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Massive Affiliate Blueprint 1.0 Review: James Neville-Taylor Affiliate Marketing Strategy 2020

Massive Affiliate Blueprint 1.0 Review 2020
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Over the years, more people are leaving their day jobs to work from home and make money online. While the online market is getting crowded, you can latch yourself onto the right online money making ventures rather than getting lost in the sea of endless opportunities. One of such ways to make it huge is with the Massive Affiliate Blueprint 1.0.

Massive Affiliate Blueprint 1.0 Review

Affiliate marketing is a great way to cash out online without having to invest too much. And best of all, you can do it from anywhere including your home.

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In this Massive Affiliate Blueprint 1.0 review, you will learn everything there is to know about affiliate marketing including how to start affiliate marketing, how to make money with affiliate marketing, and how to do affiliate marketing without a website. This blueprint is filled with all the best affiliate marketing strategies, you will ever come across.

Table Of Contents

What’s Massive Affiliate Blueprint 1.0?

The Massive Affiliate Blueprint 1.0 is a revolutionary course that will transform you into a high-earning affiliate. This course was made by James Neville-Taylor for affiliate marketers tired of losing out in the affiliate marketing world. He created this blueprint to help anyone, beginner or pro to excel in the affiliate marketing world and become a successful marketer.

Incorporated into the book are case studies and ready-to-use affiliate marketing tips like niche landing= pages, lead magnets, and high converting affiliate offers.

Who is James Neville-Taylor?

Who is James Neville-Taylor?

You’ve known about the course so it makes sense to know more about who brought it to life. The Massive Affiliate Blueprint 1.0 is the brainchild of James Neville-Taylor.

James is an incredibly successful and well-known affiliate marketer and entrepreneur with an impressive track record and millions of dollars to his name through his affiliate marketing ventures. He became famous after winning several affiliate campaigns/contests with his marketing skills. Although James started off like any other beginner, he was able to break into the small circle of successful affiliate marketers in a short period of time.

In his course, he shares the secrets to his affiliate marketing success to enable beginners and other affiliates to excel at being successfuul affiliate marketers.

Features of the Massive Affiliate Blueprint 1.0

Features of the Massive Affiliate Blueprint 1.0

What Does The Massive Affiliate Blueprint 1.0 Contain?

1. 40 Tested Converting Affiliate Offers

These are the same offers James has been using to cash out from affiliate marketing since he became prominent in the industry. With these offers, you won’t have to waste hours searching for profitable campaigns. All you have to do is choose from the list of offers and start cashing out.

2.12 DFY Test Landing Pages

When it comes to affiliate marketing, building a high converting landing page might be all you need to go from zero commissions to six figures. This landing page course is all you need to build the right landing pages that will get you thousands of subscribers just like the author.

Massive Affiliate Blueprint 1.0 Review

3. 300+ Professionally Written Email Promotion Swipes

With email marketing, you can keep your subscribers close and introduce them to several other offers they have missed. But email marketing is not all about sending messages. The type of messages you send to your subscribers determine if they will stay, click and buy your offers, or unsubscribe from your email list.

This course will teach you the right steps to follow when creating killer messages. With the Massive Affiliate Blueprint 1.0, you won’t have to hire a copywriter to create those great email messages that will help you get more sales.

4. Unlimited Email Consultation

With so much information, you will need guidance. The author knows this and that’s why you get unlimited email consultations for your questions when you buy the course. You can send your queries by mail to the online coach and get answers right away. This feature is quite impressive considering many affiliate marketing course creators do not offer it.

5. Traffic Secrets Package

Without traffic, your offers and campaigns are no good. Not only that, but you would also have to know how to drive the right traffic to your blog.  With this package, you can get a continuous flow of traffic from social media platforms and a bunch of other available traffic sources.

6. 100% Instant Commissions

Some affiliate programs would take weeks to process your commissions and credit you. In the Massive Affiliate Blueprint 1.0, you will find several affiliate programs that will give you 100% instant commissions that will be sent directly to your account.

7. Monthly VIP Coaching Calls

If you need to get in touch with the course creator at any particular moment, all you would have to do is make a call. This is an impressive feature that you won’t get from other course creators. You will be able to communicate with top-notch affiliate marketers with a simple call and get all the tips you n need.

8. Copywriting Course

In the world of affiliate marketing, you should not only be able to pick the right products but also be able to compel your visitors to buy them.

To make this happen, you will need to write amazing sales copies that will appeal to your customers and their needs.

Massive Affiliate Blueprint 1.0 lunches date

For this, you will need some copywriting skills. In the Massive Affiliate Blueprint 1.0, you will find 10 videos that will teach you everything there is to know about copywriting.

With them, you will develop the right copywriting skills that will help you create attractive sales copy and boost your conversions.

9. 18 Traffic Master Mini-Course

If you can’t get visitors on your landing pages, then there is no way you can make it big with affiliate marketing. This traffic mastery mini course will teach you all there is to know about getting visitors to your landing pages.

