge discounts on your first domain. 

Google will look at your domain extension and see how authoritative it is. 

They also look at if you have lots of backlinks pointing to that domain name. 

This can be very time-consuming and sometimes people don’t have enough time for that but it’s very rewarding if done correctly. 

Using a custom domain will also indicate that you’re serious about what you are doing.

#3 Add Main Menus, Categories & Legacy Pages 

Make sure your main menu structure is complete and that all pages are categorized correctly.

 There should be a link from every page of your site to at least one of your primary categories, and they should also be in order.

 I always like to have secondary and tertiary menu items as well as legacy/old pages if possible so users can find their way around even if they’re not seeing a lot of content on each page. 

Remember that many times visitors come with questions or know specific things they’re looking for so give them options!

 Putting links on their most likely category pages is an excellent idea.

#4 Avoid Use Affiliate Link or Pop-ups 

Create Content Marketing Strategies To Promote Affiliate link

In several cases, publishers have seen a policy violation that results from using affiliate links or pop-ups on their sites. 

This isn’t your fault, so don’t panic! (You might not even be aware it’s a policy violation for Google AdSense). 

 Unfortunately, these techniques can be considered spammy, and as we mentioned above — you could easily get tripped up without knowing. 

Your best bet is to avoid using Affiliate Links or Pop-Ups on your site until after approval. 

 We know it’s tempting to try and make money off your site through affiliate marketing or using advertising. 

But keep in mind: when done incorrectly, these methods can quickly put you at risk for a policy violation. 

For example, some common violations include using banners with fake discounts, posting content with misleading titles, or featuring too many ads on one page.

If you do decide to add Affiliate Links or Pop-Ups, keep in mind that if they are used incorrectly it will hurt your chances of getting approved for AdSense in the future.

#5 Use Simple Theme or Templates Google likes

Google likes simple themes or templates. They want it to be easy for users so that everyone can easily navigate your website. (Mobile Friendly Website) 

If you have a complex and very slow-loading website, Google will probably demote your rank because they found it difficult to navigate your site.

 It is good if you can make use of a simple theme or templates but not too basic.

 Keep in mind that it should be easy and mobile-friendly so that users do not get confused when navigating through several pages of your website and end up closing the page immediately after opening it.

 That’s not what you want right? That is why keeping things simple yet detailed is what Google aims for in ranking a web page better than other websites and also to approve new websites into their Adsense program. 

So if there are any errors that you want to fix about Google Adsense policy violations, I highly recommend checking out your theme or template.

#6 Don’t Apply When Site is Still Under Construction.

Don't Apply When Site is Still Under Construction.

If you have a website that is still under construction, it is better not to apply for AdSense as part of your development. 

The main reason for that is that Google does not allow web publishers who are still working on their websites to apply for Google AdSense.

 If it detects such activity, then your application will be rejected and you will get “Valuable Inventory: Under Construction” 

#7 Add Your Site to Google Search Console & Google Analytics 

Add Your Site to Google Search Console & Google Analytics 

To comply with Google’s guidelines, you must add your site to Google Search Console & Google Analytics

These should be linked together, as it will track any errors and assist in fixing them. 

 Adding your site to Google Search Console and Google Analytics is very important and it’s very easy to implement, technical skill is not required at all

You can do so by adding a new property through the Search console. Or to that with the help of MonsterInsights 

#8 Optimized and Promote your Site for More Traffic

Optimized and Promote your Site for More Traffic

The first thing you should do when starting a site is to optimize your content for SEO.

 If you already have a site that’s getting traffic and ranking well, then it’s just a matter of keeping everything optimized and adding new articles. 

In both cases, there are some common practices you should follow: 

Make sure your site is well-formed and structured for proper search engine indexing.

Include backlinks to any sites you mention (no-follow them if necessary); Link from every internal page on your site to every other internal page so that each one can get more search traffic from those which came before it.

Do keyword research for commonly searched terms related to your niche and include relevant terms in your content.

 Finally, don’t forget about promoting your new site online! 

It doesn’t take much effort to set up social media accounts or add a contact form, but these things make a big difference in driving traffic. 

You can also reach out to other bloggers who cover similar topics and see if they’d be willing to feature your site or guest post on their blogs.

 As long as you have something valuable to offer them (and chances are good that you do), they’ll likely be happy to work with you!

