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How to Start A Blog for Affiliate Marketing – The Ultimate Beginners Guide

How to Start A Blog for Affiliate Marketing
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Hey! Do you want to start earning passive income, or do you want to work smartly?

 Then starting a blog for affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to achieve this.

If you love reading content online, you must have come across how to Make Money from blogging by owning an affiliate marketing website.

Moreover, we will give you all you need to know before you can start a successful affiliate marketing blog.

We love blogging and affiliate marketing because you will work once and enjoy it forever. 

When you follow the secrets of blogging and affiliate marketing, you can achieve much even as a beginner.

The more time you invest in learning and growing your digital business, the more chances you have to earn more passive income, even when sleeping.

This guide is well detailed, with proper screenshots to help explain all the steps you need to follow and how you can arrive at every stage that we discussed in this guide.

Don’t be bothered if you don’t know how to create a blog. 

Just ensure that you read this guide to the end as we detail how you can make an outstanding blog for your affiliate marketing.

Table Of Contents

Steps on How To Become an Affiliate Marketer to Make Money in 10 Easy Steps

In this section, we will show you the top 10 secret steps we discovered that will help you to stand out and become a successful affiliate marketer with your blog.

Hereunder, we detailed each step to ensure that you understand everything you should know even without watching any special video.

With the images we included in each step, you can virtually understand every piece of information we are sharing with you without much hassle.

To be a successful affiliate marketer, even without buying any course online, ensure that you don’t omit any step we discussed in this guide. 

 So let’s dive into the first thing you need to start as an affiliate marketer.

Step 1: Picking an Affiliate Marketing Niche or Blogging Niche

When you hear about affiliate marketing niche or blogging niche, see it as the type of products you want to be selling as a shop owner.

One can choose from hundreds of niches when starting your blogging career or affiliate marketing website.

Examples of blogging include health, news, technology, education and career, sales, how to blog, design and development, finance and insurance, loan, fitness and sports, travel blog niche, food gaming relationship, pet, and animal.

We recommend choosing your favourite niche and concentrating on it if you are starting to. 

Your success as a blogger or an affiliate marketer begins when you choose the right niche that will convert people to purchase your affiliate products.

We recommend that you do proper research on the niche you intend to venture into before starting your blog. 

This will help you know the affiliate products you will promote.

Also, you will be able to figure out how much commission you can earn from the products you wish to promote in your blogging niche.

Also, when choosing your niche, find out where your audience comes from.

 This will help you know the type of affiliate platform with products that your targeted audience needs.

Step 2: Select a Domain Name & Setting up Web Hosting

Your domain name matters a lot when starting your blog for affiliate marketing.

 Therefore, we recommend short and descriptive words that people can remember even when they only visit your website once.

When choosing a domain name, also consider the domain extension. 

For instance, if you wish to target people from the United States, Canada, Germany, Columbia, etc., and you are from Nigeria, don’t use a domain.

Instead use a .com domain extension. 

This is to make your blog a global platform where everyone can obtain useful information without considering the blog owner’s country of origin.

If you choose a domain name with “ng” attached, people from foreign countries like the United States may not come to your site, because they may think your contents are designed for Nigerians only.

Tips #1: Tips to Pick the Perfect Name

Below are the top tips we recommend when choosing a perfect domain name

  • Ensure that your domain name describes what your blogging niche is all about
  • Make sure that your domain name is short and can be memorized
  • Try to avoid using a hyphen in your domain names

Tip #2: Get Hosting & Domain from Hostinger

One thing you should consider when starting your blogging site for affiliate marketing is a web hosting company. 

A hosting company is a third-party platform that offers you space where you can store your website files.

Meanwhile, after storing your website data, it is quite another important thing for your hosting server to always respond when people try to access your website.

One of the best-recommended web hosting companies is Hostinger

In addition, the most prominent CMS platform, WordPress, recommends Hostinger for hosting your website files.

Do you know how many visitors you will lose when your website server is down? 

We have seen websites that went down for days because they chose a poor web hosting company.

This is why we recommend Hostinger web hosting company. 

Do you know that over 2 million people from almost all the world are using Hostinger?

If you want peace of mind when you have hosted your website, just choose Hostinger as your hosting company.

(Above is the Hostinger Coupon Code and deals To Save up to 85% on Hosting & Domains Name) 

Moreover, watch this video below to see how to host your WordPress website with Bluehost. 

Before diving into the video, click the link above and sign up with Hostinger, then choose your preferred hosting plan that will suit your affiliate blogging site.

