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Can You Get Google AdSense Approval on AI-generated Content Case Study – (Here’s What Happened…)

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Hello noble reader! In this detailed guide, I will show you from my case study if you can get AdSense Approval on AI-generated content.

When monetizing a new website, some platforms like Google AdSense or its alternatives like Ezoic,, etc., 

demand that every new website that must be accepted in their monetization program will meet all their requirements for displaying ads.

Before the end of this guide, I will show you what happened to my new website with AI-generated content, and if got accepted by AdSense or rejected….. 

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What are AI Content Writing Tools?

Can You Get Google AdSense Approval on AI-generated Content

AI content writing tools are programmed platforms that help you write content when you submit your keywords to them.

In some cases, AI contents are more detailed than content written by humans. 

This occurs primarily when you create content on topics that demands the writer to conduct in-depth research to develop detailed information.

In a scenario like this, AI content writing tools will research the entire web and develop the most relevant information with more insight into your topic.

Besides this, with AI, an advanced content writer can create lots of content within 24 hours, 

because all he needs to do is insert his keyword and click on the “Generate content” or “Write now” button.

Also, an AI content writing tool is just like a genuine content writer. 

We mean that with an AI content writing tool, you can generate content on any website niche.

For instance, you can quickly generate content for blog posts, YouTube scripts, social media posts, etc.

My Personal Experience Using AI Content Writing Tool

In this case study, I will be using the new website I created and decided to know if Google AdSense will approve me with AI-generated content.

The site URL is I created this website some years back and started publishing lots of content with AI tools.

I intentionally created this website to serve as a platform to help readers build their health in some areas, 

like assisting them in planning their daily meals, the type of food they should eat to be fit, lose weight quickly etc.

So by mare looking, this is a niche website which is one of the factors that boosts your site approval when applying for Google AdSense.

While using AI to create my content, I focused on writing an in-depth guide on content that adds value to readers.

 These are contents that answer search questions, (user intent) or solve readers’ problems.

Unfortunately, I was unaware that Google AdSense rarely approve content generated by AI content writing tools.

So when I had many blog posts on my website, I applied for Google AdSense, hoping that I would receive a congratulatory message within a few days.

From my experience, I realized that when you use AI Content Writing Tool to create content for a new website, 

Platforms like Google AdSense might see the content as spin articles because the content will not emphasize your knowledge or experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (Google E-A-T in SEO) in the topic you are writing about.

What I Experienced when I Applied for Google AdSense with my AI-Generated Contents

You will be surprised by the awkward experience I encountered when I applied for Google AdSense.

I almost got depressed because I took the time to create lots of content that added value to readers with my AI tool.

Perhaps, since my goal is to make money from the website, I followed all requirements that Google listed for every new website that intends to display its ads.

For instance, you created all the necessary pages, a mobile responsive website, ensured that your site is navigational, avoided copied contents, etc.

Also, I ensured that I avoided using images subject to copyright infringements.

Since Google AdSense mandates that every publisher wishing to use their ads on his website must have quality content that adds value to readers,

 I ensured that all the contents I created with my AI were quite unique and detailed.

What I mean by detailed is that most of my AI-generated content has over 1,000 words per article.

 This is one of the criteria for getting your new website ready to be approved by Google AdSense.

Also, I did an in-depth on-site and off-site SEO of which my website was generating a lot of organic traffic from different countries.

 AdSense program policies statues

Unfortunately, when I applied for Google AdSense, I got a message that I needed to fix some issues if I wished to use Google AdSense ads on my website.

The Message I got when I Applied for Ezoic (Google AdSense Alternative)

When Google rejected my website with a bunch of AI-generated articles, 

I decided to try out other ad networks considered to be Google AdSense alternatives.

So I further optimized my website to suit Ezoic terms and conditions.

 For instance, I integrated my site with Ezoic name servers, added their ads.txt file to my website, and integrated their Cloudflare and every other requirement they listed for me.

