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Getresponse for Ecommerce – Build Automation eCom Store in Just 5 Minutes

Get Response Ecommerce Pricing
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The e-commerce industry is significantly advancing in this digital age, and many businesses are leveraging on already designed e-commerce marketing templates.

Moreover, using platforms like Getresponse for your Ecommerce will help you reach out to a wide audience who will purchase your products and services.

According to Shopify, the global estimated eCommerce sales will surpass $7 trillion by 2025. 

With the tools and software available today, creating your online store is relatively easy, and you may not even need to learn coding before making one.

Today, you can use many eCommerce to build your online store. Some of them are Shopify, Prestashop, Magento, WordPress (using WooCommerce and AliDropship plugins), etc.

Perhaps, how effective your online store will be as regards converting visitors to potential customers relies on how you optimize your eCommerce website.

This guide will take you through Getresponse for eCommerce and how you can effectively use Getresponse automation tools to increase your eCommerce website revenue.

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What is Getresponse Ecommerce?

What is GetResponse Ecommerce?

Getresponse is an email marketing platform with almost all the marketing features you will ever need.

 Moreover, this platform is designed for small and medium businesses, including eCommerce websites.

Most of the tools you will find at Getresponse are AI (Artificial Intelligence) automated tools; when you set it up once, it will run forever.

Getresponse all in one Automation  allows you to create a perfect customer journey and automate your daily tasks

It detects when someone submits a sign-up form, opens an email, or clicks a link. Etc

Source Getresponse 

Getresponse is one of the well-known email marketing platforms with unmetered features. 

While using Getresponse, you can easily set up lead generation and lead nurturing, which will yield sales.

You can do a couple of things with Getresponse, including sending emails, creating landing pages, creating automation workflows, creating fantastic forms, etc.

In a nutshell, as regards the campaign, Getresponse will help you to collect leads which will be stored in your user dashboard. 

Furthermore, if you intend to build email lists, Getresponse helps create stunning forms that will trigger visitors to opt-in to your newsletter.

Getresponse was founded in 1999 by Simon Grabowski, and his goal was to help small and medium-size businesses run marketing campaigns cheaply.

Today Getresponse has over 350,000 happy customers in more than 25 languages worldwide.

How can Getresponse eCommerce Automation Help to Run a Profitable eCommerce Business?

GetResponse for Ecommerce

Are you an eCommerce website owner? Have you ever wondered how you can automate some functions in your website?

By using Getresponse, you can easily send personalized recommendations to your subscribers automatically. 

These messages can be a reminder of the products they added to the cart, (abandoned carts email) some products they viewed on your website but didn’t later purchase, a reminder of the new products that you just added to your website, etc.

Right from your eCommerce dashboard, with Getresponse, you can build post-purchase workflows that will help you promote your products and grow your customer bandwidth.

Getresponse helps you send many email sequences to your abandoned cart lists.

 This will help your customers complete their request to purchase a product from your website.

With the autopilot feature, you will boost your revenue through intelligent selling techniques. 

Also, you can integrate and synchronize your promo code or discount coupon (20% Off Deals or Discounts) in your eCommerce website with the help of Getresponse software.

Getresponse AI-based tools will help you deliver promo codes to your customers by leveraging their previous purchases or cart history.

Key Getresponse Ecommerce Features

Below are the top features of Getresponse for eCommerce:

#1: Create Forms and Pop-ups to Help You Collect Leads

Create Forms and Pop-ups to Help You Collect Leads

If you ever tried email marketing, you should have known that your lead is the main factor determining how effective your email marketing will be.

Moreover, collecting leads from your visitors is quite tricky if you are new to the game.

 Perhaps, with the Getresponse form builder, you can embed attractive forms that will trigger your visitors to sign up for your mailing lists. 

Creating conditions with Getresponse is relatively easy. 

You can also add text, images, and CTAs when designing your eye-catching forms.

#2. Send Emails to Inform, Update and Sell

Send Emails to Inform, Update and Sell

Getresponse has many drag-and-drop building tools that are very easy to customize.

 Also, you can choose from over 120 prebuilt email templates to optimize your marketing goals.

Moreover, you can easily create newsletters that you can often send to your subscribers to grow your website audience. 

