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Writesonic AI Review, Features, Pros & Cons, Alternatives & More [worth it?]

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Not everyone has the time to take proper care of their content, especially when you consider the fact that online writing has become such a popular job and career choice. 

That’s why so many people are turning to software like Writesonic AI to handle the time-consuming tasks of content creation, copy editing, and basic proofreading. 

But how well does it work? What can it do? How much does it cost? And most importantly, how much value does it provide? Let’s find out!

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Let’s Introduce Writersonic Ai to you 

We all know that creating content is key to succeeding on the internet. If you’re a blogger or own a website, then writing and publishing articles on your site is one of the most important tasks. 

People spend countless hours looking for tools to automate content creation. That’s why I decided to write an honest Writesonic review after trying it out myself. 

Here you will find all the information you need to know about Writesonic: features, price, pros and cons, etc.

I also included some FAQs to help you decide if Writesronic is worth it or a waste of time!

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What is the Writesonic AI copywriting Tool?  


Writesonic is artificial intelligence (AI) copywriting tool that automatically generates sales-ready copy for a variety of purposes. 

This program comes with pre-loaded templates and thousands of professionally written words and phrases that you can use to create landing pages, product descriptions, email opt-in boxes, etc., all within a few seconds.

 You are then able to edit these pages any way you like, or simply leave them as they are if you’re not interested in editing them yourself.

All you need to do is select your purpose type and pick out a template design. Then let Writesonic do all of your work for you!

Who is Writesonic For? 

Writesonic is an interesting service. You might be wondering who exactly it’s for. 

If you’re a Blogger, YouTuber, Content Creator, Freelancer or Publisher, you can use Writesonic to quickly create articles, youtube scripts, etc. on any topic at all. 

Most professional writers have their own favourite tools that they prefer to use for their work (e.g., Word or Google Docs). 

But if you’re looking for a simple way to churn out content on an ongoing basis without doing a lot of heavy lifting in terms of research and editing (which is what most bloggers are better at than writing), then Writesonic might be worth checking out. 

It has many of the same capabilities like some more traditional tools like Grammarly—but it’s extremely easy to use and there are no complicated setup procedures.

How Does Writesonic Work? 

Writesonic is an artificial intelligence-based tool that is able to provide you with quality written content. 

The main purpose of Writesonic is to help out people who do not have enough time to write the content themselves.

You can select one of your previously written articles or get suggestions from them, depending on your experience level. 

After that, you simply need to add a topic and your content will be written automatically within a few minutes. 

The best part about it is that there are no limits as to how many words you can write with it per day. 

In case you still want to write your own content manually, they offer a wide range of professional topics. Just choose what works best for you! 

The team behind Writesonic consists of professional writers from all over the world and makes sure that every customer gets what they deserve. 

In addition, you can always rely on support 24/7 in case something goes wrong during the writing process. 

On top of all these features, Writesonic is available at quite an affordable price, which makes it even more appealing for customers around the globe!

Writesonic Features You are Getting Inside 

Writesonic-AI-Writer-AI Features You are Getting Inside 

You can get your work on a Writesonic cloud storage device, then you won’t have to worry about anything because you will be sure that all your work is safe and sound. 

This online backup is a 100% private, secure, and durable way of keeping all files online for as long as possible.  

This  AI copywriting tool generates any topic in any niche, but you can get the best out of Writesonic AI when the content is related to technology or health content. 

You can also use keyword phrases in your content, such as best gaming laptop or Windows. 

The keyword research tool gives you an idea of what kinds of keywords are best suited for your articles. 

These tools help you understand which keywords are working well for others in terms of traffic and engagement. 

So it’s better to choose these keywords rather than pick up random ones! 

With SEO-friendly URLs, it becomes easier to rank higher in search engines like Google, Bing, etc.

So whenever someone searches for something related to your niche, they will find your website easily because of its natural link juice flowing through its URL structure.

What Makes Writesonic Unique or Different from Jarvis (Writesonic vs )? 

Writesonic vs

If you’re interested in an artificial intelligence (AI) tool to help you build quality content, then you may have heard of Jarvis. If not, well, let me tell you a little bit about it! 

Jarvis is an amazing tool that I believe every online business owner should invest in. But what makes Writesonic so different? Let’s find out.  

As someone who has personally used both tools extensively, I can honestly say there are some huge differences between Jarvis and Writesonic.

Let’s take a look at them: 

Writesonic doesn’t require software installation. This means you don’t need to worry about installing or upgrading any software or plugins, which means less hassle and time.  

Writesonic understands slang in English: – What does that mean for your business?  You can talk to it like a human being would talk back if they could actually understand you. Yeah, it’s weird but cool at the same time!  

Writesonic supports long videos:- Get long-form content ideas quickly with extended video support for YouTube channels and websites. 

Yes, Writesonic is faster than Jarvis it’s true! Writesonic works at a much faster pace and can generate more ideas in less time than Jarvis.  

Writesonic is less expensive than Jarvis:- OK, so I know what you’re thinking…

You’re probably thinking that if Writesonic is better, then why would it be cheaper? 

Well, to put it simply, it doesn’t offer as many features as Jarvis does, which means you don’t get all of those extra bells and whistles.