For any reason you don’t want to use Hostinger probably you want high-capacity hosting then consider the following 

Tips #3: List Other Alternatives Companies to Hostinger

Although Hostinger is the best hosting company we recommend, there are still other good hosting companies you can choose when starting blogging for affiliate marketing. Some of them are:

Step 3: Customizing Your Affiliate Marketing Site

Customizing Your Affiliate Marketing Site

This section will take you through how you can create your blogging website for your affiliate marketing.

You don’t need to learn all the web programming languages before you can create your affiliate marketing blog.

In this aspect, we recommend WordPress CMS (Content Management System), as it is the most widely used platform for creating websites in this current era.

Do you know that over 56% of all the websites on planet earth are built with WordPress?

Some themes will increase your SEO. 

This means your site’s effectiveness in receiving organic traffic from search engines.

Meanwhile, before you can understand all these, you must first install WordPress in the hosting package you purchased from Hostinger.

Before you get to install WordPress, let’s explain to you what WordPress is all about.

WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS) written in PHP.

 It is paired with a MySQL or MariaDB database, making it easy for people to create and manage websites without learning programming languages.

Tips #1: Installing WordPress and Choosing a WordPress Theme for your Website (Free theme and paid theme) 

WordPress software can be installed directly in your cPanel by downloading the WordPress software (.zip) and uploading it manually to your chosen web hosting company (Hostinger).

Moreover, this process is very tedious, and before you can achieve this, you need to know how to upload files to your cPanel FTP.

If you don’t have good knowledge of FTP, you will undoubtedly encounter challenges in your installation process.

Meanwhile, there is a better way to install WordPress, which requires only a few clicks from your computer.

Follow the below steps to install WordPress with ease.

Step 1: Navigate to your cPanel

Login to your cPanel with the information that your enlisted web hosting organization sent to you.

Upon your hosting plan, your cPanel login URL can be, which is customary among WordPress hostings.

The following is how your cPanel seems to be

Website cPanel
Step 2: Navigate to the Software

Scroll until you get to the section labelled “software.” Inside the SOFTWARE section, you’ll see other applications you can install in your purchased web hosting package.

Click on Softaculous Apps Installer to continue.

See the image below.

Softaculous Apps Installer
Step 3: Tap on the WordPress tab

After clicking on “Softaculous Apps Installer,” you will be taken to another page where you can see other apps that you can install in your cPanel.

If you hover over any app, you will see “Install, demo & overview.” Then, click on WordPress (do not click on Install, E get why).

click on WordPress
Step 4: Install WordPress

Inside this page, you will see some navigation like Overview, Features, screenshots, etc. 

Below the install button, you’ll see the space required to install WordPress on your cPanel.

Now click on Install Now.

install wordpress Now.
Step 5: Setup WordPress Software 

Here you must select the WordPress version you wish to install. Again, we recommend that you choose the latest version.

Choose Installation URL: By default, Bluehost offers an SSL certificate. So you are required to select HTTPS:// as your installation URL. 

If you choose another hosting company that does not offer HTTPS://, you should like HTTP:// as your installation URL.

 Next, select the domain that you want to install WordPress on. 


This is to ensure that your website has only without any prefix added to

Site Settings: Here, you can edit your site name & its description. 

Moreover, if you don’t want to start making any changes to your site here,

 you can leave it as default because you can further customize your website from your WordPress dashboard.

Admin Account: The administrator Username is the username that will be required when you need to login into your WordPress dashboard (pick a username that you can constantly recall).

 Administrator Password: this is the secret key you’ll require to log in to your WordPress. Try to pick a solid secret phrase; add something like: $ # @ * and ^ } +. 

Administrator Email is the email you will use to get data for your WordPress site. 

You can utilize your Gmail account here. 

Choose Language: Here, choose the primary language that best suits your website.

Select Plugin(s): I’ll recommend you to leave the options as default.

Advanced Options: take out time before making changes to this section. Leave Database name & Table prefix as default. 

Auto Upgrade: Check the box that says “Do not Auto Upgrade.”

 Select Auto Upgrade WordPress Plugins, which will make all your modules cutting-edge and secure. Leave others unrestrained.

Select Theme: We recommend you skip this section since every WordPress version comes with a default theme. Moreover, you can install themes later.

Email Installation Details: Put the email address to which all the information about your installation will be sent.

 Just use the email you used in your Admin Account section above.

