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How To Use Tailwind For Pinterest To Grow Blog Traffic By 400%

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I started my blogging career around 2015 when I was still in school. I made blogging and freelancing a side hustle to source fast money for my up-keeping in school. 

That very time I had little knowledge about blogging, content writing, SEO and other important factors that determine getting into my first website to rank on the first page of Google search to start getting free organic traffic. 

**Disclosure: This post may contain affiliated links- this means that I may earn a commission from the products I promote if you choose to buy them using these links at no additional cost to you. Read full disclosure here. I was also compensated to create a post about my experience with Tailwind, however, these thoughts are my own.

The more I try the more I always get stuck with Google rules and guidelines concerning day to day updates to their algorithm. 

 I Used Tailwind For Pinterest To Sustain My Web Traffic After Google Core Update Hit

Google regularly changes their Seo practices and ranking factors. This issue of Google updates almost put an end to my blogging career, because I don’t have any ideas about Seo, but the fact I love to learn new stuff to solve other people’s problems keeps me going. 

There is the popular saying that when the foundation is faulty, the one option available is for someone to start fresh. I never give up, I keep pushing. 

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What Happened Before I Used Tailwind

The first-ever blog I created with WordPress didn’t provide the results I desired, so I made the decision and was determined to start fresh and figure out the right ways to start a profitable blogging business that will guarantee financial freedom.

I observed that my first blog was a general random niche website, I always published random articles from different categories to the blog, so I decided to start a new blog that follows these criteria; 

1. Micro niche, 

2. High monthly search volume,

3. Pinterest audience-based, 

4. high CPC with very low competition. 

These criteria really help me to start an afresh blog which audiences are mainly from Pinterest, it’s very amazing because my traffic increased by 400% between May 2019 and April 2020

Even though most of the contents were not ranking yet on Google’s search engines. 

my success story with Tailwind For Pinterest

Typical Results Disclosure — These are my personal results, but Tailwind also publishes the Typical Results of Tailwind for Instagram Members every year, so you can see exactly what the average growth rate looks like for their members with the link 

Its traffic was mainly from just manually creating fresh pins and pinning them to the relevant boards on Pinterest. 

With this persistent traffic coming through Pinterest, I thought of creating more blog post, and more pins,

So I set a goal to persistently pin at least 7 pins on a daily basis to increase my traffic since Pinterest traffic is really worth time and effort. 

Pinterest stats

“Study found that 70 per cent of consumers who have visited Pinterest spend an average of 34 minutes on the site per visit and found an item they either purchased or wanted to purchase, compared to only 40 per cent for Facebook” 

How Tailwind Helped Me Grow Pinterest Followers and Increase My Blog Traffic

I really want to accomplish my target of 10k page views and sessions on a fresh blog quickly. 

So I decided to learn some advanced Pinterest marketing tips, the free content from Anastasia Blogger really helps with Pinterest tips like Pinterest SEO, (writing SEO-friendly titles and descriptions.) and hacks to create a Pinterest pin that will definitely go viral 

I try much as possible to implement a Pinterest guide of scheduling pins as recommended by Anastasia Blogger 

Sign up For Tailwind For Pinterest 

According to the Pinterest best practices consistent and creating the right image or Video Pin size will definitely provide better results on the platform. 

So I took my time to learn the best Pinterest strategy, how to create pins with Canva, etc. I used canvas to design most of my pins, until December 2020 when the Tailwind rollout pin design tool, 

I started using Tailwind Create to design my pins within a few seconds. It’s really amazing. 

I really need to achieve this goal of pinning 5 to 7 pins a day. Initially, I was pinning manually but I observed that it was very time-consuming and also its reach was very poor because of the variation in time zone. 

I’m from Nigeria and most of my Pinterest audience is from the United States. 

Time is money!  I don’t want to waste my time anymore so I decided to sign up for Tailwind Free Trial and later upgrade to Pro after testing the tools for some days. 

I really need to invest a little low $9.99 /monthly in my business in order to save time and stress of time zone barriers, 

With Tailwind I scheduled 5-7 pins for the different hours when most of my audience is active. 

Tailwind For Pinterest Helps To Increase My Pinterest Followers, Traffic And Income. 

I put more effort into creating fresh pins, and started scheduling Up to 5 pins on a daily basis using Tailwind Scheduler, the process is so easy since Tailwind is an officially authorized Pinterest scheduler. 

And also I implemented the strategy of  creating multiple pins for each blog post, 

I’m so glad because my blog traffic increased by 400% between Jan 2020 and Jan 2021 by just  implementing this best Pinterest practice strategy and also using Tailwind to schedule all the pins

Tailwind For Pinterest stats between Jan 2020 and jan 2021

Can you see that huge spike there?

Typical Results Disclosure — These are my personal results, but Tailwind also publishes the Typical Results of Tailwind for Instagram Members every year, so you can see exactly what the average growth rate looks like for their members with the link 

“creating fresh pins on Pinterest produce more results while duplicate pin can raise red flags and lead to account suspension”  

Oh! You might be wondering but I am linking the two fresh pins to an old blog post, won’t Pinterest consider it a duplicate pin? 

According to Pinterest community guidelines, a pin is considered a duplicate pin if the pinner consciously or unconsciously repins an already existing pin on Pinterest and this might trigger spam filters to flag some accounts. 

As said earlier that Pinterest is a combination of social media and a search engine. 

My various pins can still be found in search months and even years later after I have published them, and I will get consistent traffic and increase in the number of followers on Pinterest since numbers of followers are not the factor that defines how much traffic someone will be getting from this platform. 

