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How to Increase Website Traffic for Making More Sales

Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website
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So, you’ve finished setting up your website; you have introduced your online business and presented the products and services that you offer. Your website includes promotions to catch your visitor’s attention. 

So far you have followed the standard blueprint for creating a website servicing an online business. 

So why are you not seeing the increased website traffic that you were hoping for? The chances are that you have not planned and implemented an effective website promotion campaign.

Below are some best ways to increase your website traffic but first let’s understand what is a free traffic and paid traffic.

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Free Traffic To Increase Website Traffic

Free Traffic To Increase Website Traffic

Free traffic allows visitors to get to your online website without having to pay for them. This method of free traffic is good because of no out-of-pocket expense. 

The list of ways is article writing, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, blogs, and more. 

You want to have keyword-targeted content to optimize search engines to get your keyword-rich content relevant to your particular niche or topic, commenting on blogs and forums, signature email, email marketing, and web 2.0 social network sites.

Paid Traffic To Increase Website Traffic

Paid traffic methods can be very quick at getting you much targeted profitable traffic to your site. 

Paid traffic for your online business website you want to target the hungry crowd of people looking for the exact product or services you are promoting, which might lead to sales. 

Google’s PPC as a good example is small ads placed too highly targeted people who keyword searches for the exact type of product or services you are promoting on your website.

You do not have to wait as you would for free traffic in most cases that use the right keywords will see very fast results in traffic flow to their website from search engines. 

It costs money as you know for paid traffic. If the returns on investment are profitable it may out way the amount of money invested. 

Here are some of the ways to get paid traffic to your online website business by buying banner advertisements, pay per view, media buying, and for pay per text paid traffic type on your browser.

SEO Increase Website Traffic

SEO Increase Website Traffic

The moment you have dealings online, you will definitely come across the term: Search Engine Optimization, or also known as SEO. 

So, why is this term so hugely popular? Why are there hundreds of products launched monthly just focusing on teaching people about search engine optimization?

So, Why is SEO So Crucial?

Just look at it this way, thousands of websites come online daily, millions of users are posting new content to the internet daily, 

and millions more are searching online for every conceivable thing, from diet plans to baby toys, lawnmower models to the latest plastic surgery procedure.  So, how does the internet handle the streaming and searches of all this information?

The sheer volume of the info is simply staggering, and without a proper system in place, no one would ever be able to locate anything online. 

The search engine has evolved at great speed, and today, search engines are highly efficient and they can deliver the most obscure results to you in mere seconds!

So, if someone is searching for your product online, you will surely want your website to rank above your competitors! 

And you can be sure of getting some competition and your competitor would be doing their best to rank above you as well, all for the same sole reason: Website Traffic. Use tools such as Semrush to have a look at your competitor’s traffic. Get a free Semrush premium account and use the tool for free.

That is correct, the higher you rank in the search engines, the more website traffic you will get, which literally translates to more sales, more revenue, and ultimately, more profits.

There are various ways to get better rankings via search engine optimization, and one of the top, but the most overlooked method is creating content that is search engine friendly. 

Remember, the key here is that the article must be search engine friendly. 

Adding original, fresh content created especially for your website, and taking into account closely related keywords of your niche, will indeed increase your website’s credibility in the eyes of the search engines.

As always, search engine optimization takes time and effort to learn. Make sure you do your due research from credible SEO websites and learn the right techniques and strategies.

Article Marketing: That Will Drive More Traffic

Article Marketing: That Will Drive More Traffic

For starters, you can start with article marketing. However, before you push through article marketing, you need to remember a few guidelines on how to do it.

Quantity: Submitting one article every week is not enough. To increase traffic on your site, you need to write as many articles as possible weekly. 

If you cannot handle writing articles on your own, you can hire freelance writers to do it for you. 

The thing about writing articles by batches is that it allows the search engine to see your site more once you have posted a lot of articles.

Quality is as important as quantity: It is important to consider that quality is always as important as quantity.

 Your articles should also contain the desired keyword to have a good SEO. 

This means that the articles should be written in an informative manner to keep the readers interested enough and so that they will not be bored reading your articles.

Backlinks: When writing an article, you need to promote them so that your clients will be able to notice them. 

The best way to promote articles is by using backlinks. These are links to your site that you post on another reliable website.

However, you cannot just post backlinks on just any other site. 

You need to ask permission from the owner first that you will be creating backlinks for your site on his or her site. This backlinks strategy help to build high-quality backlinks

The thing about posting backlinks to a reputable site is that a lot of people are bound to end up clicking your backlinks.

Social Media Marketing To Drive More Web Traffic From Social Media

Social Media Marketing To Drive More Web Traffic From Social Media

Here are several strategies that anyone can use to drive traffic to their site using social media and find interested customers fast.

Create LinkedIn Network:

Visit LinkedIn, a huge business networking site, and you’ll find many people there who are part of your potential clients.

 As you meet people who may be interested in what your company offers, you can add them as a “contact”. 

At this point, you are able to have open communication with them and you are free to find out if they’re interested in what you offer.

 Because LinkedIn is a business networking site, be sure to get to know people on a professional level before pitching your company.