Final WordPress Install: after making all the necessary changes, click the “Install” button.

Access your WordPress Dashboard

After a successful installation, you will be provided with a link that you will use to access your WordPress login page.

For example, if your website URL is, you can access your WordPress login page with

Next, use your username or email address and your password to log in.

 username or email address

 The username and password are what you used during WordPress installation.

Tips #2: Installing and Setting up the Astra Theme

Installing and Setting up the Astra Theme

One of the reasons why we recommend the Astra theme is because it is a FREE WordPress theme.

 As one who is starting affiliate marketing, you can use it for free without paying theme developers.

Also, you can even install it directly from your WordPress dashboard.

Below are the steps you should follow when installing the Astra WordPress theme:

  1. Login to your WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Go to Appearance > Themes > Add New
  3. Search for – Astra
  4. Install Astra
  5. Activate it

Let’s discuss each step so that you can understand it.

See the image below for virtual assistance.

installing the Astra WordPress theme:

Tips #3: Setup Your WordPress Permalink for SEO

To set up WordPress Permalink for SEO, from your WordPress dashboard, go to “Settings“> “Permalinks.”

Depending on your choice, you can include day, month, and year in your permalink before the title of your blog post.

Moreover, one of the recommended Permalinks structures you can use is the “Post name” only permalink.

This means that your blog posts will have permalinks like

From the image below, you can see that we set our permalink to a custom link. 

When you are done, scroll down and click on “Save changes” to save the changes you have made to your permalink.

Moreover, you can further customize your permalink if you wish. 

Perhaps, these basic permalink settings will increase your website visibility in search engines and SEO.

See the image below.

set Permalinks structures in wordpress

Step 4: Create WordPress Menus/Pages

To create “Menu” in WordPress, go to “Appearance“> “Menu.” UnderMenu structure,” you will see “Menu Name.”

 In the input field next to the “Menu Name,” give your menu a name and click on “Save Menu” to save the changes you have applied.

From the image below, I named my Menu “Main Menu.”When you have saved your menu, come to the “Add menu items” tab and select from Pages, Posts, Custom Links, or Categories.

If you wish to add your created pages to your “Main Menu,” click on “Pages” and select the created pages you want to add to your Main Menu.

Create WordPress Menus/Pages

To create pages in WordPress, go to “Pages”> “Add New,” then add the title and the content of your page and save or publish your page.

create pages in WordPress

Step 5: Find and Get Accepted into Affiliate Networks. Amazon associate, Clickbank. Etc.

Once you have finished setting up the necessary things on your website, the next thing is to start registering with affiliate networks.

There are thousands of affiliate networks that you can register with and promote thousands of products you wish to.

Moreover, each affiliate network differs from another. 

So it’s left to you to know the type of product you wish to promote and the audience you are targeting in your blog, social media, YouTube channel, or any other means you intend to promote your affiliate links.

Some affiliate networks that will quickly approve you are:

  • Amazon associate
  • Clickbank
  • Jvzoo
  • Shareasale
  • Digistore24

Amazon Associate 

This network is owned and managed by Amazon, and they quickly approve new affiliates who wish to join their program. 

In this network, you will see thousands of products in diverse niches.

 In addition, you can promote every single product sold on Amazon’s official website, and they deliver goods worldwide.


This is another great affiliate network that commissions its affiliates highly. 

Like every other affiliate network, they have thousands of products in many categories. 

In addition, they usually approve new affiliates in their program.


This platform is where developers sell their software and other digital products. They approve almost every single affiliate. 

They also pay a high commission to their companions. Moreover, to promote any software, you need to request approval from the software owner.

 Sometimes it may take weeks for your request to be approved. Also, sometimes, the software developer may decline your request to promote their product.


 This is a platform that comprises over 200 different affiliate networks. 

Once you create an account with Shareasale, all you need is to start applying to every affiliate network that you wish to promote their product. 

Shareasale approves almost every affiliate marketer who uses its platform.


This is another quite excellent affiliate network. However, they restricted some countries like Nigeria, Bangladesh, etc., from creating an account with them.

 Moreover, you can use VPN to bypass it and make your affiliate account a Nigeria.

Get more insight on the list of other recommended affiliate programs and see its benefits, cookie duration, commission, etc., here.

Step 6: Keyword Research / Affiliate Marketing Content Templates For Your Blog

Keyword Research / Affiliate Marketing Content Templates For Your Blog

#1. Do Keyword Research Before Writing your Content

One of the secrets of blogging is “keyword research”. You can see what people are searching for when you do keyword research.