You can let Jasper write all your copy check the –™ Official Site

But hey, sometimes you have to sacrifice a little bit of luxury to save some money, right? Right!

Writesonic Pros and Cons 

Writesonic Pros 

  • The biggest pro is that you don’t have to worry about developing content ideas or generating traffic. Writesonic will take care of all of that for you. 
  • Writesonic is less expensive compared to the other copywriting ai tool

Writesonic Cons 

  • The biggest con is that there are only a few templates available right now, and I didn’t get access to them with my package. 
  • Another con is that writing articles isn’t something I feel comfortable doing—although they do give users all of their source material to use (both free and paid content).  I am looking forward to seeing more content soon! 

Writesonic Pricing 

Writesonic Pricing 

Whether you’re a startup, agency or an individual, Writesonic can help you create copy that drives more leads, sales, and signups. Check out the pricing;

Writesonic Free Trial  Price – $0

  • Price – $0
  • For new users.
  • 10 Credits
  • All basic features
  • 25 languages
  • 1 user seat
  • Browser Extensions (Coming Soon)
  • Shopify App (Coming Soon)
  • Priority support

Writesonic Basic Plan $15/month

  • $15/month
  • For personal use.
  • 100 Credits (up to 50,000 words)
  • All basic features
  • 25 languages
  • 1 user seat
  • Long-Form Writing Assistant
  • SEMrush integration
  • Browser Extensions (Coming Soon)
  • Priority support

Writesonic  Economy $25/month

  • $25/month
  • For low usage.
  • 750 Credits (up to 375,000 words)
  • All basic features
  • 25 languages
  • 1 user seat
  • Long-Form Writing Assistant
  • SEMrush integration
  • Browser Extensions (Coming Soon)
  • Priority support

Writesonic Professional $45/month

  • $45/month
  • For freelancers.
  • Unlimited Credits(* FUP)
  • All basic features
  • 25 languages
  • 1 user seat
  • Long-Form Writing Assistant
  • SEMrush integration
  • Browser Extensions (Coming Soon)
  • Priority support

Writesonic Startup $95/month

  • $95/month
  • For startups and small businesses.
  • Unlimited Credits(* FUP)
  • All basic features
  • 25 languages
  • 2 user seats
  • Higher quality generations
  • Long-Form Writing Assistant
  • SEMrush integration
  • Browser Extensions (Coming Soon)
  • Priority support

Writesonic Review: Final Verdict (Worth It?)  

Writesonic AI Review

Writesonic is a little bit of everything. Not only does it produce high-quality content and allow you to track your progress in real-time, but you can also get a free trial to see if it’s right for you before spending money on it. 

If your goal is to outsource all of your content needs and focus on other areas of your business instead (like getting more clients or selling more), Writesonic may be right for you. 

The Professional plan comes with unlimited articles for just $45/month and might be a good option for bloggers who are just starting out and looking to build their brand’s authority.

Writesonic FAQs

What are the credits in Writesonic? 

A credit is Writesonic’s unit of currency, much like the dollar is. It can be exchanged for various types of content on Writesonic.

 The content you make with Writesonic might cost a certain number of credits, depending on the kind. For example, for content you write, you have to pay about five credits.

Is Writesonic content 100% plagiarism?

Have a plagiarism issue? You can now write all of your content in Writesonic without worrying about it plagiarism issues. 

This is because all Writesonic content is 100% plagiarism safe and it has some advanced plagiarism checking software that checks to see if you’ve copied from any site, whether it’s within Writesonic or outside of it. 

If you have, then you won’t be able to publish anything on your channel until you fix it up and get rid of any issues.

Can the copywriting AI tool write any content templates? 

Yes. You can create any number of content templates you then approve or reject. 

When you are happy with your ai generated content, then you can set it up to be published automatically or send it for review by an editor.

Does its writing sound like a human? 

The Voices feature is a big part of what makes Writesonic stand out. 

Although it’s still in beta and not all voices are available yet, their growing library of human-sounding voices is impressive. 

Some of the available voices sound almost robotic, but Writesonic’s iQ technology can transform any non-native voice into writing that sounds like it was written by a real person.

Writesonic AI worth it? Our Final Thoughts 

We found that Writesonic AI delivered on what it promised. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting too much, and that’s why I wasn’t disappointed when I gave it a trial. 

As a content writing software tool, Writesonic AI has all you need to create quality content in a short amount of time. 

The only drawback is its slow start-up and opening speeds. Everything else works just fine.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Best Writesonic Alternative – Ai-Powered Copywriting Tool

Want to try another type of AI writing tool? Check out our content writing tool

Best Writesonic Alternative - Ai-Powered Copywriting Tool
SoftwareFree Trial/PlanPricingRatingMoney-Back
Jarvis AI5 Days$29/Month5.030-Days
Rytr5k/Months$29.99/Month5.0 N/A
Copy AI 7 Days $35/Month4.8 7-Days
Articles Forge 5 Days $57/Month 4.8 30-Days
Headlime 7 Days $59/Month 4.8 14-Days
WritesonicFree Plan $13/Month 4.67-Days
Snazzy AI Free Plan $300/Year4.7 N/A
Automatic Script N/A $39/Month 4.6 30-Days
CopyBlock AI N/A$47/Lifetime4.830-Days

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