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Sendinblue VS Getresponse, Which Lead Generation Tool Is Better For Beginners

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More than 50% of the world’s population is using email. That amounts to a total of about 3.89 billion people worldwide.

 Therefore, email is often regarded as one of the strongest ways of connecting to your market. 

A lot of questions have been asked about arguably the two best and most used email lead generation  tools and which is better to use as a digital marketer or as an entrepreneur. 

Both of these tools have proven to be exceptionally good in terms of digital marketing, they perform diverse functions and are not limited to only digital marketing. 

They house other noticeable great features. To find out which is highly recommended and why? Read on and you will find out.

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SENDINBLUE OR GETRESPONSE, Which Is A Better Email Leads Generation Tool.

SENDINBLUE OR GETRESPONSE, Which Is A Better Email Leads Generation Tool.

1. Useful for Beginners: 

 A good email lead generation tool should be easily understandable by beginners.

 If you are a beginner digital marketer, then you should opt for SendinBlue because it is a better option for beginners.

 Even if you are not a starter, but a medium-sized business owner, you should also prefer SendinBlue over GetResponse

This is due to the fact that it is more users friendly and you can easily understand all of its features.

 And most importantly SendinBlue allows you to pay per email and not per subscriber, and this is very important for beginners. 

SendinBlue definitely out graces GetResponse when it comes to simplicity and being easy to use. 

It is a better email marketing tool for beginners. 

2. Sendinblue VS Getresponse Pricing System:  

Sendinblue vs GetResponse Starting Pricing

Email lead generation tools are admonished to have a very attractive pricing system in order to encourage digital marketers and entrepreneurs to opt for their services. 

The user interface at Sendinblue is relatively easy to grasp and enables you to identify all the key areas of the tool pretty quickly. 

You get the main menu at the top which directs you to your campaigns, automation, transactional email, and contact management.

Email Sending NeedsSendinblueGetResponse
1 email / month to 300 contactsFree$15
1 email / month to 1,000 contacts$25$15
1 email / month to 2,500 contacts$25$25
1 email / month to 5,000 contacts$25$45
1 email / month to 10,000 contacts$25$65
1 email / month to 25,000 contacts$54$145
1 email / month to 50,000 contacts$69$250
1 email / month to 100,000 contacts$99$450
Based on on 27.11.20.

 SENDINBLUE: The first thing to note about SendinBlue is that it offers a free package.

 You can use the software for free for as long as you want to until you exceed 300 emails a day. 

When this happens, you will need to pay for the premium package

However Sendinblue offers a lite plan which enables the user to be able to send a maximum of 1000 emails per day, and will have to pay the sum of $25, this plan offers all the free plan features without a daily sending limit but allows 40,000 emails per month. 

It also offers a premium plan which costs $66 per month and is furthermore reduced to $59 if paid annually.

 The premium plan offers multi-user access, Facebook Ads, chat options, marketing automation amongst other amazing features. 

Also, SendinBlue pricing is based on the number of email messages sent, rather than the number of contacts you keep in your account. 

GETRESPONSE: Getresponse unlike SendinBlue offers only a Free 30 days trial with all the benefits including  Advanced customer support, Mobile app, Dedicated IP, high converting landing templates and Customer Relationship Management. 

Getresponse offers a basic plan which costs $10.5 which enables the user to send about 1000 emails per month.

 It also offers a plus plan which enables you to send as many as 10,000 messages per month. 

This plan costs $65 and offers very smooth usage. 

Also, getresponse offers a professional plan which costs about $450, and this enables you to send up to 100,000 messages per month. 

SendinBlue is relatively cheaper to use than Getresponse so it is highly encouraged for beginners and small-scale business owners. 

But  if you have a well established business it’s preferred to optin for getresponse.

3. Sendinblue Vs GetResposes Send & Mailing List Managers

Sendinblue Vs GetResposes Send & Mailing List Managers

A good email lead generation tool should be able to store and send a high number of emails per month, 

In order to enable entrepreneurs to send emails to as many clients as possible during the defined space of time. 

 SENDINBLUE: SendinBlue allows the user to send emails ranging from a minimum of one to a maximum of over forty thousand emails per month. (40,000)

 Depending on the plan in which the digital marketer subscribes to. 

GETRESPONSE: Getresponse unlike SendinBlue allows the user to send emails ranging from a minimum of one thousand to a maximum of a hundred thousand. (100,000)

However, getresponse is able to accommodate more email lists than SendinBlue and hence, 

enables the user of the former to send much more emails per month than an individual using the latter. 

 4.  Easy To Use And Set Up & Integrations 

NO of integrations1000+1000+
Leadformly integrationYesYes
Zapier integrationYesYes
Outlook integrationYesYes
Microsoft Dynamics integrationYesYes
Gmail integrationYesYes
SugarCRM integrationYesYes
Salesforce integrationYesYes
Netsuite integrationNoNo
SAP integrationNoNo
Oracle integrationNoNo

A good email generation tool should be user-friendly and possess features that enable digital marketers, 

whether beginners or professionals have the most stress-free experiences possible. 