One of the fatal mistakes new bloggers make is that they will keep creating fantastic content without finding out if people are searching for the keywords they targeted.

SemRush and Ahrefs are tools that you are to use when doing keyword research. 

You will see them in the sections below.

Moreover, whenever you are doing keyword research, ensure that you go for keywords that have low difficulty. Called  “keywords with low hanging fruit” 

This will make it possible for your new blog to rank in search engine first pages because there is less competition on the keyword that your blog is ranking for.

#2. Use Google Auto Suggest or autoComplete predictions

Use Google Auto Suggest Or AutoComplete Predictions

Google auto-suggest is the keywords that Google suggests for you when searching for a keyword in the search engines bar.

The keywords you will find in the Google suggestion sidebar are what people are searching for and are related to the keyword you searched for.

This is quite a fantastic way that you can use to find relevant keywords that people are searching for on Google.

I have seen a lot of bloggers and affiliate marketers that use this great tool to find out the current trend that people are searching for on the internet. 

This also helps you to know the people you should target in your content.

You should know that what someone from the United States is searching for will be very different from what another individual in Nigeria will be searching for.

I personally use these Free Chrome Extensions For SEO like SuferSEO and Keyword Everywhere to determine if the keywords worth targeting

#3. Use Ahrefs or Semrush to Find keywords

Use Ahrefs or Semrush to Find keywords

Ahrefs is quite a fantastic tool with both free and premium versions and you can use their devices to do keyword research, check out backlinks, and do other things related to the Website, YouTube, etc.

Beyond using Ahref for keyword research, this amazing platform has other advanced tools you will find helpful in your journey as an affiliate marketer.

For instance, if you find a keyword and you want to create detailed content on that keyword, with the “Backlink Checker” tool, you will be able to see how many backlinks people that are already ranking on Google page one has on that particular keyword or even in their entire website.

How successful you will be as an affiliate marketer highly depends on your keyword research knowledge.

You may think that people may be interested in purchasing a particular product, not knowing that the volume of people searching for the product is very low.

In this scenario, you may end up creating excellent content without getting any single visitor to your website.

I’ve seen a blogger who later quit bloggers because of the frustration she encountered along the line. 

Imagine having over 400 content on your website, but you don’t get up to 1,000 visitors monthly.

When you are done setting up your affiliate marketing blog, you should next venture into keyword research before thinking about creating any content.

Also, you can opt-in for a Semrush free trial. It’s quite an easy-to-suit platform that constitutes various tools designed by keyword research and knowing how to optimize your Website for SEO.

#4. Spy your Competitor to Extract their Low Hanging Fruit Keywords

Spy your Competitor to Extract their Low Hanging Fruit Keywords

Okay! We know that the caption of this section might seem confusing to most of you who are starting your journey in the affiliate marketing or blogging niche.

Perhaps, what we mean here is that you need to regularly monitor your competitor’s keywords to see most of their keywords that have low competition,

the keyword that they have not yet written content on, and their contents that are not ranking well on search engines for such keywords, etc.

With this insight, you will know how to navigate your way as a beginner to ensure that you are doing well regarding making your content available on search engine top pages.

We recommend that you go for a keyword with low competition and create several affiliate marketing content templates for those keywords. 

This is because there are many factors that search engines consider before ranking your content on the first page.

For example, a new website does not have domain authority, and its backlinks will be low or even zero.

Regardless of the quality of the content that you write on your new Website, Google and other search engines will first consider websites with high domain authority and backlinks.

This is because these websites have been trusted by millions of users and Google certifies them as a good source of information for searchers on the internet.

To get more insight on spying on your competitor’s keywords and extracting their low-hanging fruit, check out this guide.

Step 7: Creating Content for Your Affiliate Blogging Site

Creating Content for Your Affiliate Blogging Site

Having seen our detailed expo on step #6 sub-step #4 above, it’s time to create unique and excellent content for your new affiliate blogging site.

This section will take you through the proper strategies to guide you while creating content for your affiliate marketing blog.

Let’s start with you creating content for yourself.

#1 Writing Articles, Yourself!

Writing Articles, Yourself!

If you are starting content writing and don’t have many funds to hire content writers, we recommend you sit down and create amazing content for yourself.

The more you create content, the more you master on-site and off-site SEO. 

Also, you will discover more secrets of blogging as regards getting organic traffic to your blog and outranking people that have written dozens of content on their site with the keywords you are planning to create content on.

