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FlexClip Reviews – I Spent $479.76+ On FlexClip Plans & Here’s My Review

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The video publishing industry is now so large that there is a constant demand for software and tools that make things easier than the traditional method of shooting the video.

Flexclip is one of the edge cutting software that you can use to create stunning videos using free video clips and artificial intelligence.

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What Exactly is FlexClip? 

What Exactly is FlexClip? 

With a very easy to use video editing interface, FlexClip can be used to create videos even with little or no knowledge of video editing.

Compared to using top video software, FlexClip is absolutely easy to use and still has all the features you may need to create stunning videos.

Flexclip can be used to create videos for almost all social media and of course, youtube creators can use it to create YouTube videos.

Although it is quite semi-professional, the major goal of the creators is to make it very user friendly and it requires no special or professional skills to create great videos.

It also has most of the advanced features and a very affordable pricing option as compared to other video editing platforms in the market.

However, whatever the pricing plan you choose, you will get all the tools that the basic program offers which includes 1,000,000+ royalty-free music and high-quality videos and photos in its media library.

My Personal Experience With FlexClip

My Personal Experience With FlexClip

I have tested the FlexClip free online video software to kickstart my faceless youtube channel. 

To be honest FlexClip features are really awesome, the software gives me more flexibility to create awesome videos with stock footage from Storyblocks without any watermark. 

I have used several online video software like Invideo and etc that don’t allow you to create longer videos lengths and even exported the videos with their annoying branded name watermark. 

Flexclip is one the best tools I will recommend because you can get everything absolutely free. 

On their free plan, I have the limitation of creating a maximum of 12 videos per account. 

So after seeing this awesome feature I got FlexClip BUSINESS plans of $ 19.99 /mo of the $239.88 annual billing. 

So intention to scale up the creation of videos for my faceless youtube channel. 

I wanted to export my video in 1080p Full-HD quality and also create unlimited videos for YouTube channels. 

Flexclip business plan allows our team to produce unlimited high-quality videos at a faster speed, without any additional cost.

youtube subscribers grew from 0 to 1000 subscribers within just 3months

We were so glad that our youtube subscribers grew from 0 to 1000 subscribers within just 3months and got monetized, accepted into a  youtube partner program to start making money from YouTube. 

FlexClip Features Overview 

FlexClip Features Overview 

FlexClip gives you the power to create, edit, convert, or compress videos in an instant. 

Here’s what the program can do:

Video Editing Tools and Video Maker

Easily create your videos by importing from your computer system or choosing from a ton of free stock videos and images available in the media library.

FlexClip Video Trimmer and Video Merger

With FlexClip, you can easily merge as many videos as you want together. It is absolutely easy to do.

FlexClip Video Converter

The video conversion is not all about changing the file’s format. You can equally choose from a wide range of dimensions in such a way that the video fits perfectly into the desired device (laptop, tablet, mobile).

Also, if you have a video that is quite huge, you can equally use the FlexClip software to change the dimensions

Furthermore, you can also export your video and image into most of the highly supported file formats which include MP4, MOV, WAV, M4V, WEBM, JPEG, and PNG.

Royalty-Free Library

Flexclip also offers a huge database of royalty-free assets from story blocks such as music’s, videos and pictures that you can easily import and use without any fear of a copyright strike.

The database is so huge that there is also a right asset to cater for your wants irrespective of your industry or niche.

Screen and Voice Recorder

The FlexClip screen recorder is absolutely helpful for those recording tutorials from their computer screen.

As the name implies, it allows you to automatically record your screen and add your voice to it so that you can concentrate on creating your tutorials.

Motion Graphics

What kind of effects have you seen and would like to use on your videos, FlexClip got you absolutely covered.

Unlike non-linear editing systems, FlexClip lets you add video choreography in one click. You can virtually move anything ranging from text, shapes and images using FlexClip with just some clicks.

Ease of Use

If there is one thing that makes FlexClip stand out among other video editors, it is the ease and simplicity involved in using the software.

You need no prior knowledge of video editing nor do you have to take a course.

All the tools are arranged and positioned in such a way that they are easy to find and use, thanks to the superb navigation that makes everything easy.

It is actually just like a canvas for the graphics designer

The creators were absolutely right when they said it takes less than 10 minutes to master the software.

What I don’t Like Like About FlexClip 

Even though FlexClip is really awesome, the only thing I don’t like about the online video software is the fact that it’s not integrated with Artificial intelligence technology (AI)

The good news is that AI (artificial intelligence) is here to help, 

The most effective way to scale up video content products, increase engagement and conversion, is to implement AI into your marketing strategy is by using Machine Learning 

It’s so unfortunate that FlexClip is not using Artificial Intelligence technology like

  • Ai-Text to speech
  • Ai-Text To Video
  • Ai-Powered Voiceover. 
  • Add Subtitles Automatically. 
  • AI to transcribe the videos into text.
  • Use AI to extract the top highlights from videos and blogs

The absence of these features on FlexClip cost me additional money for, the human-like voice I used. 

I will be glad if FlexClip can improve its software to current video marketing tool standards. 