All thanks to Tailwind because it placed me on the fast track of success with Pinterest social media marketing, apart from the fact I keep getting passive buyer intent traffic with very low bounce rate visitors to my blog. 

I got my website monetized so quickly with Google AdSense ads and affiliate programs.

I’m so glad because my sales from affiliate commissions and ads revenue went up by $200 month over month. 

Pintrest traffic and tailwind commission

Image of the commission form of the affiliate program

That income I made through affiliate commissions and ads revenue helped me to upgrade to Tailwind yearly plan to schedule more pins, and buy a Domain and Web Hosting to start different niche sites. 

Finally, Tailwind helps me to understand this advice “Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket” meaning one should not concentrate all efforts and resources in one area as one could lose everything. 

Google announced it is rolling out a new core update. My niche website was hit badly with the may 2020 Google Core update, the traffic reduced from 2k daily traffic to 100 daily.

 Most of my already ranking articles on the first page of Google started to be de-indexed by Google. From the first page to as far as 50 pages… My Traffic reduces drastically. 

All thanks to Pinterest and Tailwind they are both lifesavers! Even though Google search traffic is not coming through, I still receive consistent traffic from Pinterest. 

My Favorite Features About Tailwind for Pinterest:

Tailwind is so great a tool for harnessing the full strength of the Pinterest platform.

So I shall be giving you a glimpse into what Tailwind can do for you.

Tailwind Create

Tailwind create is a feature that allows you to create pins directly from the Tailwind dashboard.

With the tool, you need zero experience to create captivating and eye Catchings pins for your Pinterest account.

All you have to do is choose your brand colour or colours that match your theme and then upload your logo.

You are given a whole lot of templates to choose from that best match your niche on Pinterest.

These templates are designed by experts and highly responsive; so all you have to do is change the text, destination URL and image (Tailwind also provides you with a handful of copyright-free stock photos) and add your logo.

So in summary, you can create your pins with Pinterest with zero experience by simply

  • uploading your logo
  • Choosing a template
  • Changing the Text
  • Change the Image 
  • Input your destination URL

Sound easy right? 

Tailwind Board lists and Interval Scheduling

If you are used to email marketing, you would know the usefulness of content dripping using automation.

Tailwind board list allows you to automatically schedule your pins to individual boards.

I guess you should have more than one board on your Pinterest account; yes that’s right, it would be improper and sometimes irrelevant to post the same content on all of them at the same time.

So board list which is a feature of Tailwind has the ability to allow you to schedule pins according to the board you want them to be pinned to in the future.

You have the ability to schedule a series of the pin to be released at intervals.

So once you have set up your Pinterest boards on your Tailwind platform in the form of a board list, whenever you want to schedule a pin, you would be asked what board you want it to be pinned to at the scheduled time.

Tailwind Chrome Browser Extension

Tailwind also offers users a free browser extension that can be used with the chrome browser and any compatible browser.

This browser extension allows you to schedule pins from anywhere on the web, it is very important to have this browser extension installed on your favourite browser; so that when you see an image you would love to pin on any website on the web, you can easily do it.

Once the extension is installed on your browser, you would see a Tailwind icon below all images on any website whenever you hover above them.

Once you click the Tailwind icon at the bottom left corner of the image, a new window would automatically open where you can schedule it as a pin.

Secondly, it also helps you easily pin pins already on the Pinterest platform easily by automatically adding a Tailwind icon to the pins.

If you ask me; the ability to pin images anywhere is extremely useful.

Tailwind Communities 

Tailwind Communities

This itself should be a product that would sell like hot cake in the market, but Tailwind gives you access to it for no extra cost.

Tailwind communities are groups of communities in various niches that allow it easy to find other people’s content related to your niche.

With a community, your contents are being automatically added and it shows up in the news feed and as such other members of the community.

So you can easily pick other related contents and pin or schedule them to your board easily.

In this way, you get to re-share far more content than you add to the community.

Each community is headed by an admin who is most likely going to be the owner and there are set rules to make sure everyone gains maximally.

Tailwind’s SMART Schedule

Tailwind capabilities include a feature known as smart schedule, this would allow you to choose specific times and intervals you want your pins to be posted. 

When you attempt to schedule a pin, you are basically given two options to choose from which are:

  • Choose a time you want the pin to be posted on the chosen board.
  • Add the pin to the queue and it would be posted at the next available time slot.

It all depends on the duty, type and marketing strategy you choose to employ.

Tailwind also employs artificial intelligence and monitoring to suggest to you what time of the day people interact with your pin the most; this is what is called smart time

This would help you choose the right time to pin your content so that they get maximum engagement and views.

The more you post, the more accurate the  smart time being added to your suggestion list become

Tailwind’s Board Insights

Tailwind for Pinterest Board Insights

Tailwind has an analytics tool called board insights which monitors relevant data such as your vitality score, engagement score and some more.

Virality score: This is a metric calculated by dividing the total number of repins by the total number of pins on a particular board.

According to the official Tailwind guide, How viral your pins are can be explained as The higher the number the bigger ratio of shares you have to pins.

Engagement score: This metric is gotten by dividing your virality score by the total followers you have.

Pin Inspector

This is a tool that allows you to know what pins you have posted performs the most. It also gives you the ability to reschedule these pins since they are already performing well.


All I can say is Tailwind is a great tool and a must for everyone whose business on Pinterest is not just to have fun.

In fact, it is the first on the market and does absolutely what it is meant to do with no bugs found to date.

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