There are lots of advantages when you create content by yourself. 

For instance, you will know where to position your keyword around your content to increase your content SEO quality.

Also, since your goal is affiliate marketing, you will know how to impress readers to click on your affiliate product links as they read through your blog posts.

Moreover, if you intend to use catchy buttons, you will mark the places you will add those buttons when publishing your post right from your blogging platform (WordPress is quite recommended).

When you create articles yourself, you can inter-link to other blog posts right inside your paragraphs as you create new content.

It’s absolutely good for on-page SEO. 

#2 Outsourcing the Content on Fiverr

Outsourcing The Content On Fiverr

Fiverr is quite a popular freelancing website where you can hire people to help you do specific jobs at a decent rate.

If you map out a certain amount to start up your affiliate marketing blog, this option is quite recommended as it will save you time and allow you to carry out other businesses you are handling.

Moreover, you can even come across some gurus regarding content writing.

 You can outrank your competitors with these professional writers because they have in-depth knowledge of content writing and SEO regarding affiliate marketing blogs.

Right inside Fiverr, you can bid prices on anything you can afford! And guess what?

 You will still see many people interested in doing the job regardless of how little you will pay them.

In this scenario, if you have other businesses occupying your time while they bring huge funds in return, 

you can focus on your business and hire expert content writers to create SEO-based content with your targeted keyword.

While hiring writers from freelance websites like Fiverr, you have the liberty to compare writers and choose the best that renders services you like.

#3 Use A.I content Writing Software

AI writing assistant that helps you create high-quality content in just few, you can use to scale up content creation to rank more on search.

So if want to recomend A.I copywritting software, I will give it to Jasper AI is by far the best AI writing software.

Very Important Warning; Please don’t start up any fresh website A.I generated content watch this video to know extacly what I’m saying

#4. Properly Format and Publish the Articles. (Grammarly will be Helpful) 

Properly Format and Publish the Articles. (Grammarly will be Helpful)

Formatting the contents that you have created either by yourself or by freelancers you hired is another task that must be performed when discussing blogging.

As a blogger, you should know specific rules that your content should follow for search engines to recognize and rank it.

This is where checking your grammar, spelling, and positioning comes in. 

Also, your headings are fundamental in this aspect.

One of the most popular tools you can use to check your grammar spelling and arrangement is “Grammarly.”

This tool has both free and premium versions. 

If you are just starting blogging and don’t have enough funds to go for the premium version, you can use the free version, as it will help you check your spelling and other English word positioning in your articles.

Another thing you should pay more attention to is how to use headings in your blog content.

Your blog post is meant to have only one heading (H1). This H1 should be the title of your blog post. 

Also, ensure that your targeted keyword is included in the title of your blog post, as this increases your chances of ranking in search engines.

Heading two (H2) should be standard headings in your blog content. 

This should be the regular main heading that should be found inside your blog contents.

Other subsequent headings after your H2 should be H3, H4, etc. Those headings make your content more readable. 

Note: Your vital targeted headings after your main heading (H1) should be your heading two (H2).

 This helps search engines easily fetch helpful content from your blog and serve it to searchers on the internet.

#5. Do On Page & Off Page SEO for Your Blog Post. 

Do On Page & Off Page SEO For Your Blog Post.

On-page SEO is things you need to optimize in your website, which helps to improve the quality of your website.

Regarding the factors that help your website rank high in search engine result pages, On-page SEO is more effective than off-page SEO.

Search engines have over a hundred factors they consider before ranking each web page.. 

for instance, your article’s quality and size matter when ranking your articles on search engines.

Adding descriptive images to your blog posts is part of on-page SEO that you should always consider when creating blog content.

Also, using your targeted keyword as your alt image description is quite a good ranking factor. 

Interlinking your previous posts in your current article and adding an external link that points to other websites where you get some of your content information is quite a good factor that is classified as an on-page SEO factor.

Most of the time if you have published a lot of content on your site it might be difficult to back inter-link those blog posts… but I personally use LinkWhisper to automate the entire process. 

Perhaps adding your targeted keywords in your headings and paragraphs is another aspect of on-page SEO that you must implement if you intend to rank your keywords.

On the other hand, off-page SEO is quite a good ranking factor, but it has less function when compared to on-page SEO.

Off-page SEO focuses on what you do on other websites to ensure that your website ranks high in search engines.

 An example of off-page SEO is getting backlinks to your website.

