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How to Generate Faceless YouTube Video Scripts using AI – Tutorial

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Hello Guys! Welcome to this detailed YouTube Automation tutorial. 

Here we will elucidate on how to generate faceless YouTube video scripts using

This is a detailed guide, so sit back and ensure that you read the content to the end.

Table Of Contents

What is

What is is a copywriting tool that assists you in researching, brainstorming, and planning your next video in under 10 minutes.

It creates high-converting content with the use of artificial intelligence called Jasper

Friends, I’m telling you, I’ve batched so much stuff this week by utilizing this program.

If you are an entrepreneur, business owner, or social media agency, you may use it to automate the process of writing scripts for your:

  • YouTube scripts
  • Emails
  • Website
  • Launches
  • Blog posts
  • Copywriting
  • Live streams, etc.

Besides the above mentioned, you can as well use to write persuasive copy in different areas you may need to create content.

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How to Create an Account in the Jasper AI Platform 

How to Create an Account in the Jasper AI Platform

Before we get started, let me take you through the process of creating an account with Jasper AI. 

The account creation process is quite easy. All you need is to follow the steps and the image illustrations. 

Here is Free Trial ? – How to Activate 5 Days Free Trial of Jasper (UPDATED 2023)

Let’s get it done.

Step #1: Go to

Click HERE to go to the official Jasper AI website. 

When the web page loads, click on “Start For Free” to start your account creation process. 

See the image below.

Go to

Step #2: Complete the Sign-up Form

Here, you need to fill in your name and your email address. Next click on “Continue” to proceed with your account creation.

Complete the Sign-up Form

Step 3: Check your Email Inbox

A verification code will be sent to the email you used during your account creation. You need to verify your email address to continue.

By default, you’re meant to receive the email that contains the code that is needed before your email address will be confirmed. 

Now copy the code as shown in the image below and go back to the page that requested the email that was sent to your email.

Check your Email Inbox

Step 4: Verify your Email

Enter the code that was sent to your email in the required field and click on “Verify

Verify your Email

Step 5: Welcome Page

On this page, you need to provide some information on what your business is all about.

 Just enter your preferred business name and a domain name if you have one. 

Click on “Continue” when you’re done entering your business name and domain. Welcome Page

Step 6: Tell the Platform how you want to use the AI

Here you can select as many as possible as shown in the image below. 

You can choose “Other” if you intend to use the AI for other things that are not listed in the options provided. survey

Step 7: Verify you are not a Robot

Click on the box that says “I’m not a robot” to verify you’re a human.

Verify you are not a Robot Free Trial ? – How to Activate 5 Days Free Trial of Jasper

Users are allowed to try Jasper AI FREE for 5 days before they will be billed. 

Perhaps, you can choose to be billed either monthly or annually.

You can as well Contact Sales to customize your plan. Either way, you are free to choose your favourite plan.

If the $82 is quite costly for you, you can reduce the estimated number of words to something below 50,000 so that your monthly price will be reduced as well.

Activate 5 Days Free Trial of Jasper

Next, you need to “Enter your payment details” Choose any preferred payment method of your choice and proceed.

 You should be aware that you’ll be charged once the 5-day free trial elapses.

Enter your payment details on

How to Generate Faceless YouTube Video Scripts using

In this section, we will detail the necessary steps on how to Generate Faceless YouTube Video Scripts using

Step #1: Log in to your Jasper AI Account Dashboard

When you have successfully logged in to your account,

 click on “Templates” as shown in the left bar section of your account.

When you have clicked on “Templates” scroll down until you locate the YouTube section.

Under the YouTube section, you will find a lot of things that Jasper AI can do for you as regards generating YouTube content.

YouTube section Templates

Step #2: How to generate Video Script Outline

To generate YouTube Video Script Outline, you need to select the “Video Script Outline” section.

 The image below is what will open up when you click on the section.

In the first field, you will be able to enter the title or topic of the video you intend to generate its YouTube script.

Also, choose the tone of the video topic you want to generate.

In this tutorial, I’ll use the topic “the benefits of shopping with Amazon Prime

After entering your video title, click on “Generate AI content” to generate the necessary subheadings for the main video topic.

As you can see in the image below, Jasper AI generated 5 sub-topics for our main topic. 

From here, you will be able to use other Japser Ai YouTube features to proceed with your video script generation.

You can then copy the generated sub-topics to your notepad or any other place where you can save the text.

These sub-topics will be used in subsequent sections in your YouTube Video Script generation process.

Generate Youtube script content

Step 3: Video Script Hook and Introduction

Here, you can modify the title to ensure that Jasper AI gives you the best content that is meant to be inside the sub-topic.

After entering your topic, click on “Generate AI content” to generate the required script that is meant to be under the topic you chose.

In most cases, Jasper AI will generate multiple contents, expecting you to choose the best that suits your need.

From the image below, you can decide to choose “Hook 1” and “Introduction 2” or vice versa.

Video Script Hook and Introduction

Step #4: Paragraph Generator

Enter the desired paragraph title that you want to generate and click on “Generate AI content.”

In most cases, the paragraphs can be many. 

You then need to proofread them and select or combine the paragraph that best describes your content.

“Generate AI content.”

Step #5: Blog Post Conclusion Paragraph

This section can be used to generate the conclusion paragraph for your YouTube video.

Enter the main points or the outline of your video script and click on “Generate AI content.”

Once the paragraph is generated, you can modify it and use it in the concluding section of your YouTube script.

Blog Post Conclusion Paragraph

  If Jasper AI doesn’t suit you look at some of the best Jasper AI alternatives on the market that offer better+more features, and at a cheaper price.


If you want to outsource the youtube script writing you can also use a freelancing team or let, make Your Videos Automation script. can Create a video intro that will capture your viewers’ attention and compel them to watch all the way through to the end without any expert knowledge and experience in script writing.

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