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Keysearch Review – Does Keywords Tool Worth The HYPE?

Keysearch Review
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71 / 100

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KeySearch is an excellent, affordable all-in-one keyword research tool, SEO analysis & difficulty checker, that is a lot cheaper alternative to Ahrefs, Keyword research is very important and is a very important part of any business. 

Some businesses generate just a few hundred dollars monthly before engaging in keyword research and that changes everything for them.

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You can also improve your blog and transform your blog into a full-time income stream. Keyword research is very important.

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What is a Keysearch Starter?

Keysearch-Keyword-Research-Tool-SEO-Analysis-Difficulty-Checker Keysearch Review

Keysearch is an online tool for keyword research that helps you find relevant keywords for your blogs, business, or websites.

This tool was founded in 2015 by Dan Pfeffer and it has then moved on to become a complete SEO toolkit for any type of blog.

Keysearch helps you check the research made by your competitors, helps you track keywords and it can also help you check your backlinks.

One of the main differences between Keysearch and other tools is that they make use of Google API. 

Keysearch has more reliable data although it is not 100% correct, However, it gives you a pretty good idea of what keywords to make use of and where they will rank.

How is Keysearch Different from Smrush, Ahrefs, and Ubersuggest?

How is Keysearch Different from Smrush, Ahrefs, and Ubersuggest

Keysearch is very cheap and this makes it easily accessible. Also, it is just as good as the more expensive options.

For those who have used Keysearch for over a year on e-commerce websites, you will realise that Keysearch is a very affordable research tool.

Also, it is a very wonderful tool and is suitable for building a blog if you don’t want to pay much for premium tools.

Keysearch Review [The Complete Copywriting Software Features Breakdown]

Deep Analysis

Deep Analysis

Deep analysis can help you find the best sub-topics to talk about and help your readers navigate through your posts.

For example, you can share ingredients, techniques, and appliances via Deep analysis.

Keyword Suggestion:

You can get multiple keyword suggestions to help your search and make research much easier for you.

Keyword Explorer:

They have a lovely interface and you definitely will not be disappointed by this. 

You don’t have to do much, all you have to do is enter “seed keyword”. This is for whatever search term you are looking for and keysearch automatically helps you analyse using it with its keyword difficulty checker.

Target Score:

This tool allows you to determine the exact number of people that search a particular keyword in Google every month. 

This allows you to select the best words that can help you rank well. Ranking for a highly seasonal keyword is also a good idea.

Competition Analysis:

Keysearch gives you the ability to carry out good and deep analysis at a very high speed and with only a push of a button.

The advanced algorithm makes use of multiple ranking factors and provides a keyword difficulty score that is very accurate.

If you select a keyword, you can check if you are truly going to have a chance of ranking high, if you don’t then you should opt for something else.

URL Metrics:

This is very useful if you want to know the other keywords that your competitors use.

Keysearch gives you access to all these and you can find keywords that your competitors rank for.

 You can use this feature to solve two problems :

  1. You can use it to find keywords based on a selected topic you may rank for.
  2. You can also use it to find the URL that your competitors use and where they rank so you can include them in your post.

Keyword Difficulty Check:

Keysearch provides a complete SEO competition analysis of any keyword of your choice at once.

Rank Position Tracking:

Keysearch helps you track your rankings. You can track all the way down to your current location.

Keysearch Demo And Tutorial

Benefits of Using Keysearch Starter:

#1. Keysearch is very affordable:

Keysearch is very cheap and it costs just a fraction of what similar tools charge for the same work.

This is a game changer for a lot of e-commerce businesses and bloggers. It is much better to spend less money than paying 100$ monthly for a keyword research tool.

Keysearch allows you to search for the best keywords for your blog or business and it does it at a budget-friendly price.

#2. Ease of Use:

Keysearch is a very easy tool to use and for those with no experience in keyword research, this is the best place to start.

It doesn’t take much to learn how to completely use Keysearch and claim its full potential. It is a very easy website to use.

