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VidProposals Review – How To Get More Clients With Cold Video Email Outreach

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What can we do to help companies grow faster? And how is marketing being redefined in the age of Covid-19?  the pandemic had already caused massive dislocation among small businesses just several weeks after its onset 

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VidProsposals Review and Bonus 

 Welcome to this VidProposals review where I’m going to give you an exclusive VidProposals offer and massive that you’re not going to find anywhere elsewhere. 

And it is going to be there for a very limited time period only now here’s what you need to know before we get into VidProposals review. 

There a lot of local businesses right now that are ready to be served since the lockdowns are closing in most places things are starting to mainly get back to normal. 

And most people who normally work offline, are looking for a way to leverage the online world to get back into the business to get more leads. 

They are on the door to get more leads converting and to make more sales as well, so they are looking at how the landscape is right now.

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How Can Vidproposals Help Business Owners

VidProposals review

Here’s what we did we started reaching out to local businesses to sell our services different kinds of services building landing pages, doing emails marketing for them, advertising PPC campaigns and all that we did all sorts of outreach. 

We did emails marketing, we did phone calls leads everything that we could think of. 

To sincere with you their response was good but we could have done better so by accident. 

Here’s what I started doing in order to really convince businesses that we were creating services just for them we started recording personalized videos for them. 

So me getting on a camera or just screen recording their website and showcasing what they’re doing wrong with SEO, how could be done better with ads and so on. 

I started sending them those outreach email videos as an email to my surprise the response rates showed up to almost 100 per cent. 

That means close to 100 of the businesses were responding to us and saying you know what this looks interesting, and I can see how you can add value to our business. 

So the response of sending out these personalized videos was so tremendous that I realized that I might have just closed these clients deals by accident. 

And literally, at that point, I realized that I could actually do this in a much more professional manner and scale it up, 

And it can help you as well do that and that’s where the idea of Vidproposals was born. 

with Vidproposals as an app will let you record and send personalized videos outreach for each client. 

At that scale it will allow you to add proposals to the video that people can sign, I mean your clients can sign instantly, but look some of us are not very comfortable recording videos. 

Vidproposals is a lifesaver because it completely gets everything done for us, we are not lawyers that can write complex proposals.

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What Is VidProposals I All About?

VidProposals for getting more clients

Vidproposals is for small business owners if you’re a local agency pitching services to local businesses. 

Most likely you do some kind of cold mail outreach and you’ve probably seen that personalized video outreach explaining what the business is doing wrong or could be doing better. 

How you could help gets the best response that’s where vidproposals takes things to a whole new level. 

with vidproposals you get access to their proprietary lead finder software the ability to make screen recordings like zoom. 

and the ability to send integrated proposals to clients all in the same outbound message

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