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Pinterest Affiliate Marketing – $300 a Day Affiliate Marketing for FREE on Pinterest

Hey there! Some links on this page are affiliate links which means that, if you choose to make a purchase, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. I greatly appreciate your support!

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Alright guys, today and going to reveal to you how you utilize Pinterest to drive Affiliate sales and make a lot of affiliate commissions for yourself.

Using Pinterest is one of the freeways you can promote and actually drive traffic to your various kind offers or products 

Let me start by telling you what Pinterest is all about. You should have heard about it but very few people actually know how it works and how to use it.

Pinterest is a search engine basically for images and videos clips. Yeah, just as Google is a search engine for web pages, Pinterest itself is a search engine for pictures.

Only that in the case of Pinterest, you can only search for pictures that have been pinned or posted on the platform.

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Why Pinterest For Promoting Offers

Why Pinterest For Promoting Offers

With the kind of traffic Pinterest pulls today, it will be very profitable driving Affiliate sales from it.

 Here are facts that might make you consider Pinterest in your affiliate marketing business. 

  1. Pinterest has over 450 million monthly active users
  2. 85% of Pinners use the mobile app
  3. Half of users live outside the U.S.
  4. 240 billion Pins have been saved by users
  5. 60% of Pinterest users are women
  6. Pinterest is growing in younger generations and U.S. Millennials love Pinterest
  7. 80% of U.S. moms are on Pinterest
  8. 50% of U.S. Pinners frequently shop on Pinterest
  9. The number of users shopping on Pinterest grew 50% in the first half of 2020
  10. 89% of users are on Pinterest for purchase inspiration
  11. More than 25% of time spent on Pinterest is spent shopping and Pinners spend 80% more in retail than non-pinners
  12. 85% of users have bought something based on Pins they see from brands
  13. 2 out of 3 users say they go to Pinterest to find new ideas, products or services they can trust
  14. 98% of users have tried something they’ve seen on Pinterest
  15. Users are 3x more likely to click over to a brand’s website on Pinterest than any other social media platform
  16. Pinterest ads are 2.3x cheaper per conversion than other social media ads

The Source of this fun fact about Pinterest is from sproutsocial

So today, I am going to dive right in on how you can tap from the free traffic source Pinterest to promote your Affiliate offers 

 And start making passive income as much as $300 every single day.

So let’s get right into it.

Step 1; Pick The Right Niche

The niche you pick actually contributes a lot to your success and in this case, we have to look at the demographic of people who visit Pinterest the most.

I can boldly say a majority of Pinterest users are mature women of around 28 years of age and above.

Source: official Pinterest audience insights back it up. 

You see, with that for example, we can know what kind of products to promote to them.

Such could be childbirth-related products as well as weight loss and the rest.

Just make sure that there is a huge concentration of your target audience on the Pinterest platform.

As kind advice, don’t find a product to promote first, instead check out the market available on Pinterest and then look for a product they would love to buy.

Find Affiliate Products For That Niche

Find Affiliate Products On clickbank

There are a lot of Affiliate network places where you can find great products to promote with amazing Affiliate commissions.

In this case, I would really advise you to go for a low ticket Product that would not require critical thinking before making a purchase.

Such as products with a price range of $5 to $49 You can find such products in places such as Clickbank, Digistores, Jvzoo etc.

Step 2: Create Your Sale Funnel or Bridge Page 

Create Your Sale Funnel or Bridge Page

If you are new to digital marketing, you should be asking what a funnel or bridge page is.

Simply put, a funnel is a series of stages that prospects pass through before they eventually become buyers.

Sending traffic directly from Pinterest to the sales page using your Affiliate link would get your account flagged and most times banned as it goes against their user policy.

So What Do You Do?

You need a funnel with which you can channel people to your Affiliate offer and still follow up on them in case they do not make the purchase Immediately.

So basically, in this case, your funnel should consist of a squeeze page where you can collect their basic information such as name and email address.

With the help of this information, you will be able to contact them further in case they don’t make the purchase immediately.

