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Semrush vs Similarweb – Similarities And Differences Between Semrush and Similarweb.

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If you are struggling and Stuck to choosing between Semrush vs Similarweb or you are in a dilemma and can’t make a choice? 

Which SEO and digital marketing tool are the best and better – Semrush vs Similarweb?. 

Then read this complete comparison guide, the major difference, and similarities between Smrush and similarweb, its ratings of features, pricing, support, and more will explain.

Table Of Contents

Semrush vs Similarweb main differences

Both tools are definitely every digital marketing need, but the only main difference between both of them is that while Semrush is mainly SEO focused tool for keyword analysis, PPC, Backlinks and all in one SEO tools, on the other hand, Similarweb is website traffic explorer analysis tools.

Semrush vs Similarweb – Which One is the Best or Better? 

Semrush Vs Similarweb - Which One Is The Best Or Better?

What is Semrush?

Semrush is an all-in-one digital marketing tool for research that helps you understand precisely the methods and places in which your competitors or predecessors have found success, so you can replicate it for your business as well.  

There’s almost nothing you can’t do with Semrush once you learn how to navigate it. Semrush gives you all the data, results, and information you need straight from their office floor. It also shows you what strategy to build to ensure victory and success. 

It focuses on you saving time, money and also showing you the perfect opportunities to get the best marketing results. They are always precise, all strategies proposed will make you money in the long run. 

SEMRUSH enables you to see the moves your competitors are making and also create a rock-solid strategy to counter them. 

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Semrush is one of the leading online visibility management software-as-a-service platforms. It has over 50 products, tools, and other add-ons across online visibility management, including research tools, social media content, social media and market research, data for more than 150 countries, seamless integrations with Google and task management platforms, Semrush is a very vital solution for all companies that are serious about their online presence. 

What is SEMrush vs SimilarWeb

Semrush is trusted by a lot of internet marketers all around the world. It is also used by a great number of enterprises, whether big or small. Major companies such as PayPal, Forbes, Hyatt, and Philips use this tool. 

Semrush has a very massive database of over 55 million domains and 20B keywords. It tracks so many things at the same time, such as the organic position of a domain or landing URL on Google search engine results pages, different copies of ADword’s ads and their positions, also CPC ads, your competitor’s analysis and so much more. 

Semrush helps massively with your content marketing, and that is the most important thing about it. 

What is Similarweb?

 Similarweb is a digital marketing tool very similar to google analytics that estimates the tool number of website traffic, top traffic sources and keyword each website is getting every month.

 This company allows you to see competitors’ top traffic sources website traffic volumes, keyword analysis, and demographics as well as many other features. 

What is Similarweb vs Semrush

The tool also helps you in a great way to spy on your competitors to give a quick overview of exactly which referral sources your competitor is getting most of its traffic.

Similarweb, which is owned by Israeli start-up SimilarGroup, is an online competitive intelligence tool that provides traffic and marketing insights for any website. 

The tool provides users with a quick overview of a site’s reach, ranking, referring sites, top search keywords, traffic overview and user engagement metrics. 

Users can search for data by entering a specific website URL or by running a category search by industry or country, where the top 50 websites are displayed.

Similarweb Vs Semrush – Features

Data Collection: 

Semrush vs similarweb data collection

Collection of data and data analysis:  how intelligent you are is totally based on how much information you have and how much use this information has. 

The quality and accuracy of any business and the assurance of business growth is totally based on the quality of information they have and where they get this information from.

The business intelligence tool being used by the business is very important.

Similarweb Data Collection: 

when your aim is to gain access to good and comprehensive information, the first step is to find a decent web crawler. One place you are definitely getting one is Similarweb.

 Similarweb is constantly and consistently scanning multiple search engine pages and tons of different websites without any stress or delays giving you tons of results in seconds. 

Similarweb data collection

The gathering of data and information is very important and this goes beyond accessing site data and ranking of these sites too. Similarweb generates very important and very crucial traffic details and it does this by capitalizing on its user panel.

 Asides from this, it has an extension on chrome that allows you to track and monitor basic but important website metrics as you browse around the web environment.  

When it comes to measurements, Similarweb is up there. It is one of the leading extensive panels for measuring metrics. It is widely known and properly represented in different continents like Europe, North America and South America

Semrush Data Collection:

Semrush is has a strong foundation built on two main components, these are clickstream data and keyword database. 

