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Tailwind Create Review – Make the Social Posts for Instagram Facebook and Pinterest

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If you’ve not used Tailwind before, and you’re a marketer on Instagram, Facebook, and most especially Pinterest, then you’re doing your social media marketing the wrong way.


Things are running fast and the online world is becoming more and more saturated by the day that speed, ease, and accuracy are the three most important features any marketing tools you’re using should possess.

**Disclosure: This post may contain affiliated links- this means that I may earn a commission from the products I promote if you choose to buy them using these links at no additional cost to you. Read full disclosure here. I was also compensated to create a post about my experience with Tailwind, however, these thoughts are my own.

Now, let me show you what someone told me about his Pinterest experience with Tailwind: 

“Pinterest requires constant Pining and work and doing it manually is almost impossible. Since I think that Pinterest is one of the best organic traffic sources currently online you have to use every tool that can help you out.

Tailwind for Pinterest marketing is the best tool you can have, it takes less than a few hours, a month to manage your pin and the web traffic just drives from Pinterest.”

I shared this so that you’ll get the perspective of someone else who’s got the social media posting experience.

In this Tailwind create review, I’ll let you know:

  • What Tailwind is and what Tailwind create is.
  • If Tailwind create is worth your time.
  • If Tailwind create is free.
  • How to use Tailwind to create posts.
  • The difference between Tailwind create and Canva
  • What’s new in Tailwind?

So, just stick with me, and let’s do it together.

Table Of Contents

What is Tailwind Create?

Tailwind create is part of the menu you’ll see in the Tailwind app or website. It helps you to create the sweetest kind of designs you’ll ever need for your posts. 

From Pinterest to Instagram and Facebook. Tailwind is the new design magic.

While Tailwind was initially designed as a scheduling app, Tailwind create was added to help users with little design experience, to create outstanding designs in a short while, and with lots of options to choose from.

That’s what you get when a company cares about the users of their product.

Is Tailwind Create Worth It?

Tailwind Create Review

If I say yes or no, I’d have to give you reasons right?

Some tools are out there already for designing (Canva, Adobe Spark Post, Designer…) and scheduling (Buffer, Plann, Hootsuite…), yet, why do we need Tailwind or Tailwind create.

Which other app can, when used with Pinterest, can give you these?

Schedule your Pinterest Pins

So you can have Pins you’ve created and then you schedule when they’ll be uploaded without you hitting the post button every time, so you can do other important tasks.


Automatically post at certain intervals

There are peak periods and off-peak periods to post on social media. With this platform, you are sure of having your posts made to suit the algorithm of people’s behaviour. 

There’s a difference between posting to be seen and posting for engagement. That engagement is part of what Tailwind is built for.


Analyze your Pinterest Marketing Performance

Analytics comes in here. How do you know which post is doing well and which is not? How do you know what people like and what they don’t like? 

This data is made available using the Tailwind platform in which you have Tailwind create.

Wait, that’s not all…

Analyze other Boards

After which you know where to repin some of your Pins. 

SmartLoops for Pins

SmartLoops make it possible to continuously repin the same type of content to targeted boards. 

Therefore, to consistently repin evergreen or seasonal content, you can create individual SmartLoops to automatically pin your most engaging posts to different boards.

This means for a real long while, your posts will keep being shared just with this setting.

While these features are for Pinterest, I’ll share those specified for other platforms.

On Tailwind Create, you get free design templates for your posts on any platform – Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest inclusive. 

It’s so sweet and easy to use that you just input few details like colour, text, image… and Tailwind create will produce multiple designs for you to choose from.

Yes, multiple designs for you to choose from.

Isn’t that exciting?

And more importantly, Tailwind, as a platform, is the most enticing, valuable, cost-efficient platform you can use to design, schedule, and monitor the performance of your posts at the same time on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Now, what else do you need as an online marketer, for your daily posting, especially when speed, value, and accuracy are the focus of advertising?

So, what do you think?

How To Use Tailwind to Make Social Posts

When using Tailwind create, like most platforms, you have two options: you either use the app or the website.

So, let’s imagine you’re using the website. So you’ll visit 

Once you’re there, you’ll see two sign-up options: using Pinterest or using Instagram.

Sign up for Tailwind Pinterest  and Instagram

Note that once you agree to sign-up with your Instagram, you’ve also been given access to your Facebook page. 

So don’t bother about Facebook once you are opt-in with Instagram.

Then, click Instagram. 

Follow the basic step-by-step instructions to grant Tailwind permission to your account as every other platform does.

After several clicks of permission, you’ll be asked to create a Tailwind account with these details:

Fill you detail for Instagram

Make use of an email address that you have access to and insert a password you can remember. 

Or you can save the password in your phone extension option as is available in most browsers. Thanks to Google for that option.

Once your Tailwind account is ready, you’ll get to the point where you’ll be asked to either schedule an already existing post or create something entirely new.

 Design to Tailwind Create

I want to believe you’d want to see the magic yourself… so select new.

Then follow the step-by-step instructions shown. It’s so thrilling as you see several options given to you to choose from.

(This is where the magic explodes. So any Tailwind user does not need to be an expert in design to use it. If Canva is exciting, Tailwind is the amusement park.)

Once you select the option of design you want, you can still edit it to what you want, you can now post immediately or schedule the post on the platforms linked to your Tailwind account – Pinterest or Instagram, or both.

