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Is Dropshipping Worth It?- 10 Factors That Determine Your Success or Failure

Is Dropshipping Worth It
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Are sick and tired of the different get-rich-quick guru stories on the internet telling you that you will become a billionaire in quick” ways without doing anything or just sleeping? then you may consider Is Dropshipping Worth It and profitable.

Dropshipping is a retail business model that a supplier accepts a customers order but does not keep the goods in stocks, 

Instead, the supplier buys from a third party after the customer places the order.(how does dropshipping work?)

The supplier is not directly involved with the handling of the good because he buys from the wholesaler or producer who in turn ships the goods to the customer.

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Is Drop Shipping Legit?

Is Dropshipping Worth It?

There is no illegal process in the dropshipping process as it is 100% backed by law.

Is Dropshipping Worth It? as a business model, it is not a model that hasn’t been proven.

In fact, there are tons of dropshipping stores on the internet making thousands of dollars every single month.

So if you want to venture into this business, you are certainly dealing with something legit.

Is Dropshipping Still Profitable?

This is the exact question been asked before starting any business and dropshipping us not an exception. 

Dropshipping has always been profitable and still profitable to those who go in with the right business model and of course with the intention of starting a real business and not fast money making business.

Is Dropshipping Worth It?

The time spent in managing a business always brings the question, is it really worth it?

This same question has always popped into the mind of those wanting to go into the dropshipping business model  but the honest reply to this question is YES, DROPSHIPPING WORTH IT.

If making decent money is what you want then dropshipping is definitely worth it.

However if making fast and easy money is all you want then forget about drop shipping and look elsewhere or other online business ideas for beginners

Dropshipping requires a great amount of time, money and efforts to enable a smooth and successful running of the dropshipping business.

Is Dropshipping Legal?

Confirming the legality of a business before making a move to starting the business is a very good step. 

Because a lot of scammers use majorly online business as a possible scheme to extort money from individuals but for this case dropshipping is LEGAL.

The only issues faced by drop shippers are associated with a bad supplier otherwise drop shipping is very legal to run in almost every country, all you need do is back up with a dropshipping agreement contract.

Is Dropshipping Dead?

Dropshipping is not dead but worth it and still profitable if you follow the right ways, although there might be some problems relating to getting profit off of some market, 

The cost of running a dropship is quite low and all it needs to stay alive is hard work, 

patience and time.

How to Start Dropshipping Even if You are a Newbie

Yes, it is true that a lot of people are venturing into dropshipping business but that does not stop you from starting up your drop shipping store.

A successful Dropshipping business starts with choosing a good niche that best suits you and your business so that you will not end up sceptical is dropshipping worth it . 

Dropshipping business requires minimal funding cost and maintenance of the business is quite easy and straightforward.

Here are the steps to take when planning to start a successful dropshipping business;

Choosing the Right Niche:


Choosing a niche well understood by you is the very first step to take when starting a dropshipping business will determine your success or failure with this business model.

The rate of failing in a niche well understood by you is minimal as you will have a good knowledge about the products quality, maintenance, process and usage, price of the product etc. 

Understanding about the product gives you a higher advantage over your competitors. 

For a dropshipping store to stand a higher chance of being successful, it needs to be focused on a particular group of products described as a niche,

Keeping up with a lot of things at a particular time can end up being stressful and devastating as either one or everything will suffer lack even though you have all the knowledge about each and every product.

So focus your niche on a particular well understood product for a more successful dropshipping experience.

Some of the trending dropshipping niche include:

  • Power tool
  • Tech supplies
  • Lifestyle niche
  • Beauty niche
  • Drones and accessories 

Research About the Product Competition

Having a good niche is one thing and researching about the competition involved is another thing. 

Making a good research about the products helps to prepare your mind about the competitive nature of the product you will be selling. 

Because a lot of persons will be involved in same products, you will not only be dealing with competitions from other dropshipping operators, 

You will also be having competitions from some retail giants.

 Choosing a hot selling product with moderate competition is better because it shows the product is in high demand.

Get a Good Supplier

Going into partnership with the wrong supplier can be the end of your dropshipping business, so it’s important to take your time before making a decision about the supplier.

Make proper research on the supplier as some good drop shipping suppliers are located overseas especially for dropshipping business outside the United States. 

Some online platforms create potential resources where you can interact with suitable and potential manufacturers and suppliers, asking questions and learning about the product capabilities will enable your business to grow well. 

Because you can get the right and suitable supplier, ensure they have the ability and capacity to accommodate you and your business.

Create a Good eCommerce Platform

There are a lot of ecommerce platforms that support dropshipping and these platforms don’t really require a good tech background for individuals to get their stores up and running. 

And those platforms can also help increase sales through their apps, getting the only best apps for your dropshipping store will differentiate you from most dropshippers running at lost that triggered to as question such as is dropshipping worth it? Or is dropshipping dead?

Launching a website with such eCommerce platforms or dropshipping tools is the easiest way to go though. 

You might have a budget plan of hiring a web developer to help out with the launching of a customised solution but it is still advisable to use the eCommerce platforms already created especially as a beginner. 

Creating a customised solution is also a good option but that is after you have been established and a lot of revenues are coming in, then other additional customised sites can be explored.

Create a Good Customer Purchase Plan

Creating a good eCommerce platform and having a good niche will go a long way in your dropshipping business. 

But having them without a good way of showcasing your products to your customers is as good as not having any niche or eCommerce platforms.

Showcasing your products to the public is not a hard task to perform, all you need is a good site for advertising your goods. 