Step 8: Accessing Amazon Associates Product via Advertising API

Accessing Amazon Associates Product via Advertising API

Amazon is quite a highly rated affiliate program that sells almost everything you can imagine. 

When you create an affiliate associate account, you can promote any product in the Amazon store and earn an excellent commission.

Moreover, we have written a detailed guide on how to create an affiliate associate account, including screenshots on how to get your affiliate ID, how you can make an affiliate link for any product of your choice, and how to add payment details.

You can read our complete Amazon affiliate account creation here.

When you have created your Amazon Associate affiliate account, 

you can proceed with the steps below to excellently promote your favourite Amazon products:

#1. Install Amazon Affiliate Marketing Plugin AAWP Plugin 

To promote Amazon products in your affiliate marketing blog, you must set up the AAWP WordPress plugin on your website.

This AAWP plugin will help you increase sales for any Amazon product you wish to promote.

AAWP plugin is a premium plugin. Moreover, to get this Plugin, purchase it from AAWP’s official website here

When you have purchased it, install the WordPress plugin and activate the Plugin using the license key.

When you have finished installing the Plugin, it’s time to connect this Plugin to your Amazon account using Amazon Product Advertising API.

#2. Setting up Access Key ID and Secret Access Key and Affiliate IDs for Awwp

To start setting up your Access Key ID, you can do that right from your Amazon Associate dashboard by clicking on Tools > product advertising API.

Moreover, you can use this direct link which will take you to the Amazon associate dashboard, where you can find your Secret Access Key and Affiliate IDs for Awwp.

When you are on the Amazon product advertising API page, click on request for PA API access to see your access and secret keys.

When you have gotten your Amazon PA API key, navigate to Amazon Affiliates > Settings > Amazon API. On this page, you must copy and paste the Access and Secret key.

You also need to add your Amazon affiliate tracking ID. You can find your tracking ID on this link.

When you have configured all this right inside your Amazon Associate dashboard, you can start using your AAWP plugin.

Moreover, the AAWP plugin has various features that make promoting Amazon products on your affiliate blogging site easy and stress-free.

For instance, you can easily add Amazon product boxes, comparison tables, new product arrival, a top seller in a particular category, comparison table + your data, etc.

Another fantastic thing is that you can achieve all these features using the WordPress shortcodes.

#3 Affiliatable for Affiliate Stunning Tables

Affiliatable is quite an excellent WordPress plugin you can use as an affiliate marketer to create fantastic and stunning tables for your affiliate products. is a cloud software (no plugin) that allows you to easily create beautiful, and high converting Comparison Tables,Product Boxes, Top Choice Boxes, Pros & Cons Tables, Rating & Review Scheme Box, Versus Box, and much more!. 

Below are the steps on how to set up the Affiliatable WordPress plugin:

Step 1: Download the official Affiliatable WordPress plugin. You can do this by visiting the Affiliatable official Website. 

When you are on the website, create an account with them, and from your dashboard, you can download the zip format of the Affiliatable WordPress plugin.

Step 2: Log in to your WordPress website and go to Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin.

Step 3: Upload the plugin zip file of the Affiliatable WordPress plugin that you just downloaded in step #1 above

Next, click the Install Now button to install the Plugin.

Step 4: After installing the Plugin, click on the Activate Plugin button to make the Plugin you installed active on your WordPress website.

Step 5: Navigate to the Affiliatable Plugin, and you will be asked to enter the API key

Step 6: To get your Affiliatable plugin API key, go to your Affiliatable account > Websites and copy the respective Website’s API key by clicking the Copy Key button.

Step 7: Go back to your website, paste the API key, and click the Connect button.

Step 8: When you have clicked the Connect button, you will see the list of tables and boxes you created for this website. If you don’t see anything, click the Sync button.

Step 9: Now, copy the Shortcode, add it to your post, and publish it. 

Step 10: You can make changes to the tables or boxes, like adding or removing the products; Save it and hit the Sync button once

It will automatically update the tables and packages in your post.

Step 9: Promoting Your Site for Traffic


As a marketer, you should know that how successful you will be in your business depends on how much traffic comes to your blog.

Perhaps, you can sit down after creating a fantastic website and expect thousands of traffic to troop to your website daily.

This section will take you through how to promote your site for traffic.

#1: Promote your Website through Social Media 

Social media marketing network communication mobile phone app

As an affiliate marketer, your goal should not just be to get traffic to your website alone.

 Instead, it would be best if you focused on getting traffic that converts.

