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Super affiliate system review – Is John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System Worth it

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As we all know, there is a notable increase in the growth of the affiliate market every day.  Experts have also foreseen that the market would have grown to double or even triple its size as early as 2023. 

There are approximately 190 million transactions that are completed every day, this statistic was collated in the year 2019 though.  

If you are having doubts about this market, I’m here to let you know that now is the best time for you to reconsider and get started with affiliate marketing as soon as possible. 

Sadly, we should all note that the world is changing and there are not a lot of trustworthy people in the world. 

This has given birth to a lot of scams and false platforms which offer fake schemes which look too good to be true and entice unsuspecting victims into falling for their traps. 

To prevent you from losing all your investments, you should always pay close attention and do a lot of research before you put any investments in any affiliate program whatsoever. 

I would like to introduce you to a platform that makes your affiliate marketing journey easy and makes sure you do not ever lose your money to any false affiliate marketing platforms or other factors.

 It is called the John Crestani super affiliate system which I’m sure you have already guessed was created by John Crestani himself. 

The super Affiliate system is one of the best and most popular courses on affiliate marketing you would come across on the internet. if you are looking for the best affiliate marketing courses that provide useful help to get started with affiliate marketing in the right way.

 Sit back and relax, because this review is here to tell you whether or not you should consider this super affiliate system review and if it is truly worth buying.

Table Of Contents

What is the Super Affiliate System: 

Firstly, I would like us to take a look at what the super affiliate system is all about.

  The super affiliate system is an online course that aids affiliate marketers and prospective affiliate marketers on their journey through affiliate marketing. 

It is also video-based affiliate marketing training, and a lot of procedures are shown to you for easier comprehension.

 It has been claimed that this system would help you make a very good income daily and some even say you can make as much as $3000 every week.

This is a unique affiliate system because while other systems place more focus on teaching you how to create websites as a means of advertisement. 

John Crestani’s super affiliate system training places the most of its focus on how to start an affiliate marketing business without a website that’s based on creating paid ads for your clients. 

Also, the course has been made easily affordable for everyone as its price has been reduced largely.

What is John Crestani’s Super Affiliate Program all About?

John Crestani’s super affiliate system aids all affiliate marketers and potential affiliate marketers to make money through a series of training that spans six weeks. 

There are a lot of highly educational contents packed in the course which include quizzes, assignments, and also pre-recorded teachings.

 The sole aim of this course is to guide you through every step and process that you need in order to succeed as an affiliate marketer.

It is however very important to note that affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme and although the chances are low, it is not always 100% guaranteed that you would succeed as an affiliate marketer.

  John Crestani’s super affiliate system consists of six segments which comprise of It’s has 14 modules, 42 information video courses, 34 show me a how-to video which I would be highlighted below: 

– in the first Module Content, 

John Crestani educates you on how to create and set up all your adverts and advert links in order to start earning your commissions. 

He also teaches you the best ways to select affiliate networks so you do not select the wrong ones or get scammed and also how to apply them. 

in the second Module Content,

 Crestani helps you select the best niche that is best for you and you also feel the most attracted to it in the second segment. 

Also, you are then exposed to various networks that pay relatively high commissions which can help you make as high as 60% of other affiliate marketers.

In the third Module Content

you are going to be learning about a pot of advanced skills that help you increase your sales per week.

 These skills include effective marketing strategies and also copywriting skills

At this stage, you are becoming a professional and you should gain a lot of knowledge which would be very applicable to help you earn optimum profits in your marketing campaigns. 

– In the fourth Module Content,

 John Crestani dispenses information on how to make profits using Facebook and Google ads.

 They are both arguably the best and the most powerful advertising platforms on social media as he claims. 

Also in the fifth Module Content, 

John Crestani talks about social media advertisements but this time he focuses on YouTube ads. 

 YouTube is also a very important medium for affiliate marketing.

The 6 Module Content encompasses the exploration of survey funnels. 

It is also important to note that aside from the actual training, Crestani gives you additional features like extra video content which is super educative.

 There are also numerous bonus contents like landing pages, ad setups, case studies, coaching calls every month, and also SAS coaches. 

Do you need an instant super affiliate system login? to start the affiliate marketing training

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How Do You Earn Money Using John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System?  

You earn money when an online retailer pays you an agreed commission for every traffic and sale you generate from each one of your referrals.  

So, whenever your followers purchase the products or services that you advertise using your affiliate link, you receive a commission for the sales made using the tour affiliate link. 

