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MonsterInsights ecommerce Add-on Integration with GiveWP and Restricted Content Pro – Why are They Important?

MonsterInsight Ecommerce Add-On
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MonsterInsights eCommerce Add-on Integration with GiveWP and Restricted Content Pro is a platform that provides you with enhanced Google Analytics eCommerce tracking.

 MonsterInsights eCommerce tracking also helps you survey all your traffic sources and help you identify your top referrals. 

The data is mostly presented in a way that is easily identifiable and unambiguous.

 It helps you as a service provider understand your customers better which helps in the optimization of sales.

 MonsterInsights’ eCommerce tracking provides information about various purchase activities such as popular product average order value eCommerce conversion rate.

 It gives you all the important tools and information needed to take your business to much greater heights.

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What is MonsterInsights? 

What is MonsterInsights ecommerce Add-on

MonsterInsights can be regarded as the best Google Analytics plugin that gives you the opportunity to easily add and manage Google analytics tracking services on your WordPress site. 

The plugin gives you the chance to connect your WordPress site to Google analytics eCommerce with just a few clicks, it wastes no time.

 It also doesn’t require any knowledge of coding, so you don’t have to be a web developer or hire one to develop anything. 

MonsterInsights eCommerce tracking helps you to understand your customers in a much better way.

 It gives you all their data and provides one-click eCommerce tracking on all your platforms. 

It also gives you the eCommerce report right on your WordPress dashboard, making things much easier. 

The dashboard shows all the necessary data needed such as your conversion rates, revenue, transactions, and average order value etc. 

MonsterInsights eCommerce Add-on Integration With GiveWP And Restricted Content Pro: 

MonsterInsights eCommerce Add-on Integration With GiveWP And Restricted Content Pro:

MonsterInsights has however announced the merging with GiveWP and Restricted Content Pro plugins. Furthermore, it works effortlessly with both plugins. 

This also enables you to study and track the performance of analytics, eCommerce tracking of GiveWP and Restricted Content Pro plugins in just a few clicks and over a very short period. 

GiveWP is a WordPress plugin that enables you to build donation pages, manage donors, and also aids learning, all on your WordPress website. 

It is inbuilt with customizable donation forms, powerful donor management, easy payment options, insightful income reports, and so on. 

It is also useful in helping you set fundraising goals, create tax-deductible receipts and switch currencies for donors. 

Restricted Content Pro on the other hand is a popular membership plug-in for word press that gives you the ability to offer exclusive content to valued members only.

Restricts content pro

 It comes with various payment options, juicy discounts, easy to read reports, and unlimited subscription packages. 

This plugin is very short and supports the exportation of data, user import, also it supports members’ management amongst other things. 

Advantages of MonsterInsights Ecommerce Add-On

  • It enables you to understand your website visitors in a very different way. With MonsterInsights, you can view all the useful information about all your visitors right from your dashboard. 
  • It gives you the chance to see how people see and use your website, MonsterInsights Behavior Report provides you with information on how people find your website, which words they searched for, who referred them, what did they click on your site, and other things. 
  •  It helps you focus on contents that matter, MonsterInsights helps you eliminate all the guesses when it comes to finding out which of your contents your visitors are most interested in
  •  MonsterInsights help you eliminate the “guesswork” when it comes to finding out what content your visitors are interested in. Our content report shows you exactly which content gets the most visits, so you can analyze and optimize it for higher conversions
  •  See all your important store metrics in one place: MonsterInsights shows you important eCommerce data like total revenue, conversion rate, average order value, top referrals sources, top products amongst others. 

MonsterInsights ecommerce Add-on And Donation Addon Plugins: 

Donations add-on plugins are platforms that are made specifically to receive and provide online donations for various causes.

 It enables various nonprofit websites to accept donations through donation forms and provides other services. 

Best WordPress Donation Plugins: 

Best WordPress Donation Plugins

Charitable giving is one of the biggest opportunities for people to pay support to their favourite causes and organizations.

