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How To Install Global Site Tag (Gtag.js) On WordPress By Installing MonsterInsights

why you should have the gtag.js tag global site tag on your website
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Google Analytics is considered the best way to track your website to know more about the behavior of your readers.

You not only get to read insights about your website to help you create better content, but you won’t have to pay as the software comes entirely free.

To make tracking easier and more effective, there is the global site tag or as it is called the “gtag.js code”.

This code is necessary to ensure that Google Analytics records accurate data and would have to be integrated into your WordPress theme.

monsterInsights global site tag google analytics.jpg

There are many ways to add the gtag.js code to your WordPress site but the best is to do so with the MonsterInsights plugin.

In this article, you will find a detailed guide on how to add the gtag.js tag to your WordPress site using the MonsterInsights plugin.

Table Of Contents

What is gtag.js – Global Site tag

gtag.js or in simpler words Global site tag is the JavaScript API that allows users to send data from their websites to Google Analytics and other Google products.

The gtag.js tag enables Google Analytics to track all your website data including your website traffic demographics, traffic source, pageviews, bounce rate, and every other metrics you can find on Google Analytics.

Not only Google analytics but the gtag.js tag also sends data to other Google marketing products including Google Sears Ads 360, Google ads, and Video 360.

This code allows you to track everything and send data without having to install multiple scripts to your website.

Why Installing Google Analytics Global site tag Or gtag.js is important?

There are several reasons why you should have the gtag.js tag on your website especially if you use Google Analytics to track your user data.

Access to Google Analytics and Google Products

Without the gtag.js tag on your website, you won’t be able to gain access to your data on Google Analytics and other Google products.

You will have to place the code into your website so that Google Analytics can read your site and send your accurate data.

Track Your Data and Metrics

Track Your Data and Metrics with Global Site tag

If you’re running a website, you will need all the info you can get about your users.

You will want to know where they come from, the most popular landing pages, how many pages they visit before they leave, and the referring sites that send you traffic.

All these important metrics would help you to not only keep your present users loyal but also get more readers to your website.

This is why you have to integrate the code with your website.

Once integrated, Google Analytics will track all your metrics including your outbound link.

With the gtag.js tag, you can send outbound links event data of a website page to Google Analytics which should help you know the number of hits on that specific outbound links.

If you run an e-commerce platform, installing the gtag.js tag becomes even more important.

Collecting and tracking data is very important for e-commerce platforms and it will determine how fast they will grow.

With the code on your website, you can track exactly how many impressions your product receives.

You can go even further to track which products are added to cart to help you better understand customer behavior.

Another big plus that comes with adding the gtag.js tag to your website is conversion tracking.

If you want to grow your business, you will have to track just how well your ads convert. That way, you know the best

How To Install Global Site Tag (Gtag.js) On WordPress By Installing MonsterInsights

There are many ways to add the Global site tag to your WordPress site but none beats using the MonsterInsights WordPress plugin.

MonsterInsights is considered the best Google Analytics plugin and there are many reasons for this.

With the plugin, you can track many metrics whether you’re running a personal blog, a business page, or an e-commerce platform.

Adding the global site tag using MonsterInsights is very easy but you should take some precautions first before doing so.

If you have added the theme manually or by any other means to your WordPress site, you would have to remove it.

The problem is that leaving it on the site and adding the code through the MonsterInsights plugin would lead to the problem of inaccurate results.

To get started with To Global Site Tag (Gtag.js) Installing

Sign in to Google Analytics

 Sign in to Google Analytics

This is the simplest step and should be easy to do.

If you own a Gmail account, you can use your Gmail address to sign in. However, a Google Analytics account is different from a Gmail account.

If you have not set up your Google Analytics account, you would have to do so before you can get the code.

To create an account, you can go ahead to visit the Google Analytics homepage and click Set up for free.


On the next page, you will be required to provide your account details and set up some tracking fields that will help Google Analytics do its best in providing you with accurate results.

With that done, go to the next page where you will have to choose the type of platform you want to measure.

You can choose web, app, or app and web. Select web since you will be tracking your WordPress site.


On the next page, you will be required to provide your web details. This is known as the property setup.

Enter your website name, URL, industry category, and reporting time.


The next step would be to confirm your country/region and then accept the Google Analytics Term of Service Agreement.


Google Analytics would require you to confirm if you want to receive offers and announcements, as well as, performance suggestions in your email.

You can go ahead and tick all of them or just the ones you think are necessary.

With that done, click Save and move on to the next page.

setting-up-google-analytics with Global Site tag.png

On the next page, you will be shown your tracking ID and your Global site tag.


When you get here, you have successfully created a Google Analytics account and added your WordPress site as a property.

Installing Google Analytics Global Site Tag With MonsterInsights

With that done, you would have to connect Google Analytics to your WordPress site.

This is done by adding the gtag.js tag to your website and for that, you will need the MonsterInsights plugin.

You would have to install MonsterInsights on your WordPress site.

Note that MonsterInsights requires a subscription plan to work so you would have to sign up to one of its plans to get the license key.

To install MonsterInsights, go to the Plugin area of your WordPress site and click “Add New

Add-new-MonsterInsights plugin-in-WordPress.png

You will be shown all the available plugins and by chance, you might come across the MonsterInsights plugin. If you don’t find it, then you can use the search bar to locate it.

Install-Google-Analytics-by-MonsterInsights with Global Site tag

Once you’ve found it. Click to install and activate it.

With the MonsterInsights plugin activated, click to launch it and then Launch the setup Wizard.


You will be taken to the plugin’s setup page where you will be asked to choose the category that best describes your site.


Next, you will have to click the Connect to Google Analytics tab.

Connect-MonsterInsights-to-Google-Analytics now Global Site tag

This will take you to a new page that will show your email addresses.

Click on the email address that you use to open your Google Analytics account so that MonsterInsights can gain access.

With that done, you’ve successfully added the gtag.js code to your WordPress.

MonsterInsights made it so easy that you won’t have to deal with lines of code which pose a problem especially for those without coding skills.

MonsterInsights Pricing and Features

monsterinights pricing plan for Global Site tag

MonsterInsights isn’t free and while it might be one of the most impressive Google Analytics plugins ever made, it isn’t cheap either.

To get the best out of the plugin and track your metrics accurately, you would have to sign up for a plan.

However, you can add your gtag.js code to your WordPress site using MonsterInsights without a subscription plan.

You would have to switch to the lite version to do this.

If you’re running a small business or you own a personal blog, you can go for the plus plan.

It gives you just everything you would need without poking a hole in your pocket.

With the plus plan, you can expect tons of features.

You will get to check the Analytics Dashboard, real-time report, site speed report, popular posts, engagement tracking, enhanced link tracking, headline analyzer among other impressive features that are necessary for getting the best out of your website or blog.

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Final Thoughts

That’s just about all it takes to add gtag.js tag to your WordPress site using MonsterInsights.

The process shouldn’t take long but it would be faster if you’re able to set up your Google Analytics account beforehand.

With the gtag.js tag, there is no need to place codes on every web page.

All you have to do is connect MonsterInsights and you can read your metrics straight away.

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