 Also, you must know that this course and this method, in general, is not suitable for anyone who doesn’t want to spend money on an ads campaign. 

If you are looking for ways to earn money for free or without spending anything, you should not push through with this as it is for individuals that are aspiring to earn money through paid ads. 

But notwithstanding if you are a beginner on a budget you should focus on free methods to promote your affiliate offers

Is John Crestani A Really Super Affiliate? What is His Net Worth? 

 Before we proceed, let us dive into John Crestani’s backstory. He started out pretty normal,

 He was about 20 and was on the verge of quitting university as he spent a lot of his time doing other things and wasn’t quite certain about his future or his life’s direction in total.

However, his life completely changed when he took a trip to Thailand intending to give crucial thought to all his options. 

During his stay, he was privileged to read a lot of books. The book that changed his life in his words was “The 4-hour workweek “which is written by Tim Ferriss. 

From then on, he decided to start earning income through entrepreneurship instead of breaking off his back on a white-collar job. 

 As most successful entrepreneurs started, John Crestani started small by selling little items on eBay. 

However things got tough and he decided to get a job working at a marketing agency, that was where he was taught almost everything he knew about the affiliate market and also per-click advertising. 

It then dawned on him that there was a way to make money without having his products to market and he didn’t even have to use any of the local ad campaign tactics. 

Using affiliate marketing, he was able to pay other sites to feature ads and then make profits as a result. For every sale that was conducted, he would receive a percentage from his clients. 

Before long he became an expert at the business and left his job, this was when he began to fully pursue his passion as an affiliate marketer.

 Now John makes an honest living marketing products using online strategies and getting paid for every sale that is conducted.  If you are thinking John Crestani is a scam, I implore you to think again because he is a master of his craft and has taken on a lot of million-dollar ad campaigns.

Is John Crestani A Really Super Affiliate

 Also, you can read more about him online as there is numerous information about him on some of the most popular news outlets like CBS, FOX, NBC, and Forbes. According to Forbes, John Crestani is worth an estimated 7.5 million dollars.

Why Most People Think the Super Affiliate System is a Pyramid Scheme – Is it Really a Pyramid Scheme? 

  Most people are often sceptical about getting involved with the Super Affiliates System platform because most see it as a Pyramid scheme. 

Most platforms actually make more money off teaching other students than performing the actual trade, so it seems like a waste of money.  

John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System has been called a pyramid scheme because of this stereotype, here is my honest review opinion about the super affiliate system. 

 You should know about making money online, although you have to pay a high amount of money for the course and you also have to promote this course or other products before you can start to make money. 

In my own opinion, this course totally teaches you how exactly the professional affiliate marketing system functions, 

And it also shows you different step by step methods and different affiliate marketing case studies used by John Crestani in his affiliate marketing journey.

So instead of you trying to begin your affiliate marketing journey yourself or by learning from some random people who are not very familiar with the affiliate market, it is better to settle for a platform that has been tested and is also trusted. 

One challenge I have encountered in my affiliate marketing journey is that I tried to figure things out myself, which took my years… 

But starting with tested and proven courses Will help to ensure Jumpstart and avoid the learning curve. 

Is Super Affiliate System Different From Other Make Money Courses? 

It is important to know how the super Affiliate system is unique from other money-making courses. Let us use the commission hero as a case study

What is a commission hero? Commission hero is another affiliate marketing course that aims to help you make profits as an affiliate marketer.

 One of the most important features of this course is that it also provides good training videos. 

There are about 45 training videos in total, so there are enough to cover any problem you might experience along the way. 

This course was designed in a way that even if you are a newbie in the world of affiliate marketing, you would easily understand the business model and learn new ways in which you can make the market work for you.  

It is worthwhile to mention there is actually a lot of success stories from ordinary people who, once applied what John Crestani teaches in his course, have seen really great results.

One of its biggest advantages is that it takes the teachings at a slow pace so that anyone who is taking the course can grasp the teachings. 

Also, it makes it easier to do things like setting up your social media account, writing the words to use in your ad, finding and applying images to be used in your ads, how to link your Facebook ads and your landing pages so it is easier to earn commission as a click bank affiliate. 

The course also helps with uncomplicated things that seem hard and complicated at first glance. 

This course is not only for beginners as he shows you the methods which he uses to gain commissions through paid advertising. Affiliate marketers with years of experience are also welcome to join the super affiliate system training.

