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With the rise of Artificial Intelligence technology A. I change everything, it’s a logical next step that AI would be used to create content for your blog, social media, website, and more.

On the cutting edge of this new technology, Jasepr.AI (formerly known as Jarvis) is an affordable service that creates original content (like blog posts) for you.

While in theory services like Jasper.AI seem like a perfect solution for smaller sites that need content created at a low price, how effective are they in practice?

Here’s my honest review of how well the service works and if it’s worth it to get a subscription for your website.

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What is


Jasper AI is simply a copywriting tool that can be used to create content online without the need or write content manually.

It’s AI technology can create fantastic content; when compared to human writers, Jasper AI is over 5X faster. 

As regards plagiarism, Jasper AI generates 100% unique and original content that is accurately written.

Besides this, Jasper AI gives users lots of pre-written templates in diverse categories.

By using Jasper AI, you can create fantastic copies of landing pages, social media, ad copies, marketing emails, blog posts, etc.

Jasper AI processes and interprets lots of information from the internet and uses them to create awesome content in various niches.

If you are in hurry to read all… just activate your 10,000 words free trial of Jasper

Who & Why You should use Jasper AI?

Jasper.AI is designed for everyone – including individuals, companies, agencies, etc.

 Although this great AI tool is relatively new but has outstanding features in different niches they are not limited to creating SEO content. 

To make it possible for your content to rank easily on Google’s first pages.

Today a lot of bloggers make use of Jasper.AI to create a bunch of content with their exact keywords.

 Because of the affordable price of this AI writing tool, a lot of people chose it over hiring freelance content writers.

One of the main reasons why you should start using Jasper.AI today is that the content that this AI tool produces is top-notch and SEO-based. Features

  • Tone voice  
  • Demo subject line
  • paragraph Generator 
  • long form assistance 
  • plagiarism checker 
  • social media management 
  • schedule post Templates

  • Email Copy 
  • Ads Copy 
  • eCommerce Products Description 
  • Photo Post Caption 
  • Listicle blog post 
  • Blog post workflow
  • YouTube Script 
  • Quora Answer template 
  • Boss mode Pricing Plans Pricing Plans has two different pricing plans namely Starter and Boss Mode. 

Each of these plans or packages has its separate feature and the number of words it can generate for you in a month. Starter Plan

 This is the basic plan and the pricing starts at $29 per month. It has fantastic features such as creating unlimited projects as well as user logins. 

Also, it has over 50 AI copywriting skills. 

This Starter plan is designed mainly for businesses that need small content such as Twitter content, product descriptions, social media content, etc. 

By using this package, you will be limited to generating only 20,000 words generated per month. Boss Mode Plan

This package starts at $59 per month and it has outstanding features that help blog post creators to use the Jasper command feature to create long-form content. 

Just with $59, you can generate 50,000 words per month.

How Does Credit Base Pricing  Work

These are the monthly credits that are included with your monthly subscription.

For example, if you sign up for the $59/mo base plan, you will be given 50,000 words. If you generate 10 words or 10,000 words, the plan will refresh to 50,000 at the start of the next billing cycle.

Jasper.AI being a unique and fantastic AI writing tool works by first collecting some information from the user (this information can be your keywords or headings) and then searching the web to fetch relevant and latest data which it will now use to generate outstanding contents that are SEO-based for the users.

Perhaps, users can easily create new content by simply selecting a format and creating a title, then typing a few words on the article they intend to create. 

Also, users can select the different tones on how they want the content to be.

One amazing thing about selecting different tones is that the more you use the tone, the more the AI understands how you want your content to be. 

This is a feature known as adopting.

Furthermore, since Jasper.AI generates content by using your inputted keywords to search the entire web, the more accurate keywords you type, the more relevant and fantastic content you will get. Pros

  1. It helps users to easily generate contents that are plagiarism free
  2. You can integrate it with Surfer SEO to get more optimized blog posts (paid plans only)
  3. It allows users to create both short and long contents
  4. It supports over 25+ languages for people that tend to create international content Cons

  1. A blog might be hit by Google core updates issues 
  2. Its base credit i.e. amount of words generated 
  3. Content generated needs the fact check by humans. 
  4. Its tool expense compared to other 

Human writer vs. A.I, Can a Robot Write Better?

Human writer vs. A.I, Can a Robot Write Better?

When it comes to content writing, there is a big difference between creating content with AI and hiring human writers to create content for your business.

For instance, AI writers will use your typed keywords to search the internet and create a bunch of content for you. 

Most times, you will need a content writer to edit all the content that the AI writing tool generated for you.

If you publish contents that were generated by the Ai writing tool to your blog or any other platform you are using, it will be very hard for people to read the content.

On the other hand, the contents created by humans are optimized to help users understand each sentence while they are reading the content.

For instance, when you finished reading paragraph one, the next paragraph will be following some information that was discussed in paragraph one.

Through this, readers will be able to understand the information you are passing on to them.

From research, since most free AI writing tools usually research the entire web using users’ inputted keywords, they end up generating plagiarized content in some cases.

Meanwhile, is quite different because I personally used to write most of my content. 