Most popular websites for advertising are Facebook ads and Instagram, advertising with these platforms gives the leverage of showcasing your products not only restricted to your contacts list alone but to the world at large.

Advertising on Facebook through Facebook ads also gives you an edge to compete with large brands and giant retailers right from the start

Because it places your products to the most suitable and targeted audience. 

Thinking about long term customer purchase plans? Then search engine optimization and email marketing should be considered.

Manage Your Finances

keeping up with your finances enables the smooth running of your business.

Most people involved in dropshipping tend not to take proper management of their finances leading to a loophole in the business.

Every good entrepreneur should always monitor the account for any financial loopholes so as to avoid making losses and no profit in the business.

Financial accounts which include payroll, invoice list and tax management should be 

attended to constantly to prevent unnecessary loss.

Looking best product research tool? To find a winning product to sell? Then we recommend 14 days Ecomhut Free Trial to test out the platform

Best Ecommerce Platforms For Dropshipping 

An ecommerce platform is an end to end software solution that allows online retailers to manage their websites, marketing and sales of the business. 

Getting a good dropshipping business means getting a good ecommerce platform, there are many technical issues associated with dropshipping when using the wrong ecommerce platform.

There are lots of ecommerce platforms for dropshipping and there are also some criteria to consider before choosing an ecommerce platform.

Criteria to consider when choosing an eCommerce platform

  • The platform should be easy to use
  • It should be easy to assess the side
  • It should be efficient 24/7
  • It should be able to support all dropshipping format

There are a lot of ecommerce platforms out there, but the top choices for most dropshippers are: 

1- WooCommerce (Alidropship)

woocommerce is an ecommerce platform that has the capability to make dropshipping easy, 

it makes your work easier, it makes you sell more and work less. Anyone without technical expertise can operate the woocommerce system.

Woocommerce is a dropshipping store managing tools for dropshipping store: 

alidropship woocommerce is deal for:

  • Managing a dropshipping store
  • Automatically notifying suppliers when their products are purchased from your store
  • Quickly importing inventory per schedule 
  • Assigning inventory to specific suppliers 

Alidropship Woocommerce drop shipping auto- generate order notifications and sends them to your suppliers via emails. 

These notifications entails all the suppliers need to know in order to ship the item, such as order, details, addresses and keep chosen shipping method.

Woocommerce is an ecommerce platform that is created on wordpress.

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Why to Use WooCommerce for Drop Shipping? Or Is Dropshipping Worth It

  • Woocommerce is a widely recognized eCommerce platform.
  • It is used by almost 10 percent of E-commerce businesses globally.

it is an extension of WordPress, a software that powers close to 30% of the total websites on the internet therefore WordPress is needed to install it before operating the woocommerce platform.

Read our full alidropship Review to learn more about the tool

Reasons to Make Use of  alidropship Woocommerce as a WordPress for Dropshipping Plugin

Alidropship Woocommerce is a plug-in system that enables the importation of dropshipping products from an ecommerce store for example Aliexpress ecommerce store easily. 

Importation of products by the dropshippers is by a single click at the arbitrage ( when an investor makes profit simultaneously buying and selling a profit in two different commodity markets). 

Here are some reasons to make use of alidropship woocommerce plugin 

  • It is easy to run with just a single click for the importation of dropship product
  • Fulfil orders automatically 
  • Comes with a built-in image editor 
  • It has easy product customization and enables a seller to set his own price on a particular product.

Using woocommerce for a dropshipping system is a good way to get your products to your customers.

So you want to start a woocommerce dropshipping store… that’s awesome! Launch Your Online Store with AliDropship

2. Shopify

 Just like the woocommerce platform the Shopify ecommerce platform is also a very nice platform for dropshipping.

Shopify is a subscription based platform that enables a supplier to set up an online store and sell their products. 

It can also provide physical sales service for the supplier whereby the supplier can handle goods physically using Shopify POS. 

 If you are an online and physical Shopify merchant, your inventories and stocks can be monitored from one account on any device.

Shopify commerce makes showcasing of products easy because it offers all the business tools you need in one familiar place. 

Shopify also enables easy access and integrates other business tools needed to run a smooth business.

Are looking to explore all the Shopify tools and services….. Start Dropshipping with Shopify Today!

Pros of the Dropshipping Business Model

  • 1- It eliminates the problems of physical warehousing 
  • 2- Less risk – there’s no money tied up to an inventory that the mind does not sell.
  • 3- Very little start-up funds
  • 4- A faster startup
  • 5- Scalable: it is easy to scale through a dropshipping business because it doesn’t 
  • necessarily need to handle the goods physically. 
  • 6- Multiple products can be sold
  • 7- Easy to market your goods through free eCommerce platform e.g woocommerce 
  • 8- Working at one convenient time
  • 9- No physical shop is required 
  • 10- Handling goods physically is not paramount. 

Cons of the Dropshipping Business model

There’s a popular saying which goes like this” there’s always a disadvantage to all that has an advantage. 

Here are some cons relating to dropshipping. 

  • 1- Low-profit margins: because of the competitive nature of the products involved in the dropshipping business leading to a low price margin?
  • 2- Lots of inventory issues
  • 3- Shipping complications 
  • 4- Getting the wrong supplier 
  • 5- Having a wrong eCommerce platform

Wrapping Up Is Dropshipping Worth it 

In summary is dropshipping worth it? is it legal, paying, and running platform that needs time, hardworking and dedication to make it work smoothly.

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