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Zapable Review 2023 – Does it Worth the Hype?

Zapable Review
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84 / 100

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The market has taken notice of Zapable, a revolutionary mobile app builder. 

This Zapable review will go into the service’s specs, cost, benefits and disadvantages, and overall worth.

 If you’re looking at purchasing a mobile app builder, keep reading to see if Zapable lives up to the hype.

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What is Zapable?

Zapable Review

With Zapable, you can quickly and easily build native iOS and Android apps for your company or business with unlimited features in a matter of minutes.

 Zapable’s drag-and-drop builder makes developing apps simple, with no requirement for programming experience.

Zapable’s suite of powerful tools and intuitive UI makes it easy to create a design for your mobile app that is unique to your vision.

 You can easily connect with your target audience thanks to its flexible connection with widely used social networks and e-commerce platforms.

 In addition, Zapable allows you to easily create discount coupons and loyalty cards, 

both of which may increase your customers’ dedication to your brand.

How does Zapable App work? 

Zapable’s drag-and-drop interface makes building mobile apps a breeze, making it ideal for beginners.

 Incorporating features like push notifications, e-commerce, social media, and more into your website’s design has never been easier than with Zapable. 

For organizations that don’t have in-house developers, Zapable’s simple upkeep and regular upgrades make it an attractive option.

Who is Zapable for? 

Who is Zapable for

Zapable is for everyone who wants to make mobile apps without coding. It targets small businesses, entrepreneurs with creative ideas, agencies, and freelancers offering app development services. 

Zapable helps small companies connect with clients online. Without technical knowledge, it lets entrepreneurs realize their ideas. 

App creation may be streamlined and customized for different enterprises by agencies and freelancers.

Who is Behind Zapable App Building Software?

Chris and Andrew Fox, two extremely gifted individuals, created the revolutionary Zapable program and released it to the public in the year 2020. 

Users all across the world are in awe of their passion and skill in building several groundbreaking software like Zapable and Super Affiliate A.I.

The software has not only fulfilled but also beyond its users’ high expectations, winning over 5,000 users.

As the number of Zapable users increases every day, the platform has produced over 16,000 distinct and successful apps.

Reasons Why Businesses Need A Mobile App? 

In today’s highly connected world, it’s no longer optional to have a mobile app for your company.

 Customers may interact with your business and its offerings whenever and wherever they choose with the help of a mobile app. 

Customized content, instant alerts, and exclusive deals increase client loyalty. 

Support services built into mobile apps are convenient, fast, and helpful for customers. 

They provide firms with an edge in the market while also assisting in brand loyalty development through the distribution of good information and rewards.

80.69% of the world population has smartphones

Also, it should be noted that 80.69% of the world population has smartphones In 2021 alone, 230 billion apps were downloaded. 

People have dozens of apps installed on their mobile devices at any given time. 

Finally having an app on Google Play Store or Apple app store is not as competitive as starting a website or YouTube channel. 

Zapable Review- Key Features

1. Zap Digital: Unlock the potential of your app by effortlessly selling a variety of digital products, including e-books, audio files, PDFs, and step-by-step courses. 

2. Zap ECom: Take your e-commerce game to the next level by seamlessly integrating Zap ECom. 

Connect your app with popular platforms like Teespring, WooCommerce, Shopify, Volusion, Magento, and more. 

3. Membership Apps: Offer exclusive access to premium content through Membership Apps. 

Integrate with platforms like Wish List, ClickFunnels, Teachable, and Kajabi to provide a personalized and secure membership experience within your app.

4. Accept Payments: Simplify the payment process by integrating popular payment gateways such as Paypal, Stripe, JV Zoo, Clickbank, and Warrior+. 

5. Full Social Media Integration: Stay connected with your audience by seamlessly integrating your app with social media platforms. 

6. Instant Mobile Apps: Create and distribute your app instantly through a direct .app web URL. 

Say goodbye to the hassle of paying Apple’s 30% for in-app purchases and provide a seamless user experience from the moment they access your app.

7. Zapable App Building Software: Benefit from over 30 features and enjoy free new updates..

8. Multiple E-commerce Features: Enhance your mobile app’s e-commerce capabilities with multiple features that seamlessly integrate with your preferred e-commerce platforms. 

9. Form  Builder: Collect valuable leads, quotes, and other important information with the fully customizable form builder. 

Zapable Review & Pricing Plan 

Zapable Price

Front-End: Zapable Instant Agency ($497 One-Time)

Experience the power of Zapable Agency, a comprehensive training program designed to transform you into an app-selling Jedi.

With their proven training systems and streamlined app-building process, you’ll be equipped to create and sell apps in no time. 

Join the ranks of successful app entrepreneurs with Zapable Agency and unleash your potential.

Zapable Builder Trial: $4.95 for a year then rebills at $297 per Year

Get a taste of the Zapable Builder with a trial offer at an unbeatable price of $4.95 for the first year, followed by a rebilling rate of $297 per year. 

This trial provides you with access to the powerful app-building tools and features offered by Zapable, allowing you to explore the possibilities and unleash your creativity in app development.

OTO-1: Zapable White-Label Upgrade ($197 One-Time)

Upgrade to Zapable White-Label for professional branding and customization.

 This update lets clients connect to a platform under your brand name, boosting credibility. 

