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Launch Jacking Tutorial – Make $100/Day Free Google.

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Launch jacking is a method of affiliate marketing that allows you to promote products that haven’t been released to the public yet. 

When the products eventually go on sale from your website, you are going to get paid a commission.

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What is Launch Jacking Affiliate Marketing?

Launch jacking is a type of affiliate marketing strategy that is meant to take advantage of the traffic and excitement of the entire product launch process.

Digital markets and big brands like Apple and Samsung make use of this tactic as it has proven to be very effective.

Is Launch Jacking Profitable?

Is Launch Jacking Profitable

Launch jacking is very profitable and there is no doubt about that. However, its success depends on how well your content ranks and how much competition there is.

Your content may not rank very well and get a lot of traffic due to the low search or high amount of competition but you should not be discouraged.

Launch jacking can still help you make a lot of money with any experience and investment if one of your articles ranks well. You just have to be consistent.

How Does Launch Jacking Work?

This is mainly going to be explained from the digital marketing point of view because that is what most people who intend to go into launch jacking are familiar with.

How to Find Products for Launch Jacking (the MunchEye, JvZoo, and Warriorplus): 

Launch Jacking Tutorial

Launch jacking is very effective if you are launching a big product or for products that generate enough traffic for an upcoming event.

Most affiliates use Muncheyes and other alternatives to help find new and legit product launches. 

The aim is to generate sales by producing a good review that ranks on search engines.

Launch jacking can also promote physical products although it is mostly used for training courses because digital products earn you a higher commission. 

Combining email marketing, YouTube Videos, and blog marketing is a very effective strategy for launch jacking promotion. 

You can then add your video to your blog or during your e-mail marketing.

MunchEye Launch Calendar:

How to Find Products for Launch Jacking

Before you begin your affiliate marketing journey, you will need to find new products which will be released shortly.

 MunchEye offers you these SaaS products to promote.

What is MunchEye? And How to Use it:

MunchEye is a complete IM launch calendar that collates all the information that is related to the upcoming product chosen. 

This helps the vendor put their product in front of future competitors. MunchEye also showcases new releases. 

Once on the MunchEye’s website, there are three variations of products:

MunchEye's website The big launches

1. The big launches: where you can find the more experienced vendors and those who heavily invest in advertising.

2. All launches: where you can find all the offers available.

3. Just launched:, where you can find the new releases.

MunchEye is totally free, very easy to use, and does not require you to sign up. All the information available on the platform are:

  1. Name of the product.
  2. Information related to the vendor.
  3. Date of launch.
  4. The commission rate and price.
  5. The affiliate network.
  6. The JV page and all the information for affiliates.

Best MunchEye Alternatives for Affiliates:

You have to become one of the best vendors in your niche and stay current regarding all their new products.

When you decide to join the affiliate marketing networks, you can decide to receive notifications of new launches via some of the platforms.

Join MATTMCWILLIAMS to get notified of all upcoming launches.

Offervault is a search engine where you can find any information about affiliate program offers and all other CPA offers.

JV Notify Pro is a community that connects vendors and affiliate marketers. 

It also has a launch calendar that can help you discover the best products which you can promote so you can maximize your earnings.

Free Way To Rank on First Page for The New  Product Launches:

You need to have a proper mindset before you can get anything done. 

If you want your website to appear when someone types keywords related to your niche, product, or business you have to follow some rules.

You need to optimize your website so that Google can recognize it as a high-quality website that is worth a top ranking. 

This strategy can help you achieve that:

First Step: Work On Buyer Intent Keywords 

Work On Buyer Intent Keywords

Begin with keyword research: Keyword research is very important for Search Engine Organizations (SEO). You need to figure out which keyword you want your article to rank for.

While this seems super easy, you cannot just guess which keyword to rank as you need to carry out analysis on search volume among other things.

You can write content about the product reviews so that the content will rank faster within 24 hours. 