Semrush data collection

This has made them very famous and made them one of the most powerful suites used by SEO companies and professional SEO specialists. Many ask how Semrush analytics became possible and the simple answer is clickstream data.   

Semrush made a decision to create an extensive approach when it comes to data collection.

They decided to combine all search engines’ local versions and with the data and information gathered they create corresponding data set which would be so much useful than the individual specialized information environments provided by the individual search engines. It helps you do the research and in all the search engines available. 

Similarweb Vs SEMrush Data Collection – Who Wins

Although Similarweb and Semrush are both great tools, they do not have all the access to all the information online.

This said it is important to note that you can surely trust either of them to give you the most reliable and the most relevant data on the internet based on the best keywords. 

Can Similarweb Data Be Trusted? 

Similarweb always finds a way to generate critical results. The mechanism of this results is by using web crawlers just like Google and other search engines as well as using user panels as means to access data.

 With this said, it is obvious that it is not built for research but a very high level of the market estimation. This method actually does leave a high margin for errors. 

Can Semrush Date be Trusted? 

Yes, it can be trusted totally and the results gotten from Semrush can be trusted with a high level of accuracy.

Semrush has its foundation on a database that has an incredibly high number of keywords of about 20 billion from different parts of the globe. 

When you want to use Similarweb you have to understand that you would not be doing a small research and you should be aiming at getting the metrics and capturing the overall size of the industry. 

Similarweb Vs Semrush –  Keyword Analysis

SimilarWeb Vs SEMrush -  Keyword Analysis

Similarweb Keyword Analysis

 Keywords are very important in the field of content creation today and you need to get access to the right keywords to get your content out there and make success and this is why keyword analysis important. 

Similarweb keyword analyzes data helps businesses get the right keywords for their Seo as well as other content and strategies. 

Tracking and monitoring keywords is also an added advantage. When the aim is to discover what sites are gaining or losing traffic from a particular keyword or set of keywords then these data are very useful. 

This also means that you get information on the website that is getting the most traffic on a particular keyword or set of keywords, again another very relevant information. 

This information can be used in different ways and one of these ways is to know your competition and know who you are dealing with in the business field. It could also help you discover your next field or potential genre of content creation. 

Similarweb Keyword Analysis

It could also help you discover which backlinks are the best. It is easily accessible yet has so many advantages. You have to enter and search a particular keyword and you are given the liberty to specify the time frame as well as the country you want to check a ranking. 

After this search, you will see that results are shown accordingly based on their organic traffic breakdown. These results are also filterable, it can be filtered based on paid competitors and organic competitors using specific keywords, you can also know which keyword is popular among internet users and use this information to your advantage. 

It is a very simple procedure, to be honest. Sometimes you may want to know how much a keyword is on demand. The best method to know this is through the CPC price estimation. 

There are tons of features of Similarweb but one that tops it all is the fact that traffic trends can be deduced from different keywords. There is a graph called the traffic share graph, gradually and progressively you can track traffic tendencies of as many as 5 leading sites whilst capitalizing on a specific keyword. 

With all these features, one question is left unanswered and this is, how do I know what keyword is best for my website. The answer is simple, all you need do is enter as many keywords as you have in mind up to 200 and allow Similarweb to work its magic, do its analysis and give you results. 

One of the major advantages of Similarweb is, it doesn’t just blindly analyze results from different angles. It lets you fileted filter these results to certain and specific demographics. It lets you filter your results based on country and period. Similarweb is like an advisor. 

It gives you insights and one of these is insights into what pages are the best landing pages for your keywords and it does this through its graphic breakdown table. If you aim to create campaigns with the most effective keywords, then this is the one for you. 

Semrush Keyword Analysis

You want to grow your business organically then you can’t be far from Semrush and it is very easy to find the Semrush organic feature. Semrush is very similar to Similarweb and it gives most of its function except that Semrush goes into organic keywords more. 

SEMrush Keyword Analysis

Semrush analyzes keywords based on their searched volume, competitive density, and overall traffic generated. Semrush features a unique tool that they like to call a “keyword magic tool”. 

This tool does exactly as the name implies, finds out little things that make the difference between you and your competitors, and uses this information to put you above them. 

Similarweb Vs Semrush Keyword Analysis – Who Wins

Semrush as well as Similarweb both make available information on both paid and organic keywords alike. They provide the best keywords on which they should base their campaign around.