Here you will find 20 videos with excellent tips on how to attract massive traffic to your landing pages every day.

10. Exclusive Affiliate Contests

You can earn more money from the course by participating in the exclusive monthly private affiliate contest. Every month, a contest will be organized only for the members.

You can win a vacation certificate to Dubai, Thailand, Bali, Mexico, and several other beautiful cities and countries all over the world.

You will also receive 100% commission on several products for 30 days. You can use these techniques in the course to boost your chances of winning the contest and getting yourself a well-deserved vacation.

11. Mastermind Session With James Neville-Taylor

You will receive free tickets to a group mastermind session with the course creator, James Neville-Taylor. During the session, you can ask any question and get the right answers. This includes questions about your business, the techniques in the course, and so on.

You will also be introduced to new approaches and strategies that could help expand your online affiliate marketing business. During the session, you will be provided refreshments including snacks and drinks without paying extra.

12. Recordings for Masterclass Sessions

You will receive all the recordings for each live masterclass session. This means you will get all the extra information you need to generate more leads.

All Q&A sessions and live case studies will also be recorded and made available to you so that you can listen and apply them anytime you want.

13.White Label Affiliate Marketing Course

An added feature is the white label affiliate marketing course. You can take advantage of it and gain access to a full 22-part marketing= course to covers all aspects of online affiliate marketing.

You can even re-develop the course and sell it as if it is your own and keep the full profits. Inside the course, you will find many affiliate links that will help you make the right sales and move your business to the next level. 

14. 12 Branded PDFs

Inside the course, you will find 12 lead magnets made just for you. These lead magnets are professionally written and can contain your personal information like your name, business name, and affiliate links with just a few tweaks.

15. Step By Step Blueprint To Making 6 Figures

In the course, you will find a step-by-step blueprint with every detail including bridge pages, resources, strategies, and emails used by the course creator to achieve six figures. This course will include the exact details so you can replicate them and use them for yourself.

16. Technical Assistance

You will receive exclusive access to the technical assistance department. Here, you will receive help on any problem you have with the system.

To contact them, you can do so via the email support feature. All you have to do is send them an email and they will get back to you.

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Benefits of Getting the Massive Affiliate Blueprint 1.0 System

When you get the Massive Affiliate Blueprint 1.0, you will get access to seven live master class sessions. These sessions will provide you direct access to relevant strategies that will transform your online marketing business

Master Class Session 1

This is also known as the “Tailor Your Future” session. In this session, you will learn of a unique formula that will turn you from a struggling marketer into a top tier affiliate marketer. The techniques revealed here are the same as used by the author to move up the ladder of success.

Master Class Session 2

This is also called the “Finder Keeper Method“. In this session, you will find tips on how to discover products that will secure high conversions. In the affiliate marketing world, it is not just about having lots of traffic and writing creative sales pages. You also need to have the right products on your pages. The right products will boost your traffic and conversion.

Master Class Session 3

In this session, you will find information about “The 13-Year-Old Method“. This session is targeted as youngsters and will help you get your site all set up and running in just three steps. Whether you’re new to affiliate marketing or you are a seasoned pro, this course will help you become a high-value affiliate marketer.

Massive Affiliate Blueprint 1.0 Master Class Session 4

Creating the right landing pages for your offers is very important when it comes to affiliate marketing. You will need to know how to use the right design to help you to not only attract but to also keep your visitors, get them to sign up to your newsletter, and buy your products.

In this session, you will learn the right techniques that will help you create high-converting landing pages that will accommodate your offers and appeal to your audience. This session will take you step by step through each process until you’re able to get it right.

Master Class Session 5

In the session, you will learn the Illuminati subliminal sales tactics. This will help boost your sales beyond your imagination.

Master Class Session 6

How can you turn potential customers into loyal buyers? Well, you will learn just the right steps to take to achieve that in this session. This is also referred to as the “Go All In” tactics. Here, you will learn how to sell the right way and leave your clients happier that they invested in your products

Master Class Session 7

Getting massive traffic to your offers is not easy but you need them if you want to make it huge in the affiliate marketing world. In this session, you will learn not only how to get traffic, but how to get the right people that will be interested in purchasing from you. This course includes the latest traffic procedures.

Massive Affiliate Blueprint 1.0 by James Neville-Taylor

Is the Massive Affiliate Blueprint 1.0 by James Neville-Taylor Legit?

Today, the internet is filled with hundreds of affiliate course creators promising to help you get rich quick via their affiliate marketing techniques. Some offer their courses at insanely affordable prices while others call theirs “one of a kind” and slam a huge price tag on them.

After you buy them, you will discover they are just filled with the same information you can get for free online. This is not what you will get from the Massive Affiliate Blueprint 1.0.

The Massive Affiliate Blueprint is 100% legit and you will get lots of plenty of materials including customer support to help you sail through as you apply the techniques. Overall, it will give you the best value for the money and help you make money long term.

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