What we mean by “traffic that converts is getting people that will be interested in purchasing the products you are promoting on your website when they visit your website.

Today social media platforms have become affiliate marketers’ top traffic sources. 

Depending on your audience and how engaging you are, you can generate thousands of traffic from social media platforms.

Social media marketing involves using infographics and short, catchy words to announce to your audience the products they may be interested in buying.

Moreover, suppose you are just starting, and you don’t have any active page, group or engaging audience in any of the social media platforms.

 In that case, you can promote your affiliate products by sponsoring some of your well-optimized posts.

Since almost every internet user has an account on diverse social media platforms, it has become one of the most effective ways of getting a targeted audience that will convert.

#2: Focus On Getting Backlinks


Next on our lists for promoting your affiliate marketing site for traffic is building backlinks.

Backlinks mean your Website links (probable links from your website contents) that other third-party websites have on them, which point to your website.

Backlinks are votes that show search engines how relevant your website contents are, 

because the more valuable and meaningful content you have in your website, 

the more people will be linking to  your website articles when they are creating content on topics or keywords that are related to your written content.

The more backlinks you have on your website, the more you have the chance to rank high in search engine result pages.

This is why we recommend that you should focus on building backlinks

Perhaps, there are so many ways that you can use to create backlinks for your website.

You can build it organically or manually.

 For example, suppose you intend to build backlinks to your website organically (naturally).

 In that case, you should strive to create added value content that other bloggers can easily reference when creating their content.

For instance, thousands of bloggers commonly reference Neil Patel because he creates quality content, and people like getting relevant and updated content from him.

Moreover, there are lots of YouTube videos out there that explain how to build backlinks for your website.

You might to watch this free Ahrefs tutorials Playlist about link building that will help help to understand how to build link organically without Google penalties 

#3: Promote your Website Through a YouTube Channel (YouTube Short) 

Promote Your Website Through A YouTube Channel (YouTube Short)

Today YouTube has become one of the most visited video streaming platforms ever. 

Thousands of affiliate marketers who utilize YouTube in promoting their affiliate products are very successful today.

For any product you are promoting, you can make thousands of sales weekly if you can review a YouTube video and target specific people interested in purchasing that product.

Today, most people like streaming information online instead of going to blogs to read hundreds of paragraphs before getting the specific information they are looking for.

Owning a YouTube channel for your affiliate marketing career is quite a bonus.

 After all, once you have many subscribers, you can promote any product of your choice and get thousands of sales because your subscribers trust you.

Creating a YouTube channel is easy and does not demand any money. 

Depending on the video you intend to create in the future, you can use free open source software like OBS Studio  or InVideo that will help you create highly engaging videos.

Also, you can use many plugins to find out highly searchable YouTube keywords and what you can do to rank your videos.

For instance, VidIQ is quite a fantastic YouTube plugin with many features even in its free package.

#4. Promote your product through TikTok

Promote Your Product Through TikTok

Do you know that you can monetize your TikTok account by promoting certain products in the short videos you create on TikTok?

In this digital world, ensure to make Money from anything you are doing, no matter how crazy it seems to be.

Do you know that some TikTok users with millions of followers make hundreds of thousands of dollars every month?

Without hassle, they recommend company products to their audience.

 A company can pay them to promote products for them through their short videos.

Likewise, you can promote products your audience will be interested in from your TikTok account.

Like YouTube shorts, you can promote your affiliate products in your TikTok short videos. 

Just use high-quality video editing software when creating footage that focuses on promoting your affiliate products.

#5: Promoting Your Site Through Paid Ads

Promoting Your Site Through Paid Ads

Paid ads are one of the easiest and fastest ways you can utilize to promote your affiliate products, even when you don’t have much knowledge of SEO and other promotion strategies.

If you are fully ready for affiliate marketing, you should budget for promoting your affiliate products through paid ads.

Moreover, there are hundreds of platforms that you can use to promote your affiliate products either organically or through social media platforms.

Promoting your site through paid ads is one of the most effective ways of promoting affiliate products because you have the liberty to target the people you want to purchase your recommended products and also the same country you want them to come from.

If you often use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., 

you must have come across some posts with a “Sponsoredtag.

These posts mean that people paid Facebook or other related platforms to help them promote their posts to thousands of people who may be interested in purchasing or viewing their ads.

Moreover, suppose you are an affiliate marketer who intends to use paid ads in promoting your affiliate products. 

In that case, we recommend you build landing pages for each product you advertise on any platform, probably social media platforms or Google Ads.

