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Affiliate Marketing On Quora – How To Make $300/Day With Make Money With Quora!

Hey there! Some links on this page are affiliate links which means that, if you choose to make a purchase, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. I greatly appreciate your support!

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Affiliate marketing On Quora is one of the most lucrative online business models you can exploit today and make a fortune.

Affiliate marketing involves sending highly qualified traffic to a merchant’s offer and if he or she makes a purchase, you get a commission as an affiliate.

It is so sweet and easy to get started because you do not need to create a product or have any inventory and it requires close to nothing startup capital.

While there are many methods one can use to promote affiliate offers (ranging from blogs, YouTube, WhatsApp, social media etc). 

Today we shall be focusing on one secret and high performing platform you can leverage and make up to $300 a day from many affiliate programs. The name of this platform is Quora

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What is Affiliate Marketing on Quora? 

What is Affiliate Marketing on Quora? 

Quora is a broad and non-segregated question and answer website.

Believe it or not, Quora is one of the most visited websites on the globe. 

With such a reputable score, they have a host of their questions and answers ranking high on search engines,

like Google which could serve as free traffic and can be converted into cold cash if properly utilized

5 Promotion Tactics That Grow my Quora Traffic To Over 45K Views 

5 Promotion Tactics That Grow my Quora Traffic To Over 45K Views 

Answering the questions asked by the person who needs help on Quora is a great way to find out more about your target market. 

But it’s very important to learn how to promote affiliate links on Quora (The RIGHT Way).

 Here are some of the Quara affiliate marketing tips and strategies that are working right now!  

1. Answer popular questions with a lot of followers (your answer should be 500 words and above.

When it comes to organic traffic and driving a lot of sales, two things are key and they are:

  • High Searches
  • Quality answers

One of the most popular quotes on the web being that Content is King.

So the first step you should take as a smart internet marketer is to make a lot of money from quora as an affiliate marketer, 

 Content is King

is to find questions that have a lot of followers and if possible rank high on Google search result pages.

This is because you always want your answer to have enough exposure, the more eyeballs that see your answer, the more money you get to make even as an affiliate marketer.

Then you have to give your best in answering the question. If possible, quote sources and add images to portray what you are saying.

The more detailed your answer is, the more likely people will be satisfied with it.

This triggers the quora algorithm to push your answer to the top thereby giving it more visibility.

I recommend using Semrush 14Days Free Trial to spy on the question with low competition and ranking on the first page of Google. 

Spy on quora keyword -Affiliate Marketing On Quora hacks

Then trying to write a detailed answer to those questions there is a high chance that you will rank faster and get instant traffic to your website. 

2. Share Your Answers Around Quora

After answering those already popular questions on Quora, it’s time to share the answer to several related spaces you have joined.

Quora spaces are just like Facebook groups, they are sets of communities dedicated to a particular topic.

So as you know, topics can be interrelated

For instance, if you are in an affiliate marketing space

there is a very huge possibility that some of the questions answered there would be much more relevant in the internet marketing and make money online space.

With the main goal being to give our answer as much exposure as possible, just begin to share your answers to relevant spaces.

Relevant is the keyword in the answer because if you share non-relevant spaces, it may be referred to as spamming.

3. Write Stories on Popular Spaces

Write Stories on Popular Spaces

Once you find a space on Quora with a lot of engaged audiences who are great for your affiliate offer, 

You can choose to write a very detailed story on the space.

One of the advantages of this method is that you do not need to wait for your story to be approved.

With this method, instant view and link clicks are guaranteed because every single member of Quora tends to see your answers. 

4. Create Your Quora Space and Monetise It

Create Your Quora Space and Monetise It

The fourth smartest way to make money from quora apart from affiliate marketing is to create your own spaces on Quora.

 it’s more advantageous because you can monetize your spaces and start making money on Quora aside from affiliate marketing.

 Quora space is a newly introduced community feature on Quora. 

Although those who are actually making the big bulk of cash from quora spaces are those who created their space during the beta testing,

With a little determination, you should be able to make at least $100 per month.

One feature that Quora spaces better than Facebook groups, is the fact Quora pays their spaces owners. 

Quora space is really worth your time and effort if you want to create a passive income stream for yourself. 

How Do I Earn From Quora Spaces

Just like other social media and user-generated content websites, quora makes money mainly by showing ads to their readers.

By creating and building a quora space, they tend to pay you a share of how much they make from showing people adverts on your space.

Sounds cool right?

Now I guess you want to know how to create and monetize your quora space, it is very simple actually, just follow the steps below:

Time needed: 3 minutes.

