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How to Use your Social Media Account to Make Money, Especially Tiktok.

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Social media platforms have been a source of income for many. Being a successful skit maker in 2022 is the dream of many youths today who see how much fortune others have been able to make online.

So people often ask, did these people wake up one morning and say to themselves I want to be an influencer? or did they choose the social media befitting for the skill they already possessed.

Let me explain if you are good with bringing your experience to short and creative writing.

Fast-rising among the list of social media influencers out there go viral on TikTok.

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Why is TikTok Rapidly Growing? 

Why is TikTok Rapidly Growing? 

Tiktok is a social media platform people neglected in the past because it was newly invented. 

This neglected platform is where anyone with a smartphone can be famous from their living room.

 Tiktok has made it possible for any person from different age groups to be popular and make money off it. because having a verified account on Tiktok is the easiest you can achieve quickly.

People make money from all social media platforms, but the first step is learning how to create content and get trending information before time and post them.

What Equipment Needed for TikTok Content? 

To be a TikTok content creator, all you have to do is be good when it comes to creating viral video content, 

So you have to be good at acting or stage performance with your iPhone or Android. 

 If you are a shy person, this might not be a hindrance because you can create content with just your phone and become famous on TikTok.

So now the big question. How can you monetize your content on TikTok?

Today, I will be showing you a couple of ways you can turn those views into printing cash.

Let’s get started.

How to Monetize TikTok:  Best Ways To Make Money On TikTok 

How to Monetize TikTok:  Best Ways To Make Money On TikTok 

The following are some of the possible ways TikTok content can be monetized;

#1 Audio Promotion Services: 

This entails using specific audio when creating a video on TikTok. 

You can get upcoming artists to give you their tracks so you can use them to create content, and they pay you for the services.

This would help increase the number of played audio on their tracks, making money for everyone. 

How do you get clients?

It is pretty straightforward. Create a listing on Fiverr or create a promotion on one of the music Facebook groups, 

Add a screenshot of your page and the user handle they can use to get across to you; adding your email address to the post might fetch you some dollars.

#2 Create a Space for Promotions on your Videos.

Create a Space for Promotions on your Videos.

 This can be achieved in many different ways. 

You could have a billboard on your post that says ‘advertise here,’ and brands can come across your page and patronize you. 

You can also create a short space of 10 seconds in your 60 minutes videos that say “do adverts and promotions with us“, and if the video goes viral, your promotion services go viral.

Service/Talent Demonstration; 

This is creating a video that shows the process, step-by-step or the different stages to get the job done.

It could be a food page or crochet clothing showing the progress of how the crochet dress was made.

 This would help brands notice your creativity and purchase your goods or services because of some peculiarities displayed in your TikTok video.

See it as a way of advertising your skills.

Gate Exclusive Content: 

Showing the behind-the-scenes of how you produce your video content or how to do a particular trendy dance video on TikTok. 

After posting the video that had so much traffic people wanted to know how you did it on your TikTok page.

You can simply attach a few dollars for access to those videos for those who want to see how you created the video.

#3 Host a Live Workshop.

Host a Live Workshop.

This is most profitable for educators to teach specific skills carried out physically on a live video.

 They can attach a certain amount for participation in their bio or on the live video before gaining access to the live video.

Educators such as health workers might be reviewing a particular illness and ways to prevent it, or talking about one specific habit or addiction affecting human life. 

Or a food blog teaching people how to make different cuisine, maybe one cuisine for a live show or African dishes, on intercontinental dishes for those who can’t cook to learn every process step by step.

How Do Your TikTok Views Impact Monetizing Your TikTok Account?

The amount of views on your TikTok pages matters a lot. 

This helps you know that people like your content because they won’t like your video if it is terrible.

It helps you improve your content, thereby growing your account to a substantial amount of following. 

Accounts with a hundred thousand views have companies running after them to help promote their product for a certain amount of money.

Tiktok would help you find brands ready for promotion where you get to pick up their products relating to your audience.

To promote, as an influencer your main aim is to help these companies sell their products,

By simply marketing them on your page in the form of entertainment or passing helpful information to the typical individual that would help in their day-to-day lifestyle and getting paid in exchange.

Tiktok Monetization Countries

There are countries where your TikTok account can be monetized from the app. 

This feature is called the Tiktok creator fund. 

These countries that are currently part of the TikTok partner program are eligible to earn from the Tiktok creator fund

This feature is available on your TikTok accounts for tiktokers in

  1. United States
  2. India
  3. United Kingdom
  4. France
  5. Germany
  6. Japan
  7. Korea
  8. Vietnam
  9. Indonesia
  10. Italy
  11. Spain
  12. Russia
  13. Australia

There are specific criteria to access this feature aside from those countries listed above.

  • 18 years of age or older
  • Must have ten thousand followers upwards
  • You must have over 100,000 video views in all videos in the space of one month consistently.
  • You must post original content in your community guidelines. 

And that’s your way to monetize your TikTok account using the creator fund feature available on the TikTok application. 

Note; that it works if you are from the following countries: Uk, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy. etc

Do You Have to be Verified to Make Money on TikTok

Do You Have to be Verified to Make Money on TikTok

At what stage of using the TikTok app should you start making money from your TikTok account?

First, you have to be creative by creating exciting content worth people’s time. This would help people engage your content, increasing your followers.

After attaining a considerable number of followers, you note that you gained quite a number of more active followers.

Lead followers are pages that constantly interact with your page, and you respond to them.

 They share your content and love and support your content. 

They also determine lists of brands you can accept to promote their brand’s commodity because they are your active audience who would help make your marketing pretty easy.

What Are the Ways to Make Money with a Sizable Amount of Followers on TikTok?

Well, you may not be able to grow your TikTok following that fast, however, there are a couple of ways you can monetize your little following.

Now, wait.

That doesn’t mean the income would be necessarily small, in fact, you can make a whole lot of money with less than 10,000 followers.

Here is how

#1 Becomes an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is relatively easy if you pay attention to what I’m about to tell you. 

This is when you create a creative video about a company’s product stating it uses advantages over other products; ensure to make it as creative as possible to have enough traffic on the page. 

Then post the affiliate link in your bio, for every purchase made on that product with your link, you get a percentage.

#2 Sell Physical Products;

 Sell products of individuals relating to the needs of your niche audience on TikTok and make cool cash with no stress. 

 Tiktok gives you an added advantage of not just selling to persons within your location but all over the world.

 The business model is called dropshipping, no shipping, on inventory…. 

This means there is no limit to which you can leverage the uses of the TikTok application when it comes to sales of commodities.

#3 Leverage Influencer Marketing

Leverage Influencer Marketing

This is when you use your sizable following audience on TikTok to help sell a product.

People who love you would buy the product because they like your TikTok page, thereby creating a chance where they continue purchasing the product. 

 Your TikTok audience becomes the brand’s loyal customers.


We live in a digitalized world where making online is much easier because people of this generation spend more time on social media than in supermarkets or recreational parks. 

So it makes buying and selling from the comfort of their homes much easier. Online marketing is a must-learn for everyone. 

Tiktok has given you the platform for selling your products across the globe. Use it to your advantage and start printing the currencies!

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