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How to Make Text-to-Speech AI Voiceover for YouTube Videos (Fast & Easy)

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In this guide, we will elucidate everything you needed to know on how to make Text-to-Speech AI Voiceovers for YouTube videos.

This tutorial guide is self-explanatory as we used images to describe, 

how you will arrive at every step while making Text-to-Speech AI Voiceovers for your YouTube Videos.

 Let’s get started…

Table Of Contents

Preview of Text-to-Speech AI Voiceover on YouTube Video

The image below shows a sample of Text to Speech AI Voiceover on YouTube Video.

 Perhaps, you can make a lot of customization depending on the project you are working on, or the type of video you intend to create.

Either way, we want to announce to you that a lot of people on YouTube are using Text-to-Speech AI voiceovers in their videos.

Preview of Text-to-Speech AI Voiceover on YouTube Video

Can a YouTube video with Text-to-Speech AI Voiceover be Monetized?

Yes! As long as your video is unique (you created them yourself) Google will accept you into the YouTube monetization program.

Through this method, you can create as many videos as you want and make cool money from YouTube.

 Let’s get started on our main topic.

How to Make Text-to-Speech AI Voiceover for YouTube Video (Step By Step )

How to Make Text-to-Speech AI Voiceover for YouTube Video

In this section, we will take you through everything you should know as regards creating your own YouTube video for FREE.

Read carefully and do well to navigate through our website.

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Step 1: Go to MURF STUDIO

From your browser, go to MURF STUDIO and create an account with the platform. 

No credit card is required and you can have up to 10 hours of free video creation time in your free account.

You can upgrade your account in the future if you have the funds to continue creating fantastic videos for your future projects.

When your account has been created, click on “New Project” to start a new project from the scratch.


When you click on “New Project,” a pop-up will open up for you asking you to “Give a name to your project.” 

Nam the video anything you want it to bear and continue.

Step 2: Project Environment

The project environment is quite user-friendly and easy to use. 

From the image below, you can create as many projects as possible and use the platform to generate diverse AI voices for your YouTube Video.

However, you can use different voices for each of the scripts if you intend to use AI for its voiceover.

MURF.AI Project Environment

Step 3: Organize Your Scripts

You can create your scripts with to make your video more unique and outstanding. 

Perhaps, if you are new to YouTube video creation and you can’t come up with many amazing scripts, you can browse YouTube scripts online and use them in your video.

To make your video more engaging, do well to put your scripts in separate paragraphs as shown in the image below.

Script for YouTube video creation

Step 4: Adding your scripts to

If you wish to display each script separately in the sections of your video, we recommend that you add the scripts in different blocks.

By doing this, your scripts will display in different blocks. Also, you can choose to generate different voices for each of the blocks in your

As regards the AI voices, you can use the male, female, kid, animal voices, etc. 

depending on the type and nature of the video you intend to create.

To choose different voices, click on the arrow that I indicated in the image below. different AI voices

Step 5: Generating your AI Voices

Generating your AI voices is quite easy and simple.

 Just click on the “Repeat icon” at the right section of each script block in your project environment.

I explained where exactly you should click to generate your AI voice in the image below.

When you have generated your AI voice,  you can play it (as the generated symbol will change to the PLAY symbol) and listen to the type of voice that you selected.

You can do this separately for each of the scripts in your project. 

Perhaps, if you wish to use the same Ai voice, you can use the same AI voice when generating your script voices.

how to generate your AI voice on

Step 6: Choosing Different Voices

There are quite a good number of voices that sounds great when reading text in YouTube videos. 

From the image below, you can filter the voices and use different male voices to find out the best voice that suits your video the most.

Choosing Different Voices on murf

Step 7: Downloading your Generated AI Voice

You can download each of your script blocks separately. 

To do so, click on the block you wish to download its generated voice and click on the “Download” button as indicated in the image below.

After downloading, you can play it with your favourite media player to listen to it again.

Downloading your Generated AI Voice on

Step 8: Creating Your Video With Pictory

Creating your YouTube video, there are quite a diverse ways to do this.

 You can use free platforms such as Shortcut, pixels, etc. to create your video.

You can also go for paid software such as Pictory AI. 

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Creating Your Video With Pictory

To convert your script to video, click on the first block that is titled “Script to video” and a new environment will be opened for you.

 In this environment, you can be able to type the script of the video you intend to create.

While you are in the script environment, ensure that your scripts are in different paragraphs. 

However, we recommend that you go to “Scene settings > Create new scene on > Line breaks.”

paste youtube script to pictory

When you have selected “Line breaks,” you need to proceed to choose the resolution of the video you want to create.

 See the image below.

choose the resolution of the video you want to create.

If you want all your AI voices to be in the same audio file, just click on “Build Audio” as shown in the image below.

“Build Audio and download voice-over from

After you have chosen your video resolution, Pictory AI will automatically create the video for you as shown in the image below.

Pictory AI will automatically create the video

As you can see in the image above, Pictory AI automatically added a video in your background, 

and your video scripts will be displayed sequentially from the first paragraph to the last paragraph.

edit video on

From the image above, click on “Visuals” from the left-hand side of your screen to choose your favourite background video from the Pictory Ai visual library.

You can create 10 minutes, 20, or 30-minute videos with the Pictory Ai free plan.

Perhaps, you can edit your video scripts display on your screen, you can change the background colour and text colour.

Also, you can upload your footage, video, and images.

Adding the Voice Over or Sound to the Video

Go back to and click on “Build Audio.” When the whole audio has been built, then click on export. 

See the image below.

go to and click on “Build Audio

For you to export quality audio files that will sound amazing in your video, 

you need to click on “Export” and choose the audio quality that you want.

Perhaps, we recommend choosing “.WAV” under “Format” and “High” under “Quality” 

See the image below for a proper illustration.

Download the voice-over from 

Next, you need to clock on the “Download” button. 

Now the audio file needs to be exported first before you can be able to download the High-Quality audio file.

When you receive a successful message concerning your export, 

then you need to clock on the new “Download” button that will appear on your careen.

Adding Background Music

Back to your Pictory AI, still under “Audio” go to “Background Music” 

choose the “Mood” of the type of music you intend to add to your video and click on “Apply.”

Play each of the music you wish to use as your background music to see if it suits your desire.

 Also, you can decide to upload your background music.

Audio Settings

Now reduce the volume of the background music to about 10% or lower.

 reduce the volume of the background music on

 Uploads Your Own Voice Over 

Here you need to upload the file that you generated using

To achieve this, click on “My upload” then click on “Drag and drop files or browse from your computer,”

 then choose the AI voice you downloaded a few minutes ago.

Uploads Your Own Voice Over to

When you are done uploading, highlight the audio file and click on “Entire video.” 

These settings will ensure that the Ai voice is being played throughout the entire video.

When you are done here, save your work and move on.

Generate Your Video

Go to “Format” and choose “1080p” as your video resolution. 

Next, ensure that you save your work by clicking on the “Save” button.

To generate your complete video, click on the “Generate” button.

export ai generated video from

When you click on the “Generate” button, you will see a screen showing you “video generation in progress.”

After generating your video, you can freely download the video and upload it to your YouTube channel or any platform you intend to use the video on.


We elaborated on the steps in “How to Make Text-to-Speech AI Voiceover for YouTube Video.” 

If you carefully follow our write-up and screenshots, you will create amazing YouTube videos using AI voiceover.

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