They both give you information on your competitors and they compare you and your competitors telling you where you are falling short and giving you insights on how to get better. 

They are both very informative and they provide you with the means and the chance to learn about other domains. These other domains are understood using specific keywords. Also, you would be learning how to understand traffic generation and its effects. 

Similarweb goes on a step further to show you the best landing page for your keyword. Semrush on the other hand does most of its functions through the audit tool, the keyword magic tool, and a host of other tools. 

Similarweb Vs Semrush – Competitor Analysis

SimilarWeb Vs SEMrush - Competitor Analysis

Similarweb Competitor Analysis

Upon launching a new business especially in e-commerce, you should be familiar with all your competitors and brands you would be competing with. There are different aspects in the online space and it’s not so hard to know the dominant brands in different aspects of the web. 

If by any chance you have not or cannot do this research, Similarweb will do it for you and bring out your competitors and tell you all you need to know about them. Similarweb will automatically generate domains that are in line with your business and field and when these results pop up you should be able to tell who your major competitors are and how you should tackle them and rise about them. 

Although knowing your competitors is very important, that’s just one step if you aim at being successful in any given field. The next step after that is learning about your competitors, how they operate, how they win, and their loopholes.


SimilarWeb Competitor Analysis

Similarweb does a great job at comparing your website and business to any competitor’s business and website, showing you what aspects of your website need to grow and what needs to be done to raise about them. You get comparisons like, how much time is spent on there, the page views, the time spent on-site, and many others. 

This is a literal comparison to you and your competitors, tell you how your business is doing and how much you have to do to stay on top. One way to look at this is the popular index. Just think of it as a metric that tells which of your businesses are more popular or less popular and how much it would take to match your competitors or vice versa. 

After knowing and understanding your competitors, Similarweb helps you improve your position either to get closer to your competitors or get better than the current position you are in. It does this by carrying out and making available organic and inorganic keyword data and analysis for your website. It provides you with data that are not normally provided to you via Google Analytics. 

To gain knowledge about keywords, Similarweb helps you by the provision of organic or inorganic keyword analysis for any particular website. To put into perspective how good this is, you would be able to reach data which is from various, less known organic search keywords which are not normally found on Google Analytics or the search console. 

Similarweb is so great because it is so specific. It goes as far as giving you information about your competitors’ web pages not just the home page itself but other pages which generate traffic. It shows you the content in there and tells you what your competitors are putting out there that makes them so loved with the customers they have and gives you insight on how to combat that. 

If you want more information you can follow the trail to allow you access to the conversion rates of your competitors. It also tracks and monitors your competitors’ most valuable campaigns and the most traffic generation campaigns they have. 

Semrush Competitor Analysis

Semrush always have this class that comes with it always. Semrush immediately provides you with a bigger clearer picture showing you what you may be missing or unfolding things more clearly to you.

SEMrush Competitor Analysis

As usual, when you enter a new niche you must have done your research and known all you need to know about your competitors but if you couldn’t find that out then you don’t have a problem. Semrush is there for you. 

Similarweb Vs Semrush Competitor Analysis – Who Wins

it’s quite obvious why competitive intelligence is considered Similarweb and Semrush main objective.

 They take care of everything when it comes to keywords your competitors are using for organic and paid searches. 

Strategies other sites are leveraging on their ad campaigns and content marketing are also made available to you.

 Another similar feature is the benchmarking feature, which automatically compares websites by parameters like amount of traffic, bounce rate, session duration amongst other things. 

 Their traffic analysis however is their most valuable tool, they both help you discover the most important details about your competitor’s audiences. 

However, Similarweb has a deeper web page and better session analysis. It helps you discover additional information about your competitor’s pages and all their traffic surfing sessions.

 Semrush also has a very good feature that reveals all your rivals’ social media marketing strategies. They both have very similar competitor analyses. 

Semrush Vs Similarweb Pricing

SEMrush Vs Similarweb Pricing

 Similarweb Pricing

 As you start using this service, you’ll be pleased to discover that a similarweb offers you a totally free package.

 Certainly, it’s a very much-needed option since most of the free trials range from only 2 to 4 weeks.

 However, Simlarweb’s free package is only useful for 3 months, on the brighter side, 3 months is more than enough for you to test out all its capabilities. 

When you upgrade, you move to the enterprise package, which is made up of custom plans, instead of giving you a static plan which may contain features that you might not need. 

