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How To Make Your First Affiliate Sale on ClickBank Today – Beginners Guide

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Are you struggling to make your first affiliate sale on ClickBank and it seems so frustrating and difficult that you are thinking of quitting affiliate marketing?

If your answer to that is yes, then you are indeed lucky you can across this piece of content before you finally made up your mind to quit.

Affiliate Marketing is a very lucrative business model when you follow the right path and use the right funnels to get buyers.

The main problem is that we weren’t told the full strategies to use when we plan to take it as a business.

Most people, keep using strategies that will only fetch them hobbies like incomes, and this includes making social media and sending traffic directly to your affiliate links and hoping they make a purchase.

So lets me guess, this is exactly what you have been doing

If that is your approach, you will hardly make any sales a month and it will end up being very frustrating

In affiliate marketing, we don’t market per se, instead, we build a system that does the marketing for us.

So in this article, I am going to show you a simple funnel you can use to start pulling sales in the next 24 hours without spending a dime.

Oh yes, very effective and won’t cost you a dime.

So let’s dive into it

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The Affiliate Marketing Strategies Concept 

The Affiliate Marketing Strategies Concept 

Now, the concept of this funnel is that we position ourselves as helpers instead of marketers.

See, people love to buy but hate to be sold. 

So when we position ourselves as helpers and that helps to build the trust to a level and makes it easier for them to make the buying decision.

Now, how do we do this? We do this by giving before expecting to receive.

We don’t just ask for a purchase, we help them get closer to their goals first.

So for this, we will be needing the following

  • A funnel builder
  • Email swipes
  • A lead magnets
  • An affiliate offer to promote
  • A traffic source 

A Highly Converting Funnel Builder:

A Highly Converting Funnel Builder:

 A funnel is a sequence people have to go through in order to become buyers.

In other words, it is a process that makes people ready to make the buying decision.

A series of pages and tools are required and that is where a funnel builder comes in.

In this case, we shall be using free funnels which is an all-in-one funnel builder.

They have a lot of DFY templates that you can simply deploy and edit to fit your campaign.

Email Swipes For Our Email Sequence 

Email Swipes For Our Email Sequence

 These are email sequences that can be sent to people who have shown interest in a product you promote to persuade them to complete their purchase.

In affiliate marketing, there are three options.

You can either choose to write one yourself, hire someone to write it for you or you can simply copy those given by the product creator.

If you are promoting a ClickBank offer, you can check the promotional material sections to find the recommended email swipes.

A Lead Magnet:

A Lead Magnet:

 A lead magnet is an ethical bribe that you use to lure people to give your their contact details which are mostly their name and email address.

Your lead magnets have to have a high perceived value for them to want to give you their email address in exchange for it.

Also, it should be closely related to the product you intend to sell to them.

Your lead magnet can be a free template, video, ebook e.t.c

You do not have to create this yourself, the easiest way to go about it is paying someone on Fiverr to create a killer lead magnet for you.

On the contrary, if you are on a low budget, you can simply visit any PLR website and get a free PLR ebook with rights for you to edit them.

A good source of PLR materials across almost all niches is

An Affiliate Offer to Promote: 

An Affiliate Offer to Promote: 

Certainly, if you are going to make money, you are going to find a product to promote.

So head straight to ClickBank and Pick a product in a niche you are comfortable with.

I always advise people to go with products with at least 45% commission and have a very excellent selling record.

Don’t be scared of promoting what everybody is promoting because of competition.

Competition is a good sign that there is enough money to be made.

If over 2000 people are promoting one product and making money what makes you feel it will be oversaturated when you join in?

A Traffic Source:

A Traffic Source

 This is either a free traffic source or a paid traffic source. You can buy traffic from social media or even SoloAds.

If you do not have the money to purchase ads, you can use organic sources such as social media posts, question and answer websites, and even forums.

So let’s dive into a case study.

ClickBank Affiliate Marketing: Case Study

How To Make Your First Affiliate Sale on ClickBank Today

So let us assume we are about to promote a marriage saver pack on clickbank, we will need to create a funnel using allows you to integrate their software to your favorite email marketing software easily.

I highly recommend Getresponse.

So we go to idplr and get a free PLR on saving one’s marriage.

Once we have that, we copy the email swipes from the affiliate product promotional material tab.

 And program them on the chosen email marketing software integrated to

Now go to the funnel builder and pick a very easy template.

All we need is an option page with a thank you page.

Edit it to fit your affiliate program and then, you have your funnel ready.

Now we have to drive traffic to our opt-in page so that people can get into our funnel.

The Best Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing

The Best Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing

Here are the top ways you can get started

Posting on Your Social Media Handles:

 if you have a huge and specific following on your social media handles, you can get them into your funnel easily by getting through your link to your opt-in page.

A whole lot of them will respond better compared to sending them to your affiliate offer directly because you are giving first.

Run Facebook & Instagram Ads: 

This is currently the cheapest form of paid advertising available on the web.

You can virtually reach thousands of people with a standard budget and with the high targeting capacity of the algorithm, it can be extremely profitable if done right.

Buy Soloads

This involves paying someone with an email list of your target audience to send a mail about you or your product to them.

It’s as easy as looking for an influencer in your niche that has an email list and checking if they are willing to collect money to promote your link to their Audience.

To make the process easier, you can use a Solo Ads buying platform like Udimi.

Udimi allows you to target Solo Ads sellers in your niche and determine how much you pay them per result. 

It is very easy and straightforward.

Partner With Influencer: 

Partner With Influencer: 

You can search for some social media influencers or industry influencers and partner with them to promote your affiliate product to their audience.

Massaging a lot of social accounts be really tedious and most time it’s only a few that will respond to your DM so will recommend you use Shoutcart to get the best result


Now that it’s in your hand, the exact blueprint you can follow step by step to make your first affiliate sale on ClickBank even if you do not want to spend a dime.

Always remember to add value before you make a sales pitch. Notwithstanding if you need advanced affiliate marketing then join this free training Here

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