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How To Choose SEO Keywords That Boost Website Traffic Using AIO SEO Monsterinsights

How To Choose SEO Keywords That Boost Website Traffic Using AIO SEO Monsterinsights
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Website traffic is known as the number of people that make use of a website or the number of individuals that visit a website for any reason.

And your organic web traffic is mostly determined by how To choose SEO keywords that may likely bring a larger per cent of your traffic.

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What is Website Traffic and Why is it Important?

What is Website Traffic and Why is it Important?

The number of people that make use of your website is largely determined by the function of how to choose SEO keywords, the goals of your visitors and the way you advertise your site. 

Traffic is known to be very important if you want to have a very successful website.

 While someone who creates websites for their reasons like a blogger who teaches cooking recipes might not care much about traffic, business owners and organizations need to understand how websites traffic works 

And identify the ways by which they can improve their website traffic for the fundamental growth of their site. 

How You Can Increase Website Traffic

How To Choose SEO Keywords That Boost Website Traffic Using AIO SEO Monsterinsights

There are various ways to increase your website traffic;

  • Restructuring your SEO campaign to get a good site ranking and enable more individuals to visit your site. 
  • Making entertaining video content across all social media platforms for your viewers to increase your visitors. 
  • Making use of automated marketing emails to make conversation with your contacts about how your website works and discount. This can also create the traffic needed for your website. 
  • Staying active on social media, and engaging in meaningful conversations with your followers, also providing them with good content will encourage them to click on your website. 

What Are Monsterinsights with All-in-one SEO and TruSEO Scores Integration all About? 

Monsterinsights with All-in-one SEO and TruSEO Scores Integration

MonsterInsights has developed a new update that possesses a feature of being joined with the All-in-one SEO plugin. 

MonsterInsights is going to add the plugin’s focus keywords and their TruSEO scores to their accepted custom provinces. 

So, it shows you how to choose SEO keywords and how they compile all the traffic your website generates in Google analytics.  

The new feature provided by MonsterInsights lets you input all the AIO SEO focus words and TruSEO scores into your Google Analytics data. 

After doing that, you will be then able to see all your analytics data broken down by the new SEO-focused custom dimensions provided by MonsterInsights. 

This is also one of the numerous ways in which you can get more knowledge to grow your traffic and also ensure that you make the right choices that help grow businesses. 

Also, for those asking why the integration between MonsterInsights and the All-in-one SEO plugin is important, 

How To Choose SEO Keywords with MonsterInsights and the All-in-one SEO plugin

If you have both the all-in-one SEO plugin and the MonsterInsights plugin on your site, 

you can view a headline analyzer and also a score for your content based on your work.

 This is only possible with this feature. This feature can be likened to a personal assistant that helps you whenever you want to create a post. 

How To Find And Choose SEO Keywords that Will Bring In the Most Traffic And Boost Your Business 

If you are looking to discover the right keywords that can work magic on your website traffic, you are at the right source. 

Keywords are very important if you are trying to grow your website organically. Also, it is key if you want your website to have a good Google ranking. 

Keywords can be described as terms used by individuals to search a website. 

MonsterInsights has been classified as the best keyword search tool that is available for all WordPress websites. 

It makes the user able to add Google analytics to your WordPress website and the best part is that you don’t have to do any coding and they also give you access to the reports on their website’s dashboard. 

With all this said, I’m sure you have discovered that MonsterInsights is a very wonderful tool that helps you conduct important keyword searches and gives you numerous opportunities to increase your website traffic organically. 

Best Methods to Use Plugin

There are three ways you can use the plugin and get very useful ways to discover the best keywords for organic traffic; 

The first way is through the search console report:

How To Choose SEO Keywords through the search console report

It shows you the keywords that are performing the most on your website. When you click on each of the keywords, you will be presented with the number of impressions, the number of clicks and the average positions per week. 

 This report also displays the terms that give you a lot of traffic on your website, they can be seeing placed high on the list of search results. 

If you make use of the data, put forward by this report, you will be able to find not only the best keywords but also similar search topics of interest. 

The second report you need is the top landing pages, 

How To Choose SEO Keywords through  top landing pages, 

These are found just below the published reports. When you make use of this, you can then monitor the performance of your website and make a good decision that can positively increase your business.

They also make sure you attract lots of visitors. You can make use of this report to spot the best keywords that produce pages that garner high traffic and then proceed to create a similar page. 

MonsterInsights custom dimension report

How To Choose SEO Keywords through MonsterInsights custom dimension report

The third report that is available for researching the best keywords to use is the MonsterInsights custom dimension report which can be found when you search on the most searched focus keywords.

 If you are using an SEO plugin for your WordPress website and you input a keyword for all your content,

 MonsterInsights can help you set up a custom dimension that helps you keep an eye on which of the keywords you imputed will generate the most traffic, thereby figuring which one is best for business. 

This report makes sure you discover which search keyword is performing best by measuring the traffic generated. 

It also gives you hint on better keywords that you can use for your website to get the best results. 

Want To grow your web traffic by 55% Read how to increase your website traffic with MonsterInsights Popular Post Widget Tools

Why Choose Monsterinsights? 

Why Choose Monsterinsights? 
  • It helps you track all your online products performance with its newly improved eCommerce add on. 
  • It provides easy Google analytics which was set up personally by WordPress. 
  • It tracks all forms across your website automatically. 
  • It provides super helpful insights into your website performance. 
  • It is easily integrated with other WordPress plugins
  • It is very key in identifying keywords that help your site’s traffic and increases your site organic growth. 

MonsterInsights Pricing

MonsterInsights Pricing

MonsterInsights is relatively cheap because its pricing starts from about $100 per year,

 And also you get a guarantee to receive your money back for the first two weeks if you aren’t satisfied with their services. 

Wrapping Up How To Choose SEO Keywords

The integration between MonsterInsights and the AIO SEO has been very helpful to all users 

And I would advise anyone who wants to discover the best keywords for their website to make use of it.

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