 It has been discovered that American individuals, foundations, and companies have donated an estimated $427.71 billion to u.s charity organizations as of 2018.

Whether you run a nonprofit or small business, your organization can Kickstart by accepting online donations to your website. 

This has proven to be very helpful to a lot of individuals. Plugins make it easier to add a donation option to your checkout cart. 

Below are some of the best WordPress plugins available: 

PayPal Donation:

PayPal donation button

 for smaller businesses looking to enlarge their customer base, customer engagement is one of the key ways to connect with their potential customers who are also interested in socially responsible enterprises. 

You can participate in certain charities in order to boost your brand presence through online campaigns with non-profits. 

PayPal offers you the chance to accept donations online, it helps you create and utilize a secure online payment provider which allows currency conversion, which helps you receive funds from all around the world.

 That way your campaign isn’t being limited to your local area but the whole world at large. 

The PayPal donation plugin gives you the ability to input the donation button wherever you want on the site. It also supports 18 different languages and 25 different currencies.

 Also, you can test the functionality of the button before you proceed using a PayPal sandbox account. 


GiveWP ecommerce plugin

 GiveWP is also a donation platform that was created for online giving. With this WordPress plug-in, your nonprofit website will have the ability to accept donations through customized forms, manage specific donor profiles and it also provides you with donation statistics. 

It is known to contain a variety of third-party payment getaways and marketing tools. 

For example, it is possible to build a donation form with progress bars and custom fields to match your donors’ needs.

 Then, you can access a complete history of each donor individually and then automatically email them tax-deductible receipts. 

It also offers a feature that measures your campaign performance and gauges which forms are performing the best across your website and all your audience. 


Charitable donation plugins

This is one of the best WordPress donation plugins there is. Charitable helps you collect online donations without ever charging you for any transaction fees. It is highly rated amongst WordPress plugins.

It helps you create fundraising campaigns in a matter of minutes.

 It helps you create a form to accept any ongoing donations, raise funds for a time-sensitive need or collect donations in order to achieve a specific fundraising goal. 

Without hiring any professional developer, your organization can accept donations through PayPal and proceed to automatically track the status of a donation. 

Charitable is also GDPR ready with a feature that exports and erases personal data in WordPress. 

On top of that, you can send customized emails to donors with unique subject lines and contents. 


Donorbox ecommerce Add-on

Technology has become a very important part of most of our lives. However this also replicates when we use technology to donate, research uncovered that mobile-responsive donation pages yield about 34% more donations than non-mobile responsive donation pages. 

Technology has become an integral part of most people’s lives. We bring our mobile devices with us everywhere—grocery stores, salons, and restrooms (yikes!). 

This behaviour is reflected in how we use technology to donate. 

Research uncovered that mobile-responsive donation pages yield 34% more donations. You can however achieve that much level of success in your organization when you use Donorbox. 

The Donorbox plugin enables you to embed a donation form on your WordPress website. 

You can also choose whether to provide set amounts for donors to select or you can allow them to specify whatever amount they want to donate.

 Also, Donorbox forms are available for mobile devices. 

Woo Donation:

Woo Donation

Every fundraiser aims to collect as much money as possible to ensure their desired cause is executed to fruition.

 So it is extremely smart to outline the donation process for future donors. 

You wouldn’t want people to make wrong steps when attempting to donate. Woo donations make it easier for people to donate. 

They include your link to your fundraiser, and they also show where the donation button is located on your fundraiser. 

For anyone using wooCommerce, you are advised to try woo Donations to ensure that the donation button is displayed on your checkout page. 

Donors can choose the amount they wish to give, and this plugin allows you total control as it enables you to customize the location, colour, and also text of the donation button that fits your brand. 

Wrapping MonsterInsights eCommerce Add-on

MonsterInsights integration with GiveWP and Restricted Content Pro makes Google analytics result in a lot better. 

They have also introduced integration with project delight. So for those who want to skyrocket all their sales and take their business to the next level, you should get started with MonsterInsights without wasting any more time.

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