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5 Reasons Why To Use Tailwind To Skyrocket Your Instagram And Pinterest Growth

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If you’ve been in the game of social media, you’ll discover that the online space is changing so rapidly. 

To the extent that the results businesses get today are tied more to the rate of adjustment to new technologies used to power their processes. 

From business research, to social media marketing and sales to recruitment…

While a lot is already happening, in the aspect of online marketing, Tailwind is the latest wind sweeping the world of Pinterest and Instagram (Facebook) marketing.

*** Disclosure: This post may contain affiliated links- this means that I may earn a commission from the products I promote if you choose to buy them using these links at no additional cost to you. Read full disclosure here. I was also compensated to create a post about my experience with Tailwind, however, these thoughts are my own. ***

It’s so fast that a lot of people are leaving their initial social media apps, with singular functions, for this powerful Tailwind application with multi-functions.

One thing I like about the social media growth app is that it has a free forever plan, with useful, enough options, for you to make sure you like what you’re using before you begin to use the more advanced versions.

So it’s pocket-friendly for any size of business you’re operating.

If you check the demands of running an online business, you’ll see it takes a lot. 

For example, running a blog, from researching to getting ideas to writing to editing to finally posting and getting traffic and converting the traffic can be terrific.

What if someone is telling you to get help from a freelancer to be your social media virtual assistant?

I’m sure, these other questions will arise in your mind: how do I manage to pay them? Will the freelancer do exactly what I want? 

Do you see?

The power of the Tailwind community to Tailwinders is what icing is to cake.”

Finding a community that fits your niche is important so that you can get relevant insights on how to use the app as more features are introduced.

Now let me give reasons why you should use Tailwind to accelerate your Pinterest and Instagram (Facebook) marketing online, and grow your business:

Table Of Contents

1.  You don’t have to be a Pro Graphic Designer or Content Creator.

What is Tailwind Create

I’ve spent days trying to use conventional apps to design posts needed for my social media engagement. I’ve used Canva and I’ve used Adobe Spark Post.

Now, both are good. 

Yes, they are. 

But Tailwind create, by Tailwind, takes the pressure off me especially with Pinterest that requires beautiful and evergreen Pins. 

Where will I get the skill as quickly as possible to create the pictures and upload real fast while making the money I need to make?

Guess how much time, you’ll pay to learn those other design apps? 

While I know it’s good to know them, what if it’s not in my area of specialization, I mean Graphic Designing? 

I’ll either hire a graphic designer to do it or a platform to do it.

For the latter, it also means that I’ll need little effort to be exerted to use it. 

With Tailwind, you don’t worry about expertise.

2. It cost close to nothing to start using it.

Tailwind pricing plan

Before now, when awesome apps or platforms like this come up, the cost alone is enough to make small business owners fearful.

Big corporations can afford to use the platforms because they have the money. 

So you’ll see that most of their partners or clients are big businesses.

Currently, that is changing for those who understand. 

So, for example, Tailwind is used by Shopify, Serena & Lily, and CB2 alongside individual business owners.

 This means there’s now access for big brands and small brands at the same time.

Tailwind has a forever free version that will give you good designing, scheduling… functions at no cost.

Check at the bottom of the Tailwind website to see these big brands and small brands with responses from individuals who use the platform. 

3. Are you aware you can schedule content directly from your website and blogs?

install tailwind chrome extension

If you have a website or blog, you can schedule images from it to your Pinterest or Instagram account.

Now, how do you do that? 

Open your browser. Install Tailwind extension for Chrome, Firefox, or download the app on your smartphone and follow the direction on the app.

(You can try it now if you’ve not.)

Then use that extension to schedule the posts from your website or blog.

Now for Pinterest, make sure you are in tune with the size of the image before you schedule so that it syncs well with the Pinterest platform.

4.Endless access to learning from others about what you’re doing.

Tailwind community

It was previously called Tribe but now community.

Tailwind community is beyond a place where people come to chat and converse. They share ideas. 

They help each other to grow their brands and businesses. And that’s more money for you to earn.

So some of your pins on Pinterest can be repinned just because you’re a member of a community, especially when it’s in your niche.

That repinning means more reach and trust people have for you.

You can also sell and buy things from your community. Anything a community can deliver to you, you can get it here. 

And Tailwind made this deliberate because of you, the user.

5. Trust – Tailwind is an official partner of Pinterest and Instagram

Tailwind is an official partner of Pinterest and Instagram

It’ll be unfair if I don’t mention this. I mentioned this in point number two. on their website, you’ll see the partnership badge of Facebook and Pinterest.

What does this tell you about the brand?

What uniqueness do you feel about a platform respected by special media platforms amongst the top ten in the world?

If Pinterest and Instagram, invariably, Facebook, say yes to your products, then it’s something worth giving attention to.


Tailwind Benefits Recaps 

I have five reasons already but let me give you more if you’re still doubting.

Because you don’t have to be an expert in design, it saves you precious time.

Instead of designing your monthly posts in about three days or more, you can use four or five hours to get that sorted out, and beautiful as I mentioned as number one.

Tailwind has an analytic ability that gives you more reach. How? It’s able to make posts, for you when scheduled, at peak periods for more people to see what you’re posting.

It’s one thing to make posts and another for it to be seen.

Smart loop on Tailwind does a very good job of allowing you to curate a collection of posts that are related to events.

Smart loop on Tailwind

 So for example, posts during Christmas Seasons, Father’s Day, Easter Day, Black Friday and all other events can be controlled using the Tailwind smart loop system.

Tailwind also makes it possible to maximize your Instagram posts.


While uploading on Instagram, you’ll see an activated feature that gives your content professional and interesting Instagram captions templates, for example, inspire, connect, promote, relate, educate, repurpose.

If you pick one template out of these, Tailwind will offer you some of the best Instagram captions that will make your profile look very professional.

I’ll give you the last two extra reasons.

Before I do, what do you think about the app so far?

One of the strongest strengths of Instagram is the use of hashtags. For every post you make, a hashtag you use can make your post go viral and visible to lots of users. 

Tailwind finds the most appropriate hashtags for your post. 

When you make a sports-related post, it will bring in suggestions that you can use to make you more visible.

Can you beat that? 

So, instead of using hashtag search, as I do on Google, whenever I want to make a post, Tailwind does the search and gives you options.

Now see this testimony from a Tailwind user, “ from Tailwind has completely changed how I use Instagram to market my business. Now I can track and measure real results with every link click.”

The feature on Tailwind makes it possible for you to create a branded landing page that sends a never-ending stream of traffic from your Instagram bio to your most important content.

And not just Instagram… Pinterest too.

That means with or without a website, you can have a landing page that will bring in more conversions for you.

I’ve not mentioned another platform other than Tailwind.

Wrapping Up Reasons to Use Tailwind 

In conclusion, Tailwind is about five or more apps joined together to give you a controlled, optimized system.

With Tailwind,

You can create the most exciting posts. 

You can create these posts in minutes.

You can schedule these posts without thinking much.

You can get feedback on these posts from real-time analytics.

Your content can get appropriate hashtags to increase your reach.

You have a landing page that’s connected to your platforms to increase.

Now, why won’t you choose Tailwind?

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