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5 Ways To Legally Get Canva Pro For FREE –  Canva Lifetime Account.

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If you are a content creator, business owner, or expert in branding, you can learn how to make use of or get Canva Pro for free.

This helps you save money yearly and it also gives you some money to invest in other aspects of your business and craft.

If you are into graphic design and brand designing, you can use Canva as it is the best tool for creating content on social media and websites.

You will need to gain access to certain features on Canva that are only available when you use the Pro plan. 

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You can get a Canva Pro to account for life and it is fast and easy. We will be discussing a step-by-step guide on how to create a Canva Pro account for free.

Canva Pro is available for everyone including teachers or students for free. 

If you have the requirements to qualify for this offer, Canva is going to offer you premium features for free.

Canva for education is designed by Canva to help students in their education and it provides Canva Pro for free.

Table Of Contents

What is Canva and How does it Work? 


Canva is an online tool for designing that allows its users to create professional-looking posters, images, event flyers, resumes, certificates and cards.

This gives the students or graphic designers the privilege of designing pictures to show their knowledge in the best ways possible. 

There are over 14 million users of Canva and there are over 100 million designs created on Canva.

Canva was created by Cameron Adams, Cliff Obrecht, and Melania Perkins and it was created to be a means of basic teaching to everyone that struggles to learn graphics design.

Canva is available for use in 8 different languages. 

This tool lets you share your work and request feedback from your colleagues and classmates.

Students can make use of Canva to show knowledge and design. You can also capture videos and photos for your assignment, school activities, and class work and save these in your account or a class account.

You are also allowed to have discussions about the posts. Teachers can also use Canva to make their teaching sessions better as it is good to use images, posters, and other media that students understand.

How to Use Canva:

Step #1; Go to Canva.

Tap sign up and register for an account. Go back to Canva and input your details to log in.

Step #2: Pick your Favorite Canva Design Templates 

Pick any graphic templates you want to use for your project. 

For instance for blog Graphic. Choose a good layout for your project among the millions of templates available to you.

Step #3: Redesign Your Template 

You can change the background and colour, and add any icon of your choice. You can also input text, images, shapes, and other features.

Step #4: Save Or Download Your Design 

When you are done, click Share on the top right to share your graphic with others to give you their honest reviews and feedback.

Who Needs the Canva Pro Tool?

Canva is accessible to anyone who needs Canva for various design purposes.

 If you want to gain access to Canva’s features, you need to first create a Canva account.

If you own a small business, and you are trying to gain recognition while building your brand, making use of Canva to create engaging social media content that your audience can appreciate is very key.

This can help you gain recognition to take your business to the next level.

Although you can freely use Canva as it is free, you may want to upgrade to Canva Pro or to get Canva pro for free as it provides so many additional features that aren’t available on the free Canva account.

One of the benefits of Canva being an online platform is the fact that you can easily access it on your phone or your tablet.

It helps those who are not always using their computer and it is very user-friendly with all its pre-made templates.

Ways To Get Canva Pro For FREE Legally.

Ways To Get Canva Pro For FREE Legally

Below are 5 different legit ways to Get Canva Pro for FREE without any blackhat, No Credit Card;

#1. Get Canva Pro FREE With students Education Email:

Signing up with your Education email address or uploading your proof of teaching employment and certification can help Canva upgrade you to Canva for education.

If you’re still a student, your teacher can invite you to join Canva for Education. 

Students are eligible for a free Canva Pro account if they make use of their school’s email address. 

To check whether your school is eligible for this offer, go to Canva’s Edu page and enter your school’s email address. 

If your school is eligible you will be taken to a sign-up page where you can create your account.

If you have created an account, you can start to enjoy Canva Pro’s features which include:

  • An unlimited amount of templates.
  • Advanced design tools.
  • Upload your fonts.

If you have any other questions about the usage of Canva Pro, you can contact the Canva support team.

#2. Accessing Canva Pro through the Student School Portal:

Students are eligible for a 50% discount off the monthly price of Canva Pro. To Get Canva Pro for FREE you will have to produce proof of enrollment so your account can be given this discount.

#3. Free Canva Pro Logins and Share Pro Account with Others:

Multiple people can make use of the same Canva Pro account but there are also some limitations because only one person can be logged into the account at a time.

If you are working on a design with someone, you need to take turns logging in and out. 

Also, each needs individual Canva Pro subscriptions to get access to all the numerous features and resources.

Having multiple users on the same Canva Pro account is possible but there are some things you should look out for. 

Canva Premium Account Free December 2022 Canva Pro Free Account

#4. Get A year of Canva Pro For FREE With GitHub:

Get A year of Canva Pro For FREE With GitHub

GitHub offers you free Canva Pro, a good and easy-to-use graphic design tool and this allows you to create informative content for your social media posts, and websites with relative ease.

If you want to make your Canva experience better you should opt for the Canva Pro plan.

How Do I Get Free Canva Pro For Free on GitHub?

For designers, you have to search for new tools that can make your work better and more efficient.

 Canva is easy to love as it is user-friendly and it is perfect for creating professional designs for school, work, and business.

Likewise, for web developers, you will need a graphic design tool from time to time to save time and stress. 

Canva is the best option if you want to create good designs for your business and also it doesn’t cost much so it is better for you

Here is all you need to get a free Canva Pro account. You can get Canva Pro for free and one of the ways to do this is via GitHub student developer pack

 With GitHub, you can access the Canva code and modify it as you wish.

If you are a web developer, you are likely making use of GitHub to store and share code.

Canva Pro is perfect for you to improve your design skills and it also gives you access to the best tools for creating professional designs.

#5. Start Canva Pro Free Trial Account:

Start Canva Pro Free Trial Account

Canva Pro gives you a free trial if you are a new user. This version gives you the freedom to use all the available features of the Pro version for free for 30 days. 

When you exceed the trial period, you will automatically be switched to the free version unless you cancel your subscription.

Canva Pro Pricing:

Canva has a free version that anyone can use and they also have Canva Pro, which is a premium version for those who use Canva for professional work and can afford to pay.

It also has more features and can make work easier for you.

 Canva Pro allows you access to a larger set of photos, templates, fonts, and graphics.

You can also get a set of premium features that can help in managing and marketing a brand visually.

 This is quite common for those who make use of Canva designs for business purposes.

However, Canva Pro requires that you pay for a membership and not everyone can pay for that. 

Some people also want to know what they will be paying for before they make use of it and they may decide to go with the premium feature.

Here is an analysis of Canva Pro pricing and what features you get when you pay for this plan. 

It can help you make up your mind if Canva Pro is worth it or not.

Canva Pro Pricing

For a monthly membership, Canva charges $12.99 every month.

For annual Membership, Canva charges $9.99 monthly and it is billed annually at $119.99

Canva Pro is definitely worth the price and you can enjoy an exclusive coupon with 15% off your Canva Pro Annual Plan.


Canva Pro accounts are very important if you want to create good designs. 

If you follow this guide, you will be able to get a Canva Pro to account for free without any stress.

You should also ensure that you share this article with your friends or business partners who may need it.

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