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The MonsterInsights Popular Post Widget Tools Help Websites Users to Grow Their Traffic

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Overview- MonsterInsights Popular Post

MonsterInsights is a WordPress plugin that enables website owners to add, manage, and customize their websites. It is seen as one of the best WordPress SEO plugins that you can get. MonsterInsights is the best and the #1 Google Analytics plugin for WordPress.

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It has over 2 million active users. MonsterInsights tool remains the most popular Google Analytics for WordPress and event tracking. it allows you to set up analytics in a few clicks. You can also view your site performance with ease.

Skyrocket Your Sales with Popular Products

The MonsterInsights Popular Post Widget Tools

As a business owner or marketer, you strive and desire to increase sales at all times. One of the ways you boost sales is by promoting popular posts or products on your website. To attain great success, your marketing strategy must be user friendly. Your post should engage users, attract views, and customer interaction.

In recent times, every business engages online promotion in terms of ads, and so on. MonsterInsights helps you remove all kinds of difficulties in promoting your business or web page. MonsterInsights Popular Post is user engaging and brings more sales to your business. If indeed you want to skyrocket sales, you need to get MonsterInsights. It is a user-friendly and very powerful business tool to increase sales.

No matter the nature of your business, you get increase the conversion rates, reduce bounce rates, boost sales, increase user engagement, and page views. The benefits of utilizing MonsterInsights outweigh the cons. You have the opportunity to access all your content anywhere and anytime using MonsterInsights. Through Google analytic, you can view and understand your MonsterInsights Popular Post.

Features of MonsterInsights- MonsterInsights Popular Post

Features of MonsterInsights- MonsterInsights Popular Post

Here we shall be looking at some features of MonsterInsights. You get to know how it benefits your business or marketing strategy. Let’s walk you through in detail what you should know, so you can make good use of this great WordPress tool. Below are some features;

  • Show Your Best Content with Popular Post
  • Increase Ecommerce Revenue on Popular Products- MonsterInsights Popular Post
  • Customize Popular Posts- MonsterInsights Popular Post
  • Most popular posts- MonsterInsights Popular Post

Show Your Best Content with Popular Post

MonsterInsights help users to display their best popular posts to their target audiences. If you are wondering or concern about your content been going to the wrong audience- worry no more, MonsterInsights is here to save you. MonsterInsights help your reader to see your popular posts that can boost your page views, click rate, and user engagement with ease.

You agree with us that more clicks and page views bring about an increased conversion rate. MonsterInsights features three basic functions to display your popular blog posts. Below are the three features;

  • Popular Products: Popular product features help you to increase sales. This feature is very suitable for anyone running an e-commerce business. It allows your popular products to be visible and attractive to your target clients.
  • Popular Posts Widget: This feature review your site contents at any time. You can see up to 10 posts in your site sidebar
  • Inline Popular Posts: Inline popular posts feature helps to display your popular posts within your content. This helps your content to get to the right audience.

Increase Ecommerce Revenue on Popular Products- MonsterInsights Popular Post

MonsterInsights is a must-have tool if you desire to increase sales with popular products. If you need to double your conversion rate without hassle look at for MonsterInsights tool. You can easily promote your top-rated products on your online store to attract more customers. MonsterInsights popular products feature allows you to post your best and most popular products at the end of the product page for continuous sales.

Customize Popular Posts- MonsterInsights Popular Post

Another important feature of utilizing MonsterInsights for your website is that it helps to customize your website’s popular posts. MonsterInsights displays a different variety of options to customize your popular posts. It further helps you to select the most suitable themes, best layouts, font colors, size, and more. With your WordPress editor, you can easily change the appearance of your popular post.

Most popular posts- MonsterInsights Popular Post

Another feature you should look out for is that MonsterInsights select the most popular posts to display. You will learn how to display popular posts with ease. It offers three different ways to display the best posts to be displayed. You can begin your most popular posts based on the number of views, shares, or comments.

What are MonsterInsights Pricing Packages?

MonsterInsights Pricing Packages?

There has been much buzz regarding MonsterInsights pricing. Many ask if MonsterInsights is free.  The answer is Yes and no because it has both paid packages and a free version. MonsterInsights pricing has three distinct packages that are;

Plus Plan– For small businesses and publishers that want to do more. Plus plan costs $199 yearly.

Pro Plan– This package is suitable for e-commerce sites and other businesses who desire huge results as quickly as possible. Pro plan costs $399 per year

Agency Plan– This is the big boss. It is ideal for small businesses and publishers who desire to do extraordinary things. Costs $799 all per annual.

Easy Way to Install Custom Dimensions on MonsterInsights

  • Easy-Way-to-Install-Custom-Dimensions-on-MonsterInsights
  • MonsterInsights Display Popular Posts template 1

Custom Dimension is an add-on on MonsterInsights that you need to install the MonsterInsights Pro plugin to display your popular posts on WordPress. Custom Dimensions allow users to track custom data and show it on the MonsterInsights dashboard. The add-on is only available to MonsterInsights pro users. The following are the ways you can install custom dimensions;

  • Enter MonsterInsights dashboard and click settings
  • Click Conversions on the top right corner of the screen
  • Scroll down and select Custom Dimensions, then click Add New custom dimension
  • Choose your desired custom dimension from the drop-down button and save
  • Then, set up Custom Dimensions on your WordPress site and go to Google Analytics to set up Customs Dimensions
  • Login to Google Analytics to Access Google Analytics
  • Follow website data link and click Admin. then select Custom Definitions option, and custom dimension
  • Click on the newly loaded table that shows + New Custom Dimension, then Edit the name to Custom Dimension type you previously selected and click Create.
  • Afterward, click on Done button.
  • Make sure the Google Analytics index number matches the Custom Dimension ID in MonsterInsights settings and then save.

It takes around 24 to 48 hours to set up Custom Dimensions.

How to Display Popular Posts in WordPress Using MonsterInsights Pro Plugin

Are you wondering how best you can display your popular posts in WordPress? Stress no more. In this article, we shall take the steps to showcase your most viable posts to your target audience. As a beginner you may want to display popular posts daily, weekly, monthly, or at all times. It all depends on your choice and the availability of content. It should be noted, displaying popular posts is an attractive way to attract more website visitors.

The more they enjoy reading or viewing your content, the more they like your site and remain glued to your content, which further translates to conversion and sales. With this, they can share your content with family and friends which further boosts your click rate and views. Before we review the steps or processes of how you can display popular posts in WordPress, let’s look at some top headings;

Why should you Display Popular Posts?

MonsterInsights trending post

Given a definite or singular answer to why it’s important to display popular posts maybe be difficult. However, showcasing your popular content gives you access to gain popularity most importantly if your website is new.

Having people to share and like your content is an added way to build your website traffic. When people like your posts, share and endorse your popular posts, getting web traffic becomes hassle-free. The #1 reason why you should display your site’s popular posts with the MonsterInsights tool is to gain traffic.

Best Way to Display Popular Posts Using MonsterInsights Google Analytics Plugin

Here, we are going to demonstrate how best you can use MonsterInsights Google Analytics Plugin to display popular posts on WordPress site; Follow the below steps;

  • Install MonsterInsights 7.13 version or get MonsterInsights Pro Plugin on your device
  • Install and activate Dimension Add-on on MonsterInsights
  • Set up a Custom dimension on MonsterInsights if you are yet to do so
  • Choose the options that suit you most for displaying posts
  • Then, use Google Analytics to add your top 5 posts
  • In the final step, click on the Check Configuration icon. You are good to go.

The above are the steps to follow if you want to display your most popular posts on WordPress using MonsterInsights Pro Plugin.

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