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How To Get Canva Pro For FREE Legally – Canva Premium Lifetime For Student

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Have you been searching for how you can get Canva Premium Lifetime For Student? 

Probably you’re a content creator or you want to brand your business by using Canva’s awesome editing tool, but you don’t have all the cash to purchase Canva Pro for yourself.

Then you shouldn’t be bothered anymore.

 We are going to give you a secret that will save you lots of dollars monthly or annually; 

you can use the money to invest in other projects.

Today the graphics design and branding niche is one of the popular ways to create content for social media, websites as well as infographics that will move your business to the next level.

Moreover, Canva is one of the most-rated tools that you can use to achieve this without much hassle.

Meanwhile, if you have been using the Canva free version for some of your projects, a time will come when you will intend to maximize some of the features that are available in the Canva Pro version.

If you carefully follow the tricks we revealed in this guide, you will be able to get a lifetime Canva Pro account easily without the need to submit your credit card details.

Perhaps, since Canva is an education-based software, the Canva Pro account is available for students and teachers at no cost.

Hereunder, if you are a student or a teacher in a school, and you have all the requirements that validate Canva, you will be able to access Canva premium features.

Furthermore, Canva is an educational tool, you need to have a .edu email address for you to access the Canva Pro account for free as a student or teacher.

If you don’t have a .edu email address, just keep reading as we will show you how you can obtain one for yourself.

Table Of Contents

What is Canva Pro?

What is Canva Premium Lifetime For Student?

Canva Pro is the paid version of the awesome, fantastic, and informative software known as Canva. 

Canva Pro gives users access to other premium features that Canva software comes with.

Some of these premia feature that Canva Pro offers its users include premium photos, stock videos, unlimited storage, as well as access to other amazing assets.

Moreover, switching from the Canva free version to the Canva Pro version will cost you around $1-$20 per asset you wish to have access to.

Perhaps, purchasing the complete Canva Pro will enable you to have access to all premium assets without having to pay for other services that are involved in the Canva Pro software.

Subscribing to Canva Pro will grant you access to use Canva premium templates, videos, and photos available in the Canva library for free.

Who Canva is for & How Does it Work?

The good news is that Canva is available for everyone interested to use growing their business or social media presence. 

Moreover, you need to have an account with Canva before you can have access to both the basic version and the Pro version of Canva.

Perhaps, Canva is created for Business owners, Graphics Designers, Branding Experts, Social Media managers, Content creators, Content writers, Website developers, Copywriters, Blogger YouTubers, etc.

Canva Plan & Pricing

Canva users are allowed to utilize both free forever or Canva paid plans.

  That offers an entire host of instruments and elements that can be gotten to with a paid Canva Pro or Enterprise account.

Canva Free gets you over 250,000 formats, over 100 plan types, a huge number of photographs and designs, coordinated effort, and 5GB of distributed storage.

Canva Pro costs $119.99 each year, and this offers every one of the free highlights. 

However, it has brand pack transfer choices, a single tick Magic Resize for pictures, more than 420,000 layouts, 75 million pictures, recordings, and illustrations, a plan to put something aside for group use, and 100GB of distributed storage, and online entertainment booking for seven stages.

Canva Enterprise is $30 per individual each month and offers generally that Pro has in addition to more brand-centred apparatuses that probably don’t help educate.

Check Canva All Pricing Plan

Is the Canva Pro Trial Free?

Is the Canva Pro Trial Free

Yes! As a registered user, you can access Canva Pro free for 30 days.

Moreover, before you can activate the Canva Pro account, you’ll need to enter your credit card details.

By default, when your free 30 days expire, you will be charged from the credit card that you submitted when opting for the Canva Pro account free trial.

On the other hand, you can cancel at any time during your trial and you won’t be charged.

Why is Canva Premium Lifetime For Student?

Because Canva developers love educating people, they made their Pro version free for students and teachers who may use it to enlighten others or to acquire more knowledge.

Canva is not just creating graphics, and videos, they are designed to inspire learning through the power of visual communication and collaboration through their education plan.

Moreover, Canva Pro is 100% free for K12 teachers and their students.

2 Ways to Get Free Canva Premium Lifetime For Student & No Students 

Below are the 2 methods to get a Canva Pro lifetime license for free without a credit card or a free trial;

Methods #1: How to Legally Get Canva Premium for Students Using School Email

How to Legally Get Canva Premium for Students Using School Email

Using the school’s website email address

If you are a student, you can create an email address using your school website.

 For instance, if your school name is, you can create a student’s email address using your school website name.

This means that your student’s email address will look like [email protected] and with this email, you can use it to get the Canva Pro version for free.

Using GitHub Education Website 

If you are a Github understudy designer, you can get a Canva expert record free of charge for 1 year. 

Canva has cooperated with GitHub Education to give our most-cherished plan instruments for nothing to engineering students.

You’ll get an entire year of Canva Pro – that is $119 worth, with nothing to pay.

No plan abilities? Don’t sweat it. Canva Pro consolidates our simple to-utilize plan stage with efficient elements that make you seem to be an expert.

Get started with Github

If you are not a part of the Github understudy designer pack then you need to initially join the Github understudy engineer program then you can be guaranteed a 1-year free Canva genius account.

Signup for the Student Developer pack

Method #2 How To Get Canva Pro for FREE with Education Temporary Email Address

The below steps will help you get a lifetime Canva Pro account for free by using a temporary education email address:

Step #1. Obtain a Temporary Email Address:

The initial step to getting a free Canva Pro record is to get your disposable  .edu email address. Visit this site 

On this site, you can make your .edu email address that is expected to set up a Canva for Education account.

 You will see on the dashboard an email ID that is naturally enacted and legitimate for 10mins.

When you effectively get your .edu impermanent email address, continue to stage 2. 

Yet, if not, tap on the erase symbol. Soon after that, you will see another email address produced for you.

Keep on reviving till you get your .edu transitory email address.

The email produced will end with something like as displayed beneath:

Obtain a Temporary Email Address:

Step #2. Navigate to Canva Education Page

Navigate to Canva Education sign up  Page

When you have effectively gotten your .edu email address, continue to the Canva for Education web address.

 This is the web page  

Click on Signup with email and put in your transitory .edu email address.  you will get One Time Password (that is an OTP) on the email inbox

Enter the OTP that you just received in your where you generated the temporary education email address and tap on submit

When you confirm your email address, you will gain admittance to Canva premium highlights free of charge.

 Congrats! Lifetime Canva Pro record for Free.

Step #3. Change Your Email Address

As you know, the .edu email address is just substantial for 10mins, hence, you want to change the email address in your Canva original account.

To change your Canva email address, go to  and enter your dynamic email address.

Recap Start Canva free Forever for no Students

If you are either a student or a teacher but you wish to Start Canva free forever, you can easily achieve this by using some useful tricks that we will elucidate below.

Perhaps, in the digital world, you can claim any profile of your choice and use it to achieve whatever you want.

In this case, you can follow our guide in method #2 above to generate a temporary school email address for yourself.

During your signup, you are to use the school email address and get your Canva Pro without adding your credit card details.

After creating your account, you can log in to your account dashboard and change your temporary email address to a real email address so you have full access.

With this trick, you can freely get Canva Pro for free.


We detailed different methods that you can use to get Canva Pro for free whether you are a student, teacher, or none of the above.

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