How To Create A Quora Space In 3min

  1. Step 1

    Go to Quora ( and create your own Space. create your own Quora Space

  2. Step 2.

    Click on the earning tab above and select your country. 

    They pay through the Stripe payment system, So if you are living in a country where Stripe isn’t available then you have to wait till Stripe launches in your country.

  3. Step 3.

    Click the “Next” button and now your Quora space is monetized and you can start making money from your Quora Space.

  4. Step 4.

    After your space is monetized, you would need to verify your space, this begins by earning a minimum of $10.

  5. Step 5.

    Then, when your earning reaches the threshold which is $10, a Quora moderator will be assigned to review your Quora Space so that it is in accordance with the Quora Space guidelines.

  6. Step 6.

    Step 6. After getting approved, you will be prompted to attach your bank account through Stripe.

  7. Step 7.

    If you successfully pass through those stages then you are set to earn with queries.

    Every single time you earn up to $10, it will be sent directly to your bank account via stripe

5 Quora Affiliate Marketing Black Hat 

Do you Want a Black hat?

Not neglecting the fact that some of you reading this right now just want quick cash and that’s it. 

So one of the black hat techniques you can apply is getting two quora accounts.

You ask a question with one and then use the other one to answer the question.

While this is not actually against the community guidelines, if you target questions with high demands you could really pull a load of traffic from both the quora algorithm and search engines.

This Quora Affiliate Marketing black hat works like crazy most especially for product launches jacking. 

Quora Affiliate Marketing black hat method

For instance, I used this method to hijacked the keyword “CopyBlocks Review” 

Disclaimer: this Quora affiliate marketing strategy works, but it might lead to Quora accounts suspension… It’s highly risky 

Badass Banproof Guide To Promote Affiliate Links on Quora

Once you find a really good question that could be used to promote your affiliate link and you confirm that it gets a lot of views and Engagement. 

You have to be careful because this is where 95% of affiliate marketers get it wrong.

Because of the nature of the platform and the stage at which the viewers are in the buying pyramid, it would be very wrong to post your affiliate links alongside your answer.

In fact, the quora bot would Immediately delete your answer if they find any affiliate link attached to it (you can see for yourself).

I always recommend that you start your own affiliate marketing blog, it’s a passive way of making money online. 

How To Write Perfect Answers to Promote Your Affiliate Links (Right Ways) 

How To Write Perfect Answers to Promote Your Affiliate Links

So how do you promote affiliate offers without getting your answers deleted or your quora account flagged?

I will tell you.

Write Prefect the Answers

On Quora you should not write short answers, it’s highly recommended that your answers should be more than 500 words 


Longer unique answers tend to rank on Google search engine and if possible add copyright-free images that could furthermore portray what you are saying.

These images could be screenshots or infographics If you are not a good copywriter you can hire copywriters on Fiverr with just $5

Provide Value Before Selling 

Also, as a rule, you must keep, you should not directly push affiliate links, here is the right approach, first provide value, help people.

So what is the main aim of answering the questions if you are not attaching your affiliate link then add your affiliate link bridge page?

Use Bridge Pages instead of affiliate links

It’s simple, instead of adding your affiliate link to your answers (it’s a fruitless effort because the bots would spot and delete your answer), you can add a link to a webpage that promises more value.

This is called a bridge page and it could be a blog post on your website, a landing page (to collect their email address or tell them more about what you are promoting).

In this way, you are safe when the bots come around to crawl your answers, you have more liberty to sell to them.

If you don’t know how to go about the bridges pages, I strongly recommend you check out as they got everything done for you without paying a dime.

Dos and don’t of Quora Affiliate Marketing

One more thing you don’t want to do is get your account suspended,

 You have built about 90% of your monthly affiliate commissions income on quora and then ruin it all with the remaining 10% is good idea.

Quora is not actually too complicated, all you have to ensure is that your answers are value-packed and void of unnecessary promotions.

Why was my answer deleted by Quora Moderation?

Why was my answer deleted by Quora Moderation

Your answers on Quora could be deleted by either the moderator or the quora bots for any of the following reasons

  • They contains inappropriate websites links on them
  • They were considers as spammy
  • They contained affiliate link 
  • They were inappropriate for the question asked

Wrapping Up Affiliate Marketing On Quora Hacks

Quora is one of the free questions and answers platforms or forums with a ton of well-targeted traffic. You can exploit it to make a whole lot of affiliate commissions. 

While these may not be the only working affiliate marketing strategies, you can build upon them to find out what works perfectly well for your niche.

 Start pulling in tones of traffic and sale with Quora, If you have any questions, please leave a comment. I read and answer all the comments.

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