But recall: results may vary from one individual and another, based on the effort and work they’re putting on.

What is the Major Difference Between the Super Affiliate system and Commission Hero 

Super Affiliate system Commission Hero
Super affiliate system broadly teaches all affiliate marketing methods and this increases your chance of success as you get to learn about different methods which can be used in affiliate marketing.While Commission Hero focuses on only paid traffic like Facebook, the Super affiliate system also teaches other traffic types.
Super Affiliate System pricing:  To register for the super Affiliate system course, it is going to cost you $997.The current price of Commission Hero is approximately $997. It is to be paid one-time but there is a split payment option.
However, there is also a three instalment payment which would cost you $1191 at $397 per instalment. There is a one-time fee of $997. Then there is an installment fee of $597.
This course also comes with a 30-day refund guarantee which simply means that if you are dissatisfied with its services or you did not get any results, you can ask for a refund in the first 30-days after your payment has been made so you can get your money back.Commission Hero wants you to take the course and put it to the test for a full 12-months with the utmost attention. If you don’t get results in 12-months you can then request a refund.
Join Super Affiliate Free WebinarSee its Commission Hero Review

 Also, there is a very interesting feature about this program in the sense that you can get the money you use in registering back if you succeed in meeting the threshold of profits to be incurred after completing the course. 

John Crestani offers to give anyone who makes as much as $10,000 after completing this course their $997 registration fee back. 

However, you would be asked to complete several tasks to ensure that you are legit before your earnings can be disbursed to you… 

Also, there are numerous bonuses such as free ad credits, pre-built sales pages, swipe files, monthly training calls, and many more.

Pros and Cons of the Super Affiliate system: 

There are various advantages and disadvantages of using this course and we are going to explore them.


This course provides you with a teaching method that is suitable for everyone, from total beginners in affiliate marketing to professionals with years of experience.

There are a lot of skills that are taught there that would not only be useful during the series of the teaching but would also be useful in your future as you progress in your affiliate marketing journey.

Your private information is not in jeopardy as you do not use your email address to register.

It has a wonderful customer support and lives chat in case you have any problems that require immediate attention.

You get access to numerous video lectures which are very helpful to ensure optimum learning. 

There is always a new teaching update every day to keep you up to date on the dynamics of the current affiliate market. 

This course provides you with unlimited access to different resources which would be very helpful when running ads and promotions.

John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System helps you begin affiliate marketing the right way as opposed to learning by yourself without any prior knowledge of how the market works.


The price makes it a little too expensive for the average individual who wants to begin their affiliate marketing journey.

There are many other affiliate links in the course.

It’s not recommended for those that do not have extra money to spend on ads.

Some of the claims seem unrealistic.

Super Affiliate System Customer Review

Here are a few testimonials from active students, and they are only to show you that this training really works. If you want to check more reviews, you

A beautiful course actually. It has helped me and a good number of people I know to grow their finances and most importantly, helped them to have a better standard of living giving both knowledge and direct financial growth.

jimoh ibraheem

Rating: 4 out of 5.

“This course equips individuals with the right knowledge, information and skills to become more usual and resourceful in the business has a very simplified system and thus, is very easy to use. I strongly recommend this one for everyone who wants to go into the affiliate marketing world.”


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Came with way too much hype, thus raising my expectations. It is just like every other course that wants to be sold to you. 

Silas crown

Rating: 1.5 out of 5.

Conclusion is Super Affiliate System Really Worth the Price Tag

Super Affiliate System Review

  The Super Affiliate system is one of the most complete business opportunities in the sense that it provides you with the resources, strategies, tools, and every other thing you virtually need to launch your affiliate marketing network and change your Life. 

You can look at the super Affiliate as an investment because if you exchange $997 for the knowledge you are going to receive from this course, it is totally worth it as it makes you a pro in a business that can fetch you tens of thousands. 

In the course of the training, you are provided with access to a list of websites and various networks that are giving advertising credits for free and the free cards are always higher than the $1000 mark. 

You also get total access to a lot of marketing tools and assets that would normally cost thousands of dollars if you are investing. 

As a matter of fact, the blueprint of the super Affiliate system is worth so much and it is made sure that you understand every last bit of it.

 All six segments, support, resources, and the community at large are worth more than the $997 you are going to pay for registration in my opinion. The best part of this course is that it also offers a refund policy and a money-back guarantee.

The review is an honest opinion about the super affiliate system Do you have a contary opinion about this course? Let us know below and we’ll try to find the answer.

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