Customize with your logo, colour scheme, and backdrop. Control user access and provide clients with their app management login. 

White-label push notification services let your clients send push alerts without mentioning Zapable, increasing your income.

 Easily withdraw access if a customer cancels.

OTO-2: Zapable Agency Gold ($49 per month)

Unlock the exclusive benefits of Zapable Agency Gold with a free 60-day trial. 

This premium package offers a new “Done For You” package every month, saving you time and effort in creating professional content. 

Benefit from professionally crafted videos in various industries, high-converting landing pages, and ready-to-use email scripts to generate leads.

 With a combined value of $791, you can try Zapable Agency Gold for 60 days at an incredibly low price of just $1.

OTO-3: Zapable Templates ($97)

Supercharge your app-building journey with the Zapable Templates package. 

Gain access to 15 exclusive templates, icons, and layouts to elevate the design and functionality of your apps.

 With a one-time payment of only $97, you can enjoy the convenience of pre-designed templates that will save you time and effort in creating stunning app interfaces. 

Unleash your creativity and create visually captivating apps with ease using the Zapable Templates pack.

How You Can Build An Amazing Mobile App For Your Clients In 3 Simple Steps

How You Can Build An Amazing Mobile App with zapable

Zapable is a versatile solution that caters to a wide range of businesses. 

Whether you’re targeting online coaches, realtors, cafes, restaurants, attorneys, or any other industry, Zapable is designed to meet your needs. 

With just three simple steps, you can revolutionize your business:

How To Make A Mobile App for beginners using Zapable Software

Total Time: 3 minutes

Step 1 – Choose Your Design and Layout

Step 1 – Choose Your Design and Layout

Choose from a selection of stunning templates and effortlessly customize them using our intuitive ‘drag n drop’ editor. No coding skills are required.

Step #2 – Choose Features For Your App  (Over 30 to Choose from)

Harness the power of local apps by offering access to your digital products, membership sites, and other exclusive content directly within the app. 

With support for both Apple and Android platforms, as well as Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), you can reach a wider audience and provide a seamless user experience.

Step #3 Download & Publish Your Instant Mobile App Within Seconds

Download & Publish Your Instant Mobile App Within Seconds

Supercharge your lead generation with our comprehensive Done For You Agency Package. 

Gain instant access to professionally crafted videos, high-converting landing pages, irresistible email attraction templates, and much more.

Zapable Review: Pros and Cons

Zapable Pros

  • An extensive feature set
  • Builds Android and iOS apps
  • User-friendly interface
  • Creation of listings for pages and locations
  • Generation of push notifications
  • Increased interaction with users
  • Creation of codes for coupons and loyalty programs
  • Integration with social media networks
  • Integrations with eCommerce platforms
  • Email marketing integration with website
  • Drag-and-drop functionality for app building

Zapable Cons

  • The app is priced at a higher range
  • It requires promotion to drive business app adoption and usage

Zapable Reviews by Live Users Feedback?

Zapable Reviews by Live Users Feedback and rating

During your online research, you’ll come across numerous authentic reviews and ratings of the Zapable App builder. 

The majority of these comments and reviews express genuine satisfaction from users who have fallen in love with this software. 

Many users highlight the time and cost-saving benefits they experience while creating engaging mobile apps.

Zapable FAQs

How much does it cost to build an app?

Although many free tools and applications enable you to make an unprofessional mobile app in a short amount of time without coding,

such as Sketchware and others, purchasing commercial or premium software like Zapable can cost $ 297 or more but give you a professional app in a very short period of time.

Can you make an app for free on Zapable?

No. There is no free trial period, however, Zapable does provide a generous 30-day money-back guarantee.

 Within 30 days of purchase, if you are not completely pleased with Zapable, you can request a full refund.

How much can you earn from a Zapable app?

Zapable app revenue potential varies widely based on aspects like company kind, target market, marketing approach, app monetization strategy, and quality of the app. 

While Zapable makes it easy to build mobile apps, your app’s success and profitability will ultimately depend on how well you’re able to put your business plan into action.

Is Zapable Better Mobile App Builder or Trash?

Zapable’s quality as a mobile app builder depends on individual tastes, experiences, and company goals. 

Zapable’s drag-and-drop interface, capabilities, and ease of use have made it popular.

 Many Zapable customers have created professional, bespoke applications for their businesses.

It’s crucial to realize that no app builder can be 100% perfect for everyone, and what works well for some may not match others’ expectations.

 It’s a good mobile app builder, in my experience.

Does Zapable require coding skills?

No. Users of Zapable don’t need to know how to code to make their own Android or iOS app for their business or other endeavours.

Zapable Bonus

  • Become A Powerhouse Amazon Affiliate With Apps
  • Local Business “Zap” Empire Building
  • Facebook – Monetization of Your Fan Page
  • Video Marketing “Zap” Sense


In conclusion, I strongly suggest Zapable to everyone, from complete beginners to seasoned pros, who want to take their internet enterprise to the next level. 

No technical expertise is needed to use this program, making it accessible to all ability levels. 

Though it’s more expensive, it’s worth it for your business.

 You can manage your success with Zapable’s business analytics and direct consumer outreach. 

Your company can profit from investing in Zapable.

How To Buy Zapable

Zapable is only available for sale on their official website or sales page, you can buy it HERE, Zapable is not available in any retail store currently.

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