For instance, if you are promoting products like Design Beast, then you need to write an article on Design Beast Review, Pros & Cons, Is it worth it etc. 

Write & Publish the Product Review on Google My Business or Google Site

Write & Publish the Product Review on Google My Business or Google Site

Google My Business is a free tool that many people don’t know about. It is for local business owners and whenever you search for any type of business near you, you are making use of this tool. 

Google map provides a map of all the near businesses that fit your search.

You have to create a Google My Business privilege so that your business shows up on all nearby local searches. Make sure all the characters you enter are the same. Consistency is very important.

Provide service: You must keep your customers happy as Businesses that have a positive Google review get ranked on the first page of results.

If you have a number listed you have to always be available to answer any calls at any time.

Ensure you add photos: You are more likely to get ranked higher by google if you have photos of your business on your page. Customers also like this and it can help you get good Google reviews. 

Prioritize your location: Do not forget to put your Location in your Keywords as Google gives a very clear advantage to all those whose keywords have one or more locations.

Also, you can publish your product reviews contents on Google site free landing pages. 

Write & Publish the Product Review Medium:


It is very easy to write for medium, if you have a medium account you can become a medium user. You don’t have to go through any vetting process.

All you need to do is to sign up for a free Medium account or you can get unlimited access via the $5 monthly membership account and start writing straight away. 

You have to make sure that your post adheres to Medium content rules and regulations. You are prohibited from promoting any extreme or controversial content on a medium account.

The medium allows you to reach a different audience with your content and this platform enables you to share and learn from really good content.

Medium is very useful if you want to make use of this platform for publishing a product review or if you just want to learn about the platform and launch jacking.

Write & Publish the Product Review On Vocal Media:

Write & Publish the Product Review On Vocal Media:

This is a US-based platform that helps creators, content writers, and anyone who wants to make money out of sharing useful content with the world.

Vocal media has over 700,000 and less than 40% are based in the United States.

Vocal media is a very legit platform that can help you make money from your writing and also publish your own product review articles. 

For new writers, it is better to try the free version of vocal media as they offer almost the same benefits as the vocal plus membership.

Write & Publish the Product Review On LinkedIn:

Write & Publish the Product Review On LinkedIn

Linkedin allows you to create up to 35 product pages that can advertise your products on your Linkedin page’s product tab if you are a Linkedin Page super admin.

Only the last ten product pages will be readily shown to your visitors though.

You will need to publish your product reviews contents on LinkedIn to get your content rank faster. 

LinkedIn has a higher Domain Authority profile, so it’s highly possible that your content will rank faster on the platform. 

Upload Products Demo Review on YouTube:

Upload Products Demo Review on YouTube

You will need to first find the product that you want to review and you should study much about this product.

 This is to make your review much more credible. You should focus on one niche as it is better if you are very knowledgeable about the product you are reviewing.

Also, be honest as honest reviewers often have the best success on YouTube. Fake reviewers are easy to spot.

Why You Should Offer Bonuses to Increase Conversion:

Bonuses can be used by digital marketers to help convince undecided customers into making a decision or purchase. 

Bonuses are everywhere and every time you purchase something at a discounted price, you are getting a bonus.

Bonuses are very helpful and most shoppers are very happy with how much they get to save. It is a very good tactic.

Where to Get the Digital Bonuses Packages – Commissions Gorilla 

CommissionGorilla The-Number-1-Affiliate-Marketing-Results-Multiplier

Commissions Gorilla offers the following bonus packages to give as gifts to your customers. 

  1. FREE Bonus Page Hosting.
  2. Bonus Block Library.
  3. Built-In Share Features. 
  4. Page Clone & Deploy.
  5. Automatic Bonus Delivery.
  6. Built-In Stats Dashboard.
  7. Free Cloud-Based Software.


Launch jacking is very profitable and is used by many affiliate marketers around the world. 

You have to learn all the methods and tricks and study them so you can rank high on google. 

There is a lot of competition in the launch jacking space so you have to be exceptional if you want to succeed.

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