Landing pages make it possible for your visitors to convert when they come to your sales page.

If at all possible you want to use landing for WordPress I suggest to read this Thrive Architect

Step 10:  How to Receive Amazon Affiliate Payment Outside US Using Payoneer

How to Receive Amazon Affiliate Payment Outside US Using Payoneer

From our research, many affiliate marketers have revealed that they prefer using either PayPal or Amazon gift cards to receive their Amazon Associate earnings.

Moreover, we noticed that Payoneer is quite a fantastic platform supported in almost all the countries in the world, 

and you can withdraw funds from your Payoneer to your local bank account with just a few clicks.

Meanwhile, Payoneer, quite popular like PayPal, is a global e-wallet that you can use to receive your Amazon affiliate commission almost all over the world.

The primary reason we choose Payoneer is that with Payoneer, you will be given a free USA bank account number which you can use to receive funds as though you are a USA citizen.

In this case, Amazon supports direct wire transfers to your local bank in a few countries. 

For instance, Nigeria is not included in their list of countries that can receive earnings through wire transfer.

With the US bank account number that Payoneer will give you, you will be able to receive your Amazon affiliate commission payment method as at when due.

If you are new to Payoneer, they will give you a free $25 welcome bonus when you sign up.

Register your Payoneer account here.

How to Setup Amazon Affiliate Payment Method Using Payoneer

If you don’t have a Payoneer account, click here to register and obtain your US bank account that can be used for Amazon affiliate commission.

The Payoneer account registration won’t take more than 5 minutes of your time. 

When creating your Payoneer account, follow the steps below to configure your Amazon affiliate payment information.

Step 1: Log in to Payoneer

Log in to your Payoneer account and hover on “Receive.” Then, click on “Global payment service from the dropdown list.”

 See the image below for a virtual assistant.

payoneer Global payment service from the dropdown list

When you click “Global payment service,” it will take you to another page where you can get a USA account number.

Since we are working with Amazon and payment will be in USD, select a USA account from the Payoneer page that will be opened for you. See the image below.

 USA account from the Payoneer page

When you click on “USA” from the image above, a new page showing your USA bank account details with your name will be displayed. 

See the image below.

payoneer USA bank account details

Step 2: Log in to your Amazon Affiliate Account

Log in to your Amazon affiliate account to add your USA bank account details as your payment method in your Amazon affiliate account.

Click on “Payment information” from your Amazon Associate homepage to enter your preferred payment information. 

See the below image.

amazon associate Payment information

You can also go to Settings on your Amazon affiliate dashboard and click on change payment method.

Step 3: Change Payment Method

When you click “Change payment method,” as shown in arrow #2 in the image above, it will take you to a new page. 

Click on “Bank account” from that page to add your USA bank account details. 

See the image below.

USA bank account details to amazon associate

When you click on “Bank account,” it will ask you to “Add a new bank account” from the next open page.

Click on the “Add a new bank account” and add the USA account details you copied from Payoneer. 

Then, view the image below to see how to add your US account details to your Amazon Associate account.

When you are done adding the USA account details, click on “Save changes” to save your account details.

Step 4: Congratulations

After you have clicked on “Save changes,” you will receive a success message that you have successfully added your USA account details to your Amazon affiliate program account. 

See the image below.

add USA account details to your Amazon affiliate program account. 

With the tricks we discussed, you can bypass all those protocols that hinder people from joining the Amazon associate program, especially when they are non-US citizens.

Step 11: Recap and Recommendation

In your journey of starting blogging for affiliate marketing the following 

  1.  Firstly You need to pick an affiliate marketing niche or a blogging niche,
  2. Set up your affiliate marketing site, 
  3. Register with affiliate programs,
  4. do intensive keyword research,
  5.  create unique and engaging contents that will trigger people to purchase the products you recommend for them using your affiliate links
  6. Don’t depend on the SEO promotion of your sites. 
  7. Finally, you should strive to promote your affiliate marketing website using various means that work for you.
  8. Having done all, you need to set up your payment method. Probably PayPal, Payoneer, Wise, etc.

We recommend that you follow this guide strictly and see how successful you will be in your affiliate marketing career.


This is meant to be a premium course on starting blogging for affiliate marketing, but because we love our readers,

 We decided to share this detailed guide for free here on our website. Drop your comments if you need help in any of the steps discussed above.

Above all, share this guide with your friends interested in starting blogging for affiliate marketing.

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