Moreover, Ezoic is quite a famous ad company, and they are a certified Google AdSense publisher. 

Because thousands of websites are submitted to their directory for approval daily, they also use AI tools to check the contents of every new website.

In this case, the AI will check if your content is plagiarized, if your content adds value to your readers if your images are subject to copyright infringement, etc.

Unluckily for me, their AI detected that my contents were generated with AI content writing tools;

 and that is against their monetization requirements for every new website that wishes to display their ads.

In the end, I got a message that my site contains scrapped content, adult and sensitive content, and a download and streaming website.

ezoic monetization requirements

At this stage, it was done to me that I could not monetize my new website with top ad networks with the AI-generated content that filled my website. 

I’m not bothered much because I generate most of my revenue from ClickBank affiliate marketing and other affiliate programs. 

I Decided to Hire a Content Writer on Fiverr

Since Google AdSense and Ezoic rejected all the content I created using AI tools, I decided to try something new by hiring a content writer on Fiverr.

I Decided to Hire a Content Writer on Fiverr

If you are hearing of Fiverr for the first time, Fiverr is a freelancing website where you can purchase or sell your services to people who need them.

In this case, I created an account on Fiverr to get a 20% Discount On Fiverr orders and decided to hire content writers. 

Being fully aware that my website is a niche website, I searched for excellent keywords that would surely solve the reader’s problem.

So I sent these keywords to the freelancer I hired on Fiverr and gave them the structure they should follow when creating content for my health website at

I warned them never to spin or copy articles online, which will lead to plagiarism.

Fiverr has thousands of freelancers ready to work for you regardless of your pricing, 

and you can even get people who will create quality content of about 1,000 words for about $5.

create quality content of about 1,000 words for about $5.

So depending on your budget and the type of content you need, you can hire lots of writers at an affordable price.

And Guess What? I got a Congratulatory Message from Google AdSense

When I got lots of content from the freelancer I hired on Fiverr, I deleted all the articles I created using the AI tool on my website.

Although this took me time to filter all the contents and delete them, it would not affect my website SEO.

I published over 15 to 25 articles written by humans that I hired on Fiverr. 

In addition, I optimized these contents by adding quality, attractive images that were not subject to copyright infringement.

When I discovered that my website had been filled with lots of detailed content that humans wrote, I decided to reapply for Google AdSense.

Lo and behold, within a few days, when I reapplied for Google AdSense, I got a congratulatory message in my email that my website is now ready to show Google AdSense ads.

 got a Congratulatory Message from Google AdSense

To me, this is quite a surprise and also a piece of good news.

My Verdict on using AI-generated Content on your Website

Using AI-generated content on your website is quite good and helps scale up your content marketing.

 Still, I recommend that if you are starting a new website and intend to monetize it with an ad network like Google AdSense or Ezoic,

 Ensure that you hire someone on freelancing sites like Fiverr to start up the website.

When your website gets approved for displaying ads, you can now start using AI content writing tools to create a bunch of content.

Moreover, you should know that all AI tools are not the same.

I have tried many AI content writing tools and concluded that Jasper AI tool is one of the best AI content writing tools ever.

 Jasper AI tool the best AI content writing tools

I also recommend Jasper AI tool to all my readers who wish to create excellent content using AI tools.


You can use Google AdSense or its alternatives on AI-generated content but first, ensure that you hire content writers (actual human beings) to boost your chances of getting approval.

When your website gets monetized, you can use the Jasper AI tool, one of the best AI content writing tools, to create a bunch of content for your website.

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  1. Sir I also used Ai content on my website but Google rejected my website three times, Now i change all my content and imrove them and then i should apply on 1sep but now 5 days are gone but google no response me , is this good idea to remove all articles and write new article without ai ?

      1. But my website is in under review
        I created my website a 7 months ago but i could not get approval on my website and i got three dissaproved on ai content now i think Google aslo 4 time disapproved me please help me i am in depressed ???

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