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Bookbolt Review – Is Bookbolt Worth it For Amazon KDP? 

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If you are looking to make more money, you may have just found the perfect opportunity.

 Passive income is the best source of income and it can change your life.

Digital assets are the best avenue to make this happen. However, you may be confused about where to start as it is not easy.

So many professional writers like to use BookBolt to create quick low-content books to publish on amazon. 

Here is a review of Book Bolt and all you can achieve while making use of it. 

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What are Low Content Books?

What are Low Content Books?

Low-content books are books that have no content on their interior pages. These pages are desired to be filed in by the user. 

Common examples best selling low content books on Amazon are planners, journals, notebooks and other types of books.

Types of Low-Content Books

1. Guest Books:

Guest books are the most popular types of low-content books and there are numerous occasions in a year when people can come together to celebrate.

That is why guest books are so popular as you can use them for events such as birthdays, weddings and other gatherings.

2. Journals Book: 

Journal Book is very important in the daily activities of everyone. It is very easy to create and is very popular amongst low-content books.

There is a wide range of journals that you can explore, it all depends on who your target market is.

3. Music Composition Notebooks:

Composition notebooks or manuscripts are used by musicians to compose music. 

Bookbolt review

This type doesn’t require much content but you can put good effort to make a difference on the cover page.

4. Coloring Books:

There are quite a lot of colouring books already on the market but this is one of the most popular types of low-content books available on the market.

If you can put in extra effort you can make a huge difference.

5. Planners Book:

Planners are quite tedious to create and it is much harder to make them appealing to consumers as you need to design the cover page and also the interior.

However, planners are much more sustainable compared to other low-content books. 

This is the reason why most self-publishing writers leverage creating planners that target certain niches.

You can create a garden planner or a small business planner.

Is Low Content Book Publishing Still Profitable?

Is Low Content Book Publishing Still Profitable

Yes, low-content book publishing is still profitable.

 It all depends on what niche you pick, the way you market your book, how competitive, and how much you sell a book.

Also how much royalties you set also determines how profitable low content book publishing will be for you. 

However, if you find a profitable low-content niche and create a good strategy, you can make $100 a day selling low-content books on Amazon KDP.

What is Bookbolt?


Book bolt is a low-content book publishing software that helps you create books from scratch. It is easy to use.

Also, it allows you to grow a book publishing business without even writing a single word, Book bolt offers quite a lot to writers and business owners.

BookBolt created a single comprehensive tool that joins products and keywords together. 

There are also other interesting features like niche suggestions.

BookBolt Features:

#1. Bookbolt Keyword/ Niche Research Tool:

Bookbolt Keyword/ Niche Research Tool:

This section helps to bring back keywords in the book category on Amazon that may be relevant to any niche you want to list in.

This is a long list of keywords that you can scroll through and not every keyword will produce the exact book you are listing.

There is a section for the most frequently used keywords in products that are already selling on Amazon. 

This lets you know that people are already getting the right customers into their listings.

You should check this section frequently and pick out only the relevant keywords. 

You can include them in your listing if you can relate to the book you are going to be listing.

Cloud Storage Features:

Book bolt offers different features that can help you improve your research. 

There is a tool called “Cloud” which allows you to easily find new trends and hidden niches. 

Book bolt offers a user-friendly keyword research tool and you can use this to get ahead of all your competitors.

There are different options to help you narrow down your search when you open up the Cloud module.

Bookbolt Design Functions:

Bookbolt Design Functions:

Book bolt helps you simplify your design process. Even if you are without any previous design experience, Bookbolt Designer will make it very easy for you. 

Cover Designer:

BookBolt can help you create different patterns for your cover design all in a single click.

 This is very innovative and not many others can boast of this.

Interior Library Designer:

Book Bolt offers training on how to create low-content books and grow your business.

Being new to publishing can be stressful but book bolt has discovered some superb resources you can use to make the journey easy.

Also, Book Bolt offers various guides that can help you list your book on Amazon KDP and start making money.

Puzzle Wiz:

Puzzle Wiz:

This is a very useful tool that can help you create personalized puzzles for puzzle books.

There are different formats for you to pick from and all you have to do is to make some tweaks so it can be personalized and the tool will do the rest.

How to Use Bookbolt For Amazon KDP Publishing? 

Book Bolt provides a lot of tutorials for you to watch and be able to create your own low-content book.

To make use of Book Bolt for Amazon KDP publishing there are a few things you must do:

Step #1 – Finding a profitable niche:

You have to find a suitable niche for the book you want to make. It is important to choose a profitable niche because our aim is to make money.

Step #2 – Checking the Search Volume for your Book Topic:

After you choose a niche for your book, you then choose a topic. You can do this by checking all the potential topics available for your book.

Step #3 – Creating the Book:

When you find the topic for your book, you can then move forward to create it. 

You can make use of BookBolt designer for this and you would be done within seconds.

BookBolt is a user-friendly tool that helps you design your book. It is also web-based which means you can design your book on your web browser.

When you are done creating your book using BookBolt Designer then you will have to download it and then proceed to sell it on Amazon KDP.

Book Bolt vs Canva – Can Bookbolt work with Canva: 

BookBolt is a useful KDP tool and it has some very amazing features which can help you achieve long-term success in KDP.

BookBolt offers much more than Canva as you can create interiors for journals, planners, logbooks, and other books.

How to Get Verified 20% Off BookBolt Discount Code

How to Get Verified 20% Off BookBolt Discount Code

In order to use your coupon discount code, you have to follow these simple steps.

Step #1:  Go to BookBolt’s official Plan Page, click on pricing and copy the promo code “Goreviewrite”. 

Step #2: After copying the code, start going through the checkout process. You have to input your name and details first. 

Step #3:  You will be able to use the “Goreviewrite” code to save 20% off any plan you opt for.

Bookbolt Pros and Cons:

Bookbolt Pros:

  • 1. It is very easy to use.
  • 2. It already has a design feature and saves you all the stress.
  • 3. Great for low-content book publishers.
  • 4. Multi-faceted tool.

Bookbolt Cons:

  • It is quite expensive.
  • Book Bolt needs to improve its interface.

Can you Make a Living with BookBolt and Publishing Books? 

Yes, you can. After uploading your book, Amazon KDP shows you the printing cost so you can add that to the pricing of your book.

You have the liberty of setting any price you want for your books, also you will see the royalties you will receive once your book gets sold.

The money you make largely depends on the books you sell and it is important to remember that being creative is not easy. 

You need to make sure that you don’t make any wrong decisions.

You can earn a lot of money from this but it all depends on how good and creative you are.

BookBolt Alternative:

BookBolt Alternative

1. Kindle Ranker is one of the Book Bolt alternatives.  It offers good marketing research tools too. 

These tools also help you know your sales metrics and alert you when your book attains bestseller status.

2. Helium10;  is a platform that helps beginner or advanced Amazon independent publishers, sellers or authors have a very easy and seamless formatting process.

Authors and publishers make use of this platform for its automated book publishing process, find keywords, identify trends, and optimize listing. 


If you decide to venture into this Amazon KDP business, you have to know that you will spend some money so you can make use of BookBolt to find topics and create good books to sell.

The good thing is that it is a tool worth using and you are going to make a lot more money after selling those books if you make use of BookBolt. 

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