Anyway, when you hire humans to create unique content for you, they will use their knowledge and examples on the keyword that you submit to them to create contents that are easy to read,

 and free from plagiarism, also they can manually place your exact keywords at the place you want them to be, to increase ranking on search engines.

My Personal Experience Using AI Writing Tools to Get AdSense Approval

If you have a new website for that you intend to get AdSense Approval, we recommend that you either create content by yourself or hire content writers before applying for Google AdSense. (My honest thoughts) 

Since AI writing tools make use of programmatic concepts when generating content.

Google AI might easily detect contents that were generated by AI writing tools. (it’s just speculation) 

Some time ago I created a website that is designed to serve as a platform to help readers build their health in some areas, like assisting them in planning their daily meals, the type of food they should eat to be fit, etc.

By default, this is a niche website which is one of the factors that boosts your site approval when applying for Google AdSense.

While using free AI to create my content, I focused on writing an in-depth guide on content that adds value to readers. 

These are contents that answer search questions or solve readers’ problems.

Unfortunately, I was unaware that Google AdSense does not approve any content generated by AI content writing tools.

So when I had many blog posts on my website, I applied for Google AdSense, hoping that I would receive a congratulatory message within a few days.

From my experience, I realized that when you use AI Content Writing Tool to create content for a new website,

 platforms like Google AdSense might see the content as spin articles because the content will not emphasize your knowledge or experience in the topic you are writing about.

Although using AI-generated content on your website is quite good. 

Still, I recommend that if you are starting a new website and intend to monetize it with an ad network like Google AdSense, ensure that you hire someone to create unique content for your first 20 articles.

When your website gets approved for displaying ads, you can now start using AI content writing tools to create a bunch of content. with Surfer SEO to Faster Ranking

Below steps shows how you can use with Surfer SEO to faster ranking:

Step #1: Turn on SEO Mode

Turn on SEO Mode on jasper a.i

Go to your Workspace settings and turn on the SEO Mode.

Next, toggle it “ON” in the Customizations Panel.

When you have turned it on, you’ll get a green banner showing that it was successfully enabled.

Step #2: Open a  New Document

You can either create a new document or go to an existing document to continue your work.

Now click on the SEO mode icon to open up the left-hand side Surfer SEO dashboard.

Step #3: Log into Your Surfer SEO Account

Log into Your Surfer SEO Account

At this stage, ensure that you are logged into your account. 

When logged in, you will see the Surfer SEO sidebar tool which is located inside the app. 

Now login (to your Surfer SEO account) on the same browser with a different tab open. 

Ensure that these two platforms are logged in with your accounts on the same browser.

If you are new to, we recommend that you create an account using any of the links on this webpage. 

By using our link to create a account, you will get 10,000 words free when you click on the free trial. 

Also, you will need to enter your credit card details of which you will be charged only $1 for the 30 days.

Moreover, to use Surfer SEO alongside, you will need to make a separate payment for the integration feature.

Step #4: Refresh the page once logged in

Use Surfer SEO With Jasper AI

Hereunder, we recommend that you disable any pop-up or ad blocker software in your browser to enable you to use the complete tool effectively.

Perhaps, if there is any pop-up or ad blocker software in your browser, you will not be able to see the features you are looking for when you reload your browser.

To proceed, you can then enter your desired keywords in the field that will be provided for you.

I really love getting keyword ideas with the Free Keyword-Surfer Extension and turned those keywords into SEO-optimised content with the help of jasper ai to rank faster on search engines.

My Recommended – Starting a New Blog with A.I Review - My AdSense Approval Experience

In this section, we recommend that you hire content writers to write your first 20 blog posts. 

if you intend to monetize your blog with third-party ads like Google AdSense.

Then when your site has been approved, we recommend that you use to create fantastic contents that will rank faster on Google and other search engines. FAQs 

Does A. I generated Content rank on Search engine SERPs

Yes, so with the combination of a tool like Surfer SEO you might rank instantly.

How to try a free 5-Day trial?

To get 5-Day trial, Click here to visit and access my special link which will take you to’s free trial landing page where you can activate your 10,000 words free trial of Jasper.

Next, click on the “Claim 10,000 Words Free” button and follow the account creation procedure.

Can you get AdSense approval if you use to start up a new website?

Not advisable because Google Advanced technology might detect such content, so at first write the first 25 content and get AdSense approval and then scale up content with

Can YouTube Script generated with get monetized to the YouTube Partner Program (YouTube AdSense)? 

100% Yes and tested 

Can content get penalties from Google?

The answer to this question is quite NO! Perhaps, when using Jasper AI,

 We recommend that you do a lot of facts checks to ensure that the generated contents can be easily understood and read by humans.

In this scenario, you will need to edit most of the generated paragraphs to make them more pliable to readers as well as to search engines.

How to Make Money with

If you intend to make money with, you can start writing blogs, copies, youtube scripts etc with the software. 

Final Thoughts is one of the best AI writing tools that is selling in the global market today.

 According to, if you optimize your keywords and other settings very well, the platform is capable of generating content that is over 99.98% free from plagiarism.

To ease the cost of hiring freelancers, we recommend that you purchase a plan from the writing tool and create a bunch of content within a few hours.

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