And all this happens in minutes with many options of designs given to you.

That’s how easy it is to use Tailwind.

Tailwind Create vs Canva – How long it takes to create content on Tailwind or Create.

Tailwind Create vs Canva

Tailwind create is more fascinating images faster than canva. That’s a fact until changes are done to any of the platforms.

For Canva, yes, we know it’s a good place for design. But Tailwind beats it for me. you need to the full compares of Canva vs Tailwind

Let’s see reasons why Tailwind is better:

Easier to use

If ease of usage were to be applied on the two platforms, I’ll give Canva 7/10 and Tailwind 9/10. That also makes it save more time for the user.

You can schedule with the free plan.

Canva gives you this feature on the paid version, Canva Pro. So, one interplay you can do is designed with Canva or Tailwind Create and schedule with Tailwind. A good combo right?

Landing page

Tailwind gives you the option to create a landing page. Canva does not, although you can build a website with canvas pro. 

So with Tailwind, your ability to capture visitors’ details is higher.

Better analytics

The feedback you get from Tailwind is unique too. 

As you post on Pinterest and Instagram, you’ll get good feedback on how your content is performing so you can optimize them.

What’s New with Tailwind?

After launching the platform, several features have been added to it. I’ll mention a few:

Instagram scheduling tool was added to Tailwind not long ago.

 It used to be dedicated to Pinterest alone but that’s changing. Now you can use Pinterest and Instagram with Tailwind.

Another feature is the SmartLoop. It simplifies repinning of the same type of content to specific boards. 

So, if you want to consistently repin certain contents, you can create SmartLoops to automatically pin your best posts to different boards.

Although, Tailwind will give you a red flag if your repinning becomes spammy this feature places your account in safe mode to prevent accounts suspension.

The next is Tailwind Communities (Formerly Tribes). It facilities the growth of audience engagement.

 So users can communicate with each other using set down rules. And I hope you know that building an online community is one of the greatest and most important trends in the world of business.

Then, Tailwind Create was not part of the first rollout for Tailwind. 

It was added later. Perhaps, they saw the need from their users. So, if an app can schedule posts, why can’t it create?

A more recent feature on Tailwind is the Instagram management tool.

 This feature has made it possible to create Instagram graphics using Tailwind Create; 

It also automatically posts content to Instagram; carry out thorough hashtag research on Instagram; create a landing page that users can click on from your Instagram profile page; save caption templates and receive feedback on the best times to post content.

Lastly, they added a hashtag finder for Instagram users. No more breaking your head for #tags.

When was the last time you used Tailwind or you didn’t start using Tailwind to grow your social presence, I charge you to sign up for free Now

Is Tailwind Create Free?

You can use it for free as well as the paid version. I’ll discuss the other pricing later but for the free version you have these to enjoy:

No need to input your credit card details to sign-up for it.

For Pinterest and Instagram free forever, you can create and schedule 20 design posts per month.

You also get access to 5 Tailwind Communities in which you can submit 30 pins per month.

If you need something more than this, then you can jump to the section I talked about Tailwind Pricing.

For the aspect of cost, this is what pricing is for Tailwind:

 pricing is for Tailwind

Tailwind Free Forever plan

For this plan, you pay nothing but have access to make 20 posts per month, design 20 posts per month, and join 5 Tailwind Communities. 

Use custom link to create a landing page, basic analytics for your posts all with 1 user, 1 Pinterest Profile, and 1 Instagram profile.

Tailwind Pro Plan

With the Pro plan, you pay $9.9 per month or $119.88 annually while having access to make 100 posts per month, design 200 posts per month, join 5 Tailwind Communities, 

Use custom link to create a landing page, use the advanced analytics for your posts all with 1 user, 1 Pinterest Profile, and 1 Instagram profile.

Tailwind Advanced Plan 

The Advanced plan requires $19.99 per month or $239.88 annually to enjoy these features: make 1000 posts per month on Pinterest and Instagram;

 Design an unlimited number of graphics per month; join unlimited Tailwind Communities; use custom link to create a landing page;

 Use the advanced analytics for your posts all with 2 users, 2 Pinterest profiles, and 2 Instagram profiles.

Tailwind Max plan at $39.99/month or $479.88 annually.

On the Max plan, you’ll pay $39.99 per month or $479.88 annually and then you can unlimited posts per month on Pinterest and Instagram; 

Design an unlimited number of graphics per month; join unlimited Tailwind Communities; use custom link to create a landing page; 

Use the advanced analytics for your posts all with 5 users, 3 profiles, each for Pinterest and Instagram.

Tailwind Enterprise 

For the enterprise plan, you’ll need to contact Tailwind for pricing; everything from Pro; unlimited collaborators and multiple accounts; more powerful analytics and content management tools; contest and influencer integrations are part of it.

Tailwind also gives a 50% discount on plans to registered NGOs and something special to specific kinds of educators and their students.

That’s their way of giving back to society. And I love it.

Conclusion Tailwind Create Review 

Tailwind Create Review

Tailwind for me is a three in one app – design, schedule, and analyze.

I believe that it was created from deep, responsive research and feedback.

The features they have are connected to what is needed to drive today’s online marketing. And that’s why I choose Tailwind.

Don’t forget to ask questions where you want clarifications.

That’s why we’re here.

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