SENDINBLUE vs GETRESPONSE lead generation tool

It is quite difficult to decide which of these two email lead generation tools are better. 

However, GetResponse is perfect to run small or medium businesses. For a large business, it certainly could be used in some areas.

 One example would be for clients that are looking, to begin with, email marketing. 

However, Getresponse is pretty vast and possesses a number of tools that would serve medium or large businesses as well.

 However, SendinBlue and Getresponse can be compared based on terms of their functionality.

1. Design, Landing Pages, or Ready-Made Template:

 landing pages are set up in order to cause conversions.

SENDINBLUE: Sendinblue offers all that you’d expect in an email lead generation tool, you can create an email blast and send it to anyone in your list of contacts.

sendinblue Design, Landing Pages, or Ready-Made Template

 That’s an easy-to-use visual interface and an email builder. It has also made creating your messages a lot more straightforward. 

Sendinblue has over 60 eye-catching HTML email newsletter templates for different types of campaigns and businesses. ( It’s only available for paid users) 

You have access to all the emails templates and landing pages templates, on all plans, but landing pages are restricted from free plans. 

Plus, you’ll get much more handy email marketing tools to maximize your success.

 These fully responsive email templates help you create newsletters that look great across devices — leaving little or no need for graphic design or coding skills. 

They’re very ideal for small businesses who want to send professional email campaigns while saving time and money.

 You can easily customize templates to your brand with the intuitive drag and drop editor available on Sendinblue. 

Then, once your newsletter design is ready, you can see how it looks on different email clients like Gmail and Outlook. 

 SendinBlue landing pages offer a quick start on digital marketing and also a selection of high-converting landing page templates.

 They also easily customize pages with the new drag and drop landing page builder. 

They help you choose from tons of thousands of royalty-free stock photos, in-app and make them ready to use on your site.

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GETRESPONSE: Good email designs aren’t just meant for visual appeal alone. 

Getresponse Design, Landing Pages, or Ready-Made Template

It is meant to help you build stronger bonds with your audience, sell more of your products, and improve your overall return on investment in email marketing. 

Getresponse provides a high converting landing page and wonderful responses and practices required in preparing your email templates.

What Does Getresponse Landing Pages Do? 

Getresponse landing pages have over 100 responsive design templates in popular categories such as Optin, Download, Thank You, Sales, Discount, and Webinar Invite.  

Getresponse Landing Pages

It also possesses an Image editor – resizes, rescales, reshape, or crop, modifies opacity, and adds shadows, and rounded corners in all elements of your Landing Page.

You can also customize the sign-up form on your landing page. Add custom fields, then customize the text on the bottom.

A/B testing with up to 10 versions of your landing page to find out which generates the most traffic and which attracts more subscribers.

2. Sendinblue VS Getresponse Email Automation: 

SMS automation
Prebuilt workflowsNoYes
Lead scoringPlus planYes
Abandoned cart emailsPlus planYes
Website activity trackingPlus planYes
Unlimited custom workflowsPro planYes
Email click and open follow-upsYesYes

Email automation is the process of sending an automated email or email series in response to a trigger condition. 

The trigger can be anything, ranging from customer behavior, preferences to other personal information. 

If you are looking to grow a business fast, basic email marketing wouldn’t be enough to work with. 

Automated emails, however, are often referred to as fully scalable. You can cover more ground faster over a shorter period of time. 

SENDINBLUE: SendinBlue offers customized workflows to send a reminder to all your customers and also enables the communication between you and your customer without the need to set up a series of targeted emails and SMS based on your contacts’ behavior.

 Sendinblue VS Getresponse Email Automation

 It also enables the professional to use a variety of uploaded data to identify when you want to contact your prospects and customers.

 Sendinblue automation is designed to cover various needs.

 You are advised as a beginner to start with predefined workflows and adapt them to suit your requirements for a more advanced communication strategy. 

SendinBlue offers some email automation tools for beginners such as workflows library, custom workflow, test workflow amongst others. 

It also offers great email automation tools for experts, these include advanced workflows and B2b website case study. 

GETRESPONSE: Getresponse email automation starts with a set of easy tools that enable the user to build a very good model in order to find your best leads and a tagging function that automatically remembers different subscriber behaviors you wish to follow up on.

 Sendinblue Email Automation workflow

 Getresponse also makes use of workflows but unlike SendinBlue there are no pre-uploaded workflows so all workflows have to be created. 

Oh! It seems like it’s complicated right? No it’s not, it’s a simple task that can be Completed within a few minutes, even as a complete beginner. 