Similarweb allows you to customize the features based on your specific needs. It helps you save money in the long run. 

SimilarWeb Pricing

The details of the Similarweb plans include: 

  •  Free
  • 3 Months of Web Traffic Data
  • 1 Month of Mobile App Data

Once you start, you’ll be pleased that Similarweb offers a free package. And yes, it’s completely free.

 Certainly, a much-needed option since we’ve seen quite a lot of 2-4 weeks long free trials in this space.

However, here’s the kicker- it turns out that the free package is only useful for three months. It’s fairly useless beyond that point.

 But, on the bright side, 90 days is adequately sufficient for testing out the service’s capabilities.

Upgrading moves you to the Enterprise package, which is made up of custom plans. 

Instead of tying you down with a static plan providing extra features that you might not even need, Similarweb allows you to customize the features based on your specific needs.

 Consequently, you end up saving money in the long run.

That said, here are the details:

  1. Free
  2. 3 Months of Web Traffic Data
  3. 1 Month of Mobile App Data
  4. 5 Results Per Metric
  5. Enterprise- Custom Plans
  6. Multiple users
  7. Unique visitors
  8. Industry analysis
  9. Keyword analysis
  10. Popular pages
  11. Mobile app engagement
  12. Desktop – mobile web split
  13. Global and country-level data
  14. Up to 3 years of web traffic data
  15. Up to 28 months of mobile app data
  16. Up to unlimited results per metric5 Results Per Metric

Enterprise- Custom Plans

  1. Multiple users
  2. Unique visitors
  3. Industry analysis
  4. Keyword analysis
  5. Popular pages
  6. Mobile app engagement
  7. Desktop – mobile web split
  8. Global and country-level data
  9. Up to 3 years of web traffic data
  10. Up to 28 months of mobile app data
  11. Up to unlimited results per metric

Semrush Pricing

In contrast to Similarweb, Semrush offers a  free package but with limited options. The best it offers is a free trial, which is only available for 7 days.  

SEMrush Pricing

Semrush is used by many professionals and big businesses to keep their businesses on top and in the best positions to make more profits and lead the market. Semrush features two different packages which are names the pro package and the guru package. 

Pro Package 

The Semrush Pro package is a package that everyone using Semrush should at least use. It gives you just enough to at least put you up there. You are surely up there but only just.

 This package analysis your competitor strategies and comes up with ways to combat these strategies and put you one step ahead always. 

This pro package also lets you create 5 different projects and run them on it with all the tools on Semrush. Semrush is also great at managing social media campaigns. It puts your business out there on all the social media platforms where it is supposed to be and connects you with potential customers and clients thus growing your business.

 When it comes to tracking keywords, Semrush is simply outstanding. It keeps track of the keywords and tells you how they are doing, if they are being searched, how much they are being searched and if they are keywords you should use or not.

 This Semrush pro package also crawls and audits 100,000 pages and gives information on all these pages accurately. 

Guru Package 

The guru package is everything that the pro package is but even more. It is just astonishing and there is no way a business would use this and it won’t put them up there amongst the best of the best.

 Instead of just 5 different projects like the pro package, the guru package helps you make 15 different projects and lets you use all the tools available on all the packages. This gives you flexibility and allows you to carry out different projects totally or just one project turned into different sub-projects. 

The guru package got this one covered. The guru package also helps you track keyword cannibalization as this can affect your rankings on Google and other search engines. 

When it comes to crawling of pages and auditing, the guru package can crawl and audit up to 300,000 pages and they will all be done perfectly. Semrush also gives you access to historical data letting you be able to carry out quality research dating way back. 

With the Semrush guru package, you can make your report on your project and make it branded, making sure anyone who sees it or reads it knows it is from your business automatically. 

Wrapping Up Semrush Vs Similarweb

 As you have probably noted by now, Similarweb relies on its web crawlers and user panels as primary data sources to generate critical information. It also identifies suitable ideal landing pages which helps you find various keywords. 

Semrush on the other hand is built on databases that hold billions of keywords from different parts of the world. Semrush vs similarweb – similarities and differences between Semrush and similarweb

I personally used both tools for different purposes, but when it comes to researching keywords. 

I always use Semrush for this task while if I want to know the overview of the website then I will use Similarweb for the task

Thanks for reading through, drop your favourite tool in that comment section below to let us know your favourite tools. Thanks

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