After filling the form, they are to be redirected to the sales page.

Here is the simple process of turning visitors to buyers on Pinterest. 

Pinterest Pin + Bridge Page + Sale Page + Follow Up Emails Sequence = Affiliate Sale and Commission ?

Pick A Funnel Builder or Start A Blog 

Clickfunnels vs vs builderall

I bet you are not a web developer, or probably you didn’t want to start affiliate marketing websites from the scrap. 

Honestly, the thought of building a funnel online looks like a big deal to most beginners. 

Actually, it is but thanks to funnel Builders like clickfunnels, and builderall, you can simply explore any of them to build your funnel in a couple of minutes.

They are drag and drop builders with several ready-mades to use templates. 

I would advise you to go with either builderall or compared to clickfunnels. 

Because clickfunnels will require you to pay an additional cost for an email marketing software while builderall and has an email marketing software already incorporated with it.

One more thing, I will highly recommend because I personally use them in my business, and more so it’s free forever to use. 

It does require your credit card to sign up. All it requires is your email to get instant access to every tool you need in one dashboard. 

After signing up for your desired funnel builder, you can simply pick a template and edit the content to fit the product you are promoting.

Step 3: Follow-Up Email Sequence

Follow-Up Email Sequence

The follow-up sequence is a set of emails that will be sent to those who filled the form on your squeeze page but didn’t make a purchase.

Its job is basically to remind them of the product you’re promoting and take them back to it.

According to statistics, only about 3% of people sent to the sales page will purchase at first.

However, with the help of a follow-up sequence, you can get an additional 15% to make the purchase.

So How Do You Go About the Follow-Up Email Sequence?

It is quite easy, all you have to do is check the Affiliate support of the product you are promoting. 

Everything was easy. The creators of the product should have provided you with email swipes written by marketing experts. 

 With the swipe, you can just edit it and add it to your email marketing recommend sending at least 3 emails a week.

Step 4: Create Your Pins Using Canva

Now we got our product and funnel ready, we have to start turning the wheels by getting people into the funnel.

Since Pinterest is a search engine for visual elements,  it would be wise to create your own catchy visuals that are related to your niche.

Kindly enough, you don’t need to pay an expert as Canva comes in handy. All you have to do is visit and pick from a whole lot of Pinterest templates.

Once you find a template you like, you can change the image and text and download it.

It would be great if you got up to 10 pins, so don’t just create one.

Nowadays, it’s a bit harder to get a pin to go viral organically. luckily, I have this step-by-step checklist to make your pins go viral on Pinterest 

Create Your Pinterest Account

Creating a Pinterest account is quite straightforward. All you have to do is visit the Pinterest website and sign up.

Also, ensure that you opt-in for a business account so that you can be able to view your pins analytics and track which of them are performing the most

Create A Board

In order to create a pin, you need to create a Pinterest board. A board is a kind of like a category with which you pin related images

Add Your Pins to Your Board

Finally, upload your created image pin Pinterest to the board you created in the previous step.

Don’t just save them after that, you have to carefully optimize them so that they stand a high chance of being seen.

To do this, you have to pick a title that clearly denotes what your targets are searching for and the. 

Use appropriate similar search terms as the tags. Use as many tags as are closely related to your pin and then post it. 

If you are kind of lazy affiliate marketer that has that time to pinning and repining your post every day on Pinterest, I will recommend you opt-in for Tailwind best Pinterest and social media scheduler


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Wrapping Up $300 A Day Pinterest Affiliate Marketing

Pinterest Affiliate Marketing - $300 A Day Affiliate Marketing For FREE On Pinterest

In conclusion, I would like to clarify the doubt you may be having as regards if this will work. Am certain it will actually. Think about it.

If you are promoting a product of $40 and your commission is 50%. That means for every sale you make, you automatically earn $20.

Close 10 sales a day and that automatically amounts to $200 made in a single day.

So you see, it actually works, all you have to do is put in the work, keep sharing and create more pins.

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