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Affiliate Marketing for Beginners – Top 5 Useful Affiliate Marketing Forum For Learning

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Over the years, affiliate marketing has been one online business model that has taken broke men to the realm of making outrageous income passively.

The topic today is top useful affiliate marketing forums from learning and for you to come across this article, 

There is no doubt that you definitely know what affiliate marketing is about and the immense profits to be made once you hit the success path.

For any area of life, interacting with those who have gone through your path beforehand is an invaluable passive income stream that can guarantee you success even while you sleep.

Affiliate marketing is not an exception, as interacting with affiliate marketers who have found success in one or more aspect of affiliate marketing can fast track your affiliate marketing journey.

The most interactive platforms on the net today apart from social media remain internet forums.

A forum is a standalone website that focuses on creating interactive sessions between people of similar interest.

So if you go through the web, you should find a couple of forums in various niches.

So today, without wasting any more of your time, I would be giving you the top 5 affiliate marketing forums you should consider being a member of too fast track your affiliate marketing journey.

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Top Useful Affiliate Marketing Forum

There are tons of forums online and they basically fall under these two categories, 

they are either paid forums or free forums.

Paid forums would charge you a monthly subscription fee to be a member of the forum and gain access to their contents.

Now the question most people would tend to ask is, why would I have to pay to be a member of a forum when there are tons of free forums out there.

The simple answer is value.

You see, the fact that you spend a dime on a forum means you are serious about what it has to offer and so do the other people in it.

So generally, paid forums offer more value than free forums.

Why you Should Join Affiliate Marketing Forums

Affiliate Marketing Forums

At this point, if you are still uncertain about joining at least one affiliate marketing forum,I would tell you why it should be a priority if you want to be an early crusher.

Have you heard of trends? Have you ever bought a course that teaches a secret technique of getting something done?

Now let me ask you, do you think those things are actually secrets? 

No, they are not, they are just hidden from you. 

This is exactly what joining an affiliate marketing forum exposes you to.

It exposes you to new ideas, technique and skills as well as what is working now.

You will never be left behind because you are in the midst of people who are desperately passionate about everyday success in the affiliate marketing Industry.

Now we got that out of the way, let me show you the top 5 affiliate marketing forums you may want to consider choosing from.

Please note that this list is arranged in no specific order.

Top 5 Useful Affiliate Marketing Forum For Learning

Below are both free and paid forums to learn more about affiliate marketing, search engine optimization and other skills required to be successful: 


affLIFT Affiliate Marketing Forum

This is a paid affiliate marketing forum that costs a subscription fee of $20 a month.

The most popular topics on the forum are push notifications, landing pages as well as pop up.

The affLIFT forum consists of solutions and answers to both newbies and experts in the affiliate marketing niche and I bet you would find it very useful.

It also has some endorsements from top affiliate marketers as well as other affiliate marketing forums.

It is professionally moderated and protected against falsehood and scams.



If you don’t have some cash to spend and you seriously need a forum that provides value, affiliatefix is the way for you.

It is a completely free forum that has been around for some time now and offers all the features you may get from a paid forum.

It is a top choice for many and has enough resources to move you from a newbie state up to an affiliate earner.

The only downside of the forum is the large number of engagements caused by the free gateway.

So you have to dig deep to find what you want.

Warrior Forum

Warrior affiliate marketing Forum

Who hasn’t heard of warrior forum? It is one of the largest and most popular affiliate marketing forums on the web and it doesn’t just stop at affiliate marketing. 

 It also advances other aspects of internet marketing.

It is more of a question and answer style of a forum such as quora.

If you are conversant with the warriorplus platform that allows you to launch your digital products as well as promote other people’s products as an affiliate, you should not doubt how useful the warrior forum is.

Actually, they are kinda affiliated with each other.

The good news here is that it is absolutely free to gain access to the forum.


WickedFire Affiliate Marketing Forums

If you are looking for what I would call an ancient database of affiliate marketing, then wicked fire is definitely for you.

The forum used to be one of the top affiliate marketing forums available but due to the tensed competition, most of the loyal fans have taken the exit door to other forums.

However, there is still a ton of information to be harvested from this once great affiliate marketing forum.

The good news once more is that all these are available to you for free.

So what are you waiting for?


BlackHatWorld Affiliate Marketing Forums

There is definitely no doubt that you have stumbled on this forum one way or the other on Google search results.

They are known as the kind of black hat techniques in anything called internet marketing.

So right from making money online without any investment to black hat search engine optimization tricks and even affiliate marketing, BlackHatWorld got you covered.

The forum is filled with active users and commercial posts from brands and companies are absent to a large extent, so you are sure that you are getting first hand advice and not sales letters.

Just like others it is a free forum also.

Wrapping up Best Affiliate Marketing Forum 

That concludes our recommended affiliate marketing forums that will help you have a great knowledge about affiliate marketing and online business ideas. 

I hope you find it helpful and of great value? If yes then kindly drop your comments below. 

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