#9 Wait For 30 – 45days Before Applying to AdSense.

Don’t submit your application immediately after you create your website. 

Instead, give yourself 30 days to make sure all of your content and pages are fully updated, gaining traction, and compliant with AdSense policies. 

If you’re still having issues after 30 days, submit a request for reconsideration and wait another 45 days before applying again. Just be sure not to apply in the meantime! 

It’s best to avoid submitting multiple applications if possible because it could hurt your chances of getting approved.

 Once you’ve applied once and you were rejected, don’t reapply until at least 30 days have passed since you last applied. 

It can take up to 14 days for Google to review an application. After that time, they’ll reach out to you. It’s either your application was rejected or they approved your account.

 If it was rejected then you can try submitting again—but just know that it might take a while before they get back to you!

#10 Only Use A. I Generated Content After AdSense Approval

Only Use A. I Generated Content After AdSense Approval

This is a common mistake. Make sure you get AdSense approval first before using any AI-generated content on your website. 

(Please Don’t make this Mistake; Take Note!) 

 Even after AdSense approval, use only relevant and trusted A. I generated content. 

So far from my research, Jasper AI still remains the best in the market right now. 

I will strongly recommend you to use it because I personally them in content scaling without getting into Google trouble. 

Getting a policy violation when using A.I-generated content is not as bad as getting a manual penalty from the Google AdSense team but can be damaging to your website’s reputation.

 So follow up: Using relevant and high-quality A. I generated Content that should help you get rid of violations on most of your sites in a very short period.

You can also check all jasper alternatives here

SoftwareFree Trial/PlanPricingRatingMoney-Back
Jarvis AI5 Days$29/Month5.030-Days
Rytr5k/Months$29.99/Month5.0 N/A
Copy AI 7 Days $35/Month4.8 7-Days
Articles Forge 5 Days $57/Month 4.8 30-Days
Headlime 7 Days $59/Month 4.8 14-Days
WritesonicFree Plan $13/Month 4.67-Days
Snazzy AI Free Plan $300/Year4.7 N/A
Automatic Script N/A $39/Month 4.6 30-Days
CopyBlock AI N/A$47/Lifetime4.830-Days

Google AdSense Approval FAQs

How long does Google AdSense take to approve?

Google AdSense is a program that lets you display relevant Google ads on your website.

They review and approve your site based on its content and how well it fits in with Google’s business model. 

The length of time it takes to approve a website varies widely; most publishers report between 1-2 days, but others can experience delays as long as two weeks or more.

Can I get AdSense approval without traffic?

AdSense approval can be a long and gruelling process; it requires you to maintain your AdSense account in good standing, which means producing a certain amount of ad-friendly traffic on your site.

 If you don’t have enough traffic yet and want to get started on AdSense, you might wonder if there is any way around that requirement.

 Thankfully, there is AdSense approval without traffic. You just need to know where to look for it!

 I found that you can get AdSense approval without traffic. 

 I was approved within 24 hours of signing up for an account! This means I didn’t even have to wait weeks or months before getting my first check from them.

 Now I am ready to expand my business by making more money from other sources too like Youtube channels and email marketing etc…

What happens if you violate Google’s policies?

if you violate Google’s policies and your site is ad-serving blocked, you’ll have to follow their review process to get reinstated. 

First, be patient; it can take anywhere from a few days up to 45 days before Google makes a decision. 

In addition, make sure you adhere closely to Google’s policies while your application is being reviewed and contact them if you need any clarification on something that they tell you that goes against their policies via the AdSense support page

On top of that, while your application is under review avoid making major changes—don’t change your template or move any content around on your website. 

Even moving small things can potentially be a violation of policy!

Can you reapply for AdSense?

This is a common question when an AdSense account has been closed or your application was rejected.

 For example, if your account was disabled or your application was rejected because you violated policy and you want to reapply for AdSense.

 You can go back and fix any of these issues to get AdSense approval. The best part is that there’s no limit on how many times you can apply for AdSense! 

You won’t even need to wait long since most applications are reviewed within 24 hours.


I hope this article has helped you understand how to fix a Google AdSense policy violation. 

Remember, the most important thing is to be proactive and take measures to prevent your account from being suspended in the first place.

 By following the tips in this article, you can increase the chances of getting your website approved by Google AdSense.

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