 However, they take you through the step-by-step process required in creating a workflow. 

Getresponse email Automation is iterative, which means that you can design a workflow, see how it performs, and tweak it to improve performance. 

Once you’re satisfied with the results, you can let it run for as long as you wish. 

I personally prefer to create the workflows all by myself because it gives me a lot of flexibility to get the best results. 

  3. Webinar Hosting and High Conversion Funnels:  

webinars have proven to be very useful in helping digital marketers connect with their customers.

 If you have a high-ticket product, a complicated sales pitch, or a new feature that your customer must know about, webinars are one of the best mediums for you to get the word out. 

Webinar marketing is great because it captures an engaged group of people and really holds their attention. 

SENDINBLUE: SendinBlue offers a great webinar service at a very cheap and highly affordable rate.

 It is highly effective for converting leads and prospects into customers, this is due to the fact that people are already interested in whatever you are selling. 

Sendinblue Webinar Hosting

However, the conversation rate of Sendinblue amounts to an average of 19%. 

That is a lot of revenue generated just by email marketing using SendinBlue.

 Conversion rate is one of the most important metrics marketers use to measure the performance of nearly everything they do. 

GETRESPONSE: Getresponse live webinars are made available to users who are subscribed to a minimum of the plus plan. 

Getresponse Webinar Hosting and High Conversion Funnels:

You can also host the natively via Facebook or Instagram live feeds.

 It also runs on-demand automated webinars for users of the pro plan

Hosting webinars is a very lucrative marketing strategy, and Getresponse has created an entire webinar experience functionality which is better than most of the other webinar software out there. 

But in most cases you might be looking for The Most Powerful All-In-One Webinar Platform right… 

Then you need to consider WebinarJam because it empowers you with flexible options: live chat, question and answer, private comments, moderation capabilities etc. 

 4. Sendinblue VS Getresponse Beginners Friendly Pricing:

Starting Price
$15/Per-Month Free
Pricing Model:Per FeaturePer Feature
Free TrialYesYes
Free VersionNoYes
Refund policyNo refundsYes

 SENDINBLUE: SendinBlue is more favorable to beginners in terms of pricing because it offers a free package that provides very good functionality. 


Although its free plan comes with certain limitations, such as the absence of a landing page and sending off 300 emails a day etc. 

If you’d also prefer to just pay as you send emails, Sendinblue allows you to purchase prepaid credits which don’t expire. 

GETRESPONSE: Getresponse is slightly more expensive than SendinBlue in terms of beginner prices. 

getresponse pricing

Getresponse offers a basic plan of $15 which allows the user to send a maximum of 1000 users as opposed to 300 which is the maximum for beginners using SendinBlue. 

Getresponse offers a great advantage, because they don’t impose limits on how many emails you send during the billing period. 

For one low price, you can send unlimited emails. That means that as long as you are still on a paid plan you are eligible to send emails to your email list. 

5. User-Friendly and Back Ends Interface: 

SENDINBLUE: The user interface at Sendinblue is relatively easy to grasp and enables you to identify all the key areas of the tool pretty quickly. 

sendinblue User-Friendly and Back Ends Interface

You get the main menu at the top which directs you to your campaigns, automation, transactional email, and contact management. 

You can also switch to your emails, templates, SMS, Facebook ads, statistics, and settings from the sidebar menu.

 To create a new campaign, just click the big green button in the center. Sendinblue will take you step by step from there and help you create a campaign.

 First, you get to set the main details such as the campaign name and the subject line of the email. 

SendinBlue is very easy to set up and use, this is why it is highly recommended for beginners as it offers first-hand guidance when creating a new campaign.  

GETRESPONSE:  Getresponse has a very large amount of feature set, even on its entry-level plan.

 Not only does Getresponse provide all the key tools that you’d expect from an email marketing platform like list hosting, analytics, templates, and so on,

Getresponse user - freindly interface

 it is also restructuring its features set in a way that it has morphed into an all-in-one marketing and e-commerce solution.

Getresponse as a whole is quite easy to use. It’s definitely easy enough to carry out all the basic activities in Getresponse like the importation of contacts, creation of email campaigns, setting up autoresponders, and performing statistics checks.

6. Email Marketing Strategy:

 Email marketing is the process of sending commercial email messages to all your email contacts who have signed up to your email list and have given permission to receive email communication from you.  

Email marketing is used to drive sales, pass pieces of information and build information for your brand and also services. 

SENDINBLUE: SendinBlue offers various email marketing options and strategies which consist of 3 to 10 emails sent to all your customers and prospects over a period of days or weeks.

 It also produces newsletters that share news related to your business, it is also used in highlighting a product use case or review.

 They are sent according to a schedule pre-set by the digital marketer. 

GETRESPONSE: Getresponse provides the digital marketer with free email templates in order to browse and select templates according to their campaign goals.

