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10 Legit Money Making Apps & Websites for South Africans in 2022

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I know exactly what you want, you are looking for legit ways you can make money from South Africa by just pressing your phone that is still working in 2022.

If that is right, you are in the right place and this is going to be the most important blog post you will be reading on this topic.

While there are a lot of businesses and ways you can make money by simply pressing your phone, 

We shall be looking out how you can make some money out of apps and websites that simply pay you for completing some tasks.

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How To Make Money With Your Smartphone in South Africa 2022

10 Legit Money Making Apps & Websites for South Africans

You may have heard of surveys and the rest of that stuff, however, we shall be focusing on what is working in 2022 and allow South Africans into their program.

There are a lot of scams out there in which you can actually work and won’t get paid

 And that is why I have taken the time to investigate a whole lot of them and bring you these Ultimate ways how to make money online

That is really promising if you are looking for a way to make some extra money from your phone.

Also, we shall be taking a look at their payment methods just to be sure that you can receive your earnings into your bank account with ease.

So without wasting any more time, let us dive into our verified list of 10 apps and websites you can use to earn some cool cash from South Africa in 2022.

1. M4JAM

M4JAM earn cash rewards for performing minor tasks

M4JAM is also called money 4 jams. It is a website with a mobile app that allows you to earn cash rewards for performing minor tasks such as completing surveys and others.

To be able to register on m4jam, you must be above 18 years old.

Also, I noticed on the Website, they made a claim that it works on all devices. 

However, this isn’t true as to use m4jam, you need to have the Mobile app and they only have a mobile app for Android devices and none for IOS.

So if you use an iPhone or any device operating on iOS, m4jam isn’t for you.

As a tip, it is usually advised to go to towns or industrial centres if you want to make a lot of money from m4jam as there are a lot of tasks to be completed over there.

So you want to be in the midst of businesses.

You don’t actually do much as your tasks may range from completing a survey that takes less than 10 minutes to take a picture of a store or business.

It is very easy to get your money from m4jam as you can withdraw using most of the popular money and reward systems in South Africa.

2. Snap ‘n Save

Snap 'n Save  get a Cashback

Snap ‘n Save is a Cashback app and will really come in handy in saving money off purchases.

If you are a student, leave alone or you are the main person who purchases groceries for your home or organization, you should certainly be using snap ‘n Save.

So this is how it works.

Usually around 48 hours before you go shopping, you go on the website and book down the products you are going to buy from their selection.

Once that is done, you can then go and purchase and after purchasing, all that is required is to snap a picture of the receipt and upload it on the website and you get a Cashback.

It’s really so great because you can withdraw as soon as you reach the payment threshold of 50 rands.

Finally, there are two ways you can get your money from your snap ‘n Save wallet to your bank account.

This first is that you can actually request your wallet funds to be transferred directly to any bank account in South Africa. It’s really that easy.

The second way is that you can request an instant cash ATM code with which you can use to cash out your money from any standard ATM in South Africa.

3. StreetBees

StreetBees get to earn cash rewards for completing minor tasks

This is another amazing app where you get to earn cash rewards for completing minor tasks and it is available on all mobile devices from Android to IOS.

You get to register and complete your profile info which then allows the algorithm to match the most appropriate task to you.

It has a really easy user interface so there is no stress navigating via the app.

It is really straightforward as your tasks are being sent to you in a message format and best of all, you get paid weekly via PayPal.

4. Foap

foap get paid for taking pictures

Now here is something for photographers.

If you are a photographer or you have an interest in taking pictures, foap is a platform that allows you to make some money from your hobby or profession.

Simply put, you get paid for taking pictures. However, there are a few ways you can make money with it.

The first is called a mission. This is where a certain person places a demand on the kind of picture he wants and a photographer or group or photographer gets paid for their pictures.

However, you can just decide to upload your pictures and you will get paid whenever someone wants to download your picture.

It is quite competitive though but sure a good way to make some cool cash. For payment, on foap, you get paid once a month via PayPal.

5. Field Agent

Field Agent  survey apps

This is typically like other survey apps that involve mystery shopping, surveys and others.

So once you log in, you take a look at the tasks present and you can actually get them done with your mobile phone.

For payment, you can request your money to be paid into your bank account after one or two days of completing a task for security reasons.

6. UserFeel

UserFeel  earn $10 for every test you successfully complete

This is a user testing website where you typically make money by giving your opinion of someone’s website.

The owners of this website actually want to know what people think and feel when surfing their website so they actually pay/reward you for giving your honest review.

Amazingly, you earn $10 for every test you successfully complete and you get paid via PayPal.

A little con of using UserFeel is that you are required to have a laptop and a good internet connection to use the platform.

7. User Testing

User Testing paid $10 per completed task on user testing

This is just like UserFeel as you are paid to give an honest review of a website.

You are also paid $10 per completed task on user testing and you get your money via PayPal.

However, you also need a laptop, active internet connection and a good microphone to be able to participate.

8. Brave Browser

 Brave Browser reward

This is a browser that pays you for browsing the internet using their browser.

Unfortunately, it is only available on computers.

They pay up to 70% of the money they make from the ads you watch and that’s really fair.

So instead of using Chrome or Firefox, you can switch to Brave browser and earn as you browse the internet.

They pay via cryptocurrency and that’s really great for those of you in that industry.

Currently, you can transfer your earnings into Binance (if you are into cryptocurrencies, you should know what this means) and then either use it to make purchases or withdraw to your local bank account.

9. Indahash

indaHash - influencer marketing app for brands and influencers

This is a platform that requires your social media following for you to make money.

In fact, for indahash, you need at least 5000 followers on a single social media platform especially Instagram and high engagement on your post for you to be able to make money from their system.

One really good Advantage of using indahash is that they pay really fast when compared to others in their industry and they payout directly to your bank account.

However, the disadvantage is that you have to get up to 5000 followers to earn.

10. Webfluential

Webfluential get paid for promoting products and posts

Just like indahash, you get paid for promoting products and posts to your social media following.

Webfluential is a little bit less strict when compared to indahash and you also get paid directly to your bank account or through PayPal.


So that is it guys,10 apps and websites that can really aim you some income in South Africa.

But now to be honest, apart from the influencer apps I mentioned (number 9 and number 10) which is an actual career, these are not really guaranteed to make you a sustainable income unless you are just looking for a few coins.

There are really better ways to make a ton of money online.

I would say it is a good way to earn some extra rand at the end of the month but none of them actually has the ability to replace your full-time income.

So, the ball is now in your court.

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