You can also welcome your new customers or subscribers with the Getresponse autoresponder tool.

To send an email that will trigger your previous visitors, you can use “abandoned cart recovery templates” to create a reminder email to your visitors.

#3. Create Fantastic Landing Pages that Trigger Action

Create Fantastic Landing Pages that Trigger Action

Creating a great landing page is one of the best ways to increase sales for every traffic that comes to your website.

A landing page is a simple webpage focused on triggering the visitor to complete an action by purchasing a product.

Moreover, Getresponse has an advanced landing page feature, making it possible to create A/B variants of your landing page.

Also, you can create thank-you pages when a visitor completes an action, for instance, after subscribing to your email newsletter or purchasing a product.

Getresponse for Ecommerce Benefits

Below are the top Getresponse benefits:

  1. With Getresponse, you can easily send automatic and personalized cart messages to your visitors.
  1. You will have access to building a post-purchase workflow which in turn will help you to promote your products and grow your audience.
  1. You will quickly remind your clients of the products they added to the cart which they have not yet purchased. This way, you will recover lost sales and recall your visitors to buy your products.
  1. Getresponse helps you boost your website revenue through its autopilot innovative selling feature. Also, you can integrate and synchronize your promo code within your eCommerce website. 

Getresponse software delivers to your customers the exact match products using their previous activities (behaviour) on your eCommerce website.

  1. Dispatch automated email to your subscribers with just one click if you wish to do it manually. This is quite an excellent method that you can use to restore lost customers to your eCommerce website.
  1. Use the Getresponse drag-and-drop code free builder tool to create dynamic landing pages and fantastic pop-ups, and generate leads from your conversion traffic. Also, you can effortlessly engage lifetime customers to your website.
  1. You can use the Getresponse product recommendations tool to increase your customer’s purchase rate drastically
  1. Also, you will have access to an analytics feature for measuring the success of all your campaigns.
  1. Getresponse provides you with an omnichannel feature that enables you to get in touch with your customers regardless of their location

Getresponse Ecommerce Pricing

Get Response Ecommerce Pricing

With all these fantastic features that Getresponse has, its pricing is quite affordable; besides that, you can even get an extra discount on your checkout page. 

Moreover, the Getresponse email marketing automation tool has different pricing plans, including Basic, Plus, Professional, and Max.

The table below shows a detailed overview of Getresponse pricing packages and what each package has for everyone.

List SizeBasic in $Plus in $Professional in $

Moreover, when you opt for a yearly subscription, you will be eligible to enjoy 18% off, and the most exciting part is that when you choose to pay for a 2-year plan, you will receive a whopping 30% discount.

Our readers also enjoy an extra 10% discount when you create an account with GetResponse using our partner’s unique link

To be eligible for this 10% discount, use any link on this blog post to register for GetResponse.

On the other hand, if you don’t have unlimited cash to go for the subscription packages, you don’t need to be worried.

Getresponse has a month free trial that does not require a credit card, and guess what!

 Most of the features in the premium version are also included in the free trial version.

Getresponse pricing is designed for small and medium-sized businesses who intend to increase their sales through AI, email marketing, landing pages, etc.

(Above is Getresponse discounted link 10% Off GetResponse Coupons, Promo Codes) 

Does Getresponse For Ecommerce Integrates with eCom Website

Yes! If you own an eCommerce website, don’t they have One-click integrations with leading eCommerce platforms

  • Shopify 
  • Prestashop
  • Magento 
  • WordPress WooCommerce 

 Getresponse is a must-have tool that will boost your visibility and increase your visitors’ conversion and sales rate.

By using Getresponse, you can easily attract thousands of visitors from the four corners of the world, 

get your customer’s information, send product emails using their browsing history on your website, 

create great landing pages that will generate many leads that will convert, create dynamic online ads to your targeted audience, etc.

Integrating the Getresponse email marketing automation tool into your eCommerce website will ease the stress of manually doing certain things on your website.

Moreover, Getresponse has been around for over 20 years from different countries, and their customers keep increasing because of the positive results they keep getting on their website.


Getresponse for Ecommerce is a recommended tool for everyone who intends to enjoy automation in his website, which will massively increase your website revenue.

You can get started using the available one-month free trial to see how it impacts your website revenue.

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