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Make Money Online Using Google – 5 Step To Earn $100 a Day

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In this post, I will share my 5-step guide using Google to make $100 per day online in 2022.

These steps are proven and people around the world are using them to earn an extra income online right now!

If you should follow these simple steps below, you can start making money online within a few weeks, guaranteed!

If you want to earn money online without experience, then you should really start using this Google search engine strategy!

Make Money Online Using Google

But how can you make money using these methods? There are actually 6 steps that will help you earn $100 per day on Google!

Let’s look at these 5 steps.

Table Of Contents

Step #1 – Head Over to 

Head Over to 

Mangools is a powerful SEO tool for affiliate marketing and blogging which includes keyword research, link building, and more.

You can do your research and read several Magools SEO tools reviews if you wish to know exactly what it does and how it works.

Step #2 – Sign up for a Free Account on Mangoes.Com 

The next step is to sign up for a free account.

Sign up for a Free Account on Mangoes.Com

You’ll need to provide your name and email address, create a username and password and confirm your account via email.

create a username and password

You can start using the Mangools suite of tools to scale up your affiliate marketing efforts.

Step #2 – Click The Affiliate Section 

On your Dashboard 

Click The Affiliate Section to get your affiliate link

After you’ve logged in, on the right-hand side of your screen, locate and click on the Affiliate tab.

You should now see an Affiliate button appear in blue next to your username at bottom of the page. 

Affiliate button appear in blue

Copy your affiliate link and head over to

Copy your affiliate link and head over to is a link Shorten service that you’ll use to Shorten your affiliate link and give it a more appealing and nice look.

Paste your link into that tab and shorten.

bitly automatically Shorten

Bitly the link will automatically Shorten so all you have to do is copy the new link to your clipboard and be ready to be used. 

Step #3 – Go to Google and Search For Any Keywords of your Choice

Go To Google And Search For Any Keywords Of Your Choice

 Think of who an individual can be company needs better SEO services, Rankings and more Visitors to their website. (organic traffic) 

And this exactly is what almost every site in the world wants.

With over 1 billion websites globally, your main target should be those who have enough money to invest in Mangools through your affiliate link so they can benefit from the tool and help you earn passive income monthly.

With over a billion websites globally, you need just 100 of them to make use of your referral link and you’re on your way to earning over $20,000 In a year.

This is not a very rich quick scheme so you need to put in some work first.

Start by going to Google and searching for keywords related to any niche you are interested in.

go to Google and searching for keywords related to any niche

For example, if you’re interested in the health and fitness niche, you can search for healthy recipes or fitness tips.

Step #5 – Search and Get Local Email in Your Location 

Search and Get Local Email in Your Location 

One is the first page, skip all ads and the top 3 results because those sites are good at SEO and they are very high chances that they may not need the tool.

You can pick any results from the 4th to any number you wish to stop.

Those other thousand websites need your help and the majority of them are willing to invest in their site because they can see a massive return on their investment.

Visit any of the sites and you will find their contact information either at the top or bottom side.

find company contact information

Copy their email or any other contact detail and offer them your affiliate link to help them. You can easily write your own scripts.

With a simple message, they can click on your affiliate link which takes them to Mangoes for them to sign up.

You can start your own message with a code email script template like

Dear Sir or Madam, I saw you running a nice business or, you have a nice fitness or a gym or what kind of business they are running.

Your website does not rank well which is why you are missing out on a lot of potential customers.

You can also include something like ‘I had the same problem recently but I found a tool online that helped me boost my Rankings and also got a lot of visitors within a short period of time.

You can also include your affiliate link from Magools in this mail or wait for their response before sending them your link to sign up after you’ve built some level of trust with them.

Remember you only need to do this once and you will continue making monthly passive income as long as they continue using the tool.

So, sacrifice some time and effort now and you will enjoy it later. It will pay off.

A quick recap oF Make Money Online With Google:

  • Sign up with Mangools 
  • Copy your affiliate link and Shorten it using bitly.
  • Go to Google and find some businesses
  • Make a script for yourself 
  • Paste your script and affiliate link to the email of that business.
  • And that’s it.


 If you’re looking to make some extra money, there are many ways to do it. You can start your own business, do odd jobs, or even take part-time jobs.

But what if you want to make money without having to leave your house? 

You may have heard that there are ways to make money from home, but how do you actually go about doing it?

Many people wonder if they can use their computers or cell phones to get paid. The truth is, you can and it’s easier than ever before.

There are now tons of different programs available where you can make some money, and it’s all made possible by using your computer or smartphone. 

In fact, many of these online opportunities including the one discussed above don’t even require any type of purchase!

Follow each and every step above, don’t skip any and you’ll be on your way to setting us a stream of passive income for yourself.

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