 If you show interest in others then they will show interest in you.

Post on a MySpace group’s forum:

MySpace is one of the top social networking sites on the internet, and there are many groups that MySpace members have formed around many different topics. 

If you can find a group that caters to your prospects, you have a way to contact hundreds of potential customers. 

It’s easy to join just such a group and then post something on the group’s forum or start a group topic.

If you offer resources or useful information to the group, people will naturally want to reciprocate. 

They usually do this by finding out more about you, becoming your friend, and seeing if what your company offers is something of interest to them.

Forum Marketing To Generate More Traffic to Your Website

Make sure you only join the forums that bear some relevance to your business. 

You will then be able to submit posts to the forum that advertise your services or products. There is only one small caveat. 

When you advertise, do not make it too obvious. When you are new to a forum you need to start slowly and establish a personality so that people come to trust what you say and get to know you. 

That way they will be more likely to show an interest in your business when you introduce it to them. Of course, this type of free advertising can take up a lot of time. 

However, forums provide a good method of keeping you up to date with the area in which you do business, helping you to keep on top of the latest developments and news. This can only be of benefit to you and your business prospects.

Press Releases Smart Way to Improve Website Traffic

Press Releases Smart Way to Improve Website Traffic

Online press releases can produce significant visibility in ways that would not be feasible through other methods. 

Companies that specialize in distributing your news releases online allow you to easily get in front of top journalists and on high-traffic websites like Google News and Yahoo. 

Some companies offer you options to add pictures and multimedia to your release. Your audio and video files can be extremely effective in attracting the media’s attention. 

Your release can also be found by people who find it through keyword searches. Through our research, we have identified an excellent company for sending out news releases. 

We do not profit from promoting any PR company, except by preparing releases that we send out on behalf of our clients. We believe that PRweb is one of the best companies for distributing news releases. 

They can distribute your release to more than 40,000 top journalists in markets that pertain to your industry and within any geographic location. They offer options to add images and multimedia to your release. 

You can also track your results daily, weekly, or both, getting valuable information on headline impressions and the number of page views read. 

I have found customer support and education from PRweb to be exceptional. 

They offer very informative free basic and advanced training sessions and are very helpful and willing to answer all of your questions by email or phone. 

In fact, they surprised me with a phone call for providing me with additional assistance when I first got started using their services.

Although online press releases can be a very valuable adjunct to your Internet marketing, they are only effective if they arouse interest in the media and prospects who read them. 

It is essential therefore that they are newsworthy, are written well, and are optimized with respect to relevant keywords and anchor links. 

They should include a powerful headline and copy that is relevant, easy to read, and attractively formatted. 

Sending a monthly release can be one of your best marketing strategies – it can go a long way towards helping to increase your website traffic and SEO results.

Offer Freebies to Attract Website Visitors

When it comes to freebies on the Internet, the value is determined by what problem it solves in the mind of the visitor. 

It’s not about how large it is, how many pages it is, how much it cost to write it, what you used to sell it for, or even how relevant it is to the visitor. 

Just like anything for sales or free on the Internet (or even in physical locations) it needs to be a solution to the problem that the visitor was seeking information for.

 Not only that, it needs to solve the problem immediately, not in three hours or three weeks.

People search the Internet for solutions. The problem can be anything from living with cancer to losing weight for diabetics to where to find the closest dentist. 

Start your website using HostGator or Hostinger as your hosting provider. Check out the HostGator coupon or Hostinger coupon code to get the maximum discount.

Your one job as a website owner is to be the solution to that problem.

 Your opt-in freebie is the catalyst of conversion: the one thing that the visitor has to have to move forward. If they don’t sign up for the freebie, they’ll find somewhere else to go.

They will spend very little time reading your Bio, browsing around the site, or meandering through your products like they would a brick-and-mortar store. The Internet mentality is completely different. 

You have to direct their attention to certain parts of the site. You have to make it easy for them to get around. 

The opt-in freebie has to be so fantastic and valuable to solving the problem at hand, that the visitor is scared to leave the site without signing up.

Free Classified Ads & Directories to Promote Your Website Online

There are many sites that offer a free classified ad service. Kijiji and Craigslist are two of the most popular ways to advertise your business. There are disadvantages to this method, however. 

You’ll need to keep your classifieds up to date as most ads have an expiry date of a week meaning you will need to repost them each time.

There is not a great difference between directories and article repositories. They allow you to list your website using relevant categories across a number of directories. 

Once again, you reap the benefits of non-reciprocal links, higher ratings on search engines, and an increase in website traffic. 

For those with websites covering a specialized field, listing your website in niche categories and directories will provide you with targeted customers.

Wrapping Up Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Any promotional effort should be maintained at a constant rate. It is obviously no use spending a few days promoting your site then taking your foot off the gas as it were. 

Constant and persistent promotion will be rewarded with gradually improved SERP results and you will also begin to gain attention within your target audience. 

Patience is a virtue, so they say. You will need to experiment with each promotional technique until you are satisfied that you are using the most effective free methods available. Testing each method is, of course, of paramount importance.

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