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How To Make ($100+ HOUR!) By Watching YouTube Videos- [Fast & Easy]

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How are you looking for an easy way to earn some good money by watching YouTube videos?

If Yes, you are in the right place as I will be showing you how you can earn up to and even more than a 100 dollars per hour watching YouTube videos.

At first, it may sound too good to be true but it is really possible.

If you search out the topic on Google or YouTube, you are going to find a whole lot of ways you can do so. However, today, I will be sharing something new with you.

How To Make ($100+ HOUR!) By Watching YouTube Videos

You won’t be needing to spend any money so it is definitely a good idea if you are broke.

So without wasting any more time, let us dive right into it.

Table Of Contents

Step 1: Go to YouTube Search

The first step is heading straight to on a desktop and searching for a really hot niche.

For the sake of this tutorial, I shall be using the “caught on camera” niche.

Step 1: Go to YouTube Search for caught on camera

You will want to pick a video that is very popular and of course, is family-friendly.

Things to watch out for when picking a video at this point is 

  • The video should be an average of 10 minutes
  • The video should be family friendly
  • The video should be popular on YouTube (a lot of views)

When you find a video that matches all these criteria, you can copy the URL and go to step 2.

Step 2: Download the Thumbnail of the Video

Step 2: Download the Thumbnail of the Video

The next step is getting the video’s thumbnail. You can easily do this using a Thumbnail grabbing tool.

There are a lot of them and you can find them on Google.

Paste the video URL on the tool and it will generate the thumbnail for you and you can download it.

Step 3: Download a Video Play Button

Step 3: Download a Video Play Button

The next step is to go to Google and search for the PNG transparent play button.

Download anyone you feel like.

Step 3: Go to SignUp For is a URL shrinking website that pays you whenever anyone clicks on your shrinked link.

You don’t really have to use as you can use any other link shrinker website that pays well and you trust.

NOTE; I will presonally recommed you use content locker like CPA Grip Content Locker because they pay higher and have good repitation

They work in the same manner. Once you get your shrinked linked, this is where the magic is done.

Now the concept here is that we are using a free traffic source to get people via our link to the bait which in this case is the YouTube video.

Step 3: Go to SignUp For

So we show them a video that they will be dying to watch and instead of adding a direct link to the video, 

We shrink the link and have them go through it so that we earn as well. The free traffic source we shall be using in this instance is called Pinterest.

And it is really easy to use, all you have to do is create your Pinterest account and follow the steps below

Step 4: Head Straight to

Canva is a graphic designing software that is absolutely user-friendly and easy to use.

So you can create a free account and head straight to the create button.

Search for a Pinterest pin and you will be given a Canva with the recommended dimensions for a Pinterest pin.

Import the thumbnail image you downloaded earlier into Canva.

Pinterest pin for caught on camera

Also, import the play button and place them on the Canva with the play button above the image.

You can then copy the topic of the video directly from YouTube and paste it above the image.

In the end, it should be something like this Now you can download your design Pinterest pin from Canva.

If you don’t know how to create then follow this guide to create viral pin

Step 5: Go to Pinterest & post The Pins

Step 5: Go to Pinterest & post The Pins

On Pinterest, you would want to publish the image with the exact description and titles used in YouTube.

This is because they are already proven to get results compared to you using your own.

So you can simply copy and paste everything. In the place of a link, you are to use your shrinked link 

This will ensure they go through your shrink link to get the video.


So that is it guys, imagine being paid $5 for every 1 thousand clicks and you got 15 of such pins published every week with each of them getting thousands of clicks weekly.

If you ask me, It is a really decent income for such little work.

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