So when it comes to the features mentioned above, and inVideo are better compared to FlexClip. 

But when it comes to maximizing  Free plans or trials, Flexclip still remains my favourite because it helps me get started quickly with absolutely no budget. 

Flexclip Pricing

Flexclip Pricing

Flexclip Pricing is so flexible as you can always find a plan that fits your needs and budget as you can choose to pay a month, annual or lifetime subscription fee.

The main difference between the free and paid plan is basically the number of projects that can be saved on the software, the quality of output video and the number of materials or video clips that you can use.

So let us basically take a lot of all the various Flexclip plans and the various features.


  • Access to only 480P video quality
  • Single royalty-free use of stock video in each video.
  • Save only 12 video project under your account
  • You can’t create a video less than a minute long


  • Access to 720P video quality
  • Single royalty-free use of stock video in each video.
  • Save up to 50 video projects under your account
  • Video created should have a maximum length of 3 minutes
  • You can add your logo as a watermark instead of their watermark that comes with the free plan
  • You can create videos without any Flexclip watermark


  • 480P, 720P and 1080P video download
  • Single 5 royalty-free use of stock video in each video.
  • You can save a maximum of 200 video project on your account
  • Videos can be as long as 10 minutes
  • You can add your logo as a watermark instead of their watermark that comes with the free plan
  • You can create videos without any Flexclip watermark


  • 480P, 720P and 1080P video download
  • Single 5 royalty-free use of stock video in each video.
  • You can save a maximum of 1000 video project on your account
  • Videos can be as long as 30 minutes
  • You can add your logo as a watermark instead of their watermark that comes with the free plan
  • You can create videos without any Flexclip watermark

FlexClip Advantages

Here are some of the reasons why I would advise you to go for Flexclip today

  1. It works on computers regardless of the system, whatever Mac or Windows.
  2. You do not need a lot of computer hardware as most of the features are cloud based.
  3. Doesn’t take up disk space.
  4. Thousands of beautiful and reusable templates across various niches.
  5. Access to a vast collection of royalty free images, videos, and music.
  6. You have the ability to customize the watermark or take it out completely for pro plans.
  7. You can add animated elements to the video.
  8. With a whole lot of captivating transitions styles, you can easily add transitions between scenes.
  9. Online chat support.
  10. You can easily split and cut videos.
  11. Rich text editor with transitions.
  12. Complete editing of background audio, volume, and more.
  13. You can record voice and narration.
  14. You can rotate and zoom the videos and scenes.
  15. Fast and practical video editing.
  16. Over a million media for commercial use.
  17. Flexclip comes with a Real-time editing feature.

How to Use Flexclip to Create Stunning Videos with Ease.

So let’s assume you have no knowledge of video editing but you want to create a superb video using the FlexClip software.

This is exactly what the steps would look like.

Step #1: Open the FlexClip Website

Flexclip is a cloud-based software accessible via its website.

Therefore the first step will be to open the website. You can either choose to start creating a video or register first.

Step #1: Open the FlexClip Website

Yes, registering is optional. However, there are a lot of benefits to creating an account.

To register, you can simply make use of your email address or to make things easier, you can sign up using your Google or Facebook account with just one click. 

Step #2: Choose a Template

After registering and then logging in to the FlexClip dashboard, you are prompted to choose from two options.

 One is “Create by Templates,” and the other is “Start from Scratch ”. 

Make Videos for Free Choose a  FlexClip Template

The first option, created by the template as the name implies, means you get to select a template relevant to your niche and video and then tweak or customize it to your needs.

It is absolutely the easiest and by far the fastest way of creating a stunning video. The second option simply gives you a plan canvas and timeline to start from scratch.

If you don’t have some ideas and experience with the kind of video you want to create, this may not be a good option.

The first is to modify the template directly, and the latter is a complete video editing platform.

So for beginners, I will always advise you to pick the first option which involves you using FlexClip available templates.

After selecting the “Create By Templates,” option, you can see the thousands of templates carefully sorted into their various categories such as business, promo & sales, slideshow, intro/outro, coronavirus, YouTube, Facebook, etc so that you can easily find them.

Simply choose the one closest to the video you have in mind to create.

Step #3: Customize the layout

Customize the FlexClip layout

After entering the editing tool page, you only need to master a few key points to enable you to edit and customize your chosen Templates:

Left part: Classification of material types. From top to bottom, they are Template, Media, Text, Overlays, Elements, Background, Music, Watermark And More.

 You can choose any of the options that interest you and change what you want.

The FlexClip software allows you to write texts on your video, with a wide variety of designs that range from static to animated text.

You can also add music through the audio desk within the site, from which you can also get copyright free music, and if need be, you can also upload music from your computer to the site.

Once you are done with the basic editing, you can go ahead to improve the appearance of the video to produce the best possible result for the video.

You can adjust the contrast, brightness, shade and lighting

Final Verdict

Flexclip is a must for anyone who doesn’t want to do a ton of learning but still wants to be able to create professional videos with ease.

It is really great software and so far, I have not been able to spot any bugs.

Coupled with the huge library of copyright-free images, videos and music and the ease of use, Flexclip is highly recommended.

Our Rating

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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