 It also provides originality, this means that the user is able to create his own branding and content. 

It also offers the ability to Post links to invite guests to your webinars, offering limited seating to increase urgency and maximize participation rate.

7. Sendinblue VS Getresponse Email Autoresponders: 

An email autoresponder is a tool that sends an automatic email in response to a pre-defined trigger event, in this case, it is due to a prospect or customer sending a message or reaching out to you.

 An email autoresponder is the simplest form of market automation. 

SENDINBLUE: SendinBlue offers great autoresponders offer that enables the individual to passively send important messages to subscribers, send tailored messages to specific segments on your email list, it also aids in generating income by driving engagements on your platform. 

Sendinblue VS Getresponse Email Autoresponders

Although Sandinblue offers great autoresponders and automation email marketing services, one thing I don’t like is that you have to apply for this service before you can use it. Unlike getresponses. 

GETRESPONSE: Getresponse Autoresponders helps you automate email campaigns and manage personal communication with your recipients. 

It enables you to send emails in a sequence or at intervals, starting from the day a contact signs up to your list. 

 Getresponse Email Autoresponders guides

So, GetResponse autoresponders are useful if you want to send an automatic message to contacts who join your list. 

When you set up an autoresponders cycle with getresponse, messages will go out on a specific day of a contact’s subscription period, according to how you set up the cycle.

8. Customer Support: 

SENDINBLUE: SendinBlue offers great customer support, which aids beginners and experts in tackling problems faced during email marketing. 

It also offers a great 24-hour chat service, but they don’t have a customer service number. 

You can however fill out a contact form on their official page and the support team will reply to your request in little or no time. 

Getresponse: Getresponse offers support to anyone in the world, it connects to all users in all parts of the world and engages with them for positive outcomes. 

getresponse customer support

They also offer support in several languages across the world, around the clock, in English, Polish, Russian, Spanish, German, French, Italian, and Brazilian Portuguese.

 The Getresponse team, unlike SendinBlue, is reachable through any means whether email, phone, chat, and slack, for all hours of the day. 

Pros and Cons of Sendinblue vs Getresponse 

Sendinblue Pros

1. Low-cost pricing: The best advantage of SendinBlue is its pricing. 

Sendinblue offers one of the most competitive prices in the market, which begins at a free price and goes into $25 for 10000 emails 

2. Solid email automation: SendinBlue boasts of a full workflow-based automation feature. You can trigger campaign actions using your visitor’s email and website engagement behavior. 

3. It offers the SMS marketing tool: this tool is relatively unique to Sendinblue. 

Sendinblue Cons: 

1. Free plan sending limit: The free plan sending limit has a daily sending limit of 300 emails daily, which is not much at all. 

2. Limited integrations: SendinBlue offers a relatively small amount of integration options in contrast to other apps. 

3. Landing Pages: There are various limitations to the free membership, such as absence of landing etc. 


1. User friendly: Getresponse is pretty user-friendly as long as you are willing to enroll for the basic plan which offers you a limited amount of emails to be sent per day. 

2. Getresponse is slightly cheaper than a lot of its competitors in the market and also produces a vast amount of activities. 

3. If you’re an affiliate marketer and want to get started on your email campaigns quickly this is the best software out there.

Getresponse Cons 

1. There is no free plan: There is no free plan and you have to pay to send as little as one email which makes it unfit for beginners and small business owners. 

2. Autoresponders don’t always work properly and sometimes this causes wrong emails to be sent to the wrong customers and can prove harmful in some circumstances. 

GetResponse vs Sendinblue: Full Feature Comparison

Email MarketingYesYes
Email CreatorYesYes
Built-in Image EditorYesNo
Conversion FunnelsYesNo
Marketing AutomationYesNo
A/B TestingYesYes
Signup FormsYesYes
Custom FieldsYesNo
Engagement ScoresYesNo
Ecommerce ToolsYesNo
Landing PagesYesYes
Web Push NotificationsYesNo
Live ChatsYesYes
Facebook AdsYesYes
Google AdsYesNo
24/7 Live Chat SupportYesNo
Phone SupportNoYes
According to

Wrapping Up SendinBlue vs Getresponse Comparison. 

SendinBlue vs Getresponse Comparison

In conclusion, both SendinBlue and Getresponse are very good email lead generation tools.

 If you are a beginner or a small business owner willing to work with little or no amount of money to build your network while enjoying various benefits then SendinBlue is the best platform for you. 

Getresponse however, reaches a much larger crowd and is advised for owners of bigger businesses and also provides a wide variety of functions, and is relatively easy to use.

It’s now your turn to make the most important decisions to choose between SendinBlue and Getresponse email marketing tools that will be suitable for your business. 

Finally, I hope this buying guide has helped you in making the right decision? I want to know your thoughts in the comments section below thanks. 

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