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Which Sentence is Punctuated correctly – Writing’s not easy. That’s why Grammarly Helps You Become a Better Writer

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Each time I read about how to be an author or copywriter, I always felt discouraged, writing isn’t easy. 

The fee for editing can be so daunting. Apart from taking the pain to bring out the idea, I need to pay hugely to edit. 

I need to think about “which sentence is punctuated correctly?” which one is not?

What sentence do I need to add? Which one should I subtract? I almost give up on my copywriting journey, because sometimes I might have great content ideas to share,

 but the fact that I must present such ideas in a clear and precise manner mostly discouraged me. 

“Perfection is the Enemy of Profitability…. ‘You Only Have to Be Right OnceMark Cuban

This quote has really helped me to understand that dedication and perseverance are more valuable pursuits than perfection. 

In the pursuit to become a better writer, I discovered Grammarly. And immediately, I had no need to worry “which sentence is punctuated correctly?” again.

Which Sentence Is Punctuated Correctly

I downloaded it on my phone and PC (as an extension using Google Chrome). My writings and copywriting skills – on social media posts, blogs, articles and books – are getting better and perfect than before.

Now, let me help you understand this dope app – Grammarly.

Table Of Contents

What Is Grammarly? 

Grammarly is a cross-platform cloud-based writing assistant that reviews spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity, engagement, and delivery mistakes.

It uses AI technology to identify and search for an appropriate replacement for the mistake it locates.

 It also allows users to customize their style, tone, and context-specific language. 

It was launched in 2009 by Alex Shevchenko, Max Lytvyn, and Dmytro Lider.  (Thanks to Wikipedia)

In simple terms, Grammarly makes you write like a professional.

How Does Grammarly Create A Better Writing Experience?

Like I said, my first ebook was made possible because of Grammarly. I didn't ask so many "Which sentence is punctuated correctly?"s...

Yes, I did my typing with Word and then had to activate Grammarly on my phone.

And within a split second, I saw the errors and made the corrections too.

How To Get Started Writing With Grammarly? 

Download the app on your smartphone by visiting the Google Play store and search for Grammarly.

Once you download it, it becomes a keyboard option for you like you have a Gboard keyboard by Google.

You can decide to use your normal keyboard to type and then change it to a Grammarly keyboard, which is what I do.

For PC users, you just have to download the PC version, install it and activate it as an extension in any of your browsers.

Once done, you're good to go.

Types Of Error Detected By Grammarly 

Grammarly can show you what your normal literacy school memory can't quickly capture…

… so you don't have to ask, "Which sentence is punctuated correctly? And which one is not?"

Spelling errors.

Instant Grammar Checker - Correct all grammar errors and enhance your writing.

When you misspell words, Grammarly will sort them out for you. And not just that. It'll give you suggestions of words to choose from.

Grammatical errors

Instant Grammar Checker - Correct all grammar errors and enhance your writing.

"... then I couldn't see her because she was going to the house."

If that's what your sentence looks like, the same application will sort it out for you. And make the necessary corrections, give you suggestions.

Tone of sentence

The #1 Writing Tool

One day, while using my laptop to type, I saw something new on Grammarly.

 It tells you how your work would sound to the reader. Passive or active voice…. 

The feeling was pleasant?

If you want to write a horror novel, Grammarly can make that happen.

 If it's comic relief material, Grammarly will laugh for you, adjust the mode of your content to know that it will be enjoyed as relief material.

Plagiarism checker 

Don't get caught plagiarizing

It does this by checking billions of other pages online. For you to be perceived as a professional and with integrity, you know you have to be void of plagiarism, especially as a blogger and copywriter.


Don't get caught plagiarizing

I've written lengthy sentences and I see Grammarly tell me how distracted my sentences are.

Language adaptiveness 

Grammarly Writing Support

What does this mean?

Grammarly has an option to make you write like an American or Australian or the top varieties of English language if set properly.

That means your work can be adapted for American English or British English or Australian. Therefore giving it a touch of the nativity.

How To Edit Your Copies Using Grammarly.

I gave a hint but not completely on how to do this. Here, I'll show you how this can be done, with more options for you to choose from and not be bothered about which sentence is punctuated correctly or not.

And also depending on the plan you choose.  Yes, Grammarly has free and premium plans.

Trust me the free plan is so lovely that you might ask, what's the need for the premium?

Well, I'll let you know about that too. So how can you do this editing on Grammarly? Premium version?

The first method of writing and editing with Grammarly 

copy and paste method of writing and editing with Grammarly  - Which Sentence Is Punctuated Correctly

For the first method, after writing your initial work, you then copy and paste everything - an entire article or extracts of your writing - into Grammarly for spell check, proofreading, and grammar checking.

If you don't want to copy and paste and maybe have errors from copying, you can use the second method...

The second method of writing and editing with Grammarly

import or upload file method of writing and editing with Grammarly - Which Sentence Is Punctuated Correctly

In the second method, you upload your work in Grammarly by clicking on 'Import'. 

Once done, you'll see notifications and directions on where to get the file from, and once uploaded, Grammarly does the magic.

The third method of writing and editing with Grammarly

writing and editing with Grammarly method - Which Sentence Is Punctuated Correctly

The best form for me is this third method. Do you want to see it? Just put on your laptop, connected to the internet and start writing directly into the app. 

Yes, you can type directly into Grammarly… meaning it becomes your primary writing tool.

And of course, as you type, Grammarly will automatically get all the errors immediately with options for corrections.

Last method of writing and editing with Grammarly

Microsoft Word document or Google docs, and add Grammarly browser extensions - Which Sentence Is Punctuated Correctly

Then the last method, which I mentioned before, is for Windows users who can install it as a plugin on Microsoft Word document or Google docs, and add Grammarly browser extensions for every other user including Windows users.

Pricing Structure For Grammarly

Like I said before, the free version is so good you will want to stay with it. However, the premium gives you more options and flexibility.

Before I tell you the prices, let me give you a brief difference between the two.

Grammarly Free Vs Premium Version 

Grammarly free version contains most of the features of the Premium version but the advanced grammar checker, a plagiarism detector, and some vocabulary enhancement suggestions.

So when you use the free version, after all your checks, you'll see where further enhancement is made available only if you upgrade to the premium version.

So if you're a blogger or copywriter with a low budget, the free version can give you enough tools to use to make your work good.

The additional features for the premium include detailed information about each of your grammar mistakes in the pop-up box, additional writing insights, and an ability to set writing goals; finds and fixes more mistakes than the free version.

Grammarly Business Plan Features 

A business version was added too where you have:

  • Admin and user management controls for the privacy and security of your team’s work
  • Priority 24/7 email support
  • Centralized billing
  • Monitoring tools for checking engagement trends

This version is good for a business team to work with. It's cost-effective as well.

Grammarly Pricing:

Grammarly Pricing


  • Monthly at $30.00 / month
  • Quarterly at $20.00 / month (billed as one payment of $60.00)
  • Annual at $12.00 / month (billed as one payment of $144.00)


at $12.50 / month/member (billed annually. 3 members minimum.)

I know you'll love to figure out "which sentence is punctuated correctly?" automatically without paying for content proofread. 

You can try Grammarly now. And see the wonders of Grammarly.

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