#3. Bulk Checking:

Keysearch allows you to search for multiple keywords at the same time. It helps you save energy and time also as this is very convenient.

Keyword research is very important if you want to be a successful blog writer but it is not all that exciting, so you don’t want to spend much time on it. The quicker it is, the better.

#4. Quick Snapshot into Keyword Potential:

This is also very good as it makes your life very easy. It shows you which keywords are good and which aren’t.

This feature helps you know which keywords are worth your time and the ones you should make use of.

Also, it shows you a lot of other ideas that you can make use of. 

The initial keyword you pick may not be good but you may find some better keywords while using Keysearch.

#5. Easy Exports:

It is very easy to export your results on Keysearch. They have an option there that makes it so easy to export.

It is very easy to download PDFs, excel spreadsheets when you are working on keyword research or competitor analysis.

You can easily get results in seconds and there are new and easy ways to sort through the keywords.

#6. The Keysearch Extension:

You should also know that Keysearch has a chrome extension that is available to you. If you install it, you can do quick keyword checks and use the internet.

Sometimes, you may be reading and finding a good keyword that would be useful to you. 

Instead of wasting time opening Keysearch and waiting for it to load, you can easily make use of the extension.

The extension reveals all the key information that you need in a flash.

#7. YouTube Research:

Keysearch provides you with loads of YouTube-related functions too. Vloggers that make use of YouTube to conduct professional YouTube keyword research.

Keywords you covered if you want to switch from blogging to vlogging.

Keysearch Starter Pros and Cons:

Keysearch Cons: 

1. There are occasional errors in the results on Keysearch. 

For example, you can spot mistakes in Keysearch’s data and the data from other sources.

Keysearch often lists site traffic as lesser than it naturally is on Google Analytics. 

This can raise questions but it is not a big deal.

2. Lag/Outdated Data:

Keysearch is a bit outdated and it takes some time before it catches up with the changes. 

It takes time to list your website DA correctly as most times it lists it as lower than it is.

3. Keysearch has limited Credits On Starter Plan: 

This may seem bad at first due to the idea that it is limited,  but you will hardly make use of all the credits.

Keysearch Starter Pricing:

Keysearch Starter Pricing

Keysearch is very affordable and this is the reason why it is one of the leading tools for keyword search and analysis.

There are three packages;

Keysearch Starter:

This gives you 200 keyword searches and 50 rank trackers daily. 

Keyword Pro:

Keyword pro provides 500 daily keyword searches and 150 rank tracker keywords alongside all features.

Keysearch Starter monthly: $13.60

Keysearch Starter annual: $135.20 ($11.26/month)

Keysearch Pro monthly: $27.20

Keysearch Pro annual: $223.20 ($18.60/month)

Ready to try it out now?

Get 20% OFF KeySearch with the code KSDISC.

Keysearch FAQ

How much money can you save using Keysearch Starter?

You can save up to 500 dollars if you make use of Keysearch starter instead of the other Keyword research tools. Keysearch is very affordable.

Can Keysearch Starter be used for all SEO? (Pinterest, YouTube, and Google) 

You can make use of the Keysearch starter on Pinterest, and YouTube. It is available for use on all media platforms.

Is Keysearch Starter Customer service Good? 

Keysearch has very good customer service and they are ranked one of the best.

Can you trust Keysearch Starter data? 

However, they don’t have 100 percent accurate data. Their Data is consistent and it gives you a very good idea of your success.

Is Keysearch Starter a monthly subscription like other AI Software?

Yes, you can choose to pay monthly for Keysearch or you can decide to make annual payments.

Keysearch Starter Review Does it Worth Money:

Keysearch Review

Keysearch is definitely among the best SEO tools for all bloggers because it is very affordable and easy to use.

 If you start your blogging journey with Keysearch, in no time you will become a successful blogger.

Making use of Keysearch is highly recommended and you should also try the 30-day free trial which comes with a good number of keywords per day.

For affordable services, use Keysearch today!

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