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How to Speed Up Your Website By Hosting Gtag.js Locally Using MonsterInsights

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Site speed is very important if you are looking to run a successful website. Site speed has effects on different types of metrics. You must make sure that your website runs at a good website speed.

 However, figuring out how to speed up your website can be a little difficult. 

You are in luck because numerous speed tests are available for you to know how good your site’s performance is. 

 You can solve most of your website programs by making use of WordPress free plugins. 

In recent times, users now expect websites to be very fast. When users experience any atom of slowness in the loading time of the page, there will be a negative stereotype which also has a negative impact user experience. 

It has been studied that addition as little as two seconds in the loading time of a website increases your website’s bounce rate by 110%. Also, extra loading times causes a drop-in conversion rate. 

As we all know, site speed is one of the biggest Google factors for both desktop, tabs and Mobile phones. 

It is widely known that Google Analytics script can cause an increase in the load time of your page, 

 But MonsterInsights has taken a look into the issue, and as always, provided a solution by showing you the way you can make your website load faster. 

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What is MonsterInsights Faster Script Loading Addon

How To Speed Up Your Website Using Monsterinshigt Performance addon

it may sound naive to say that a Google product can have various effects on its own core web vitals score,

 But using a Google Analytics tracking script can make your website slow and have negative effects on your score if it doesn’t get optimized for high performance. 

However, if you are a MonsterInsights user, you don’t have to be worried about how Google analytics loads your pages. 

The MonsterInsights faster script loading addon makes your plugin’s script load within the shortest amount of time possible. 

The script was already taking little time to load, when you update the way it loads, you are certain that MonsterInsights makes it as fast as a light for the best core web vitals scores. 

I’m recent times, MonsterInsights has updated its performance addon to give you an option that lets you host your gtag.js script locally on your server. 

Amazing, right? 

This has given users the ability to make their website load time as short as possible by making sure the external resources their website is expected to load is reduced drastically.

MonsterInsights performance addon automatically displays the latest gtag.js file from Google every day

 Naturally, Google analytics has a three-hour cache time, when you locally host the server, you are entitled to total control over the caching of the file, which therefore reduces the load time of your website. 

Also, MonsterInsights performance addon automatically displays the latest gtag.js file from Google every day to make sure it’s always updated. 

 What is Gtag.js – Why host Google Analytics Locally?

 What is Gtag.js - Why host Google Analytics Locally

Google Analytics is used by tens of millions of online business owners, entrepreneurs, digital marketers, website owners and so much more. 

It acts as a collection of all the data from every event that is captured on your site. 

Analytics is a portfolio of all the data and insights you get from all your visitor’s behaviours on your web pages. 

Also their interests, demographics, also makes use of the data from your site’s performance including all SEO and the speed of your Google site.  

Once you have implanted your Google analytics on your site, there are certain scripts, 

like analytics.js or gtag.js which will be automatically loaded into your website to help keep track of all the data and information from everything that happens on your site. 

It also collects data. The gtag.js script can be explained further as a collection of Java variables, programs and functions that you can input into your website,

 It is used in the study of different products or any other Google products.

 Also, it can be used to send data of events to Google analytics. 

How Does Gtag.js Slow Down Your Website?

How Does Gtag.js Slow Down Your Website?

Although gtag.js has numerous advantages, it can cause the load time of your website to increase.

 If there are additional codes or JavaScript on your website, it can have negative impacts on your page and one of these impacts is increasing the load time.

 JavaScript is the main reason why it is important to collect visitor’s data.

 It is also important so that all your users can make contact with your web pages. 

However, your JavaScript can become an excess load on your website’s file and then lead to a slowdown in your Google site speed. 

How To Speed Up Your Website By Hosting gtag.js Locally With MonsterInsights 

Firstly, we have to take a look at the domain name system

This is a system that tracks all records of domain names and further turns them into IP addresses.

domain name system gtag.js Locally With MonsterInsights 

 It can be likened to a hotel logbook that keeps track of every visitor that comes and goes. 

For example, if a user searches your domain name, a domain name system search process will begin

 And this domain name system search process is the work of the browser, so before your web page will be displayed to the user, it would first spend time loading until the domain name system search is completed. 

Based on data gathered, domain name system search takes an average of 30 – 100 seconds for it to get finished.

 This is the main process that affects your website speed. 

Also, you can have problems with leverage browser caching, page speed insight tool will most likely display this error, 

if there is no browser caging rules set in place or if the expiry periods set on your web server are too low. 

There are also other numerous reasons why your Google website is slow. 

However, I’m certain it would be awesome to know that you can now rest your mind about your Google Analytics tracking scripts that lead to a slowdown in your website.

 Because with this new update, you can now shorten the load time of your website drastically by hosting your gtag.js locally on your server. 

When you host your gtag.js locally, it reduces the time spent on the domain name system search, 

you will also obtain total control of the caging of your file and, improve the score of your page speed and fix leverage browser caching. 

With the new MonsterInsights update, you are now presented with the choice to host your gtag.js locally to boost your website speed. 

How To Speed Up Your Website by hosting your gtag.js locally

This performance add-on feature, provided by MonsterInsights will give you the chance to host your gtag.js locally in a very easy way. 

To start hosting your gtag.js locally, the first step needed is to install the MonsterInsights plugin on your WordPress.

I have comprehensive steps by step guide on how to set up MonsterInsights on your WordPress website follow the tutorial. 

Conclusion – Ways To Speed Up Your Website

Your Google website speed must be at its optimum because it enables a great user experience on your page and also leads to a boost in your core web vitals score.

 It also gives your site a better chance of ranking top on the Google search engine page results.

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